Posted on February 19, 2013

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Bradley Manning nears 1000 days in US jail with no trial 20:25:37
Ron Paul is calling school to order 16:34:24
Ben Swann Reality Check: Did Law Enforcement Intentionally Burn Chris Dorner Alive Waco Style? 16:58:08
Impressive! Free Energy Tesla Coil Kickstarter Project Now At 5x It's Target - Free Energy For the People By The People! 12:59:47
VIDEO: Chicago Police Chief: Second Amendment Is A Danger To Public Safety 10:54:55
Government Pushes Annual Inspections of Gun Owner’s Homes 08:57:52
Glenn Beck: I'm Done With the GOP Establishment, I Support Constitutionalists Like Rand Paul 08:36:32
The Paradigm Shift Dilemma 11:28:22
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The Zoo World Order 23:48:53
John Brennan and the Senate: Is anyone in Washington willing to defend America?-Michael Scheuer 23:30:20
SCOTUS Denies 9/11 Widow Chance to Have Case Heard and to Challenge Official Story 23:30:13
No way around it... It is Murder. 23:27:24
Chris Christie's Solyndra, Revel Casino Bankruptcy after $261 million. Christie said in 2011 "This is a model for the future." 23:22:33
Michael Scheuer, Former CIA Operative: John Brennan is a liar who probably couldn't pass a polygraph 23:19:21
Ron Paul: How to Sell Liberty 23:11:43
Sen Rand Paul "Why Doesn't He Stand Up And Be A Leader And Just Do The Right Thing?" 23:06:28
Rush Limbaugh 23:04:23
Harlem Shake - Who knew? 23:03:58
The Geography of Happiness According to 10 Million Tweets 22:59:30
Ron Paul to Write Manifesto on Education 22:38:02
Can DailyPaul lead a Mass Exodus Away From Facebook to Good a Alternative? 22:35:46
Stefan Molyneux's New Documentary "Truth" - 11 Minute Trailer Amazing 22:32:43
Here's What's On Tonight: 22:22:10
How have the fellows at the Mises Institute and LewRockwell.Com been influential to you? 22:17:36
Our Government has been captured by a usurper occupational government that is de facto. 22:15:33
Bitcoin rivals Silver! Threatens Central Banks 22:12:17
The best place to buy precious metals is APMEX. 22:09:29
Wall Street Setting Up Financial Armageddon 22:00:57
Flabbergasted ...Gi Joe From The 80's Talks About Our Disinigrating Currency 21:46:16
Gun owners get a discount at VA pizza shop! 21:29:08
Naaaww - We don't need guns...Man Gets Face Smashed-In During Road Rage Beating - Nearly Killed 21:22:29
The Sad Truth About Our Healthcare Professionals 21:21:32
Obama Drug Czar: We will go after marijuana distributors in WA and CO 21:21:11
Eagle County CO Gop Kick Out Three PCP's For Being Too Conservative 20:59:40
West Virginia Families Need Help 20:51:10
God Bless the Establishment 20:42:21
Pink Police Uniforms and Cars? 20:42:18
Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes on Alex Jones 20:26:00
1984 In Western PA.? Murrysville School District Live Streaming 130 Camers To Police 20:24:46
NYTimes: Gym Class Isn’t Just Fun and Games Anymore 20:22:38
Man with Downs Syndrome Axphyiated by Police 20:13:55
A Republic, If You Can Keep It ~ by Ron Paul 20:09:00
I mention Ron Paul in a New Documentary 19:31:53
Had talk with wife and we are asking questions - rightly so. 19:21:07
Judge Napolitano: Will States' Nullification Of Federal Gun Control Laws Hold Up In Court? 19:00:47
Watch... Wallet... Gun! 18:30:26
Obama eligibility - URGENT 18:28:18
Obama Chooses Propaganda Portals In Lieu Of Media Access 18:26:29
Jeopardy answer of the week, do you know the question? 17:53:05
Southern Border Air Surveillance Shutting Down March 15 17:38:36
2013 Virginia Republican State Convention set for May - Be there or lose to the establishment 17:31:44
Our Republic WIll Recover in a Post Federal Reserve Bank Era Because America is too tough to Die. 17:29:03
Sniper Posts Pic of Child in Crosshairs 17:28:51
Colorado House Passes Gun Control As We Move Closer to Civil War... 17:26:12
Ron Paul To Release His New Book "New School Manifesto" On September 17, 2013 16:51:14
CNN has moved on to their next gun grabbing story: Pistorius Shoots Girlfriend He Thinks was Robber 16:43:17
USDA / Mexican consulates to immigrants: Don't worry, food stamps won't affect citizenship chances 16:03:54
DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners 15:52:55
Keep 100% of Your Paycheck?! 15:42:54
Artificial Sweetners Tied To Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes 15:40:40
How wrong am I ? 15:36:55
Electromagnetic Harvester Charges AA Battery by Soaking Up Ambient, Environmental Radiation 15:35:09
VIDEO - WWE Creates Racist Wrestler To Demonize Tea Party, Commentators Say Limbaugh and Alex Jones Receive Tons of Fan Mail 15:33:59
History of GUM 15:33:02
AUDIO - Sheriff David Clarke: "We're Going To See 2nd American Revolution" 15:22:14
Lets run the numbers 15:21:49
Five Types Of Looters You Must Prepare For 15:11:19
Seattle Gun BuyBack Gets JACKED! Turns Into a Gun Show! 15:08:58
Following Christ: Day Four! 15:05:11
Ron Paul writing education manifesto 14:49:23
OMG! There IS An Honest State Senator and He's Speaking Out. 14:30:46
9/11 truth phone argument, with a typical duped GOP loyalist... 14:21:02
Elite Going Into Hiding; Subscribers Sending Information 14:20:32
Still Report SR70 SOTU The REAL causes of America's problems 14:11:59
15 Cops Viciously Attack 3 men Claim Stress as Excuse 13:57:28
Supreme Court will have conference on Obama eligibility 13:56:50
The Correct Political Spectrum 13:20:39
Red Alert!: Democrats Introduce Bill To Allow Police To Search Homes Of Gun Owners 12:50:53
Heavily Invested in a 401K? The Establishment is Going to Steal Your Money! 12:40:29
2016 poll 12:39:11
"Sandy Hook Was a Staged Media Hoax — Anderson Cooper Knows" 12:29:15
2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution PASSES in Madison Co., TN 12:26:06
The Symbol of Guns 12:23:31
Video: Daniel Ellsberg says NDAA is an impeachable offense 12:08:08
Video: Are We Days Away From A Financial Collapse ? 12:00:50
VIDEO: Did the Russians hit the meteor with a missile? 12:00:31
MSNBC Panel Sits Around and Tells Race Jokes On the Air 11:56:27
"Bhutan To Be First Country to Go 100% Organic" 11:53:10
Are Police being trained to shoot and kill the Elderly, Children, and Pregnant Women? 11:40:42
VIDEO: Smoking To Be Banned In Cars? 11:38:10
Full Disclosure: Does CIA Director Nominee John Brennan Not Believe in "Absolute Human Rights" 11:10:49
The Fall of CPAC - now for courting liberty minded conservatives 10:57:58
Video Of The Day: Regulators Squirm When Asked About "too Big To Jail" 10:38:20
"The Fed remits all of its earnings to the Treasury..." HUH? 10:37:19
Minnesota not so long ago 10:31:41
Fox's The Five Asks: Is America Ready for a Libertarian President? 10:24:59
All Gun Shows Halted in Maryland County 10:24:36
is anyone watching Continuum? 10:19:20
Good News: Nullification Advancing In Co 09:57:33
CIA Director Nominee does not believe in "Absolute Human Rights" 09:54:40
Your tweets last forever at Library of Congress 09:42:02
Ben Swann Full Disclosure: Does CIA Director Nominee John Brennan Not Believe in "Absolute Human Rights" 09:12:54
Would this be an issue in a true Libertarian world? P.U. 09:04:49
Obama Returns to DC...With Reggie Love 08:35:36
Sheriff Calls For An Educated Armed Public 08:31:25
DP Metals Professionals? 08:29:31
Ten Year Old Arrested For Toy Gun Has Probation Officer, Lawyers And Second Court Date 08:12:17
Russian Meteorite Conspiracy Theories, Debunked 08:11:55
Your future living in collectivist America - First few definitions to get familiar with 07:36:07
Are Gold and Silver Prices Being Suppressed? 06:09:55
Bank of America Secretly Bailed out by Federal Reserve Yet Again 06:09:29
Baseline Corruption in "Lesterland" - CATO drops it like it's hott on CSPAN 05:40:25
Update on Arizona NDAA Nullification 05:39:47
The Epic, Surprisingly Sexist Fight That Brought the Minimum Wage to America 05:29:31
Chemistry, construction and ca-ca 05:04:14
Ted Cruz Debt owed...Paul/Cruz 2016. 04:26:07
Minimum Wage Laws Equal Less Jobs 02:52:12
Beautiful Day For Chemtrails 02:16:08
Kai the Homefree Hitchhiker talks about fluoride,chemtrails, and Osama 01:56:59
Russia Today: The Waco Massacre: 20 Years Later 01:39:58
News - Meteor Falls Over Saudi Arabia Causing Sonic Boom & Chaos On The Streets 01:27:48
Who is the best leader in our Liberty Movement? 01:19:47
Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum 01:01:22
22 New world laws. Tom Woods sarcastically says they are awesome. 00:47:43
Glenn Beck: I'm Done With Establishment Republicans, I Support Constitutionalists Like Rand Paul 00:00:33