Posted on February 12, 2013

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The Commander in Chief, 1775 14:00:50
Ron Paul Reacts to State of the Union Address - Fox Business 2/12/2013 20:30:46
Daniel Ellsberg on the NDAA Lawsuit & "We Are A Part of A Death Squad Country" (Video) 23:03:11
Washington State residents: Listen Up! 91.7 FM 20:22:22
Calling All Austin, TX DPers! 17:34:25
And the Drones just keep Getting Creepier 16:33:33
A Brief Note From Argentina On Spontaneous Order 16:01:06
Orthodoxy: Liberty's Other Enemy 21:06:09
Revitalization of the State Militias: A Review of Edwin Vieira’s The Sword and Sovereignty 14:41:36
Ben Swann and Dr. Jim Garrow: Military Brass Required to Fire on American Citizens? 11:49:02
Paul Craig Roberts: Obama’s Expanding Kill List — Feb 11, 2013 11:12:06
7 Things Democrats Would Have Freaked Out About If Bush Had Done Them 06:57:31
Poll: Americans Still Approve of Drone Strike Program 04:54:04
Got a Problem? Solve it With Opposite-Thinking. 02:39:19
Houston City Council Passes Ordinance to Fingerprint, Photograph Precious Metal Sellers 01:08:56
How the Korean Merchants survived the L.A Riots 00:45:02
Reuters: A breakthrough speech on monetary policy - QE for the public! 13:26:30
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Palestinians rape US peacenik, tell her to shut up. 23:55:26
Live Now: Rand Paul Tea Party Response Here... 20:53:57
Obama bypasses Congress with cyber-security E.O. 23:34:55
Now bloodsucking Attorney Marco Rubio will show us what an idiot / tool / puppet he is for corporate America and global banking. 18:29:54
CISPA Back in the House 23:25:15
Excerpts from Rand Paul’s tea party response to Obama’s State of the Union 22:34:29
Mark Dice finally finds a buyer 22:31:05
The Art of War (Ya Gotta Hear This!) 22:28:43
"Give Us a Libertarian King" 22:25:35
Is there any video of Ron Paul at the State of The Union? 22:18:53
For those with a strong stomach, the State of the Union Live Feed 22:12:49
Pro-Anarchist Thread. 22:12:22
All you ex-Navy guys will get a kick out of this one - Two Navy Chiefs 22:08:21
Do you ever feel like you're in a bad dream? 21:56:53
Israeli Army Shoulder Fired Phosphorus Weapon makes tanks obsolete. 21:42:26
Obama-care question 21:36:52
GOP Civil War - How We Can Defeat Karl Rove! 21:27:42
Not sure if this latest Anonymous Threat has been posted 21:23:19
DHS Approves Seizure of Cell Phones and Laptops within 100 Miles of Border; Report Remains Secret 21:22:29
Big Bear police scanner stations being pulled off the air 21:18:15
Poll worker votes multiple times, but denies voter fraud! 21:14:44
Question? 21:07:42
Video: Market Crash of 1929 (8min.) 21:04:04
What am I missing here? North Korea not a threat but Iran is? 20:58:26
Liberty Will Prevail 20:56:09
Need help with petition for sheriff 20:54:29
Do you see what's coming? 20:43:25
Impeach Obama 15:35:06
New Vatican Throne! Pretty terrifying stuff 20:32:38
Jim Rogers: Washington Lies About Inflation 20:32:17
Obama's Executive Death Warrants 20:31:25
Home school rights at stake, Holder is a threat. 20:30:08
IMAGE: 2013 State Of The Union Bingo! 20:21:38
Wow, This is Gonna Hurt Israel 20:14:12
.pdf of DOJ White Paper WITHOUT the NBC watermarks. (For printing and sharing) 20:01:42
How are police roadblocks like this one (live feed) legal? 4th amendment.. 19:49:37
Frederic Bastiat's "Petition From the Manufacturers of Candles, Lanterns... and Generally of Everything Connected with Lighting" 19:27:23
Lindsey Graham’s Clear Path to Reelection 19:26:46
Video: Chris Dorner Cornered In Shootout With Cops 19:22:00
The Correct Way to Roast a Pig 19:17:59
Leftists squeal over hearing Bible at prayer breakfast 19:00:43
Conservative militarists bemoan Rand Paul's diplomatic foreign policy 18:32:32
"Ron Paul" -abc -cbs -cnn -fox -nbc -pbs -npr (Take out the trash). 18:20:42
Rand Paul: Benghazi Disqualifies Clinton From Position Where Security & Lives Are Her Responsibility 18:15:28
Rand Paul: 'Presumptuous' For America To Tell Israel What It Can And Cannot Do - CBN News 2/12/2013 18:04:09
You may want a few of these. 17:57:07
An example of the state environmentalists squashing a homeowner (me!) 17:45:31
Companies Can't Get Rid of Cash Fast Enough. (And yet the FED just keeps on printing!) 17:44:54
Tom Davis endorses Mark Sanford for Congress 17:20:02
G7 & Central Bankers reaffirm "longstanding commitment to market determined exchange rates" 17:04:27
When it comes to money printing, you ain’t seen nothing yet 16:32:45
"Reject Rubio" Facebook Page Needs Some Likes & Some Content Creators! 16:31:10
CNN to Cover Rand's Response 15:55:22
Hit piece from Fox towards Ben Carson 15:50:07
Americans Tried to Escape Taxes But Now Swimming in Them 15:40:53
Compromise & Co-opt - Rubio & Rand 15:40:50
The Congress After Ron Paul 15:17:44
BLOCKBUSTER! Resigning Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, Covered Up Global Child Abuse - Mea Maxima Culpa - Silence In The House Of God 15:11:36
America - Land of the Dumb-er-er? 15:08:11
Memorandum of Law - The Authority of the County Sheriff 15:02:52
WOW! CNS News: Food Stamp Rolls in America Surpass The Poulation of Spain 14:59:13
Switzerland: Satan or Saint? 14:52:24
The DC Interview: Dr. Ben Carson Likes Rubio, Doesn't Mind If Prayer Breakfast Speech In Front of Obama Was 'Offensive' 14:44:59
To protect citizens, Texas may pass toughest anti-drone laws in America 14:33:38
VIDEO - Dick Cheney on Obama's Drone Policy: "I Think It's A Good Policy" 14:33:10
U.S. Military: Woe Is Us; Can't Be World’s Police Under New Budget 14:30:43
Washington state seeks to nullify NDAA's 'indefinite detention' provision 14:25:41
Amazing Grace! He's Only Ten Years Old! Don't Skip This One! 14:11:34
Projects and Hinder Horror = Christopher Jordan Dorner 14:09:56
LA Residents plead with LAPD on signs, shirts: "Don't shoot! I'm not Chris Dorner!" 14:03:05
Democrats Bringing Illegal Immigrants As Guests To State of the Union 13:54:39
ABC News Video: Fort Hood Hero Says Obama "Betrayed" Her, Other Victims 13:49:16
Lightning hits St Peter's hours after Pope Benedict stuns cardinals with first resignation in 600 years . 13:44:07
Biden asking for help from Legitimate Media = Treason? 13:34:18
Pelosi on guns: We avow the 1st Amendment? 13:25:56
"The Young Turks" Discuss CNN/Erin Burnett Video: Should Dorner Be Killed With A Drone Strike? 13:02:18
TSA X-Ray Body Scanners To Be Used In Office Buildings 12:56:01
Video: Apocalypse Now? The Final Pope 12:51:00
POLITICO: Washington Post erroneously reports Sarah Palin joining Al Jazeera 12:45:38
Ron Paul is not trying to STEAL 12:41:23
State of the Union: Will Obama Tell Young People He's Screwing Them Big Time? 12:41:14
Israel Rattled by Mysterious Australian Prisoner: ABC 12:41:11
The American Dream - Our Slave Chains 12:36:49
Update: I go to court today to keep my house, suggestions 12:15:37
Constructive Anarchist Thread 12:14:34
Why Rand Paul Is Marco Rubio's Biggest Political Threat 12:11:38
Judge Napolitano DOJ Memo Claims Govt Can Kill US Citizens 12:07:23
Absurdity on Patrol; Dorner sends the entire system to DEFCON 1 11:46:53
Obama to announce about half of Afghanistan troops will return home by early 2014 11:34:59
Top CIA Lawyer Says John Brennan Never Objected To CIA torture techniques 10:50:38
Brennen to help lie USA into war with Iran if he becomes CIA director 10:49:17
Under Cover cop discovered taking pictures of activists - creepy and funny 10:19:56
Dr. Ben Carson On Criticizing Obamacare: "Somebody Has To Stand Up To The Bullies" 14:48:08
Carson On Taxes: Have "Everybody Pay Into It, Not Just One Group Of People" 10:15:43
CNN's Crowley Asks Panel If Dr. Carson's Speech Was "Offensive" 10:13:09
Fixed versus variable mortgage 10:03:03
Woman admits she voted twice, and voted for other people, denies "vote fraud." 09:44:46
Rules of War 09:36:49
Statist Valentines 13:04:34
Has 'Sandy Hook shooter' Adam Lanza Even Been Alive The Last Three Years? 08:26:16
Video: Cop Loses Temper When Driver Invokes 4th Amendment Right 08:20:51
Police Officer slaps and beats U.S Soldier 07:31:57
Is the Earth cooking up another supervolcano? 04:21:28
Cancer - The Forbidden Cures 03:25:22
Video! Neocons Froth At The Mouth To Kill North Koreans 02:29:37
Accused Gunman Christopher Dorner Issues Statement… “It’s Not Me!” 02:09:31
Ben Carson has my spidey senses tingling 01:39:52
Ron Paul's Complaint to WIPO 07:31:41
A Week of Distractions as the Taitz Case Goes to SCOTUS 01:26:29
Nigel Farage: EU no better than a banana republic 01:26:16
Dr. Ben Carson On Obamacare: Somebody Has To Stand Up To The Bullies 01:16:29
Interview with Harmon Kaslow, Producer of Atlas Shrugged 2. 01:06:18
What Really Causes Kidney Stones (And Why Vitamin C Does Not) 00:59:26
Ron Paul Coming to Canada 00:55:44
It's worth reading. 00:50:59
Delete please 00:49:52
VIDEO - Brit Hume: Obama Won't Focus On Economy in SOTU - Isn't Interested, 'Doessn't Fully Understand It' 00:47:08
Charlie Sheen Video Message to Christopher Dorner: Call Me 00:39:11
Obama Pushing National ID Card To Control Illegal Immigration? 00:39:08
Drones Is Good. (updated) 00:37:26
Cybergeddon Imminent - Banksters Hiring Al Qaeda To Collapse System 00:29:34
Israel Anderson: Ron Paul has NOT gone to the UN to strong-arm 00:29:08
Personal Criticism 00:25:08
Hyperinflation As A Weapon Of War? Fake WWII Occupation Scrip and the First $10 Pack of Cigarettes 00:05:57
Flags Flown Upside Down In Protest 00:01:39