Posted on February 18, 2013

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The Granger did Sacramento last year 2013 23:31:33
Comprehensive list of GMO products. 18:34:50
TSA threatens to pat down my 3 year old daughter 16:55:55
Paul Craig Roberts - Republicans are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Israel Lobby. 16:05:20
Video: Laurence Kotlikoff: 'US Hides Real Debt, In Worse Shape Than Greece' 09:38:02
Amazon Sells Out Predator Drone Toy After Mocking Reviews 12:04:08
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Granger is going to the California GOP Spring Convention 23:54:15
Police Targets Depicting Young Mother on Playground With Child etc...What the F*? 23:41:48
Banks buying shopping centers 1 Billions + 23:27:38
Nigel Farage: The media still has no grip on reality 22:58:50
This presidents Day Lets Think About This 22:38:31
Thank You, Bitcoin Community 22:11:38
Human Action Super PAC - Just Releases New Website! 22:09:26
Benjamin Franklin and the "savages" - a striking similarity to freedom and immigration 22:08:43
video: Think Like a Banker 22:08:37
The Great Law of Peace 21:41:53
The Slaves are so excited! It's Presidents Day! 21:13:20
Video - Internet Freedom Facing Multiple Attacks 21:11:06
Carnival Cruise Ship turns into Agenda 21 Hell 21:08:46
Glen Bradley - One of our own running for NCGOP Vice Chairman 21:04:11
Camover Hits US West Coast-Surveillance Camera Destruction Going Rogue Worldwide 20:27:26
Benjamin Fulford: After Pope falls, British Monarchy under severe attack, global turbulence increases 19:57:55
Peter Schiff: It's Going To Hit The Fan During Obama's Second Term 19:48:09
Scientific censorship 19:35:13
AP Retracts Rand Paul Immigration Story After Reporting the Opposite of What He Said 19:30:34
I had to put the kibosh on that poorly conceived plan. 18:55:43
Sign our Petition to fund Childhood Cancer Research with Traffic Camera Revenue 18:55:26
How Iran Deals with Banking Corruption 18:45:19
Brainwashing Kids 4 Christ! Just $39 + S/H 18:28:25
One of the Best E-Mails I've Ever Received: Liberty Quotes 18:23:14
Obamacare fund for pre-existing conditions already out of money 18:17:47
Federal Reserve Note Color Scheme Based On Monopoly Board Game? 18:13:14
Max Keiser: Pinheads like Bill O'reilly are Becoming Extinct 17:55:36
Drones: The New 9/11 | Original Song (Video) 17:49:57
Water Chlori-NATION: Soap and detergents are Cleaning You Out! 17:47:25
HB1128 Washington State 17:21:56
The illegitimacy of our local governments. 17:06:10
America's finest at work. Cop: I'm going to feed you to the f-ing 'gators." 16:49:24
Mark Levin Audio Clip: US Gov’t Buying Up Billions Of Rounds Of Ammo, Preparing For Societal Collapse 16:36:42
Ron Paul: Extra-Juridical Killing Is the Opposite Of Justice In A Free Society – OpEd 16:28:41
Liberty Candidates Feb. 18 Money Bomb 16:27:48
Senator Rand Paul addresses presidential run rumors 16:23:31
UN says Syrian leaders should face justice at ICC for murder and torture. (But not Dick or W?) 16:22:21
GOP Establishment Attack Amash at Twitchy 16:15:41
Not Much Of a President's Day - Impeach Obama! 15:57:52
TEDTalks: Building Beautiful Homes Out of Junk 15:55:53
Walmart Exec getting base? 15:41:53
Into the rabbit hole while chugging red pills; the world was never what we thought 15:34:33
Best Propaganda Film (Oscar 2013 Spoiler! Leaked Clip!) 15:27:50
Chicago Police Chief is now a "Clear and Present Danger" to the public safety 15:15:21
In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” 15:07:26
Colorado debating and voting today on new gun laws. Live 15:06:11
Get Ready for Some Major Disinformation about America's Gold 15:02:36
Mississippi finally ratifies 13th Amendment 15:01:33
Dhs,fbi Or Tsa ... Possibly Batf 14:51:27
Happy Presidents Day! George Washington is my favorite President. Who is yours? 14:48:40
John McCain: Background Checks Will Get Broad Support In Senate 14:40:05
Osama Bin Laden Photos Found By CIA After FOI Request - VIDEO 14:20:12
CNN Pundit: Alex Jones Made Chris Dorner A Hero VIDEO 14:06:46
Daily Caller: Sens. McConnell, Paul join forces to legalize hemp 14:00:14
Presidents and Mythology by Andrew Napolitano 13:52:10
Sens. McConnell, Paul Join Forces To Legalize Hemp 13:44:30
The “Democracy” Racket: US Covert Attempt to Implement “Regime Change” in Malaysia 13:37:31
Robert Wenzel: Justin Raimondo Stomps on Rand Paul's Head (Again) 13:33:13
Murray Rothbard vs. Paul Krugman on $9 Minimum Wage 13:15:17
Taxes: Helpful Hints 13:10:24
The Pig With the Most Lipstick (EU) 13:07:21
Baltimore City Spends $585,000 On Study Of How To Save Money 13:02:06
A conversation with Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of The One People's Public Trust 12:49:54
States Charging for Rescues 12:45:10
Leaked video exposes propaganda from the USDA 21:02:47
Donald Rumsfeld - How to Start a War 12:39:04
Daniel Ellsberg says Obama should be impeached over NDAA 12:11:50
No, Obama Is Not My Daddy – He’s My Employee 11:57:10
Government Promotes Drunk Driving 11:53:02
Every American can be arrested right now for felony possession of drugs made... in their own brains 11:41:04
The corruption of a generation 11:32:51
My Traffic Stop (A Reflection) 11:19:19
Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano For Governor Of New Jersey 2013 11:16:20
Bully Cop slashed Homeless Man's Tent (video) 10:53:51
"Guardianship - Theft, Looting And Murder " - Isolate, Medicate, and Take the Estate. 10:35:57
Lincoln's Civil War 09:59:42
How to Make Your own Flu Vaccine (Hilarious and True) 09:55:03
Bernanke Was Wrong: Gold Is Money 09:53:13
Garbage Warrior-Got Beer Cans, Water Bottles & Tires? 09:20:28
I Want to Debate a "Liberal" Who Is Willing To Change Their Mind 09:13:31
Bill Maher Real Time 'The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government' 09:06:21
Americans Prepare for Civil Unrest with Record Ammo Sales 08:26:03
Bensalem Gun Buyback (video) 07:59:58
Russia Puts Nuclear Bombers On High Alert Over American UFO Attack (US “tractor beam tests”) 07:59:13
The Illegal Immigrant: The Conservatives' Best Friend 07:38:20
Pavarotti fails Nessun Dorma 06:13:50
Video: Watch the rate of asteroid discovery soar 05:09:48
The $7.00 MoneyBomb 2/19/2012 04:41:21
As ‘Obamacare’ health exchange deadline passes, 26 states opt in with feds 04:35:10
Time Magazine's Bizarre Vol. 178 No. 22 Covers: U.S. vs. The Rest of the World 04:27:02
Resigning Pope Brings Doomsday Prophecy 04:25:41
. 04:18:54
Russian Fireball Won't Be Last Surprise Asteroid Attack 04:17:07
Nigel Farage: If Germany Said, 'We've Had Enough', It Would Be the End of the Euro" 03:44:03
Would very much appreciate your help with advice 03:36:06
Sometimes the NRA gets it Right 03:23:54
Confessions of a hater 02:56:23
Orly Taitz Press Release: Clerks of the Supreme Court never forwarded to 5 out of 9 Justices one single page of pleadings, they 02:55:42
Maker's Mark Sincerely Apologizes For Almost Diluting Its Bourbon 02:13:00
Economic collapse blamed on gun owners... 01:53:59
Prediction: There will be a Dr. Rand Paul + Dr. Ben Carson presidential ticket in 2016 01:50:07
Rock Springs to Cheyenne 01:44:49
US/Russian real estate scandal possibly linked to Bain Capitol. source Moscow Times. 01:27:48
Seven Nights in Eire 01:18:35
Conceal & Carry Training 00:59:53
Mr. Devil 00:45:08
Tom Massie. an MIT graduate. and owner of a tech company. 00:43:09
After we're done crying about Ol Bomber .. may bee we can talk about the feminists who helped put him there. 00:41:45
Ron Paul on NPR's Smiley & West - 2/15/2013 00:26:58
Thug cop harasses patriots at Bensalem Gun Buyback 00:20:20
FL fireballs / meteors from Naval Air Station 00:12:29