Posted on February 17, 2013

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Judge Napolitano: What Is It About Guns & Gold? 23:48:45
Disinfo Wars 23:57:24
Send The Granger To the California GOP Spring Convention 2013 March 1-3 23:50:11
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/18/13: On Drones: Extra-Judicial Killing is the Opposite of Justice 16:30:01
Chimps outperform humans in memory test 20:20:04
Video: How the Government Killed the Ron Paul Movement 21:06:45
Rand Paul: Voters ready for Libertarian Republican in 2016 18:38:48
What is Love? 23:40:11
On Drones: Desmond Tutu's letter to New York Times 12:14:58
Registering for Confiscation - Video 11:08:20
James B. Glattfelder: Who controls the world? 09:41:42
Gun Makers Boycott Governments Hostile To Second Amendment 11:16:21
We lost. 00:28:36
FBI Celebrates Duping Another Mentally Ill Man Into Fake Terror Plot 00:00:46
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Video: How to Buy Precious Metals 23:59:50
No Gun Registration Yet...but there is already a database. 23:56:54
PredPol (Predictive Policing) Crime prediction software. 23:53:16
Obama says gasoline will go to $12.00 dollars per gallon if Iran closes Straits of Hormuz (Video) 23:21:14
Immigration Reform: Unlimited citizenship to Conservative/Libertarian immigrants? 23:18:43
Half of moms join FACEBOOK to stalk their kids, the other half are lying 23:15:21
British Magistrate to Hear Evidence of 9/11 False Flag Attack 23:04:43
I want a Dr. Ron Paul & Dr. Benjamin Carson town hall! 22:56:55
Rand Paul Speaking At The Hertiage Foundation - A Constitutional Foreign Policy 22:43:00
Don’t Blink, or You’ll Miss Another Bailout 22:38:50
A Constitutional Foreign Policy - Rand Paul speaking at the Heritage Foundation 22:29:58
Silent Circle 22:18:51
$5 Dollar Gas Hits California - VIDEO 21:43:49
TRANSPARENCY? W.H. Press Corp Denied Access To Obama In Florida 21:31:22
My son's interview with Michael Berry. 21:30:27
Lab Rats Given 'Sixth Sense' Via Brain Implant - Video 21:16:35
Nobel Committee asks Obama to Return Peace Prize (and the nice box it came in) 21:13:05
On President's Day, help feed a bunch of political animals 21:09:16
Labor Unions Want Out of Healthcare Deal 20:59:21
Texans Fight Back Against Gun Confiscation Chasing Troops Out of Town. 20:53:18
Fox News Sunday: Rand Paul On Obama Agenda, Republican Policy - VIDEO 20:26:40
"U.S. Federal Court hits President Barack Hussein Obama with three charges of abuse of office" 15:23:20
Killing Lincoln 20:20:09
Medals for cyber and drone warriors 19:53:53
John Wayne on liberals 19:51:11
USA Today: Gun Dealers Report Shortages Of Ammunition 19:42:08
Dr. Paul interviewed by Tavis Smiley and Cornel West 19:39:12
A Capitalist's Destruction of a Communist's Movie: "Burn!" 19:38:52
Greeks strip country for scrap cash (02/11/2013) 19:38:33 Department of Energy Wants to Recycle Their Radioactive Waste Metal Into Common Products 19:32:05
Oops! AP botches Rand Paul immigration quote 19:12:45
Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence Is Slowly Declining 19:01:49
Simplifying One People's Trust - Systemically Speaking We Are Free 18:55:05
Karma's a b-! China buying Fisker's stake 18:40:07
SUPPORT President's Day Feb 18th Money Bomb for David Earl Williams III, US House -IL 9th! 18:39:06
Looking for Liberty minded PA folks 18:29:27
Paul Ryan: The Sequester Is Going To Happen Because The Democrats Have 'No Leadership' 18:24:41
VIDEO: Karl Rove Downplays Mark Levin, Tea Party Criticism 18:16:24
Ca motorist beats fourth traffic ticket through the mail (red-light camera slapped down!) 18:09:58
Heavy Losses Inflicted Upon Terrorists Supported By Obama/NATO 17:54:43
An explanation of derivatives for the average citizen, and solutions to prevent another derivatives crisis 17:54:37
The Pope Resigns, Meteorites Strike Earth, Good Lord What's Next? 17:50:21
Rand Paul: Country Is Ready For A "Libertarian Republican Narrative" - Fox News Sunday 2/17/2013 17:26:37
Review of Rand Paul for Past Year 17:12:32
NY Times: Don’t Blink, or You’ll Miss Another Bailout 17:01:04
Teenage boy dies from flu after receiving flu vaccine 16:46:39
Israel admits it held Australian 'Prisoner X' 16:09:11
Gary Franchi: Alex Jones Exposes Behind The Scenes At CNN (UNCENSORED) Video 16:06:33
President Obama Playing golf in Florida with Tiger Woods 16:05:32
Puppets Teach Inflation is Theft With Super Duper Ultra Rare Shiny Legendary Deluxe EX Psychic Dargor Pokemon Card! 16:04:43
What is 790 per cent? 15:59:22
China looking to acquire Pakistani Port 15:55:59
my yesterday and Zionism 15:51:47
CNBC: SEC Files Lawsuit Against 'Certain Unknown Traders' Over Call Options - VIDEO 15:48:32
50 Days of Freedom - LIVE - 12 Hour Broadcast - Feb 23 @ Noon Central #N3 15:40:52
ABC's This Week - George Will: 'If The President Wants A Terrible Secretary Of Defense He's Got A Right To Him - Video 15:22:08
Vermont Gun Rights Rally Saturday Feb 23rd! 15:20:42
Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23 15:16:55
Rand Paul: I Will Make a Decision in 2014 about a Presidential Run 15:15:07
Khamenei says US couldn't stop Iran getting bomb 15:15:03
G20 summit to focus on 'currency war' threat to economy 15:08:30
Pope Benedict: Crimes Against Humanity and Ordering a Criminal Conspiracy. 14:59:39
Vermont Gun Control Legislation Pending 14:54:01
I'm glad Reagan's Dead! lyrics... 14:34:47
Too Big To Fail & Too Big To Jail. (Video) 14:25:06
Paul Craig Roberts interviewed on RT talks about Hagel and Israel (2-16-13) 14:10:42
A New Twist On "The Experts Agree, Gun Control Works" 13:53:14
Gridlock is the best thing Congress has going for it. 13:46:32
On 9/11, Flight 175 was Supersonic? 13:34:27
"Believing is Not Seeing" - Tom Wilson 13:31:32
Where should you live during the coming global financial collapse? 13:10:28
Rand Paul and Ted Cruz could be heroes, they choose not to be 16:10:43
China's New Aircraft Carrier,(artist rendering) 12:54:15
NOW you too can make your own flu shot. 12:48:58
Social Security 12:45:17
Ben Smith, Buzzfeed and the Changing Landscape of Political Media 12:18:52
Best Propaganda Film (Oscar 2013 Spoiler! Leaked Clip!) 11:51:25
While You've Been Looking for Sasquatch, One People's Public Trust has been EXPLODING around the world. Time to OPPT in! 11:26:34
Pope's Leaked Documents Show Fractured Vatican Full of Rivalries 11:09:38
Ron Paul Revolution: Don't Let This Happen To You. The "Section 8 Nightmare" 10:51:31
Please match my $7 10:50:54
Video of Cuban Fireball (in Spanish) 10:03:54
Another Suspicious Suicide-This time involving cell phone tech 09:16:27
Agenda 21: A Pithy Introduction. 08:36:01
Ludwig von Mises Institute site is worth exploring 07:53:31
Future of Freedom Foundation articles worth reading 07:40:24
Today is the day that I have come to Christ. 07:03:50
Armed & Proud? Show Up @ a R3VOL-owned Virginia Beach, VA Pizzeria & get 15% off! 05:30:25
It just struck me: here's maybe the 2nd BEST reason for silver price manipulation and them "big boyz" knocking it down regularly 04:44:39
4 Myths About "Assault Rifles" 04:26:59
State of the Ron Paulers on Maui 03:48:06
The People vs.The Banks: Conviction Beats Eviction! 03:02:04
"Jack" Kennedy? 02:54:29
Is Saint Malachy's prophecy about to be fulfilled? Meet Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana. 02:37:21
Hoax actors used in news coverage of Dorner manhunt. 02:36:45
Colorado Gun Control Alert! 02:18:53
Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta? 01:59:09
Nobel Committee Asks Obama “Nicely” To Return Peace Prize 01:33:46
The NUMEC Cover-up: The Diversion of U.S. Weapons Grade Uranium from NUMEC to Israel 00:32:32
The Cancer Compromise for Traffic Cameras 00:27:03
How To Feed The Homeless 00:10:08
China Hosting Hacked FED Account Data 00:03:53
Dorner Hostages Speak to Press 00:02:45
Implications if the Sasquatch DNA results are verified 03:07:31
"The Antidepressant Epidemic" by Dr. Bruce Levine 11:23:51