Posted on February 4, 2013

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Ron Paul clarifies Chris Kyle tweet on Facebook 21:08:33
Breitbart: Rand Paul Responds to Ron Paul: 'Chris Kyle Was a Hero' 20:17:46
Argentina Freezes Food Prices "To Break Inflation Spiral" 19:38:02
Peter Schiff: Retirement Will One Day Soon Be As Rare As Single Income Households - FBN 2/4/2013 22:00:29
PTSD: Not Mental Illness, Not a Disorder 19:07:40
Judge Napolitano: Second Amendment Was Written To Protect Right To Shoot Tyrants Not Skeet Shooting 16:04:48
Police State Strides Forward 15:21:21
Karl Rove Starts New RINOPAC: Specifically aimed at ousting Liberty and Tea Party candidates; Establishment Protection Racket 14:40:41
Ron Paul TWEETS About SEAL Sniper's Chris Kyle's Death: 'He that lives by the sword dies by the sword' 20:00:54
The World is Heading into World War III - Gerald Celente (Video) 13:01:28
Lampoon the System: Cop Block 13:29:37
John Stossel talks with Katherine Mangu-Ward about Bitcoin 02:27:59
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 2/4/2013: You don't need to create a police state to stop illegal immigration 01:09:54
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EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans 23:57:42
Ron Paul: "I've Never Been Afraid To Be Bold." 23:55:19
Rand Paul humiliates John McCain 23:53:18
USDA: Food Prices Will Be Higher in 2013! 23:41:04
Video: Breitbart Reporter Attacks Ron Paul Supporters 23:39:01
Help finding video posted on DP 23:21:16
Department of Justice White Paper: Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen... 23:10:49
I Vow That I Would Never Hurt Piers Morgan In Any Way 23:06:20
Justice Dept Memo Reveals Legal Case for Drone Strikes on Americans 23:04:59
If You Can't Defeat It, Tax It - Feds May Tax Pot 22:51:59
Seismologist warns of megathrust earthquake threat for New Zealand 22:42:29
ET Disclosure Event - Live Webstream February 7, 2013 - 7:00pm EST 22:39:44
Video Update: Ben Swann "Full Disclosure:" Danny Glover Claim vs. 2nd Amendment 22:35:57
Tax-Free City Project Kisscoin White Paper 22:35:50
Unexpected Sandy Hook Twist 22:23:08
Karen Kwiatkowski - The Time for Predictions Is Over 22:17:45
Rockefeller Brothers Fund: 'We're Buying Off Evangelicals, Mayors, and Governors - for The Earth 22:17:18
Obama Signs The Debt Ceiling Bill, Officially Ending The Debt-Limit Fight Until At Least August 22:11:07
9/11 hero firefighter who featured in iconic photo dies after contracting rare lung disease from working at Ground Zero 22:00:54
Thank You Card From Mich~ael Nystrom 21:51:21
NC Pastor says; "government threatens freedom" 21:49:44
Super Bowl Blackout Still Being Investigated By NFL 21:45:07
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Everyone Has It by Roy Masters 21:11:52
Mondays With Murray: The Death Of Keynesian Economics 21:09:03
Bridging the Gaps for Freedom 20:51:29
Interesting article at New Scientist 20:32:52
VIDEO: Arizona HS freshman suspended for showing picture of gun, says he wants to go into military someday 20:27:13
Video: Congressman Mike Thompson holds Gun forum in CA "This is not a hearing on the 2nd Amendment" 20:18:48
Anonymous Publishes 4,000 Bank Executives' Data to Avenge Death of Aaron Swartz 20:18:28
CNBC - Video: Gas prices hit all - time record high for early February 20:16:20
SC St Senator Lee Bright measures support to challenge warmonger for US Senate 19:20:51
Win a house in Fairbanks $100 essay 19:10:03
The Constitution supports Drones and so do I. 19:06:25
UK proposes plan to tax air. 19:03:35
Hannity SLAMMED on Foreign Policy! 18:39:25
Breastfeeding in public 18:38:10
New World Trade Center Building - Great Pics 18:34:59
@TheGame Twitter Followers Threaten To Kill Talk Show Host And Rape Cancer-stricken Wife 18:33:38
Oath Keepers - Message to the Oath Breakers and Traitors 18:29:14
VIDEO The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading - A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL 18:27:21
Alex Jones To Confront Piers Morgan In Texas 18:14:06
Garden in a bottle 18:09:08
Liberty Education Workshop: US Constitution Group Study; Tuesday, February 5, 2013; 7pm in San Francisco 18:04:08
... 18:01:10
Video: Michael Moore Breaks Ranks and Goes Against the Establishment. Explains why school shootings occur 12:53:35
“So is Brian Williams really an idiot, or does he just play one on TV?” 17:53:24
LeAlan Jones: Green-Libertarian running for Jackson's vacated Rep. Seat 17:34:49
Obama: 'No doubt' we need more new taxes - VIDEO 17:30:50
Orly Taitz 17:29:41
Your Favorite Ron Paul Videos or Music 17:26:23
DHS Are Militarizing Local Police to Create Federalized Law Enforcement Agencies 17:25:45
Ted Cruz 0-11 on Senate legislation... Left calls him a hindrance to progress... 17:17:00
The Purge Against Gun Owners Continues 17:12:05
Justice Depart To Sue Standard & Poor's Over Ratings 16:53:11
Raw Milk Delivery – Tales of the Criminal Mind 16:28:57
My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial: So God Made a Farmer - Paul Harvey / Dodge Ram - Video 16:27:49
Today Should Be A Holiday: National Past-Time Day 16:22:30
Feds to sue S&P over mortgage bond ratings 16:22:03
Former Israeli military intelligence chief: Iran could build nuclear bomb in as little as 4 months 15:53:09
I think I know what all the wars in the Middle East are all about 15:52:50
Super Bowl XV11 Breaks Ratings Record 15:46:19
GOP ousts another Paulian 17:48:40
Virginia Close To Banning Government Spy Drones 15:04:53
They're hitting 100% 15:04:15
ARTICLE: The Law of the Jungle takes hold in England 15:01:38
VIDEO: Was SEAL sniper sacrificed to blame all military veterans? 14:54:43
Senator Coburn working with Congress CRitter Chuck Schumer on Gun Control Laws 14:48:01
Robots Replace Waiters in China 14:32:13
Brian de Palma on Foreign Policy and other topics 14:25:42
VIDEO: New Film 'Dirty Wars' Tells Story About Presidents 'Paramilitary Assassin' Group 14:19:36
Journey of a neoconservative. 14:10:16
McCain compares Iranian leader to monkey; Amash charges racism 14:08:00
VIDEO: 'Brand New Leather Jacket' 13:51:00
Questioning the Constitution? 13:48:36
Conservative Daily: Obama Invokes Authoritarian Liberalism And Recreates SubPrime Fiasco 13:41:35
Oppose mental health standard for firearms ownership 13:36:43
Bankrupt, Decaying and Nearly Dead: 24 Facts About The City of Detroit That Will Shock You 13:31:46
Pro 2nd Sheriff's ,explain why they will ignore Obama 13:27:51
Wish I could connect these two 13:25:13
In 2013, what's old may become new 13:19:34
...full monitoring of Facebook and other social networks 13:00:36
Zeitgeist, Occupy... and the Liberty movement? 12:43:49
Picture Hoax= going nowhere fast 12:40:57
Fight Police tyranny in NY and NJ 12:30:03
Missouri Nullification Project - MO Sheriffs List 12:28:52
OMG! Yahoo Article: "Did Beyonce flash an ILLUMINATI sign during the halftime show" 12:22:16
The Drone Wars- fiction? 12:10:51
Rand Paul: Foreign policy is Congress's Business 11:59:12
the liberty movement needs a lobby 11:46:55
Obama to campaign for gun proposals in Minnesota 11:31:35
Defense Spending 11:28:30
When Did Singing The National Anthem At Sporting Events Begin? 18:21:14
Economic Forecast No Better than a random walk 11:22:55
Anonymous posts over 4000 U.S. bank executive credentials 11:11:42
Robert Reich castigates Washington. Raise tax thresh hold to $45,000 reduce deficit by $700bn a year 10:37:58
Random Weekend Encounter With Other Preppers 10:30:04
The Vulnerability of Elites - Geopolitical Risk in 2013 10:12:06
Quote of the Day 09:42:08
Panetta- US Will Not Stop Drone Strikes 09:22:39
Desperation! New Republic posts fake picture of Obama skeet-shooting 08:57:44
End the Illegal Invasions - America is Also a Victim of the NWO 08:56:02
NDAA Nullification Bill Returns to Arizona 08:51:51
Declaration To Defy The Ny Safe Act Of 2013: Letter To The Editor 08:51:48
Anderson Cooper confronted on disappearing nose 08:30:37
Counter discourse. Eastern freethinker's perspective. 08:20:31
Jesse Jackson pushes new 'Occupy' plan 08:19:52
Declaration Of James M. Kelley: Expert Witnesses Starting To Take On Forgeries In Foreclosures 08:08:51
Gone in an instant 07:12:18
DHS approved.. 04:14:04
7 NH House hearings of interest to liberty lovers on 2-5-13 04:10:35
End the Federal Reserve 03:31:42
Daily Caller: Upcoming Rand Paul Speech on Foreign Policy @ Heritage Foundation 03:20:30
Man Arrested for Giving Speech In New York About the Truth of 9/11 02:38:04
... 02:30:47
Mike Cann speaks at TSA out of MBTA, No Fed Searches on Boston's Subways! 02:25:02
America's biggest problem is Disappearing Personal Responsibility 02:20:12
Super Bowl Illuminati Eye of Horus 02:12:15
For All Who Are Losing Hope 01:58:56
Ron Paul - We are not farm animals. We want liberty! 01:55:08
Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, on public schools 01:32:17
Obama's (tax-payers) sponsored terrorists on the run in Syria 01:29:18
Extreme weather events and Earth changes in January 2013 08:15:55
The bacterium that lays tiny nuggets of gold 01:00:14
The Queen of England gets to drink raw milk, but her subjects don't 00:58:42
God made a farmer-Dodge ad 00:54:01
Gun owners are insane - Paul Krugman 00:38:26
My phone call from the "IRS" Updated to my "visit" from the FBI? 00:37:29
GMO A Go Go - Truth About GMOs Explained in New Animated Cartoon 00:30:05
Vigilante Militias Fight Crime in Rural Mexico 00:28:34
Minnesotans on here? 00:24:40
Nike Ad 00:23:04