Posted on February 6, 2013

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Marco Rubio to deliver "State of Union" response to Obama in Spanish 22:35:13
Treasury Department Issues Emergency Recall Of All US Dollars 19:13:55
Conscious Capitalism: Whole Foods Founder John Mackey Book Tour 18:49:39
. 19:24:09
Bruce Willis: Don't infringe on Second Amendment 14:22:47
Gun Ban Repealed! As City Council Meeting Turns Into Massive Pro-Gun Rally 17:46:54
Student Loan Bubble Forces Yale, Penn To Sue Their Own Students 09:48:41
Ahmadinejad: Iran already a nuclear state, but has no intention of launching attack on Israel 09:44:33
Judge Napolitano: DOJ Memo Claims Govt Can Kill US Citizens "Nowhere Justifiable Under Constitution" 07:39:14
Thoughts from a KGB defector, 29 yrs later. Sound familiar? 10:19:53
Why Our Food Is Making Us Fat 16:39:33
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Could you live or thrive in a post Apocalyptic World? 23:59:59
My new favorite song 23:39:10
Audit the Fed help needed in CT IN NM WI 23:27:24
Manny Pacquiao Will Not Fight In The Usa Because Of High Taxes! 23:14:31
Gun Owners of American fire back. 22:47:44
Death Panels, taxes, and bald Keynesian economists 22:44:09
Bob Marley's Birthday Thread - Chant Down Babylon 22:36:29
Raleigh North Carolina Violates State and Federal Drug Laws by Practicing Medicine without a License 22:30:54
SHENANDOAH: Jimmy Stewart Explains Statism and "The Government is The Only Thing We All Belong To" - VIDEO 22:26:30
Raleigh North Carolina Violates State and Federal Drug Laws by Practicing Medicine without a License 22:24:57
Hackers Break into Federal Reserve Internal Site 22:14:29
Confession 22:01:08
America - National Supremacy or Dual-Sovereignty? 21:59:13
Rand Paul Moves to Re-Brand GOP, Gain More Independents 21:53:50
Health Department Takes New Dog Licensing Campaign to the Subway 21:51:54
US Declares War on Us -Scathing Response to Yesterday's DOJ article by Becky Akers 21:46:31
So You'll Kill Me for the Constitution? Post Collapse America in Perspective 21:34:35
Ron Paul’s Antiwar Tweet Drives Neocon Warmongers into Frenzy 21:25:18
Huge victory against fluoride in Australia 21:23:46
Our Monetary System Will Crash Very Soon (Great Article) 21:15:29
Tonight's Paradigm Shift - Police State 21:13:59
What's with the Hillary Clinton worship? 21:00:24
Rand Paul: I'm Not Sure I Want To Give Weapons To People Who Are Anti-Christian - 2/6/2013 20:51:50
A little humor for my fellow DP's 20:43:24
If our law is based on the Magna Carta, our currency is illegal. 20:22:24
Rand Paul on Situation Room 2/6/2013 20:04:50
A Really Good Interview of an Anti-Constitutionalist 19:53:02
School drills mock shooting massacre 19:42:23
Extraordinary Rendition Report Finds More Than 50 Nations Involved In Global Torture Scheme 19:42:19
Impeach Obama Now Over the "Right" to Kill Americans with Drones, There Will Never be a Better Time 19:38:04
December 21, 2012 Redux: Now its "early March, 2013" for "End of Days" 19:35:12
The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public 19:30:03
Rebuttal to DP post: "Top 3 reasons the liberty movement failed" 19:28:22
Federal Reserve hacked by Anonymous 19:19:58
Abuse of Judicial power 19:14:38
FOX News is getting SLAMMED 18:51:21
Greg Koukl talks about social justice. 18:45:58
Mark Potok that looks eerily like Dog that's up for adoption 17:47:30
Raleigh North Carolina Violates State and Federal Drug Laws by Practicing Medicine without a License 17:24:15 Rand Paul Is Running for President (IMO) and He Isn't His Father 17:19:53
George Washington: Debt should be kept Minimal & Not Passed on to the Next Generation - No Foreign Intanglements! 17:09:33
Ron Paul’s Antiwar Tweet Drives Neocon Warmongers into Frenzy 16:58:32
Hooray! They can diagnose evil with X-ray exam of the brain! 16:51:51
Adam Kokesh interviews Orly Taitz !come to the supreme court in Washington february 12th! 16:49:02
Who is Behind These Anonymous Wordpress Blogs Spreading Sandy Hook Disinformation? You Are Being Made Fools Of. 16:46:25
The Great Culling has begun: Will your genetic lineage survive? 16:45:53
Drone Strikes to get Rare Moment in the Public Eye Tomorrow 16:36:47
Chris Rock: Daddy Obama says we Can't have Guns and we Have To listen to Him 16:30:18
I'm going to start stalking Mark Dice 16:21:45
GUTFELD: Why Do Liberal Professors Always Think 'Patriotism Sucks' - VIDEO 16:16:09
Video - Chris Rock: 'The President Is Our Boss'...Our 'Dad' 16:08:08
Our "patriotism" looks like Leprosy! 16:06:47
Targeting Snipers 15:59:25
Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (Film) 15:49:52
Stranger Visions 15:46:24
Pat Buchanan: Hagel hearing shows GOP focuses on only one country, and it's not the United States. 15:36:00
Bruce Willis: "Don't infringe on 2nd Amendment" 15:33:41
Snow Blizzard May Bury Mich~ael Nystrom in New England at the End of the Week 15:33:38
Rand Paul: ‘True’ conservative foreign policy is ‘restrained’ 15:32:09
Federal Reserve Admits It was Briefly Hacked During Super Bowl 15:28:48
Infographic: The History of Gold 15:25:24
We Are Change: Is The NYPD's 'Protect & Serve' Policy A Thing Of The Past - VIDEO 15:18:34
Anarchy in the Royal Family 15:12:12
Video Report - Kill List Exposed: Leaked Obama Memo Shows Assassination Of US Citizens "Has No Geographic Limit" 15:03:13
Virginia Advances Bill Pushing for State to Establish Its Own Currency 14:55:33
Canada Abandons Penny 14:52:14
Company takes a shot at Obama with 'SKEETER' doll 14:40:43
Ron Paul vs Rand Paul vs Ronald Reagan 14:38:45
Rand Paul calls for less interventionist GOP foreign policy 14:33:40
Lindsey Graham to offer resolution praising Obama for killing Americans 14:31:45
Sexual Harassment Investigation May Delay Hagel Vote 14:14:11
VIDEO: Alex Jones Exposes Piers Morgan's Gun Stunt in Texas 14:09:18
Geithner finds new home with CFR 14:06:45
INSIGHT: Shrinking U.S. labor unions see relief in marijuana industry 14:04:45
VIDEO: 2nd Grader Suspended For Trying To Save The World 13:56:39
VIDEO: Piers Morgan Loves Browning M2 Machine Gun 13:50:40
Debt Collection Horror Stories-CNN Money 13:47:12
Rand Paul: Obama is Avoiding the Debt 13:46:44
Neocon John Bolton Tells Fox: Obama's Drones Are 'Sensible' Extension Of Bush Terror Policy 13:42:07
Senator Menendez Spent $58,500 on 2 Flights To Dominican Republic To Service Under - Age Prostitutes 13:40:43
VIDEO: NYPD using radiation detectors to 'sniff out' dirty bombs 13:30:23
Postal Service To Cut Saturday Mailing 13:23:13
Maryland Governor Urges Lawmakers To Require License For Handgun Purchase 13:15:58
Why Am I Not Surprised?: Obama Picks Environmentalist CEO For Interior Secretary Job 13:08:59
Proposed Connecticut Bill Mandates Mental Health Assessments for Homeschooled Children 13:07:35
Update: Does anyone use the DP chat? 13:01:55
Researching Presidential Powers when Operating Under National Emergency Conditions 12:56:42
Greek reality: man trampled at free food hand out 12:54:34
Why do the famous murderers have 3 names? 12:52:37
Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Speech 12:35:59
Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? 12:03:35
Jimmy Stewart educates Confederate recruiter on Natural Rights and other self-evident truths (film clip) 11:55:52
Missouri 2nd Amendment Preservation Act 11:53:01
Just for fun... I'm going to predict the next Superbowl now. 11:43:48
Virginia Becomes First State to Pass Drone Regulations 11:41:13
Update: Bankrupt Postal Service to End Saturday Delivery; Job Security Worries 11:34:22
Homeless Hitchhiker(Kai) Saves Woman From Jesus Attack W Hatchet. Funniest News Report Ever 11:27:38
NRA warns of UN-Obama Gun Grab (Video) 11:19:29
Deleted 11:11:07
God and Anarchy 11:07:19
Shooting! Colorado, "Involving Children" Just Reported CBS Radio 11:06:17
Lone Sandy Hook Mother Telling Truth To Power 11:01:00
The Judge 2016 10:55:06
6th Graders Asked To Design Communist Flag 10:51:49
It's time for needed Inspiration! 10:38:23
Rbs To Pay $800 Million Libor Fine, No Criminal Charges - Call Them 10:32:57
Police State coming to your dog 10:27:47
Daniel Hannan: Speaking at the Occupy Wall Street Debate 10:21:32
Would "thelastbill" trip you if you were both running from zombies? 10:17:33
Genetic Roulette 09:45:54
Facts how Gun-Control Backfired 09:25:07
Newtown Kids (on the block) to replace Gabby Giffords as travelling guilt show 09:23:48
Virginia Bill Passes House: Study of Metallic Based Money 09:11:23
spy writer who writes events before they happen 09:01:52
Anonymous Hacks the Federal Reserve 08:59:31
INDECT (intelligent detection) Increasing the Security of Citizens 08:32:39
Maryland Cell Phone Tracking Bill in Motion 08:23:47
YouTuber "Suspicious0bserver" getting really good at earthquake prediction 08:04:18
Electroquakes and worldkillers 08:00:07
2013 Audit The Federal Reserve Bill Introduced by Rand Paul 06:59:08
Booms Cover Up! Due To New Madrid Waking Up! In Depth Evidence 06:42:06
Chicago police stop immediate responses to burglaries and thefts 06:36:55
Great book for an insight into PTSD - Well done those men 05:59:47
Actual wisdom from the St. Louis Fed? Abolish patents! 05:55:05
The authority lies in the consent of the governed... 04:57:39
The correct way to handle a routine car stop 03:10:04
Judge Napolitano talks with Ralph Nader - Video 02:58:05
States step up fight against use of surveillance drones by law enforcement 02:53:59
2,000 Fort Carson soldiers prepare for deployment 02:49:53
1,050 New Testament Commands 02:05:26
Fed Confirms It Was Hacked By Anonymous 01:59:58
Las Vegas Police Agree to Pay $100,000 to Man Beaten While Videotaping This Video! 01:37:37
Study finds obesity can 'lead to lack of Vitamin D' 01:10:07
Lee Atwater called again: 00:57:24
How I feel about Rand Paul sometimes... 00:54:43
Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid. 08:18:13
Joe Rogan and NASA Physicist: We're Living in the Matrix 00:16:59
Poland busted for holding secret prisons for the CIA 00:05:57
Kill List Exposed: Leaked Obama Memo Says Obama Can Kill Americans 00:05:53
Old Man Punches News Reporter In The Face! 05:15:26
Video Update: Rand Paul on Fox News (O'Reilly 2/6/2013 12:26:36
Why Were Corporations Illegal Before 1819? 13:04:35