Posted on January 30, 2013

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Home invasion suspect arrested after woman opens fire. Suspect arrested at hospital 21:01:25
Justin Raimondo: The American Empire, RIP 19:31:50
"Democrats are the regular guys & Conservatives are the weirdos." This writer got it right! 19:20:30
INDOCTRINATION?: High School To Collect Students' Hair For Mandatory Drug Testing 15:22:36
Shrinkage: US Economy Declined By -0.1% In Q4 12:04:21
Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck's Utopia 11:01:05
Texas Senator Ted Cruz sends a letter to Gun Makers, Their Banks, And Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel 09:22:26
Teacher Arrested at JFK 16:46:30
Nevada Committeeman James Smack Issues Statement on Willis Flip-Flop 12:43:17
Join Brent Stafford and Kenny Suitter for the debut episode of Paradigm Shift - 8pm CT 17:31:31
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Announcing the official opening of the DP Plus Exchange Market! 23:55:38
Mali Gold Mines Safe For Now French Army Says 23:53:08
Piers Morgan is beaten by Rachel Maddow 23:37:53
Calif. guns chief: State can’t afford to disarm felons, mentally ill 23:33:46
30 year old missing child case may be solved: first child on milk carton (video in link) 23:30:14
One of the Greatest Anti-Debt Speeches by a United States Senator in Recent Times! 23:17:13
Judge Nap... correct on immigration. 23:03:59
Doug Wead & Ronnie Paul MLM Opportunity? W T F? 23:03:34
I Have To Ask This: For What And For Why? 22:51:00
Xylitol in the News: Reading Beyond the Headlines 22:33:54
Officials: Bronx Women Busted At JFK With 'cocaine Diapers' 22:33:11
Michael's Picture 22:32:58
REPORT: Niners CB, Chris Culliver says openly gay players would not be welcome on the team - AUDIO 22:09:24
Read the Letter 1,100 Green Berets Signed for Protection of the 2nd Amendment 22:09:09
Video: What Hypocrisy! Richest U.S. Senator, John Kerry, Rails Against 'corrupting' Money In Politics In Farewell Address 21:57:03
Media FALSELY Claims Gun Activists Heckled Father of Murdered Newtown Boy 21:48:06
Video: Non-Compliance Resistance Evident at Buffalo vs New York State Q & A Forum on the Arms Bill 21:36:56
You know you'll hear it. We get to enjoy the Superbowl because the troops are over there killing people. 21:34:58
Cops catch cop in online pedophilia sting, decide it is not a crime and... 21:23:29
Obama's 'Conservative' Immigration Plan 21:02:06
Mississippi House votes to seal concealed-carry gun info 20:55:58
I thought I'd seen it all 20:44:40
Schooled to be Stupid: Great 8 minute video about Prussian schools and education. 20:40:09
Open (video) letter to Al Franken re: gun control 20:34:43
Gun Laws of America: CRITICAL Items MISSING in Feinstein's Gun Bill 20:32:48
And You Thought You'd be Safer under a Republican Administration?! Oh yeah? 20:27:03
Open Senate Seat Presents GOP Rare Chance in Iowa 20:23:19
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) from the Top Down (incl. membership roster) 20:22:24
VIDEO - 'Heckler': MSNBC Selectively Edits Video To Smear Gun Rights Supporters 20:12:53
It Figures. Liberal Media Already Pushing Death Panels for Fat People and Smokers 19:57:31
FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on The Corbett Report Radio 19:55:24
VIDEO: WOW! 1.8 gigapixel ARGUS - IS. Worlds Highest resolution video surveillance platform 19:51:10
Guess Who I Am 19:36:07
US-Backed Guatemalan Dictator to Face Charges of Genocide 19:18:08
China Makes Move To Collapse U.S. Dollar: Announces Gold Back Currency For Global Trade 19:05:00
Ron Paul Car Stickers for Free Just Arrived! 18:54:42
Bacteria-killing blue light used to stop infections 18:54:07
First affordable, mass-market fuel cell electric vehicles on market as early as 2017? 18:51:13
Alabama gunman kills bus driver: Great News - UPDATE! 18:45:59
Support Pennsylvania's Right to Bear Arms Protection Act 18:34:22
US Law Enforcement Officials Train in Israel 18:28:08
Obama eliminates office devoted to closing Gitmo 18:24:26
Majority of Hispanics FAVOR stricter gun laws, Amnesty for millions of illegals equals END to 2nd Amendment rights. 18:21:23
Tesla Round 2 18:02:22
Rand Paul: You Can’t Have Open Borders In A Welfare State - 1/30/2013 17:57:46
Rand Paul: An Attack On Israel Is An Attack On The United States 17:57:06
Tom Woods Interview on the Political Realm 17:37:30
State Department official: Africa Operation could take "several years" 17:32:42
Dr. Oz "What's in America's Food and Drink Products?" 17:22:10
Federal Court of Appeals Strikes Down Obama's Violation of Constitutional Separation of Powers 17:13:45
Peter Schiff: Fed Wants To Keep Economy High As A Kite, Will Print Money Until We're Greece 16:44:34
Update - CNN Still Using Proven Fake Sandy Hook Footage 16:43:31
CNN Airs Fraudulent Sandy Hook Footage 16:42:03
Reagan's home could become a parking lot for Obama's library 16:25:16
The Open Conspiracy 16:12:04
Random Ways To Make Other People's Lives More Surreal 15:59:55
GDP Shrinks; Keynesians Say More Stimulus? 15:55:09
Federal reserve 15:42:58
Great Interview With Bernake 15:40:45
Phoenix Police: 3 Shot at Office Complex 15:36:22
If You Were Paranoid Before, This Won't Help Matters. If You Weren't Before... 15:31:52
Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy 15:31:31
4th Amendment Written on Chest: Aaron Tobey vs TSA 15:18:24
STUDY: Husbands Who Do The Houshold Chores Have LESS Sex 15:12:09
Any sues against government on Obama Care? 15:06:44
Man Has Alarming Level Of Pride In Institution That Left Him In Debt, Unprepared for Life 15:05:41
Massachusetts Governor Picks Ex - Aide Cowan As Interim Senator 15:04:36
Feds: Critical Security Flaws Found in Millions of Home, Office Devices 14:58:31
Zimbabwe Has Just $217 In The Bank - Will approach International Community For Assistance 14:44:26
Liberty Speech by brilliant writer/activist for Liberty, feared by the GOP, President of The Reagan Wing... Doug Parris 14:40:45
Massive Sinkhole Swallows Building Complex in China.. Vid of it falling 14:39:39
VIDEO: Five - Year - Old Faces Suspension After Building Lego Gun 14:34:43
VIDEO: Top Bodybuilder Warns: "Don't Drink The Tap Water!" 14:27:50
VIDEO: New Short Film From the Makers of One Man's Terrorist 14:26:27
Nearly Half Of American Households Are 1 Emergency Away From Financial Disaster, Report Finds 14:22:02
VIDEO: FBI raids eye clinic of donor linked to Sen. Menendez's Prostitution Scandal 14:15:02
$13,139,993 for transporting DoD owned fuel by tug and barge until Sept 2013 14:09:37
Massive Impact Did Not Wipe Out Prehistoric Humans, Says Researchers 14:07:13
DailyPaul: How can we seek justice after being abused by cops or other government thugs? 14:06:18
Medical Excise Tax on Retail Receipts Shows How We're Screwed by Obamacare 14:02:27
Gunfire In The Hallway: Illinois School Plans " Code Red" Drill 13:52:29
Mozilla Firefox Browser Comp. Recognized as Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy 13:49:41
NORAD jets practice for Super Bowl security 13:46:01
Essay: That Daily Shower Can Be a Killer 13:42:58
Thai Journalist Jailed for Insulting King- A Thai activist and former journalist received a 10-year-long jail term 13:41:08
Arkansas town’s martial law plan 13:38:33
Substitutes For The Functions Of War 13:02:15
Sandy Hook - The Documentary (Full Video) 2013 Official 12:53:17
Special Election for John Kerry's Replacement June 25th 12:52:13
Anyone want to fast with me? 12:45:16
Interview about tribunal at GITMO. It's unbelievable what America has become :( 12:37:53
Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares Experiences Big Inflow 11:59:32
Breakfast: Cheese omelette with a side of truth from the old guy. 11:39:22
why does ron paul 2.0 thomas massie have so few likes on his facebook page? 11:25:18
The "Civil War" and the Federal Reserve 11:22:13
Christians, guns, gun control, and resistance to government tyranny 11:21:29
VIDEO: Rick Santelli Responds To Negative GDP Report: "We Are Now Europe" 11:15:55
Zimbabwe Is Down To Its Last $217 10:56:19
U.S. Economy Unexpectedly Contracted in Fourth Quarter 10:13:32
GDP Shows Surprise Drop for U.S. in Fourth Quarter 10:13:04
Dismantling Big Brother one Camera at at Time 09:54:40
More blowback from the gun grab attempt - a united voice for liberty? 09:50:31
VIDEO: MSNBC'S Finney rips 'crazy crackers on the right' for very hateful language 09:35:24
"Another drain pipe painted green" Camden, NJ 09:26:04
Lyndon LaRouche claims Federal Courts indicted Obama - what do you think? 09:22:08
What about the budget?! 08:54:01
NBC Reporter Tweets Photo Inside Sandy Hook an hour after* Shooting (Edit) 08:51:28
Brainwash Update: PBS Sells Out to Military Propaganda 08:25:28
Paul Krugman will be on Washington Journal Wednesday at 8:30. 08:21:42
China Invading America - The Silent Takeover! 05:05:40
Activist Rocker Seeks Crowdfunding for New Album 06:53:58
Alex Jones Could Learn A Thing Or Two About Civilized Debate From Ron Paul 05:37:57
Encryption and Huge Numbers (Explains Nicely RSA and Semiprimes) 05:36:44
Save Detroit Kickstarter 04:28:46
Towers Collapsing in Slow Motion 04:28:20
People Are (Still) Awesome 2013 Free Running Version 04:03:29
New drug bill 'to legalise ecstasy' in Colombia 02:28:00
Ron Paul 2016/Rand Paul 2016 01:31:09
White House petition for a real 911 report! 01:23:59
Rand bashing 12:18:10
WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and 9/11: STATE-sponsored "Historical" Accounts...versus...what REALLY happened. 00:41:36
Illegal in Iceland to name your kid without permission 00:40:32