Posted on February 21, 2013

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Ann Coulter Calls Libertarians 'Pussies,' Gets Booed By Room Full Of Students 23:51:45
POLITICO - Limbaugh: "Ladies and Gentlemen, For the First Time In My Life, I Am Ashamed of My Country" 21:28:07
On Point: Farmer Bowman vs Monsanto, and who owns life. 12:35:45
Firearm manufacturers fire back. With passive resistance. (Updated) 15:04:25
Yahoo News: Drones Large and Small Coming to US 10:38:09
AWESOME! Thousands of Starlings Murmurations 10:13:08
Reality Check: Are sequestration cuts as big as congress and White House are making them out to be? 08:52:30
Movie superstar hits bull's-eye with guns blazing 14:02:01
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Judge Napolitano: Pope Benedict was GOOD for the World! 23:55:29
The European Union = Soviet Union - 2013 (Nigel Farage) 23:42:20
Smoking Drinking Goats. 23:41:07
What Is Money? Metal or Mental? 23:39:09
Nigel Farage - If Germany Said, 'We've Had Enough', It Would Be the End of the Euro 23:23:50
Caught on Video: Orlando Police Officer Assaults Citizen, Breaks Her Teeth Out 23:19:41
Alkaline or Paleo/Primal diet? 23:14:20
Alkaline or Paleo/Primal diet? 23:08:25
Gold Death Cross Update - 02/21/2013 23:05:10
Gun Liability Insurance: You Need $1 Million to Own a Gun 23:01:04
Ron Paul Is A Maverick Well Said Daniel Hannan 22:50:29
We Need a Liberty Minded Contestant on American Idol 22:48:42
Drivers stoned on marijuana test their driving skills 22:32:28
Don't dis the Bible, even if its just a history lesson! 21:54:47
African Americans can't sell chicken in San Fran, especially if you look like Obama. 21:42:33
Newly - Released Memo by Donald Rumsfeld Proves Iraq War Started on False Pretenses - VIDEO (starting at 6:43 into video) 21:37:20
United Airlines Pulls Boeing 787 Out of Service Until June 5 21:18:32
China Pulls A 180, Says US Dollar Will Remain World's Reserve Currency 21:13:08
National Day of "Resistence" Rally Planned For Saturday, February 23 (.223) 21:12:58
Landfill Harmonic Film Teaser 20:25:44
Motion to dismiss Grinols v. Electoral college withdrawn. 20:14:57
L Graham "We've Killed 4700 People With Drone Strikes! Sometimes We Hit Innocents & I Hate That" 19:57:44
GOP senators are treading carefully with tea party 19:47:19
Feb, 19th CSR Fed Report About QE. Things That Make You Go Huh? 19:22:47
Had a talk with wife and we are asking questions - FINAL revised letter to Pediatrician... 19:20:05
Tuna caught near California still have traces of Fukushima radiation 18:08:09
Get The Federal Government Out Of Education 17:59:07
Sen. Graham: Drones have killed 4,700 17:48:39
Indiana Senate Passes NDAA Nullification, 31-17 17:45:07
Riveting Video with Ron Paul and Alt Media 17:44:04
The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change? 17:35:14
DHS Establishes Constitution-Free Zones 17:31:43
The Science Delusion 17:21:50
diablo 3 on the playstation 4 17:16:41
Columbine Survivor To Obama: "Whose side are you on?" 17:11:40
SC district-1 candidate Keith Blandford, "Republicans and Democrats are the same!" 17:00:23
Veterans are receiving letters from Obama administration prohibiting the ownership of firearms... 16:55:52
Rand Don’t Need No Education 16:18:18
US Supreme Court slams door in 9/11 widow’s face 16:05:52
Jim Babka: Imagine There's No Congress 15:38:07
They'll try to "Hoover" Rand. When he pulls a Reagan they'll try to Kennedy him. 15:31:31
A very important lesson about the "State". 15:22:16
Bill calls for Maine referendum to legalize marijuana 15:15:46
Al Qaeda Tip Sheet on how to avoid drones 15:11:14
There is something funny about the report WalMart just released. 15:09:50
Top 8 Reasons Why Judge Andrew Napolitano Should Run For Governor Now (And Then For President in 2016) 22:49:58
Daily Caller: Rand Paul returns surplus operating budget 14:40:55
Spanish firefighters refuse to be ‘puppets of the banks’ 14:38:49
Has a blogger/commenter ever actually changed your mind about something you were firm on? 14:27:47
Chuck Norris On Gun Control 14:26:27
Elisa Lam Identified By Body Markings On 14:25:32
Stricter gun laws alone won't stop America's urban violence 14:16:53
How It Feels through Glass - Google Glass Official Promo 14:04:05
By what legitimate authority? 14:01:44
The Sun has changed colors 13:54:45
Richard Shelby Plans To Vote For Chuck Hagel Confirmation 13:40:44
Mass. boy, trying to avoid bedtime, calls 911 13:38:08
TMOT Hits the Streets in Your Town! 13:27:40
Sony reveals inFAMOUS 3: Second Son for PS4 and you get to battle the police state 13:21:37
Man Who Died Awaiting Ambulance Get $800 Dollar Bill 13:21:29
Sheriff Clarke Responds To Attacks Over "Second Revolution" Comments 13:12:44
Daytime fireball breaks up over Brazil, 20 February 2013 13:06:31
Separate daytime fireball recorded just 250km west of Chelyabinsk, 4 days before massive overhead explosion in Russia 13:03:34
Fox News Moneyline - SCHIFF: 'The Pound Gets Pounded' and Gold Will 'Hit the Fan' During Obama's Second Term 12:58:59
Does the Tea Party have a new leader Civil War in the GOP Series 12:55:45
The Republican "civil war" - down here 12:45:00
The Scuddy electric folding scooter stands up, sits down and trolleys 12:43:47
Add-on: "TransAfrica Highway" tours: Cape to Cairo, Tarmac to DFW 12:37:44
NASA finally confirms "cold fusion"? 12:37:00
"We will not Disarm, We will not Comply, and We will Resist" 12:19:48
I have an idea about Education 12:13:52
Build up your personal debt before the financial collapse? 11:59:06
Massive Sunspot Rapidly Forming 11:33:07
Pushback 11:19:43
Jim Humble - MMS - Walls In Our Minds Tonight 11:16:48
2013 - The Year America Died 11:16:05
Thomas Payne -Video- 11:01:57
"FOX" psychoanalyzing politics & language of Washington - Training zombies 11:00:50 Rand Don’t Need No Education 10:56:23
20 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is headed For Big Trouble In The Coming Months Ahead 10:45:22
Touring The Orbital Laboratory 10:38:05
Gun Control Was - Historically - About Repressing Blacks 09:50:50
CAFR - The behind closed door deals of the politically connected. 09:26:22
How to contact the National Sheriffs Association and save this country. 09:01:28
Earth changes. What do you think is going on? 09:00:02
CHEMTRAILS in Ft Lauderdale captured with Super ZOOM camera! 07:55:17
Meningitis Vaccine Causes Seizures & Paralyzes 40 Kids 07:53:19
Gun control 07:36:37
Is Public School Obsolete? 07:15:45
TransAfrica Highway to Hell 06:35:26
The Chart That Tells You All You Need To Know About Gold 06:31:53
. 06:06:29
What if students design their own school? VIDEO 06:05:01
Risking my life: exposing members of the Silver Cartel 05:48:04
Texas Woman Calls 9-11 To Deliver Cigarettes, Gets Arrested 04:32:31
Fox News Talking Head, Bill O'Reilly Signs Book Deal : 'Killing Jesus' 04:24:59
A story of William Washington, George's cousin. 04:14:56
DIY data mining - silver coins demand trends on eBay - Q2 2012 and Q1 2013, for one eBay domain, and using Sell-Through data 03:16:31
What does homeland security buy after buying 2 billion bullets? 03:08:16
Sheriffs standing up to big government! 02:46:59
Newtown Seeks to Deny Newspapers Access to Death Certificates 02:43:29
Raw Milk Dispenser 02:16:14
Rand Paul Returning 600,000 Dollars His Office Didn't Use 02:15:45
Can mosh pits explain riots and responses to disaster? 02:14:06
Comedy - Ron Paul Quits the Burger Joint (Half Baked) 02:05:53
Muslims to march on White House next September 11th 01:34:01
Insulin Doubles Death Rate in Type 2 Diabetics: Study 01:31:15
Mother's intuition is real - science shows link between mother and son's brains 01:28:53
Anonymous ~ Orwellian Alert! Big Brother is Watching long 1/2 01:17:33
Obama and FEMA Create Civilian Army Trained in Domestic Preparedness 01:15:40
How Hacker Attacks Work In Tandem With New Cyber security Exec Order 01:12:21
Stop Smoking 01:11:02
The '2nd Amendment Preservation Act' Is Constitutional 01:07:45
Do We Gripe Too Much To Michael? 01:02:56
Anonymous #OpBigBrother#IDP13 International Day for Privacy (02/23/2013) 01:00:19
Alex jones censored? 00:34:21
I Started Carrying Today. I Didn't Ask Permission. 00:18:15
.223 Day of Resistance 00:12:06
The Myth Of Danger: The State Promotes Fear to Justify Their Existence 00:01:51
Putin Warns Obama, Media Ignores It. You might want to listen. 11:11:39