Posted on February 3, 2013

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In Hard Economy for All Ages, Older Isn’t Better ... It’s Brutal 23:17:43
Bravo Bravo Bravo! Pro-Gun Sandy Hook Father - Bravo! 23:25:36
Whoa! Who here knows who Robert A. Heinlein is? 17:57:32
It's Coming: The Government Wants to "Help Manage" Retirement Accounts 19:43:41
Rev. Jesse Jackson: “Anti-government people” with “Confederate ideology” will engage in terrorist activities. Video 16:10:49
Why Police Lie Under Oath 15:05:44
Fox News hits 12-year prime time low 14:10:37
Matt Taibbi: Obama DOJ Let Off HSBC Officials Who Laundered Drug Money for Murders 09:45:15
Mitt Romney Not Going Away: May Run for Scott Brown's Senate Seat in Massachusetts 02:13:59
Investment Guide for Young People 00:35:02
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Gun ranges banning cops 23:58:44
Body armor for Fido 23:02:21
The Wandering Madman Live Show 10pm est 22:26:47
False Flag? 22:14:09
Super Bowl Stadium Blackout 21:45:34
The Mother of All Conspiracy Theories 21:42:10
Get out of your 401k's NOW 21:32:27
My Super Bowl party! 21:21:48
Semi automatic handgun? 21:19:56
VIDEO - A bit of 'unsolicited' advice... 21:06:28
Dr Lynn Margulis: A Beacon of Light 20:57:20
Obama Skeet Shooting Photo Is A Hoax? 20:09:31
_ 19:49:54
Video: If they DO get the guns, you'll want to be able to do this... 19:32:48
On Mental Health... 19:18:27
If you could choose one candidate to run for president, who would it be? 19:16:25
Jordan Page - Sedition (Indiegogo $10K Update) 18:58:43
"Who Is Deaf but the Messenger? " ( Isaiah 42: 19) Wakening My Christian Brothers and Sisters? How? 18:57:27
Missing Nukes In Louisiana? The Super Bowl's "Nuclear," Half-Time Ritual 18:47:58
Fifty Shades Of Grey 18:27:46
Education in Deuteronomy 17:41:19
(VIDEO) Super Bowl Security Behind the Scenes w the FBI 17:18:20
The Mind Has No Firewall 17:02:09
VIDEO: "We Are Preparing For Massive Civil War", Says DHS Informat 17:00:45
Technology currently available... 16:35:45
Man Being Deported Escapes at DIA 16:31:01
AR-15 is not an assault rifle. 16:28:15
Chris Kyle, "deadlest sniper" now dead 16:20:57
My Lacto-Vegetarian Alkaline Diet. Simple Approach to Healthy Meatless Eating. 16:16:58
2-3-13 Marks 100 Year Anniversary of U.S. Federal Income Tax 16:11:40
Arizona Law Makers Launch Anti-Gun Control Legislation 15:59:59
Obama To Fire Military Leaders That Won't Kill Americans 15:47:06
(VIDEO) The Primer Fields 15:39:24
Picture: President Barry shooting a drone 15:37:29
The New National Identification System Is Coming 15:29:07
NRA President David Keene On CSPAN Now Pushing For More Gun Control 14:53:34
The Power to Tax Will Not Only Destroy the Economy, It will Cause the US Government With the Federal Reserve to Self Destruct 14:09:03
Children As Propaganda Tools 13:01:43
Homeless Hippie Hitchhiker Hero With Hatchet Smash Smash Suh-mash! 12:01:58
Thoughts on the Sandy Hook students singing at the Super Bowl 11:55:07
Diplomacy suddenly on the table with Iran, after Rand Paul speaks up 11:40:29
How "Right to Work" Idaho Wages Compare With Average 11:05:54
One hundred years of redistribution, control, and deception 11:02:37
"Apps" Vs. Daily Medications (Video) 11:00:28
Ron Paul Celebration Event 10:51:04
Julian Assange to run for Senate in Australia in 2013 10:33:26
Video: Ron Paul Activist: "I'll Walk Point For Our Kids" At Open Carry Protest Despite Death Threats And Cancer 10:27:02
Only Days Until "Million Man March" Descends On All 50 State Capitols Feb. 8th 10:20:09
Neither snow, nor rain, nor color of traffic lights ... 09:51:31
Red Heads Not War Head, Blonds Not Bombs, Talkin about Brunets Not Fighter Jets. 09:28:00
Navy Seal Who Punched Jesse Ventura Killed 08:49:28
8news Investigates Widespread National Conspiracy: Fraudclosure ‘grand Theft House’ (Video) 08:21:06
Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Shot and killed at Gun Range 08:04:27
TSA out of MBTA, Cambridge to Boston Common - 2/2/13 06:47:14
The reason we need to film police 05:45:32
Looking to relocate, need ideas please 04:44:08
The men behind Barack Obama 04:33:15
Peter Schiff responds to Paul Krugman: "Let's hire more teachers and fill potholes !" 04:32:35
From Black Quill and Ink 04:19:13
STUDY: 22 Military Veterans Commit Suicide Everyday 02:28:16
Super Bowl 47 To Receive Enhanced Security Including NORAD 02:05:32
DHS Raids Gun Collector – Confiscates Nearly 1,500 Guns 01:41:33
National Sheriff's Association Announces They Will Not Support Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws 01:20:05
America First: A Case for Bringing All Our Troops Home 01:15:51
What Would the Founding Fathers Think About AK-47s? 01:04:52
DEMOCIDE - Governments killing people...the NUMBER 1 cause of death in 20th and 21st Centuries. 00:43:35
. 00:43:35
My message for Rand haters 00:30:04
... 00:07:26
Adam Smith - Wealth Of Nations - 'Mind Altering Substances Are Necessary for Societies' 00:00:50