Posted on February 8, 2013

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The Fool 22:13:51
The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics 19:18:25
All Wars Are Banker Wars 20:55:06
Currency War: Venezuela Devalues Currency By 46.5% 17:02:00
Ron Paul: Currency Devaluation Is `Dangerous' - Bloomberg 2/8/2013 16:09:03
E-Verify's 'Hang Everyone' Approach 15:36:24
Ron Paul vs. 20:30:44
Well, Well Evergreen Aviation Admits to (chemtrail) Weather Modification Contract w/USAF 14:08:14
2 women delivering newspapers in a Toyota Tacoma in Torrance, CA were shot in manhunt for ex-cop. Police put 40 bullets into the 12:46:41
Mayor Kills Seattle Police Drone Program! After Outcry From Community 12:03:15
Everybody should watch this speech. Everybody would be much better off. 12:24:24
Student institutionalized and forcibly drugged for cussing at a professor 09:02:55
California No longer requiring 8th Graders to take Algebra 07:21:05
GOP Civil War: Establishment Counter-Attacks. Freedom is Winning! 20:05:39
Bill Gross Warns of Credit Supernova From The Fed, Says To Avoid Long Bonds 00:01:55
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Tenants who Fail to Pay Rent Can Be Arrested in Arkansas 23:58:37
Pacifism vs. Private Gun Ownership 23:56:11
Travel banned in Mass. Due to storm. Offenders face fine/or 1 year in jail 23:54:57
Support A Liberty candidate for Missouri's 8th Congressional Open Seat 23:39:11
High school student sends letter to Obama over drone assassinations. (Video) 23:22:20
Learn About Minnesota's H.F. 241 Weapons Ban - Coming soon to your state. 23:12:27
Ron Paul Network Was Lucrative for Jesse Benton 23:08:12
Am I a hypocrite? 22:59:29
Jordan Page ~ Message of Freedom 22:47:43
I'm filing an arbitration. 22:19:59
This is for Veterans that are or want to be preppers 22:17:43
Corporations Acting as Governments have been foreclosed 22:08:41
Somebody Should Do Something About All the Problems 22:07:28
Corporations Acting As Governments 22:04:55
Now Included In Your New Senior Medical Care Package 22:04:12
This is what the newspaper is stalling to publish... 21:46:19
Thank You for Helping Us Raise over $530 for Storey County GOP with Ron Paul's shirt, tie & book auction! 21:28:44
People leaving in droves from New England States 21:18:12
Industrial Hemp Legislation First Pushed By Ron Paul Could Drop in Senate Next Week 21:12:50
Library of Congress: George Washington Warns of Illuminati 21:08:27
I don't understand... 21:06:43
New Bill Seeks to Severely Restrict Homeschooling in South Carolina 21:04:54
The RNC called me 20:56:27
Ex-LAPD Manifesto - What pushed a good man into a killer? 20:54:05
Informative Report on China’s Political System. Eerily Similar to the direction US is headed. 20:29:02
The Illuminati Exposed | Myron C. Fagan | 1967 20:17:28
9/11 Survivor Ellen Mariani's Last Chance to Force Truth Through Legal Discovery 20:17:09
Cop lands helicopter to harass woman 19:54:38
There is a problem with Smudge Pot 19:53:45
Request to Michael Nystrom 19:46:04
School district suggests breast reduction for bullied 13-year-old girl 19:43:07
Police Find Super-Sharp Buck Knife 19:31:49
Ron Paul Network Was Lucrative for Jesse Benton 19:29:33
King World News Page Says "Reported Attack Page!" 19:24:12
Rand Paul Giving 'Tea Party Response' to Obama 16:22:33
After America Collapses - Part II - The Constitution in Perspective 19:06:13
Who Gave Us Our Education? 18:48:55
Tom Davis Will Not Challenge Graham In 2014! 18:45:03
Obama Admin. Says All Americans Must Have 'Healthy Housing' 18:27:26
Is Ron Paul really suing! 17:22:26
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Open To Legalizing Marijuana 17:21:28
Paul Craig Roberts on the American police state 17:13:24
MA 4pm driving ban anti-liberty? 17:08:24
Industrial Hemp Legislation First Pushed By Ron Paul Could Drop in Senate Next Week 16:58:24
Ben Swann Reality Check: CNN's Wolf Blitzer wrong about power of executive orders? 2/8/13 16:51:11
The Government Granted Monopoly of Prescription Drugs 16:51:00
Do you know ReviewManify from TeamWakeEmUp? 16:45:37
Gov. Patrick declares state of emergency, bans cars from road as of 4 p.m. as Mass. hunkers down ahead of blizzard - VIDEO 16:18:43
Mitch McConnell cosponsors Audit the Fed 16:17:43
Dems in Colorado Move to Hold Gun Manufacturers Liable for Shootings 16:16:40
FDA approves first GMO flu vaccine containing reprogrammed insect virus 16:11:44
CNBC Video - Clint Eastwood: If DC Doesn't 'give A Damn,' How Can We? 15:51:55
Guard Shoots at boy, 15, at FDA office in Bothell 15:34:58
More Onion on a snow day: Sweating Obama Admits Drone Strikes Have Been Happening On Their Own 15:23:11
Nigel Farage Destroys Socialist French President François Hollande (E.U. Parliament, 2/5/2013) 15:21:35
Sacramento protest for Obama eligibility 15:10:13
Libertarian Defense of Corporations 15:02:32
Army report: Military families to face benefit cuts 14:54:48
Bill O'Reilly Calls Rand Paul More Conservative Than 'Moderate' Marco Rubio 14:45:29
FAA Releases New Drone List - Is Your Town on the Map? 14:45:02
4 minute news for 2/8/13 14:41:11
AWESOME! 16 - Year - Old High school student sends letter to Obama over Drone Assassinations - AUDIO 14:33:23
Australian Politician-Ann Bressington-Exposes-Agenda-21 14:29:51
State of Mass. Bans Public From Road Use After 4PM - Governor, 2/8/2013 14:20:09
California Announces Semi - Auto Confiscation Plan 13:59:53
See the USA in your Chevrolet! 13:41:20
Video "Let It Grow" - Restoring the Planet to Its Natural Form 13:39:24
If This Is True, We're Done For! POLL: Hillary Clinton The Most Popular Political Figure In The Country 13:38:56
US. Postal Service Loses $1.3 Billion In Last 3 Months of 2012 13:31:12
IRS Budget Woes? Shrinking Staff Threatens to Derail Agency 13:25:31
Elitism is creeping into the Daily Paul 11:09:42
Pediatricians’ handout warns, ‘Never have a gun in the home’ 12:53:55
Former Target Store Manager to Oversee Nation's Nuclear Security 12:50:59
SHE'S BAAACK! Russian News Anchor Gives Middle Finger Salute While Mentioning Obama - Video 12:41:19
Thief Calls Police On Himself After Stealing Car With Baby In Backseat 12:39:26
The Federal Government has Gone Mad. It's Your Duty as an American to Stop Them. 12:24:21
"We've Reached a Point Where People Are Actually Afraid to Say What They Want to Say" Ben Carson 12:17:59
Christopher Dorner's FULL Manifesto 12:15:29
Feb 8, 2013 Open Carry day. Any Reports? 12:03:08
Sheriff Mack on the rise of police brutality and lawlessness in law enforcement 11:51:16
Rand Paul's War Against "Radical Islam"-Justin Raimondo: Ron's son uses War Party's language 11:43:18
Many DailyPaul Members Have Become NEOCONS 11:42:18
Smart Phone "Presidential Alert" Locked on... 11:35:09
Kissing Israel's Butt - New Jersey boots a firm because it failed to disclose ties to Iran 11:25:17
Think Tank Watch: CFR & Treasury Department Closely Linked - A Real Shocker! (Schematic Map) 11:10:31
Meet Casey - My Poodle In a Pit Bull's Body 10:44:58
2012 FAA List of Drone License Applicants 10:44:03
Banks: the 4th Victim of The Internet (Bitcoin) 10:41:09
Probe launched after Bushes' email hacked 10:14:49
Michael Nystrom; is gonna be in a blizzard! 09:55:50
Is China Becoming More Capitalist Than the USA? 09:54:30
except for them thar mooslims 09:49:40
Embracing Chidaho... China is front page headline news in Boise today 09:47:05
"The Land of the Fleeced and the Home of our Early Grave" 09:32:47
9/11 Researcher Found Dead: Wrote Book Implicating Bush 03:30:16
Libertarian Creative Council - The Next Yahoo, Google or Facebook in the Internet Winds for the People? 08:58:59
US global democratization campaign 08:29:53
Rogue Cop Loves Piers Morgan and Obama 08:22:18
Thoughts on Ben Carson? 06:56:01
It just hit me, how they will find this "rogue," "domestic terrorist," "veteran" 06:06:37
The "Everything They Taught You In School Was A Lie" statement is false. 04:34:52
WOA! This is what They're Teaching In College: Illinois University brings porn star to teach sex week, orgasm workshop 03:41:47
Eddie Griffin Schools Chris Rock on Obama 03:19:54
Vote Now on the Universal Background Check! 03:15:01
Speech and Debate help 03:07:25
Any New Yorkers here? HELP please! 02:48:41
Dr. Benjamin Carson Full Speech at National Prayer Breakfast Attacks O's Policies 02:46:05
Benghazi was a RETALIATION - not just an unprovoked "Attack" 02:08:12
What If The The German Gold Repatriation Issue Was Just... Grand Theater ? 02:01:42
War - what is good for? Veterans for Marley:) 01:56:11
Standing In The Hall Of Fame 01:55:47
Seattle Activists End Seattle Police Drone Program 01:48:52
Reggie Middleton Wins the CNBC Stock Draft 21 Stocks, 7 Traders, One Winner 01:40:52
Pastor Dowell : We Are Getting Close... We Are In Trouble 01:32:43
You Have GOT to see what the Good people of this world 01:28:38
Eddie Griffin Schools Chris Rock on Obama 01:25:16
WeAreChange Confronts Joe Biden Regarding 911 Conspiracy 01:17:53
How Economy works in opposite direction for Rulers and Peasants(Image) 01:09:53
Will Big Government take advantage of Marijuana legalization? 00:50:24
Debbie Wasserman Schultz doesn't think Obama's kill list is a serious subject 00:49:29
Reality Check: Should Federal Ban on Hemp Production Be Lifted 00:49:09
Daily Paul Ad 00:46:30
S 209 - Audit the Fed: 32 Cosponsors (12/10 Update +1) 00:41:50
HR 24 - Audit the Fed: 224 Cosponsors (5/9 Update +1) 00:41:22
You must wonder how does Monsanto and the FDA get away with this? 00:41:06
The FED Has Bought Up More US Debt This Year Than The Treasury Has Issued 00:39:55
Taoist Anarchists? Chuang Tzu 00:38:31
Government to allow radioactive waste metals to be 'recycled' into consumers products like belt buckles, silverware 00:30:51
UK Shock: Beef Lasagne Meals 100% Horse Meat - VIDEO 00:29:15
To See, or Not To See: 00:24:44
Video Update: Microsoft Lost Me 00:10:00
Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix, E-Mail 00:05:01
If You Are Going To Take A Stand, You Must Take It Now-Chuck Baldwin 00:00:10