Posted on February 2, 2013

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Ernest Hancock & Adam Kokesh: SAFE, Second Amendment is For Everyone 22:19:13
Indian Blanket Auction - You won't believe this story 20:01:52
White House Warns: Don't Photoshop Obama Gun Pic 19:58:49
Detroit high school coach with concealed pistol license shoots 2 attackers outside school 19:56:05
Gun control push: Obama posing, propaganda 16:03:55
Intro to aquaponics (fishy talks fish) 18:49:45
Republicae: The Republic of Sovereigns 13:54:10
500 quintillion pages of text. 12:15:31
Video: Angry New Yorkers Chewing Out Cops Over New Gun Law 13:03:20
Former sex trafficking victim shines light on dark underworld of Super Bowl 08:54:41
Even the UN is questioning "man made" climate change. 10:54:54
Robohand: How cheap 3D printers built a replacement hand for a five-year old boy 10:02:39
Senator Ted Cruz not only swept the floor on gun control... 00:22:58
Liberty Lovers: Create Your Own Culture! 11:43:32
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Sandy Hook DA Says "Others" Might Have Been Involved? Records Sealed for 90 More Days 23:13:37
Russia Today: Iran Rolls Out Bold Design For Homemade Fighter Jets (Video) 22:29:50
Preventive Medicine Will Save Money—But Not the Government’s Current Definition 22:26:05
Biggest Legal Case in American History Moving "Forward" 22:09:33
Respawn (Used to be Infinity Ward) support End The End, well at least one guy 21:36:00
The real reason why french troops are in Mali fighting rebels 21:14:14
Weekend Viewing Goldmine 21:14:10
Wherever chickens are outlawed, only outlaws will have chickens. 21:09:38
(VIDEO) Rabbi: “Gun Control Act of 1968 was patterned extensively after NAZI German Gun Control Laws.” 21:09:25
Ron Paul Leader: You're invited to Constitution Party of Florida 21:02:15
"It looks like it's gonna be a free country" 21:00:41
Explosion hits US embassy in Turkey 02-02-13 20:15:14
Sheriffs Against Obama's Gun Control 19:59:52
the Gates of Hell...history repeating 19:58:01
Rand Paul interview regarding Iran and immigration 19:52:25
Display of Citizen Firepower - The REAL Militia 19:29:32
Was Buddha just a nice guy? Dean Radin: Changes in Consciousness 19:21:19
If Men Were Angels, No Government Would Be Necessary? 19:20:42
Illegal Invasions, “Rogue States”, Forgotten Victims and a Shaming Plea 19:16:40
FBI Banned from Iceland 18:31:08
Rand Paul discusses immigration reform, Iran and Benghazi - WMAL Radio 1/31/2013 18:12:59
Senator Rand Paul introduces National Right to Work bill 16:58:35
The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses 16:53:07
Need help finding original source for webpage 16:46:26
Seven Psychopaths 16:42:42
A Righteous and Determined Minority Always Prevailed Against Tyranny 16:11:22
Latest Gun Control Psyop: Alabama Murder And Kidnapping Said To Be Done By "a Relative Newcomer. . . Vietnam Veteran With Post-t 15:52:15
Huge Lines At South Carolina Gun Show! 15:31:40
Windsor, Ontario, Canada decides to end water fluoridation 15:17:49
Hundreds of thousands of Master's degree holders, PhDs on food stamps 15:13:40
Twitter turning over huge amounts of user data to U.S. government 15:10:56
Gold/Silver Exposes 2007 Dow $14,000 v. 2013 Dow $14,000 14:40:23
EPJ: Why So Hard on Rand? 14:36:06
VIDEO: 5 Guns To Buy Before A Gun Ban 13:55:22
Petition to repeal internet TOS laws 13:54:13
"Personal Behavior that does not Harm Others Should never be Regulated" 12:59:51
Genetic Roulette: Free Screening Until Feb 3rd, Vote For Best Awareness Film 12:56:06
Didn't find this already posted. Lindsey Graham's ostentatiousness questioning Hagel - Video 12:44:59
ARTICLE: What do we need 300,000,000 guns for? 12:35:58
Video- Oliver Stone's 'Untold History of the United States' WWII 11:41:44
Constitutional Sheriffs Against Obama's Gun Control 11:28:19
GMO Defense help corn 11:25:47
New Yorkers Fighting Back 10:45:12
CSPOA 10:35:17
Is Privacy What We Really Want? 09:58:34
What is G.O.D.? 09:56:01
Republicae: The Fundamental Law of Sovereignty 09:48:29
Your Gun Will Not Save You 09:21:05
Football Fever 09:08:32
Obamacare Survival Guide 08:26:21
A.P. David: Catastrophe | EU 2013 Off-Stage 08:07:32
Supreme Court to Review Case on Obama’s Forged Documents 07:37:00
I friggin' love the Daily Paul! 11:52:48
For Liberty, a movie about Ron Paul (re-post) 03:54:09
Department of Homeland Security Targets Gun Collector (video in link) 03:46:30
These 4 States Will Reform Their Marijuana Laws in 2013 03:39:38
Big brother to log your drinking habits and waist size as GPs are forced to hand over confidential records 03:16:55
Netanyahu: Israel is too weak. America must stop Iran this year (2013) 02:50:55
Mexican Teenagers Killed with Fast and Furious Weapons 02:29:27
How can we do more? 02:26:25
"Politics is the Art of Looking for Trouble, Finding it Everywhere, Diagnosing it Incorrectly, and Applying the Wrong Remedies" 02:02:02
Revolution vs Peace 01:54:52
I was misinformed 12:25:37
Video: For all here at the DP, for the rebel in all of us! 01:28:53
Sleep Paralysis 01:16:12
Video: Sandy Hook father - "From My Cold Dead Hands" 01:16:00
Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against Budweiser for Participating in the 'Free Market' 01:10:37
Gainesville Mayor 2013 Candidates 01:10:15
Are Tax Exemptions For Religious Organizations Unconstitutional? 00:55:02
Wow! Testimony of Sandy Hook Father at 1/28 Gun Violence Prevention Working Group Public Hearing 00:52:34
Sometimes You Have To ACT Like The Enemy In Order To Defeat It 00:13:26
Mo. Sheriff reassures residents: 2nd Amendment will be upheld 00:01:39