Posted on February 16, 2013

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Ron Paul interviewed by Tavis Smiley & Cornel West - Imagine that! This is wonderful! 21:41:27
The Social Security Swindle, by Irwin Schiff (pdf) 21:28:00
Video: Another Meteor Flashes Across SF Bay Area Skies 21:40:21
IT'S TRUE! Police officers in Illinois allowed to work 'half-drunk' in multiple counties: Video 21:30:54
Ginsberg, Obama - Streamlining American Voting... 11:00:43
Cops Nab 5-Year-Old for Wearing Wrong Color Shoes to School 07:57:38
The Daily Paul Called It Almost a Year ago, Herman Cain Will Join Fox 01:26:44
Julie Borowski opposes the Violence Against Women Act 19:00:59
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MSNBC: Anti - Gun Propaganda In Full Swing 23:57:56
Political Systems Compared (Kudos To Patricia Sachs) 23:50:10
Conclave electing new pope could start before March 15: Vatican 23:35:40
Earth remains safe for now – but what about next asteroid? 23:33:06
How The Government Killed The Ron Paul Movement (Video) 22:56:59
Olympic Arms' Tom Spithaler Talks Politics 22:48:56
Bears over Guam 22:18:49
I just got bit by a dog! 21:06:27
Correcting the Biased Lexicon of the "Gun Controllers" 20:40:10
Historic COURT Case to Challenge BBC’s 9/11 Coverage 20:40:04
Violation of Constitutional Protection of 2nd Amendment in Montana 20:33:29
Lawless America organizing Nationwide Filing of Criminal Charges against Corrupt Government Officials and Others 20:10:48
Ammo Manufacturers Have a Duty Under Law To Refuse to Sell Ammunition To the US Government. 20:09:54
Anyone with a list of shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank? 20:06:08
Constitution Free Zone My Ass! Get A Life You DHS Control Freaks And Leave Us Alone 20:04:57
Chinese Hackers 20:03:38
Obama's Supreme Court Decision Over ID Fraud This Tuesday 19:56:48
Bill Maher: "If Pope Benedict Can Quit, You Can Quit The Catholic Church Too" - VIDEO 19:46:39
Currency Wars - let the game begin! 18:41:06
Guantanamo Bay - the most expensive prison on Earth $800,000 per prisoner per year 18:31:49
The Conversation: Ron Paul 18:28:49
The Federal Reserve 18:11:29
Ukrainian Highway Video 18:04:14
How the System Works - and What We Can Do 17:57:20
The War Is Over...And We Won. All that's left is surviving the turbulent transitions ahead. 17:55:06
Prince EA - Smoking Weed with The President (best prohibition song ever) 17:42:37
Injustice Dept Reportedly Reduce Charges To Single Count For Jesse Jackson, Jr. 17:41:11
The Libertarian Future - Ron Paul 17:38:30
Prince EA - To: Obama, From: The People (good political song) 17:26:16
Mac Lethal - At least there's Twitter (good rap about debt, etc) 17:15:16
Goldman Sachs' Exposure To Derivatives Is 362 Times Greater Than Its Assets 16:17:38
ACLU Lawyer Calls Obama "Judge, Jury, Executioner" Over Drone Attacks On American Citizens 16:12:38
I am hurt and now I got hurt and now something hurts worse on top of that. 15:58:34
An idea for a new feature on the DP 15:56:40
The Retired Husband - Absolutely hilarious 15:43:41
How Our Technology Spies On Us: 5-Part Series from 15:43:02
Gun Rights: Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left? 15:39:58
Pot vs. Coke 15:28:35
Paul Craig Roberts on the Hagel nomination 15:21:37
Why not focus on winning people over? 15:05:26
Loophole May Hold Up Dorner Reward 15:00:19
Strange 'Supernova' Remnant Harbors Milky Way's Youngest Black Hole 14:49:09
CNN: Bomb Rips Through Market, Kills Dozens 14:43:31
Need help finding an Anti-Tyranny commercial 14:23:20
Audit the Fed - FreedomWorks 14:19:11
OK, so call me a racist and downvote me 13:47:25
I'm So Hungry I Could Eat Ahhhhh 13:06:44
Broken Security Cameras in Houston Public Schools an Open Invitation for Deranged Shooters or a Precursor For a Staged Event? 12:40:47
The End All Be All of 21:24:56
Chuck Baldwin: Gun Confiscation For Us; Gun Protection For Them 12:21:37
Dr. Benjamin Carson on Hannity 12:20:39
Is NASCAR for gun control! ? 12:20:24
Collapse: A Generation of Gamers Are Now A Legion of Drone Operators 12:19:32
Meteorite Over San Francisco, Ca - 2/15/13 12:08:49
King Obama Grants Facebook Multi *Million* Dollar Tax Break 11:46:38
I hate politics, but love liberty. 11:22:32
One of the funniest Onion Articles I've seen in a long time! 11:20:11
Just Have to Share 10:38:39
"The World Cannot Afford More Victims of War" 09:33:01
Weekend Brain Stretch: The Fourth State of Water 09:27:56
"Obama’s Failed State. Obama’s State of the Union Address Reflected Rogue Leadership. " Obama's Health Care Policy: Hitler's T-4 09:24:05
CPAC 2013: Previous Engagement, Not Speaker Fee, Prevents Ron Paul Appearance 09:23:51
"We are all Palestinian" 09:00:41
Meteors confirmed over Cuba, Japan. and Northern California 08:31:52
Veterans Today: Great Britains sells H Bomb to North Korea and much, much more. 08:23:21
Russia Blames Meteor Strike on U.S. Secret Weapon Test 08:18:13
Doctor escorted off plane as a "security threat" - UPDATED 08:07:52
The cat is out of the bag on cell phone hacking and surveillance 09:46:36
This Independence Day - Let's Unplug The Matrix! 07:08:37
DEMCAD Video: Obama is the New Bush 12:12:24
SCOTUS ruling on the definition of 'natural-born citizen' 06:31:45
A Considerable Speck (Microscopic) 05:37:07
N.Y. mayor seeks ban on plastic foam containers 04:45:08
February 12, 1955 04:05:42
I believe I'm being CENSORED! 04:02:54
The government's last move 03:18:22
ALERT! 02:46:41
Slavery Is Bad... Except When We Need Troops 02:26:35
FBI Plot to Blow Up Bank in Oakland - Stopped by FBI (Videos) The Josh Trolley Show 02:15:54
Hang Tough ! 02:08:32
Nigel Farage: Unholy Alliance of Bankers and Politicians against ordinary people 01:49:09
Quotes - Thread? 01:48:36
Jim Grant On Global Central Bank Currency Devaluation 12:13:36
Dr. Ron Paul at the Mises Institute : "I'm waiting for the Fed to SELF-DESTRUCT." (01/26/2013) 01:08:36
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Great Depression Ketchup Soup and the purchase of Heinz Ketchup by Warren Buffet - a precursor to the next Depression 00:41:18
Frontline Documentary on Nancy Lanza: NPR Interview 00:06:59
Here's Why So Many Russians Have Dash Cams 12:11:37
Cops do it again 12:11:13