Posted on February 20, 2013

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Pushback - Something very good – though very dangerous to the congealing police state ... 21:02:35
Fishy's Dome - a special slideshow 20:03:43
Karl Rove and his plans to turn America into the USSR 18:15:08
Paradigm Shift - Water Fluoridation 17:17:16
Silver Circle Opens in NYC March 22nd! Exclusive look at the trailer on iTunes. 21:54:27
Justin Amash: GOP lying about plans to avoid looming federal sequester 15:31:08
Frontline piece on Newtown and gun debate 13:32:02
Video(s): McCain Defends Immigration Plan During Angry Townhall 11:15:36
Obama Moves To Authorize Domestic Drone Strikes: “The Rules Outside Of The U.S Will Be Be Different Than The Rules Inside U.S." 10:32:09
Miami War on Drugs leads to shootout and near Martial Law 09:55:12
Westford Massachusetts Firearms Ban 11:35:39
Jim Rogers is investing in farmland 02:19:23
John Stossel: The States vs. The Feds 11:34:06
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Change Party from Within? Meet the Man The GOP Doesn't Want You To Know About! 23:47:28
1967... before I was born 23:43:52
Silver Technical Take 23:43:20
Grand Rapids was First to add Fluoride To the water Supply 23:22:03
Crashing UNESCO's World Radio Day 23:08:24
Tony Robbins explains US debt crisis. Live Strong and live with Passion... And with another $50,000 more debt 22:53:15
Why Women Talk More Than Men: Language Protein Uncovered 22:50:22
I just came up with a great idea for my gold/silver store/ your thought? 22:46:00
Audit the Federal Reserve 22:44:28
Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan REMIX 22:44:14
For all you Porterhouse , Ribeye and T-Bone connoisseurs. Have you tried a Japanese steak house? 22:01:18
My Fmr Professor sees no problem with Justice Thomas not recusing in the Monsanto case 22:01:04
Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and STFU while you're at it? 21:57:26
Doctors debate telling patients to smoke Marijuana 21:52:36
Pretense Of Authority Through Treaty - Federal Government Attempts Takeover Of Land And Water. Call To Action! 21:50:45
Wired: Darpa gets a New Boss, and Solyndra is in her past 21:42:27
Report on Flatulence - Let 'em Rip': Study Finds Passengers Passing Gas Mid - Flight Healthy 21:30:52
Fred on Everything: "Gun Control and the Changing American Character" 21:24:54
Will Israel attack Iran during Purim? 21:21:40
CNN - Diamonds Are Not Always 'A Girls Best Friend': Number of Women Buying Guns Surges - VIDEO 21:13:47
Michael, please consider this idea. 20:47:34
Russian meteor fragments cause 'gold rush' on black market 20:38:46
‘Building momentum for regime change’: Rumsfeld’s secret memos 20:27:20
Oklahoma guns EXEMPTED from federal rules in bill OK'D by House panel - VIDEO 20:26:03
“100% certain”: 9/11 author was killed in black ops hit 20:25:01
Guy Fieri Parody Menu 20:01:55
"Welcome to the FEMA Corps Inaugural Class" 19:58:02
The Mises Circle ~ End the Fed: Hoard Bitcoins 19:51:52
Protest Bradley’s 1,000th Day In Prison Philadelphia 19:42:36
Bitcoins is the Best Alternative form of Currency as of right now 19:38:50
Inspector General for TARP says "fraud" by nine largest banks caused the financial crisis. (video) 19:37:14
Biden's Shotgun Advice Could Land Wife in Jail 19:37:02
The Chilling Link Between Antidepressants and Murder 19:30:16
One word gave birth to it all 19:28:42
Sandy Hook: Full length saga. Hook, line & sinker. 2013 19:04:22
Agenda 21 peaks head out of federal agency in Florida, wants to create new permanent emergency powers (VIDEO/ARTICLE) 18:56:13
2016 Dr Rand Paul and Dr Ben Carson to fix the nation 18:45:37
Common Law 18:44:41
NC city (almost) gets rid of FLUORIDE in the water 18:09:20
On Rolling Back That Dreaded Year: 1913 17:44:14
"CLOUDS"- A sad and moving tune which has nothing to do with politics 22:50:33
5 Examples of Bad Advice From Gun Grabbers on How to Defend Yourself Being Disarmed 17:10:47
Romney is scheduled to speak at CPAC 2013 17:08:39
State, local politicians attempt to preempt federal gun laws 17:03:54
For those of you that can't get on board the Rand 2016 train ... 16:57:28
Alcohol Prohibition: 34 Bars Paid Not To Sell Booze 16:56:17
"Meet the Rand Paul Super PAC Founder Who Wants to..." 16:38:47
Times are changing: OSU to offer course on hemp 16:34:59
NRA: Stand and Fight, "We Are America" - VIDEO 16:29:33
*Chattel at all time low >$337.oo Head< 16:24:23
ABC News: Age Of The 3D Printed Gun Magazine 15:53:04
Aaron Swartz Files Reveal How The FBI Tracked Internet Activist 15:38:17
Had A Talk With Wife And We Are Asking Questions - Follow Up! 15:27:16
VIDEO - Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Colin Powell and Obama Featured In Pro Gay Marriage Ad 15:25:32
Colorado College Advises Students to Urinate, Vomit to Stop Rapists 15:21:35
Freedom Music Video Featuring Ron Paul Ben Swann and more... 15:18:05
I Need To Clear Something Up 15:10:31
Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty To Misusing Campaign Funds - VIDEO 15:04:41
Dodd-Frank: Trillions for future bailouts, without Congressional approval (video) 14:59:38
Bulgarian Government Quits 14:58:54
Obama/NATO sponsored terrorists in Syria crashed 14:54:31
Two Men Charged With Smuggling Drone Motors Into Iran 14:53:31
Draft TMOT, David Earl Williams and Steve Berke! 14:50:01
Urge Manufacturers to Support the 2nd Amendment 14:26:59
An app to crash the banks 14:16:38
Starbucks' most expensive drink, "The Quadriginoctuple Frap" has 40 shots of expresso - VIDEO 14:11:14
Sea Shepherd & Bob Barker Rammed 14:02:01
New York Bill Would Force Gun Owners To Buy At Least $1 Million Dollars In Insurance 14:00:55
NYC sweeping the streets for mentally ill. Judge Nap weighs in. 13:59:19
Peter Schiff, John Stossel, and Judge Napolitano talking shop back in 2009 13:54:23
Senator Rand Paul on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 - 2-19-13 13:50:38
18 year old facing 1st degree murder charges for "defending" his property 13:21:58
Facebook, the ultimate welfare queen 13:19:29
USA CEO To France: How Stupid Do You Think We Are? 13:10:59
Fossils of Four New Species Of Whale Found Under a California Highway - PHOTOS 13:03:58
J&T Distributing Takes a Stand on the 2nd Amendment 12:57:23
California Democrat, Linda Sanchez, Introduces Bill To TAX Concealed Carry 12:44:42
Did anyone go to the ISFL Conference in DC last weekend? 12:43:36
Indiana Republican Introduces Bill To Allow Concealed Carry on Campus 12:38:09
STOSSEL - International Students for Liberty Conference Episode 12:34:12
All I can say is, why did you Idiots vote for him? 12:06:06
How To Survive Martial Law 12:02:49
Notice of contempt by the Appellee, Comissioner of Social Security of the court order to file an answer and request for judgment 12:02:38
ACLU - Is the FBI’s Community Outreach Program a Trojan Horse? 11:57:14
Total Destruction of the U.S.: An Interview with Larry Grathwohl 11:51:30
Colbert and Maddow Slam Whiny White House Press Corps 11:26:21
Heads Up for a "One People's Public Trust" radio show this morning. 11:24:20
Company Behind Shooting Targets of Children Received $2 Million From DHS 11:05:16
More Jesse Jackson Corruption 10:36:33
Seen the video of the spaceship by the sun sucking fuel / pouring retardant? 10:32:26
Russian Police Violence 10:30:04
Armed citizen Project...Fox News . 10:21:31
Ron Paul - The Drone Threat 10:19:25
Rand Paul: Sequester Is A Pittance - 2/19/2013 10:13:08
Let Me Repeat- No Victim No Crime 10:04:53
Deleted - Duplicate Posting 05:52:06
Law Enforcement "Requested" Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women - VIDEO 09:37:31
Syria crisis: Mortars hit Damascus stadium (Live Video Stream) 09:25:26
POLITICO: Department of Defense to warn Hill About pending furloughs 08:14:51
I Am Confused On Posting Here 07:33:23
We Should Be Able to 'Dear John' the State! (Look What Happens When One Did! He Died for His Beliefs) 07:26:48
... 06:59:44
Who Killed The Electric Car? 14:42:24
Silicon Valley Libertarians Cling to Their Guns: "Gun Control is Technology Control" 05:44:20
Another government resignation - Tunisian PM steps down after crisis 05:39:45
Soviet officer who 'saved the world from WWIII' gets Dresden Peace Prize 05:33:50
Here we go again - N. Korea threatens South with 'final destruction' 05:31:00
So far 20 Russian children have died at the hands of Americans - Russia responds 05:29:10
The True History and Purpose of NASA 05:28:56
... 05:27:25
Bulgaria's gov't resigns - 'I will not participate in a gov't under which police are beating people' 05:19:45
Man With Down Syndrome Asphyxiated By Police 05:05:45
Missouri House Bill Makes Proposing Gun Control Illegal 04:43:50
Device Renders Television Sets Completely Inoperable, Irreparable 04:10:51
Nigel Farage exposes the Communist in the EU (9/2/2010) 02:38:28
How many people are awake to the federal reserve? 02:37:55
Dan Hannan: The Difference Between the U.S. Constitution and EU Constitution 02:34:34
Do It Yourself Well Drilling 01:59:51
Nightly Rap Session 01:37:10
World's First 3D Printing Pen on Kickstarter! 3Doodler! Draw in 3D! 01:04:55
100,000 dolphins spotted off the coast of San Diego. Seven mile long "super-mega-pod". 00:54:01
Patrick Leahy's mealy mouthed letter warning Vermonters of imminent betrayal. 00:53:46
'We' did THIS... "Never again" should apply to All! 00:34:39
Onion Newsroom: Hollow Point Bullets Recalled That Don't Explode In Targets 00:27:12
Max Keiser: End the Currency War with a Gold Standard 00:07:45
Twitter Bomb 00:04:58
Terrifying Video Demonstrates Bug-Sized Lethal Drones Being Developed By U.S. Air Force 13:52:52