Posted on January 28, 2013

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Gun Owner Saves Cop's Life 23:42:19
Japanese Welfare Payments To Be Slashed Y74 Billion To Root Out The 'Comfortably Poor' 23:31:50
U.S. Attorney, Carmen Ortiz, infamous for harassing Aaron Swartz to death, loses major forfeiture case-a major win for property 23:39:53
First Miami, now Houston: Military conducting helicopter raids with blank rounds in populated areas. Calling it a drill. 23:01:22
DOJ Calls It A Hit Piece: Frontline - The Untouchables 18:24:32
Since Reince Priebus claims to read the Daily Paul - Here are some questions. 19:06:25
Credit Card Users: You Might See a Surcharge of up to 4% on Your Receipts 14:30:45
NY Mayor Bloomberg refuses to disarm 16:00:32
'Dirty Wars': A must-see for Americans 19:11:47
San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation 14:34:09
Politico: Democrats, Tea Party Unite vs. Mitch McConnell 14:14:48
Checkmate: Prosecutors team with debt collectors to terrorize consumers 13:17:28
VIDEO: Piers Morgan Admits Defeat In Gun Control Debate 12:59:55
"Obama-Clinton Show: 'US at War with More States Than It's Been Since 1945" 10:28:08
The Fed Is More Out of It Than You Thought It Was 11:57:18
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/28/13: Blowback Leads to Intervention in Mali, yet Congress is AWOL 02:01:52
Reince Priebus Claims To Read The Daily Paul 02:11:28
Another Family Business Destroyed: Morningland Dairy Raw Milk Cheese Raided 1/25/13 22:57:22
Ron Paul: Focus on Policy, Not Personality 08:53:54
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James Corbett Interview, The Sandy Hook Controversy – James Tracy on GRTV 23:46:12
Old People Are Cool. 23:34:00
Lawyers in Richmond, VA? 23:19:32
bringers of the dawn - message from the pleiadians 22:54:57
A Secret Paradise for Gun Rights and Residency 22:47:54
Seattle Gun Buyback Gets JACKED! Turns Into Damn Gun Show! LOL 22:42:43
VIDEO: Gutfeld rips '60 Minutes' for softball Hillary - Obama interview 22:09:14
For Immediate Release - Daily Guidance for the Vice President 22:03:49
Scientists build Human Heart from Pigs and Detergent 21:59:31
IT'S STARTING!: Clinton backers launch 'Ready for Hillary' Super PAC in hopes of 2016 campaign 21:53:51
105-year-old woman renews driver’s license 21:44:20
North Dakota Bill To Defy Any Executive Order By The President on Guns 21:44:10
How long will you argue the degree of your slavery? 21:23:37
Lovely picture I found of a woman 21:09:53
"Warm Water Lakes" and "vast deposits of coal and minerals..." in Antarctica (1947) 20:54:59 GOP Restrictionists Are Big Labor's Dupes on Immigration 20:52:02
Anarchy Amendment $10,000 for your support 20:51:03
Localism, A Philosophy of Government 20:48:55
Does the Statue of Liberty Really Symbolize Satan? 20:48:52
Dear Reince... 20:48:24
EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Accosted by Security over Mayor Bloomberg Gun Control Question 20:45:35
AJ Spiker Can Take A Punch 20:28:47
America hasn't lost its salt. - Thoughts on "Linear Orderly Protesting". Gandhi and the salt march. 23:05:20
Youth Turns in Parents for Growing Marijuana 19:45:48
Some Good News from CT... 19:44:22
France’s President François Hollande is Afraid of His Military High Command 19:32:02
Operation Sheriff Outreach-Nationwide 19:31:49
France’s President François Hollande is Afraid of His Military High Command 19:29:56
3 CT thugs on paid administrative leave after kicking and stomping on man after tazing him 19:17:43
Welcome to ~ Your Own Persona Homeland Security. 19:03:49
Iceland President: Let Banks Go Bankrupt 19:03:04
Obsessed With Freedom in a World of Slaves 18:59:29
It has started - sheriffs now being stripped of arrest powers. 18:56:34
Compelling argument for why Government intentionally pushing for unrest through glaringly faulty Sandy Hook operation 18:54:48
Welcome our new Acting Sec of Treasury: Neal S. Wolin 18:45:48
Ever heard of Malawi? Population 14.5 million. FY2013 USAID amount 145 million 18:40:58
Does anyone have experience with one of these? 18:10:29
Obama waives congressionally mandated aid restrictions for Algeria. Sends 3 million anyway. 18:05:51
Shine 18:03:40
Yes we can.. Yes Wiccan? 17:57:50
Rand Paul: Obama Would Prefer 'A Different Type Of Constitution' 17:57:35
A Pep Talk From Kid President To You ( The Liberty Movement) 17:53:58
The illegalization of marijuana and its socialist background 17:40:22
Here Comes The Flood: A Sit Down With Daniel Louis Crumpton Part Two 17:39:24
Mondays With Murray: Competition and Monopoly 17:18:59
Need a good laugh? Bernanke interviewed by Oprah 17:00:49
(VIDEO) Mind Science Kept Hidden - Documentary 16:51:40
Feinstein Gun Grab questions 16:50:48
House Of Rothschild Hoarding Gold In Face Of Coming Collapse? 16:30:34
CFL President John Tate Calls on RNC Chair Reince Priebus to Overturn Establishment Power Grab 11:16:24
Flag symbology - Distressed Betsy Ross 16:01:20
How To Avoid The ObamaCare Death Trap by Bob Livingston 15:45:16
"There are Things You Can and Should do to Protect Yourself" Sheriff David Clarke 15:44:54
Virginia House Panel: "We Won't Enforce Gun Control" 15:38:35
Senate Group Reaches Immigration Deal 15:28:59
BLOOMBERG: Norway Data Shows Global Warming Less Severe Than Feared 15:20:59
Bulletproof whiteboard created to protect teachers and students from shooters 15:15:21
Charlotte man banned from Kroger for legal open carry. 15:10:35
It's troubled times we live in! People complaining instead of enjoying, wondering why... 14:57:53
Missile Launcher Found At Gun Buyback In Seattle (PHOTO) 14:53:45
Police Chief Mark Kessler: I Will Stand With Freedom Over Tyranny 14:23:08
Britain's Deadly Superdrone Picks its Own Targets.The start of 'robot wars?' 15:21:31
Machina's MIDI Controller Jacket turns your body into an electronic instrument 14:17:09
Can Texas secede from the union? 14:07:57
Geriatric Dirty Dancing 14:00:23
Mpls. police chief, Hennepin sheriff among select few meeting with Obama today 13:59:08
If Ron Paul was president in 1988... 13:55:33
Jonathan Corbett has filed a lawsuit against NYPD street body scanners 13:22:21
Communism Doesn't Work! Starving North Koreans' Forced To Eat Their Children 13:18:39
Colorado's new growth industry: pot 13:11:06
Success Council video series on the Principles of Secession. 13:06:11
VIDEO - Senior Obama Official: "We Are Going To Kill The Dollar" 13:05:55
Lets Pay Our libertarian Jurors! 12:55:50
Sandy Hook: Eyewitness Description From Inside the School Days After the Shooting 12:52:53
MANDATORY five-year jail terms for illegal firearm possession (Australia) 12:17:41
Mural in Dear-Leader's likeness defaced: Left vs Right flame war ensues. 12:13:05 donates $30,000 in gift cards to gun buyback program 12:04:11
Daily Paul Liberty Candidates 11:48:50
Laugh or Cry? GOP millionaire Foster Friess wants Santorum in 2016 -VIDEO 11:48:01
What if the Daily Paul was News? Idea for Micheal's definition for the future DP 11:44:09
Video Compilation of Drone Wars and "The Kill List" 11:41:59
CBS Runs Segment Called 'Let's Give Up On The Constitution' 11:41:33
Rand Paul infers Obama/Benghazi coverup 11:32:11
Crumpled graphene and rubber combined to form artificial muscle 11:15:50
Want a "Ron Paul" mask for Halloween or your next costume party? Here's how. 11:13:35
A path to Amnesty equals the destruction of the Constitution - Take action and call your Senator 11:00:34
Peugeot Citroen to introduce compressed air hybrid by 2016 10:56:06
Think American weapons are a problem in the US? Look what American weapons are doing outside the country. 10:40:47
H. R. 75: To End Membership of the United States in the United Nations. 10:37:48
Women in Combat 10:28:00
Get rid of your cell phone company, keep your cell phone: Google Voice Calls Through (Your Own) Yate server w/Internet Calling 09:08:50
Google Leads Fight to Limit Government Access to E-Mail on Cloud 08:58:14
Obama Blames Fox News & Rush Limbaugh For Making Washington DC Such A Mess 08:15:25
Peter Schiff on Politics, Precious Metals and President Obama's Second Term 07:55:12
Crude Oil Spills Into The Mississippi River After Oil Barges Crash 06:59:56
Q: When Can One Feel The Breeze Of Future Gold Shortages? A: When Some Start Getting Really Serious About Asteroid Mining 06:40:44
Resignation setup? 06:17:30
NY Patriots Spark Nationwide Resistance of Gun Confiscation 05:25:50
Author of Creature From Jekyll Island - G. Edward Griffin Interview 04:26:02
Gun Control Advocates Declare Truce: Everything Is Fine. 04:11:48
Multi-State Raw Milk/Cheese War Tentative Post 03:16:13
The Truth About Red Tide's Manmade Causes and Health Effects 02:21:08
"We would be fools not to welcome in the Liberty movement" 02:09:40
Piers Morgan is unhappy with Democrats today on his twitter : 01:57:22
Most Penetrating Analysis Yet of Sandy Hook: Target is not Second Amendment, it is Free Speech Itself 01:56:24
202 County Sheriffs take the pledge to protect the Second Amendment. 01:25:36
School Fatal Beatings - "Quite Frankly, If He Wasn't Dead, I'd Have Him Expelled..." 01:08:07
Iceland President to Fox Business: "Let the banks go bankrupt." 00:56:59
Arizona Sheriff explains "Fast and Furious" treason to Anderson Cooper. 00:53:25
"What Difference Does It Make?" - aka "The Hillary Shuffle" 00:52:28
Human Alchemy - Bill Cooper 00:41:36
Smile, you are a civilian internee. 00:24:09
Gilberton, PA Police Chief: "I will take my uniform off and stand with freedom before" 00:21:46