Posted on February 9, 2013

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Michael Ruppert, Former LAPD officer, interviewed concerning the Dorner saga 23:51:00
Incredible essay in favor of 2nd amendment from a Progressive view 20:27:57
Welcome to all neocons, elitists, liberals, anarchists, and even progressives 19:32:15
The Revolution is in your mind! 17:06:56
What About The Third Amendment 17:59:26
Police in Pennsylvania (along with Phlebotomists) to start taking blood at DUI checkpoints 15:55:32
1,500 Colonies of Honeybees Die in Campeche 15:42:40
China's Weird New Ghost Cities 16:09:44
No price is too high for you to own yourself. 12:01:45
Blizzard of '13 Open Thread: "This isn't the Little Nemo here" 11:07:21
Full-scale Invasion as the United States Deploys Troops in 35 African Countries 00:55:09
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Dorner manhunt: LAPD will give new truck to women shot by officers 23:52:55
Deadly viral gene found in commercial GMO crops 23:45:43
A Leftist Lesbian Professor's Trainwreck Conversion 22:42:03
Abortion 22:34:18
Help. How to protect 401k? 22:07:37
What the LAPD is really afraid of: A history lesson of when civilized society degenerates 21:53:22
VIDEO - Gov't - Issued Identification Not Needed To Pass Through TSA Security 21:52:10
Teacher Suspended After Pouring Pencil Shavings In Student's Mouth -VIDEO 21:33:15
Land of the Slaves and Home of the Naives 21:26:42
ALERT - Obama Has Endangered Our National Secuity: Navy Unable To Refuel Carrier Due To Budget Cuts 21:19:41
RULE#1 If You Want Peace, Prepare For War 21:13:33
War With China? 21:12:08
US & Russia have 97% of some 23,000 nuke warheads. Holding world ransom. 20:58:35
Media already turning Dorner story into a movie 20:53:47
Writing on the Wall - Jordan Page (Soundstage Performance) 20:27:28
The Errors of Keynes 20:01:34
Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate the Bilderberg Group on Allegations of Corruption and Conduct of Politicians 19:34:37
Rand Paul, the Next GOP Nominee for President - from The Daily Bell 19:07:36
Marco Rubio & Rand Paul - Compromise & Co-opt: The plan to destroy the Liberty Movement 19:03:58
Tom Woods on Adam vs. The Man 19:00:32
For One Washington State Lawmaker, Indefinite Detention Is Personal, He Lived It 18:54:19
FAIL: Man arrested at Nashville, TN Gun Rally for carrying an AR15 18:36:36
Venezuela Sharply Devalues Its Currency 18:26:21
NY Times: "Take Away Menendez Chairmanship" 18:20:16
Egypt Court Orders YouTube Blocked for a Month 18:09:44
Manhunt for ex-cop resumes in California mountain range 18:02:49
Eddie Griffin Schools Chris Rock on Obama 18:02:20
Study Finds Flame Retardant in 80% of Baby Products 18:01:11
5 Tricks To Designing A Drone - Proof City 17:49:31
Gun control advocates refuse to place 'gun free zone' signs in their own front yards 17:24:01
The Philosophy of Liberty, in simple animation 17:23:32
After Ron Paul! What We Do Now? 17:08:48
Just had to pass this on to some of my friends & rellies 17:02:26
Texas Hill Country 16:59:15
United States Senator Bob Casey Insists He Supports the 2nd Amendment But Why Guns Should Be Banned 16:49:22
Roger Stone contemplates running as Libertarian for Florida Governor 16:34:01
Drug war profiteers ask Eric Holder to stop legal marijuana in CO and WA. 16:25:22
Alexandra works her self into a pretzel. 16:13:54
Sen. Lindsey Graham says foreign aid is not redistribution of wealth 16:08:16
Drone Assasination Court - Fight for power 15:45:49
First Libertarian K12 School 16:41:46
Watch Dr. Oz give Taubes the "Ron Paul treatment" 20:12:29
"rogue" LAPD officers blatant gun control hypocrisy. 15:20:14
Weekend Watching: House of Cards 14:59:53
Just Great! Eye in the Sky Drones Now in San Diego County 14:39:50
Epileptic Man Mistaken for Drug Abuser Beaten by Indianapolis Police, Lawsuit Claims 14:37:10
Physician - Assisted Suicide Measure Passes New Jersey Assembly 14:32:32
Michael Savage mentions Alex Jones and Infowars in a good light 14:29:42
Video: Sheriff of Saratoga County, NY on the "Safe" Act 14:17:04
VIDEO: Jacksonville Security Guard Claims It's Illegal To Record Public Transit Station, Because It's "Private Property" 14:13:00
After Soda Regs, Bloomberg's NYC Eyes Styrofoam Ban 14:03:19
VIDEO: Adam Kokesh Interviews Brian & Jan, Founders of Infowars Denmark 13:56:51
What The Hell Is This Weird Shiny Object On Mars? 13:49:17
Shift to hard assets away from paper money has started says Ron Paul 13:42:41
Video - EU Empire is necessary according to MEP Liberal 12:49:39
Ron Paul Surprise? 12:47:20
. 12:41:46
Judges who Don't Play By the Rules. 12:38:17
Send in the Liberty Drones - DJI Phantom GPS Drone 12:34:42
Untold History of the United States - Bush & Obama - Age of Terror (Excellent Audio Track) 12:16:46
The good, the bad and the ugly of Rand Paul's foreign policy address 12:10:34
Man faces arrest for speeding at 68 mph—on a skateboard 11:52:56
Peace Screams Louder 11:22:43
Just Because It's On The Internet Doesn't Mean It's True (F* You!) 10:47:59
Dean Clifford Kidnapped - Held Hostage - Needs Our Help 10:44:58
Hunted ex-LAPD Cop claims massive corruption,"recruits sang Nazi youth songs" 10:10:33
FBI page about "Domestic Terrorists" 09:53:27
Video: Dr. Oz Interview - Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Louis 'Having a DRILL' 08:49:20
Tsa Out Of Mbta, @defendthe4th - Two Hotheads 05:57:18
Ben Swann Reality Check Special: Gun Control 05:54:44
Walter E. Williams: A Philosophy Of Self-Ownership 03:49:03
Gold vending machine in Boca Raton, FL may be first of many 03:38:24
Normal Is The New Normal 03:36:30
DHS Can Seize Your Electronics Within 100 Mi.of US Border, Says DHS -Slashdot 02:57:54
February Weekend Movie 02:29:03
Meet the groundbreaking new encryption app set to revolutionize privacy and freak out the feds 02:11:32
No suspicion necessary: DHS can still seize belongings without reason 01:52:59
Obama's million-dollar donors land top diplomat jobs in Europe 01:43:17
The Army's secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans 01:33:33
.30 cent test for pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancers 01:24:01
Turns out I've been here a little while 00:55:25
Define: Central Bank 00:51:18
Original Source of full 22-page Christopher Dorner Manifeso revealed (Lew Rockwell Columnist) 00:39:36
NASA Poised to Launch New "Earth Watching" Satellite 00:03:17