Posted on February 22, 2013

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U.S. Opens New Drone Base in Niger, Sends 100 American Troops 23:05:13
Washington State Governor: 6 Underground Nuclear Tanks Leaking 22:13:18
Glenn Beck apologizes to libertarians, begs them to welcome new people into the movement 18:52:12
Why Isn’t the Murder of an American Boy an Impeachable Offense? 18:01:16
World's Biggest Gold Storage Company Dumps US Citizens 16:57:09
Rand Paul Warns Of Potential For Obama ‘Raining A Hellfire Missile’ On ‘Someone Eating At Cafe In Boston’ 13:39:17
DHS Contractor Apologizes For Selling Shooting Targets of Children 12:16:56
Meet my son Kyle. 10:09:31
Make it viral: "Come and Take It" - The commercial the media won't air. 09:41:11
Obamacare: Why Companies Are Dropping Health Care Coverage For Spouses 08:43:25
Westford, Massachusetts defeats gun ban to thunderous applause! 01:06:30
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Some Reflection on Our Movement: We Need To Keep Discussions Focused On Ideas 23:48:21
If you think Obama is going to fix the Economy you're gonna have a bad time 23:38:42
Self-Inflicted Wounds 23:22:17
Libertarians and Right Division 23:18:13
Spy Drone Lobbyist Admits Indiscriminate Killing Policy 23:16:48
New Episode of Voices of Reason now Available! 23:09:59 pushes UNESCO’s World Radio Day 22:35:11
Rand Paul...Goldfish "democracy" research=$5.200.000 22:19:38
Saturn's Shockwaves Reach Supernova Force 22:09:56
65 Million Guns Bought Since Obama Took Office, 91% More Than Bush 22:08:09
Locksmiths and firemen refuse to aid evictions in Spain 22:05:30
Whenever the government tells you to not worry about something, “it’s time to be very worried. 22:00:52
Looney with a gun 21:55:18
Continuation of National Emergency with Respect to Cuba and US Troops are in Niger 21:49:33
Reminder of why Ron Paul is respectable.. more than his haters EVER will be 21:42:16
Britains Credit Rating Downgraded From AAA to Aa1 21:41:49
Congressman Looks To Make South Carolina A Gun Industry Haven 21:20:37
Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost? 21:19:38
How The US Taxpayer Funds The Enemies Of America 21:16:12
Washington State Nuclear Tanks Leaking 21:13:51
The Architect of the US Federal Reserve Bank, JM Keynes, was a Pedophile & Pervert 21:11:19
Firearms Companies Restricting Sales To GOVERNMENT Agencies In Areas That Restrict Gun Rights 21:07:01
Legislation Introduced to Legalize Marijuana in Maryland 21:06:36
Video Response To Glenn Beck! 20:54:58
Post deleted by author 20:49:39
Glenn Beck! Can you hear me now? 20:48:58
Texas bans shooting immigrants from helicopters 20:45:52
Ron Paul Has Built the Foundation Libertarianism For Generations to Come 20:43:51
Packing Heat with Hot Coffee: ‘Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day’ 20:40:56
Britain's credit rating downgraded from AAA to Aa1 20:37:58
Volkswagen prepares to build the world's most fuel efficient production car 20:29:16
Dr. Steve Jones Warns About Teslatronix 20:19:49
News: Microsoft Gets Hacked ; Similar to Attacks On Apple, Facebook 20:07:50
When Will Gold Prices Turn? 20:03:43
This is why Government Labeling does NOT work... 19:53:02
Yes, I also can get lost in these videos 19:50:18
Do you love wildlife as much as I do? 19:25:23
Re: The Hate Mail You Get, An Inquiry 19:23:51
Craigslist Ad (Politics section) For Local Support (Draft) Participation Requested... 19:22:09
Lawmakers prioritize banning bare boobies over medical marijuana 18:55:14
Ron Paul to speak at George Washington Univ in DC on 3/4/13 Ticket info inside (free to students) 02:28:07
CT Police Say Lanza 'Norway Copycat' Story is "Unsubstantiated" 18:01:42
DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse (PART 2) 17:51:22
Priests in Panties-Did A Cross-Dressing Priest Sex Ring Bring Down Benedict XVI? 17:50:46
Iceland: Heralded for fighting banksters, now out to censor the internet. 17:39:36
Private Human Mission to Mars: 2018?! 17:25:42
Israel Okays Cheney-Murdoch Firm to Drill in Occupied Golan 16:59:03
Too Big To Fail banks bankrupting America with endless taxpayer subsidies 16:58:05
Video: Rand Paul: Many Ways To Handle Sequester Without Losing Jobs 16:55:14
(9/11 related) The Saga Of Barrett Brown: Inside Anonymous and the War On Secrecy 16:43:23
Finding the true power in your fight for keeping the liberty! 16:36:13
China is now trying to DELAY the US Dollar collapse 16:26:08
video: Why Republicans should back a plan to cut defense spending. 16:21:26
Philip Giraldi on Rand Paul & FP coaching from Dan Senor 16:19:27
al-Qaeda's 22 tips for dodging drones 16:16:47
Fl Atlantic University Stadium named after Private Prison 16:10:23
FBI raids another business. Even when they are right they are wrong. 15:55:43
Slideshow of disarmed populace seeking relief from oppression 15:40:55
Are there any liberty minded lawyers in Tennessee? 15:13:31
"100% Certain": 9/11 Author was Killed in Black Ops Hit 15:12:08
Rand Paul: Totally Wrong on Foreign Policy but Going for a big Voting Block inside the GOP 14:53:08
China Bans Reincarnation Without Government Permission 14:47:29
Observation About Liberty Podcasts 14:46:57
Rush Limbaugh is Right 14:20:28
Supporting A Little Liberty Hip Hop Would Go A LOT Further For Us Than Supporting Kelly Clarkson! 14:19:05
Federal Government Moves To Disarm Veterans 13:46:52
13,753 Government Requests for E-Mail Data From Google, *Most Without A Warrant*! 13:45:41
Justice Sotomayor Doesn't Want Cameras In The Supreme Court Because Americans Won't Understand 13:44:33
Neocon John Bolton Accuses Libertarians Of ‘Defending The Confederacy’ By Disagreeing With Obama's Drone Strikes 13:41:03
It's Unanimous!: Virginia State Senate Sends 2 Year Moratorium on Drones To Governor McDonnell 13:30:34
Mark Steyn: Obama Is Crushing The Media Just Like The Soviet Union Did - Video 13:16:12
Louis Farrakhan: The Liberty Movement's Missing Speaker? 13:11:31
I told ya so 13:07:05
BLOOMBERG: Bernanke Downplays New Asset - Bubble Worries - VIDEO 12:58:57
Israel Is The Victim Not The Villain? Rebuttal (A Sick Oped) 12:58:07
Larry Pratt GOA’s reactions to gun control legislation - C-SPAN 12:57:49
Juicing Cannabis (VIDEO) 12:55:50
A good reputation is one of the most important assets that a liberty activist can possess. 12:52:53
Viamat Dumping Us Citizens. Red Alert 12:50:57
Obama, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve, A Fascist Regime 12:49:14
MN gun registration bill! 12:44:50
Government Attack? We Got Your Back! Shield Mutual: Insurance for Liberty Activists! 12:30:58
Used Cars Are Gold Fewer Late Model Cars Send Prices Higher 12:24:40
Ex Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino @ Guns Across America Rally (Video) 12:22:52
George Carlin Lying Politicians And Words.flv 12:14:12
USSA: Liberty = Fail 12:10:49
Argentina Inflation and Black Market Money: A Report From The Ground 11:54:47
If I had a Biometric lock on my glove compartment. I wouldn't need any CCL or background check. 11:53:34
war on terror Veterans alone in their guilt 11:48:29
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) :high-capacity magazines should not be banned bc ppl have to shoot down government drones 11:40:59
Open Letter to Pinellas County sheriff on red light camera tickets and gun control 11:36:32
Update:Buy Silver and Gold with any major Gift Card! 11:30:09
Nazis and the Matrix 11:25:14
FBI Declares War on The Scooter Store 11:20:40
Police officer from unit which protects Prime Minister found shot dead at north London home 11:14:14
Ammo Prices Have Doubled Since December At Americas Largest Gun Shops 10:39:51
Why the UCC stuff gives me the "Willies." 10:39:36
Justin Raimondo: Honor Bradley Manning 10:20:18
What If? by Paul Craig Roberts 10:15:32
Duplicate Post Deleted 09:59:13
Swat Team Raid Kills Unarmed Occupant; Saves us All from small qty of Recreational Drugs 09:48:46
Michael Moore: "If You Want To Protect Yourself From Criminals, Get A Dog" - VIDEO 09:44:46
Polytron Unveils Transparent Phone 09:44:42
Fishy's Dome on Freedom's Phoenix Global Edition Today. 09:29:29
Apple Inc. is Anti-Liberty in Every Way 09:19:46
Daily Space Weather Thread 09:13:51
Two new fireballs, one over California; one over Maine, Maryland and Masschusetts 08:53:53
Russian Meteor—Another Shock to the System | Space News 07:21:57
Putin Warns Obama! 06:56:33
Bill introduced to legalize marijuana in Maryland 06:12:44
Hagel has enough support for defense secretary 06:10:47
How Many Black People Dig Ron Paul/Liberty? How Many African-Americans? 04:21:33
MSNBC Clarifies Its Function by Hiring Obama Spokesmen Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod 04:07:53
Israel's War Criminal of the Year Award 03:39:26
Jury Nullification - Last Stand Before Armed Resistance? 03:24:42
Insurance Company Offers Discount To Gun Owners 02:42:46
Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Safety! 02:28:43
A Clarion Call – A Piercing, Horn-like Sound Awakening All Who Will Hear 02:24:26
Bill Gates Invests $50m In Genetically Modified Algae Biofuels 01:57:13
John Stossel: Laboratories of Democracy 01:45:22
John Stossel: Ann Coulter calls Libertarians 'Pussies', Gets Booed 01:36:25
ATTN: Male homosexuals in our movement 01:36:16
Judge Napolitano on NYPD "Sweep The Streets" Plan To Arrest Mentally ill 01:31:03
Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The Greatest Robbery!"(2/19/13) 01:29:09
You Live In The Past (Let's Get Saccadic) 01:28:10
Bhutan Goes Organic: A Lesson For Us All? 01:26:06
Rand Paul: Many Ways To Handle Sequester Without Losing Jobs - Fox News 2/21/2013 01:02:26
Hard Proof of Photoshopping, RE: the New Adam Lanza pics - PBS & Frontline Implicated 00:52:03
Powerful National Rifle Association Ad Says 'Stand and Fight: We Are America' (Youtube) 00:46:10
Are we heading for another housing bubble? 00:45:39
Missouri Gop Rep. Turns The Tables On Dems: Introduces Bill That Makes Proposing Gun Control Laws A Felony 00:22:41
Op-ed: Social Security is not an entitlement 00:11:36
AUDIO: Lew Rockwell Interview: My Boss, Ron. 00:09:13