Posted on February 14, 2013

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Monsanto vs. Mother Nature: Guess who's winning? 21:47:44
GOA Exposes Massive Gun-grab Scheme In Senate 19:51:00
Suzanna Hupp: Shocking Gun Violence Hearing 2/12/13 - Video 21:48:01
The Onion: Los Angeles On High Alert As LAPD Back On Regular Duty 18:16:19
Judge Napolitano: ‘Once Gov't Starts Interfering With the Internet, People Will Think Twice About What They Write’ 16:59:16
Video: Rand Paul to Block Brennan Confirmation 18:35:11
All Hands On Deck!: Missouri Democrats Call For Gun Confiscation - Gives Gun Owners 90 Days To Turn In Weapons 14:55:49
How to Build your own Hydroponic Rain Tower (finally finished the "How to") 11:24:07
Blowback in Progress: 92% of Pakistanis now dislike America... 11:02:53
25 Minute Judge Napolitano Interview 11:09:01
"I Don't Know How To Respond To The Recordings" Frm FBI Director On LAPD Tapes Saying Burn It Down 04:39:52
Video: LBJ recording I've never heard before. 02:22:30
Wash. state bill would make almost all gun owners criminals 01:16:24
Happy Valentine's Day from Daily PAuL 21:49:36
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(Reuters)The United States and European Union aim to start negotiating a vast Transatlantic free trade pact by June 23:47:00
If honesty is the best policy, then... 23:40:37
Highway to the Drone Zone 23:12:59
The Story Behind The Making of "Angel Flight" 23:07:05
Manhole 22:58:41
Canada Will Never Become A Safe Haven For Zombies! EVER! (Video Clip) 22:44:57
Olympic Arms puts it on the line for YOU. Help them. 22:19:40
"Happy Valentines Day": At Least 20 CIA Prisoners Still Missing 22:13:29
States Join the Fight to Nullify Indefinite Detention Under NDAA 22:11:58
Whoa! They're Watching Everything 22:10:25
Did you get the Memo? Three Different Views for America 22:01:33
Rahm Emanuel May Be Toying With 2016 Presidential Run 21:59:33
REUTERS: Bankrupt Alabama County OK's Debt Deal With European Bank 21:57:10
WOW! Al Gore Talks About Chemtrails on Ellen Show - VIDEO 21:47:21
Economic Policy Journal: How to Honor a Great Man 21:45:42
Idaho locks down school over student with a shovel. 21:41:18
Malachi Martin and the "Enemy Within" 21:39:38
Obama's Courtship and Baptism of Idiocy! 21:33:42
Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies, and Murder 21:32:11
Where Was Obama on Night of Benghazi Attack? WH Isn’t Saying February 11, 2013 21:21:39
Ron Paul Supporters Denounce Rand Paul for Hagel vote 21:16:07
Sinclair: Gold Will Balance The Balance Sheet Of The Transgressors 21:04:22
The Real State of the Union - Peter Schiff 21:03:40
Tonight Joe Banister & Red Beckman The Tyranny of the IRS 20:51:57
Could the sea be conscious? Research reveals how tiny plankton behave like a marine 'megamind' 20:42:10
Weird Quantum Theory Works in 'Big' Thing 20:39:39
Obama's Courtship and Baptism of Idiocy! 20:33:04
'America Doesn't Torture'—It Kills 20:32:17
Global Economic Collapse and Other Fun Things 20:14:24
The Talking Heads 20:07:17
This is How the DHS Seizes Your Guns 19:50:36
Rand Paul's Plan. Has this concept ever been discussed here? 19:41:19
The Michigan GOP trying to rig election of state chair at state convention 19:40:19
Groupon caves to anti-gun policy; GUNPON.NET springs up! 19:33:35
Ron Swanson on Government and Manliness 19:23:09
Kenya: Victims of Police Shootings Sue State for Compensation 19:13:06
Full Auto Slingshot Minigun! 19:01:26
China - Struggle for Military Preparedness 19:00:09 18:52:37
Senate Office Reports: Rand Paul Pledges To "HOLD" John Brennan's Nomination For CIA Director 18:50:49
Elementary School Principle Under Attack By Parents For Saying "No White Children Allowed To Tutor" - VIDEO 18:27:40
The Ron Paul Bust Project - A Beautiful Tribute to a Remarkable Man and You Can Help! 18:18:42
REPORT - Chuck Hagel: "State Department Controlled By Israel" 18:18:01
Live (Right Now) 2-14-2013 2PM PST: President Live Streaming On Google+ 18:12:26
SURGE: Sheriff Groups Opposed To Obama Gun Control Rises to 10 in Illinois 18:09:34
Liberty and the Unions 18:00:03
NEWS - BOMBSHELL: Obama Made No Phone Calls The Night of Benghazi Attack 17:53:19
If you want to kill off the MSM, here's how WE can do it 17:49:52
Rand should support Hagel... 17:23:49
Radioactive Exposure Considered Taboo by Japanese Media 17:19:19
Mitch McConnell promises to push Rand's Audit the Fed bill 17:18:56
Georgia Lawmaker Moves To Make Vulgar Photoshopping Illegal 17:17:46
Do As I Say. Not As I Do. 17:16:26
Military Unlocks XBOX Achievement For Drone Bombing Medals 16:59:06
Bill Clinton Announces Hillary's 2016 Run 16:57:11
Iran's 'laughable' fighter jet caught out in Photoshop blunder 16:53:45
BBC Protecting Pedophiles Again (or still?) 16:23:26
United We Fall - Paving the Way for the NAU & Amero*Full Film (2) videos* 16:08:08
- Weekend Watching - Nazi Germany: A Creation Of The Vatican And Jesuits 15:56:40
The due process of determining whether to burn someone alive. 15:54:03
Another "training exercise" goes wrong 15:51:02
Owning names... and claims to fame (funny) 15:45:05
Thought For The Day! 15:27:29
Sharp Contrast Between Rand and Rubio SOTU Responses (TNA) 15:26:52
Telegraph: Prosecutors investigate Vatican Bank mafia link 13:53:56
Judge Napolitano on Cyber Security Executive Order 14:52:11
Boehner says Senate must deal with Sequester first 14:46:38
If The Gov't Does It, It's Legal!: Pentagon To Award Medals For Killing Women And Children 14:34:25
Goldman Fleeces Muppets Again: Told Clients To Sell Heinz Monday - up 20% on buyout 14:23:43
Dr. Orly Taitz requests your help 14:21:09
New Surveillance System Tracks Every Moving Object In An Entire City 14:15:59
Prospect of Rand Paul presidential run strikes terror in GOP establishment 14:08:55 has taken down all anti-Ron posts 14:07:17
Is it Treason to Speak AGAINST the Constitution If You've Sworn an Oath to Defend It? 13:27:23
TV Station Files Charges Against Reporter For Doing His Job Exposing Anti-Gun Bias, Rape & Death Threats 13:22:51
Medical diagnosis by smartphone 13:11:21
Military Officers for 9/11 TRUTH. Watch this short VIDEO. 13:11:16
In 2012, Central Banks Bought Most Gold in Nearly 50 Years 13:11:13
Senator Inhoffe Confirms Benghazi Cover-Up; Impeachment Charges Next? 13:05:28
Duplicate Post - Deleted 12:59:15
Napolitano: Obama's Secret Court For Killing 12:52:54
10 Atlanta officers charged with numerous crimes including assisting drug trafficking 12:28:26
Air Strike on Wednesday killed 10 civilians, including women and children... 12:13:18
Moneybomb for Liberty Candidate Mark Mezzina 12:11:32
Know Anyone Who Got Scammed or Abused by Bank of America? Ring in! 11:46:30
The Real State of the Union February 12, 2013. 11:43:59
delete 11:43:55
POLL: Best rebuttal, Rand or Rubio? 11:28:39
Old Math 11:23:19
Ron Paul: Trade War & Economic Collapse Coming 11:19:12
Funny email I received today... 11:19:10
Rubio's and Rand's Contrasting State of the Union Address Responses 10:36:34
That's it, I quit! Glenn Beck just suggested we "bring all the troops home." 10:36:10
Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers 10:28:26
Why the Totalitarians Among Us Love Lincoln 10:15:55
Police Chief Wants Citizens as Reserve Force to Defend Against Feds 10:15:26
Gun Confiscation For Us; Gun Protection For Them 09:20:07
Pinching Pennies In Canada 08:58:26
Are closed primaires constitutional? 08:52:42
Bill to Ban Arizona Photo Radar Introduced 08:46:22
Black man owned 163 slaves in North Carolina 08:33:41
U.N Maps Show US High In Gun Ownership, Low In Homicides 08:24:56
Hundredth Monkey: USA vacates prosecution! 06:17:16
Dorner not dead? Charred remains female? 06:08:09
Itccs: Pope Benedict Resigned To Avoid Arrest, Seizure Of Church Wealth By Easter 06:03:28
Modern law enforcement methods 05:25:08
Congressman Sonny Bono Predicted the Collapse 05:01:45
Washington State Lawmakers Attempt To Legalize Industrial Hemp. 03:12:53
No, not from The Onion, it's real: Pentagon creates new medal for cyber, drone wars 03:08:55
Judge Napolitano on Obama Executive orders, manhunt, and State of the Union address 02:53:45
Ron Paul on John Stossel 02:42:35
Matt Collins: Let the fiasco be a lesson to the liberty movement 02:39:46
Deleted Deleted 02:37:45
Federal Minimum wage...raise it to $9/hr? 02:23:45
"Good to see ya" 02:16:47
President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho Travels Back in Time From the Future to Offer Solutions to Obama 02:08:13
Revised and Extended Remarks-Jonathan Goodwin on vs. Ron Paul 02:04:22
Max Blumenthal:How Law Enforcement and Media Covered Up the Plan to Burn Christopher Dorner Alive 01:49:29
Wounded Sandy Hook Witness Natalie Hammond Invited to State of Union, Other Wounded Witness Still Secret 01:30:20
It Looks Bad in America Right Now, But It Has Been Worse! 01:30:19
Gun Control Anthem 01:24:32
Video - Totally Awesome!: California Students Told To Stop 'USA' Chant, Take Off American Flag Bandanas 01:17:24
Message to The Power Hungry: I Will Not Buy Your Next Mass Shooting. 01:04:46
A dire warning: What happens when there is no more money for welfare? 01:01:49
Be Considerate When Practicing High-lob Shots 00:51:19
VIDEO - Honoring Chris Kyle: This Ones For Rand Paul 00:46:22
TMOT - Obama Ok's Killing Americans without Trial 00:44:09
TMOT - Jackson, Farrakhan Begs Obama to Come Home 00:33:27
TMOT - Hadiya Pendleton - Another Quiet Riot 00:31:13
Russia/China - Oil for loan deal? 00:01:28
What are the Best Liberty Minded radio talk shows? 10:54:54