Posted on February 5, 2013

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Fox News Channel Drops Dick Morris 20:52:18
Nigel Farage: EU is Increasingly About War 19:19:28
Ralph Nader: The Rule of Law or the Rule of Men? 17:48:38
Senators ask Obama for legal basis for targeted killings of Americans 14:31:37
Charlottesville Virginia Becomes First US City To Ban Government Spy Drones 14:20:24
Rand Paul reintroduces Audit the Fed. Can we get majority support? 14:03:00
Jacob Hornberger: Guilt, Not PTSD, Is What Afflicts Iraq War Veterans 14:13:40
Dems move to change federal pot laws 12:46:40
Massachusetts town tries to slip by a gun ban. 14:25:27
Ron Paul Quotes Jesus, Conservatives Outraged 09:45:27
DOJ Says Drone Strikes on Americans Legal 09:21:19
Hacker in Chief "Obama can launch 'preemptive' cyber attacks whenever" 08:39:06
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Why Are Black "Leaders" Anti Gun ? 23:40:20
Video: Ted Nugent Attacks Piers Morgan For His 'Obsession' With Guns: 'Will You Leave Us The Hell Alone? 23:31:06
What's the difference between Chris Kyle and these combat vets? 23:28:19
VIDEO: Newtown Father Blasts Gun Control 23:25:27
What Would You Say If Our Government Was Actually Honest And Said This: 23:10:00
Bitcoin Reaches All Time High Market Capitalization 23:07:22
BitTorrent Launches Private and Secure Dropbox Alternative 23:00:20
Antigua Government Set to Launch “Pirate” Website to Punish United States 22:57:44
The next firearm to ban: The Revolver 22:51:22
FBI stops Malcolm X grandson Iran trip 22:42:43
Northern Conservative Baptist, Great Lakes Region, Council of 1912 22:34:13
VIDEO: Krauthammer Urges House GOP to Do Nothing on Sequester to Force Obama's Hand 22:14:27
Gwenyth Todd - American Hero 22:10:57
Working for Ron Paul 22:05:36
Bill Gates purchased 500,000 shares in Monsanto back in 2010 21:50:27
The Power of TV: Watching 20 Hours a Week Halves Sperm Count, According to New Study 21:45:34
Robots Replacing Waiters in China, Your Job Could Be Next 21:43:52
Don’t Sell Your Gold and Silver Coins: Jim Rogers 21:24:40
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are the real devils. 21:14:47
Beware: A President who justifies secret drone killings of Americans can justify anything 20:51:07
Glen Bradley Speaks At Gun Rights Rally On Halifax Mall in Raleigh, NC 20:48:02
8,830,026: Americans on Disability Hits New Record for 192nd Straight Month 20:42:52
Police arrest 10 year old boy for bringing toy gun to school 20:31:52
The Pseudo-Courage of Chris Kyle 20:26:29
BLM Horse Roundup and Kill- Why Is This Happening? 20:23:32
What will it take for you to quit supporting murder? 20:10:32
Deja vu: Is Glenn Beck attempting to co-opt the liberty movement? 20:06:42
Barry Soetoro is a Socialist Tyrant 20:03:47
A "pre-camera" smirk that will make you ill, SO much worse than Robbie Parker 20:03:19
Self Directed IRAs 20:00:35
Firearms EVENT February 8th! This Friday! 10:00 AM - At "All State Capitals"! Find Your State Here! 19:43:47
People Forget That Concealing Firearms, Cannons, Ammunition Is An Inalienable Right 19:28:21
Lifestyles of the Green and Sustainable 19:27:01
New CBO Forecast Is Bigger Fraud Than Leon Sandcastle 19:14:47
6 salient points of the DOJ justifiable murder of American citizens memo 19:13:15
Wife of Scott Getzinger blasts Newtown gun violence task force 19:07:32
Kathleen O’Leary, Presiding Judge of the 4th District Court of Appeal reinstate the Appeal Taitz v Obama et al f 18:38:58
Yet Another Reason Guns Are Good 18:33:42
Judge Napolitano On Drone Strikes: Nowhere Justifiable Under The Constitution Or Federal Law 18:30:39
Did Everyone Miss These Frames? Superbowl Antichrist Disgrace 18:23:37
Judge has no sense of humor - video 18:10:52
NJ Gun Control Bills 17:47:51
Peter Schiff: Investing In The US More Politically Risky Than China - 2/4/2013 17:32:07
City in Virginia Becomes First to Pass Anti-Drone Legislation 17:27:10
Libertarians seek to crash the party in PA 17:23:38
Justin Raimondo: Is Rand Paul Right About Benghazi? 17:21:33
Thou Shalt Not Kill 17:17:36
Rand Paul's Tectonic Shifting The GOP 17:08:10
The New ”Rag-head” Is The ”Conspiracy Theorist” 16:59:42
Virginia Coin Moves Closer To REALITY 16:40:33
Is The NYPD's "Protect & Serve" Policy A Thing Of The Past best We Are Change Video to date. 16:39:17
Chris Kyle's first kill, with no regrets 16:34:17
CBO: Obamacare will cost 7 million workers healthcare coverage... 16:30:07
Ron Paul's Tweet was perfect timing 16:21:40
PM bugs: American Silver Eagles, or Generic Silver Rounds? 15:29:55
Justice Dept Memo Expands Definition Of "Imminent" Threat To Justify Murder 15:29:36
Ben Swann Full Disclosure (Video): Danny Glover Claim vs History of Racism and Gun Control 15:17:32
Jay Carney: Drone Strikes 'Legal', 'Ethical', 'Wise' - VIDEO 15:05:14
Calling All Friends Of Liberty: How Can We Fund The Daily Paul? 14:44:55
. 14:01:59
US Marine Questions Narrative Behind Chris Kyle Murder 13:59:45
Shower 13:49:19
Napolitano: ‘The Border’s A Safe Border’ 13:48:18
COURT: NY Times Request New York City For Gun Owners Violates law 13:38:53
The Relentless March of the U.S. Police State 13:37:57
Rand Paul on Constitutional Conservative Foreign Policy, Reagan, Filibuster 13:35:45
The Ugly Truth Behind Ron Paul's Chris Kyle Tweets 13:35:11
Author and Intelligence Contract Pilot Accused in Murder Suicide 13:30:01
video~Scarborough Tears Into Drone Program: ‘If George Bush Had Done This, It Would Have Been Stopped’ 13:18:32
Get a 4 Year College Degree in Flying Drones over the USA! Booming career opportunity! 13:13:59
Get a 4 Year College Degree in Flying Drones over the USA! Booming career opportunity! 13:11:12
CIA rendition: more than a quarter of countries 'offered covert support' 12:53:43
Leaked: Obama's Rules For Assassinating American Citizens 12:45:49
VIDEO: DTE Smart Meters Making Some metro Detroiters Ill 12:40:05
VIDEO: America Next? Vigilante Militias Patrol Mexico 12:35:04
Democrats push to make voting, registration even easier 12:29:58
Answers on Defense Spending: Voluntary, Mandatory, or Considered? 12:29:26
Obama to ask for short term delay to avoid sequester, again 12:24:24
Letter to a Unarmed Nation: To Keep and Bear Arms is the Right to Protect Life, Even the Life of Another. 14:56:25
The Case for Armed Populations: Rebutting the article "The Myth of Hitler's Gun Ban" using "Armed Resistance to the Holocaust" 12:00:35
Yahoo article on Ron Paul's Kyle Statement Getting Some Good Comments 11:52:50
Cameras Capturing Plates Plus Location 11:51:01
(State v. Darrell Contee) Possession w/ intent to distribute Marijuana & Firearms charges dismissed 11:46:03
How to Win the Gun Control Debate 11:40:58
The Real Reason for the Second Amendment: It Keeps You Alive 11:34:34
Number 11 on Amazon Kindle's "Free Classics" 15:45:59
North Carolina has a choice for liberty in the US Senate in 2014! 11:29:29
VIDEO: Miami - Dade Police Officers Caught on Camera Allegedly Ignoring Emergency Calls 11:18:15
Justin Raimondo is a REPUBLICAN 11:03:54
North Korea video shows US city in flames after missile attack 10:55:40
Do you really expect change? 10:54:46
1st Amendment Cancelled for Internet 10:48:55
Big brother to log your drinking habits and waist size 10:43:10
Another Ron Paul Hit Piece: Even In Retirement, This Man and His Ideas Are Feared 10:20:46
H.R. 77 Free Competition in Currency Act of 2013 10:11:00
H.R. 73 Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act 1/3/13 09:58:56
My son's Capstone project for his Masters launches today... 09:57:05
Quotable Quote 02/05/13 09:45:51
U.S.-Canada Harmonizing Border Security and Immigration Measures 09:41:04
Piers goes to Texas gun range. 09:38:28
The homicide rate is a SOCIAL issue - not a type of weapon or gun control issue 09:23:50
Video: Piers Morgan vs. Ted Nugent 2/4/13 09:13:09
Woman Gives Judge Middle Finger, Gets 30-Day Sentence for Contempt (video) 08:31:35
The effect of Ron Paul on the GOP - defense cuts 08:19:56
Finally...Obama is being outed as the murdering pig he is... 07:46:41
1969 Video describes "the future" - the internet... 07:44:08
I Have Good News For The Future of Liberty: The Best Weapon To Fight Against The Evil Of Legal Plunder Was Hidden In Plain Sight 07:17:26
Canada Phasing Out The Penny on Tuesday 07:17:24
Local TV News - Part Drama, Part Action, Part Comedy, With Some Useful Info For Good Measure 06:41:59
Sandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safety 05:39:10
Kicking a Puppy while Kissing a Baby, An uplifting Story 05:36:40
Water Quality Test Results 04:42:33
Minnesota H.F. 241 04:34:47
U.S. Soldiers Stripped of Guns During (March 2012) Leo Panetta Address 04:19:37
What Silver Data Can You Trust, Anyway? (by silverfuturist, 1/29/2013) 03:50:01
NEW - Sheriff Richard Mack on Gun Control 03:46:44
NEW - Sheriff Richard Mack on Gun Control 03:44:04
Every Ron Paul Supporter Needs to Watch This 03:30:32
Jesse Ventura Was Suing Chris Kyle Over Kyle Punching Him Out 02:43:08
Exclusive - Confidential Justice Department Memo Shows They Want To Kill U.S. Citizens! 02:29:38
Censorship on the Daily Paul? 01:58:11
Buy Gold IRAs Before Major Move In Gold To $15,000? A Collapse Is Taking Place On The M3 Money Supply. 01:42:33
Yet Something ELSE Very Strange About Sandy Hook 01:39:35
Central Banking Must End 00:52:07
Breitbart - Rand Breaks With Ron: All Options On Table To Prevent Nuclear Iran 00:36:38