Posted on February 11, 2013

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Judge Napolitano on the Unusual Circumstances Surrounding the Manhunt for Christopher Dorner 20:05:13
Obama: "Unforeseen emergency exists that requires immediate military assistance to Chad and France" 19:51:46
Fox News: Ron Paul Has No Legal Right to 18:17:52
GM Salmon "Frankenstein Fish": Why You Should Care! 15:25:24
Florida GOP chief pleads guilty before trial 17:57:23
Lampoon The System: "Intervention" 13:16:02
What's the main problem? What's the solution? What are YOUR thoughts? 17:21:49
Pope Benedict XVI 'to resign' 07:02:30
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/11/13: Unintended Consequences of a Violent Foreign Policy 00:52:25
Alien abductions linked to disappearing workforce 03:02:59
FAA Releases New Drone List—Is Your Town on the Map? 10:46:34
Daily Pauler calls it! They really are getting predictable 10:47:46
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What the root solution could be 23:41:00
A Second former LAPD officer releases a manifesto: 23:38:50
Food Stamp Rolls in America Now Surpass the Population of Spain 23:20:06
Justin Amash disappointed me 23:19:08
D.C. Ranked First in Extra-Marital Affairs – For Second Time in a Row 23:14:46
What do they know that we don't? 23:12:23
Unaired SNL Skit Mocks Love Fest for Israel at Chuck Hagel’s Senate Hearing 23:04:11
The Essence of Keynesian Economics 22:53:49
With support from Sen. Rand Paul, hemp bill clears Kentucky Senate committee unanimously 22:26:02
Funny rant video "Obama's an Incompetent traitor!" 22:25:11
Another False Flag Attempt by FBI 22:03:54
SOTU The Economic & Moral Collapse of the United States 21:29:21
I Wrote in Ron Paul, but I'm Leaving "the Liberty Movement" for the Green Party. 21:21:48
What Marco Rubio Should Say In His State of The Union Response 21:17:32
The Greatest Truth Never Told 21:07:26
Screw It! 20:51:31
Need surgery? Good luck getting hospital cost info 20:50:52
CFR Energy Propagandists Suggest “Higher Oil Taxes” to “Lift the Economy” 20:49:45
Rand Paul and Thomas Massie testify in support of KY hemp bill 20:29:55
Video - 'Hail to the Councilman' lol 20:21:12
Dr. Ron Paul: "We All Should Be In The Free Speech Business." 20:00:00
79-year-old charged after police find pounds of pot, $130K in home 19:53:50
4409 - LAPD chase man EXECUTE him Claim Self Defense 19:36:50
Mondays With Murray: Time to Hoard Nickels 19:31:09
Warren Buffett & Obama: Chief Money Sponsor & Executioner of Abortion Killings 19:25:02
Putin making Russia the world's largest gold buyer 19:23:26
Peter Schiff: Government Being Vindictive, Going After S&P Because They Downgraded US Debt 19:02:47
Marines Disarmed During Inauguration 18:46:27
What Is The Real Cost of Interest ? 18:44:45
Liberty Scout 18:38:09
Chris Dorner (LAPD Manhunt): Hero or Murderer? VIDEO 18:27:25
How Raytheon's Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT) Can Track You Online 18:25:06
Gun Control: "You can only make this mistake once." Never forget. 18:17:39
WWF to start using drones to protect wildlife against poachers 18:07:56
Drone-Proof Fashion: How to become stealthy to surveillance? America is truly lost if we have to wear cloaking devices 17:52:30
Heinous State of Texas found guilty again. Judge frees man convicted in '81 stabbing after new DNA tests point to new suspect. 17:50:36
29 year old woman dies trying to have a 33 week pregnancy aborted 17:27:13
Boston Tea Party Was An Act of Terrorism - Being Taught in Schools 17:04:08
Joe Miller: Growing momentum from national figures (Ron Paul included) to impeach Obama. 17:03:02
DHS 21.6 Million Rounds Purchase A Lie 17:00:09
To pay sex abuse lawsuits, Clergy found a group of Catholics whose faith could not be shaken: the dead. 16:32:45
"Beware The Consequences of Pre-Emptive War" By Ron Paul on 16:27:33
Consumer watchdog warns Mortgage Servicers on Transfers 16:16:46
Social media - the new addiction 16:13:58
Rand Paul Testifies In Favor Of Legalizing Industrial Hemp 16:08:52
Morningland Dairy Update 16:06:25
First time gold/silver investment advice 16:05:56
The day of the unchaining of all human slaves! 15:59:17
I have a Dream Too 15:58:27
Why a Johns Hopkins Neurosurgeon Is Getting 2016 Presidential Buzz 15:58:20
Oklahoma State Rep Seeking Nullification Of ObamaCare! 15:47:40
Obama & His Ex-Lovers (may be offensive) *videos* Recommend Viewing if Intending to Watch Inauguration Speech 15:29:01
White House Coup Bypassing Congress, the Pentagon and CIA 15:26:26
Amazing Never Before Seen Live Footage of LAPD's Manhunt for Christopher Dorner 10:15:08
Flags Flown Upside Down In Florida Gun Control Protests 15:11:22
Ron Paul Bronze Bust Project 15:00:13
California lacks doctors to meet demand of national healthcare law 14:55:43
Lawyer calls Torrance police shooting reckless 14:51:40
My Story... 14:50:20
Anxiety settles on LAPD in fugitive ex-cop hunt 14:49:35
Number One Reason To Invest In Gold 14:49:30
West Palm Beach Residents Flip American Flags Upside Down In Protest Of Obama's Gun Policies - VIDEO 14:42:05
Stop the Confirmation of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense 14:33:10
Care to share your DP block list? 14:21:40
I wish Ron Paul would issue a public statement regarding his beef with 14:19:12
Sustainable Development Post-2015 13:57:43
Does anybody watch AMTV? 13:54:30
Does the Free State Project help the PTB? 13:49:13
End The Fed - Rob Urie 13:47:15
First drone target on U.S. soil- alleged LAPD-killer 13:40:20
Lame New Gabby Giffords Gun Ban Commercial 13:39:38
Ron Paul clarifies "live by the sword" comment 11:28:19
Ron Paul on Bloomberg: “We are in a currency war and we have been for decades” 13:27:54
"So God Made A Liberal.." 13:06:11
The "Living Constitution" Lie 12:59:56
War OF Terror Leaves 6,500 Americans with Severe Brain Injury and 1,700 with Amputations 12:26:36
Blood-Sucking, Welfare-Dependent Poor People Are Not Forcing the US Into Bankruptcy 11:58:35
WoW - Obama Flubbed Obamacare Amendment Forbids Gun and Ammo Registration 11:57:52
Chicago Auto Show 2013 17:27:24
Did they hit Dorner's truck with a drone strike? Lots of chatter happening. 13:34:04
Harkin pushes for new retirement plan 11:07:57
Global ‘Credit Supernova’ Turns 2013 Bull into Bear 10:29:49
NEWS... shooting in Delaware at a public building 10:28:39
YouTube only allowing sign in with GMail account now? 10:26:28
Czech President: The Destruction Of Europe's Democracy Is In Its Final Phase. 10:16:17
Song of the Year - Ron Paul Flashback 10:04:30
Global Transactions in Chinese Currency showing rapid increase 10:01:56
How to take out a drone? 09:24:16
About that asteroid... 08:48:53
Ex-Gitmo prosecutor slams drone policy: ‘Since 9/11 we’ve been the constrained and the cowardly’ 06:45:17
Is John Roberts being blackmailed? 05:15:30
Guns in America: The weapon of choice for criminals, but also a deterrent? 04:59:46
Victory! South Carolina upholds freedom of residents to buy, sell raw milk 04:59:00
UK Crack Up Ahead? 04:35:52
Old Man Defends Him Self With A Gun Agains 3 Home Invaders 03:59:05
4409 - LAPD chase man EXECUTE him, then Claim Self Defense 03:48:19
Afghanistan before and after photo: Hard to believe! 03:45:20
Year of the Snake 03:35:39
Rand Paul – a new foreign policy - Doug Wead's Blog 03:01:07
Inside Israel 02:50:05
Petraeus was brought down after betrayal by vengeful CIA agents and his own bodyguards 02:48:45
Can I have moment of your time 02:45:48
Israel critics not on TV anymore 02:32:11
Candy Crowley Presses Rand Paul To Explain Why The Tea Party Also Needs A State Of The Union Response 02:14:38
Demand a Plan for Drone Control 02:06:32
Justin Raimondo: Missiles From Mordor 02:05:26
"Dirt Roads" My most memorable Paul Harvey story. 01:59:07
CISPA is back 01:55:42
Greece - The struggle for sustenance 01:52:21
Mark Dice Talks With TMZ's Harvey Levin about Illuminati Rumors 01:48:17
Beware The Consequences of Pre-Emptive War by Rep. Ron Paul 01:26:09
Former DEA and CIA Pilot found DEAD in an apparent murder / suicide 01:11:56
non-signed in persons most view list for the general public, wind outside the small well 00:43:39
Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor (Video) 00:41:20
Firearms Refresher Course 00:10:17
7 Fascinating Facts About Dr. Carson 10:49:57
Anyone else get a sense that we're accelerating towards something very bad 10:12:00
Nightly Jam Session Thread Inspired Me to Entertain You Guys! Calling All DP Musicians! 10:48:48
QUICK! SHTF Scenario! What do you do? Are you prepared? 04:59:31