Posted on February 13, 2013

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Senator Rand Paul Makes A Profound Statement on Drones Killing Americans 21:46:07
Eric Holder: Banning Homeschooling Doesn’t Violate Fundamental Rights 16:22:11
TSA Breaks World Renowned Cellist's $20,000 Bow - VIDEO 15:33:58
Oathkeepers Not Welcome 15:05:06
Could Amazon's New Virtual Currency Rival Bitcoin? 11:46:11
Ron Paul and Charles Goyette Launch New National Daily Radio Commentary 11:36:42
They murdered Dorner. 10:45:18
Libertarian Response to SOTU 2013 11:41:55
Top Economic Advisors Forcast War and Unrest 09:53:24
Coming Soon: Atlanta Music Liberty Fest 10:21:28
Ron Paul to have his own radio program 09:04:27
Ben Ginsberg will head the newly announced Presidential Voting Commission 09:35:42
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Update on the Burmese Situation 23:58:52
How many wallets with ID cards in them did Dorner own? 23:56:30
A New Pentagon Medal to Honor Drone Jockeys and Computer Hackers 23:45:13
Did Ron Paul Just Destroy His Own Legacy and Legitimacy? 23:45:09
San Bernadino Sheriff" 'This investigation is over' - VIDEO 23:14:46
1046 New Federal Regulations to Become law In Next 90 Days 22:42:43
More Tyranny: Another executive order. 22:35:58
Obama Bypasses Congress, Issues Cybersecurity Executive Order 22:33:30
There You Have It! Hillary Will Run In 2016, Claims Wealthy Greek Donor, Says "Slick Willie" Told Him 22:29:30
Sea Slug Sheds Penis, Grows Another 22:15:32
VIDEO - Rand Paul on Fox Business Wednesday 2-13-13 22:08:35
Italian ex-spy chief sentenced to 10 years for role in CIA operation organized by the United States. 22:05:02
At Least 20 Prisoners who at one time had been held in CIA "black sites" still missing 21:59:14
CNN reports "remains are not Dorner, confirmed female"? 21:55:40
The War Against American Christians – Part I 21:54:51
Obama's Executive Order On "Protecting" The Internet 21:53:26
New Animal Planet show. 21:40:37
Proof Eva Longoria Is A Socialist 21:09:16
Rand Paul: 'Very Worrisome' For Politicians Being Able To Decide To Kill Americans On American Soil - CNN 2/13/2013 20:56:05
Hillary WILL run in 2016, claims wealthy Greek donor (who says Bill told him) 20:51:02
Thirteen states currently battling for NDAA nullification 20:48:30
Ron Paulers on Alex Jones 20:47:55
State of the Union: Rand Paul Brings Libertarians to the GOP 20:35:57
Help out this YouTube user GoldBugShow 20:34:37
"Warfare Medal" Created for Cyber, Drone Wars 20:13:29
More on that Iodine 20:11:29
Gardasil Destroys Girl’s Ovaries: Research on Ovaries Never Considered... 20:05:40
Pledge of Allegiance defined! 19:51:39
Lost interest in dailypaul more and more since the Elections. Too extreme. Anyone agree ? 19:50:38
Does anyone have a "document" that explains how a 1k loan adds 10k to the money supply? 19:41:23
23% of America Is Illiterate 19:37:44
A story I've never told before 19:35:48
Anniversary of Dresden Bombing 19:15:00
How can we help others understand the benefits of liberty? 18:23:15
URGENT: Washington State Senators Propose State Income Tax! Residents, Please Oppose At This Link... 18:15:20
Rand Paul coming up on FOX 18:03:03
More military drills in Houston...Army spokesman says "move along, nothing to see" 17:56:37
New Video. Front row seat to Dorner Shootout. From 1st responders. 17:43:56
Lincoln the Movie VS Lincoln By DiLorenzo Guess What? The Movie is Now In A School Near You! 17:32:16 Now Claiming Lew Rockwell wants domain for himself 17:22:21
Rand Paul: US Dangerously Close To Insolvency - 2/13/2013 16:57:42
The Most Important Topic For 2013 16:56:17
State Of The Union "Fact-Check" 16:54:17
Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show - 2/13/2013 16:53:59
Dispatches From Cairo: Bragging About Gang Rape - gang rape 16:31:58
Dr. Ben Carson on Fox - People listen to pundits on television who tell them what to think 16:02:49
Hot Off The Wire: Ron Paul unveils podcast daily segments 15:58:49
Obama Targets Gun Control Laws in SOTU Speech 15:49:48
Bill Gate Throws $173 Million Toward Increased Centralized Education 15:44:09
Realist News - Police Officer On The Run - Why Dorner Lost It 15:40:47
Where's my son's 0.1% interest rate to secure his education? 15:32:45
Where is the New Testament church in this revolution? 15:28:22
Illegal Immigrant Tells Congress NOT to Call Him Illegal 15:20:59
Gun and Pen 15:19:08
I would like to see if you can write me a settlement offe 15:12:28
Holy Cow Batman! Pentagon Inks Deal For Smaphone Tool That Scans Your Face, Eyes, Thumbs.. 15:11:34
Persistence! 15:08:28
VIDEO: Protesters VOW to Disobey New York Gun Law 15:03:17
Words in Jubilee Decree 15:02:28
Gun Rights Rally: 2000 New Yorkers taking an oath with Oath Keepers 14:18:17
Seth Grossman for NJ governor 14:18:00
This Is Not Good: Colorado House Committee Approves First Round of Gun Control measures 14:13:56
Central Bank "Gold Reserve Mgt." 3 day seminar 14:06:05
To the supporters-turned-haters of the 'fallen hero' 13:59:55
Amazon Launches its own Currency to Compete with The Fed 13:51:05
Chris Dorners video and soundtrack 13:49:56
Pope resigns: Peter Turkson - 'Peter The Roman' - reveals vision for the Church and 'alternative lifestyles' 13:41:32
from a friend in Arizona... 13:22:39
Mediaite Columnist Destroys Obama On Minimum Wage, Racist History Behind Law 13:21:49
Barry The Dope Dealer, Is Why His School Files Are Sealed 13:08:06
Obama Told The Truth! 12:55:16
C-Span: Confirmation Hearings for Treasury Secretary 12:32:48
The "Super Cropper" DIY Hydroponic Set Up 12:25:01
Hope I'm wrong 12:13:04
As 2016 shapes up, an Obama third term seems more and more likely. 12:06:38
LAPD denies reports that body of fugitive ex-cop Dorner found 11:57:27
Heirloom Seed Banks Come to Public Libraries 11:54:45
Paul Krugman Struggles to Admit He's Wrong 11:20:37
Lew Rockwell on Ron Paul v 11:11:17
The Internet as envisioned in 1969 11:12:36
Gold at $5,000 and beyond: Peter Schiff sticks to his call 10:58:48
NZ-Police Storm onto Private Property and Knock out 15 Year Old Girls Teeth 10:44:45
Blacks will follow Obama to HELL (video) 10:42:59
Corporation of the United States' War OF Terror: My entire State now a Constitution free zone? 10:37:53
The Second Coming Of Romney! Marco Rubio Showed He Can Carry Water For The Establishment 12:16:45
Does Anyone Really Believe They Got Chris Dorner? Not On Your Life! Why Did They Destroy The Crime Scene? 09:42:54
"Ron Paul's America" coming soon 09:11:12
YouTube censoring Rebel Inc. 09:10:08
Obama signs long-awaited cybersecurity executive order 09:01:48
The Still Undisputed Leader of Liberty 06:08:42
Welcome to Disneyland! (fan park) 06:33:19
Ron Paul: State of the Union is Like a Circus 05:20:41
Orson Welles pays a beautiful tribute to Jimmy Stewart 04:48:53 20:22:30
Gold & Silver Hidden Secrets of Money - Series Trailer 04:19:27
Ron Paul: Gold is Always Money 03:46:02
Christian music being used to torture Muslim prisoners 02:43:09
Video- Hell March eU from 2011 02:16:30
An e-mail from Lew Rockwell on issue 01:56:37
So is the DP now censoring / burying all news involving R.a.n.d P.a.u.l? 01:52:47
Photos Of A Dead Bin Laden Are Fakes 01:17:18
Second Cop Releases Manifesto 01:06:02
VIDEO - Reality Check: Should LAPD get to decide if Chris Dorner is taken dead or alive? 01:01:40
Palin tweets response to Obama speech in real time, called "are you kidding me" does a great job to, kudos 00:58:33
Calling All Texans: 2-Minute Action Item to Fight Obamacare in TX 00:55:34
Obama is Determined to Construct Invisible Drones 00:53:01
Official Tea Party Response to Obama / Rubio State of the Union 00:36:43
Enough is Enough. Do We Want The Constitution FOR The United States of America Be Reinstated, Yes or No? 00:34:39
Anyone have experience in non-profit filing? 00:25:08
2 Things I Really Disagree With Ron Paul About 00:09:49
Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta? 00:08:49
Rand Paul Gives The Tea Party Response To The President's State of the Union Address - 2/12/2013 00:08:22
“The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.”–Thomas Jefferson 00:01:30
Rand Paul's SotU Response Live 00:01:11
MAJOR Update: Dorner Burned Alive (Or maybe not!) 07:23:51