Posted on February 23, 2013

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Miami GOP elects dozens of Ron Paul supporters to Executive Committee 23:12:35
Jim Rickards' I.Q. Test - "Who's smarter, a five year old or a professor?" 21:01:54
13,753 Gov't Requests For Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without Warrant 15:56:50
The Battered Wife Syndrome Streak in the Liberty Movement 19:01:52
Immortal Technique On Fire with Alex Jones 13:24:35
Is The News Scripted? 12:18:32
Liberty makes strange alliances... You will never guess who is trying to expose JP Morgan... 11:04:46
How To Nullify Police Checkpoints for $50 (UPDATED) Cops Arrest Sign Wavers 10:56:56
Cheap durable buildings 11:05:45
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The Battered Wife Syndrome Streak In The Liberty Movement Chapter V 23:56:42
Oregon HB 3200/ Gun Ban and Illegal Search and Seizure 23:39:57
Farage Challenges Cameron 23:35:08
2nd Amendment Day of Resistance Armed Rally at My Capital 23:34:26
Nigel Farage Diplomacy at Gunpoint 23:32:47
Nigel Farage Democracy and Self Government now Staging a Fightback 23:27:24
Michigan GOP illegally disarms delegates at state convention. 23:23:36
The Battered Wife Syndrome Streak In The Liberty Movement Vol IV 23:20:47
The Battered Husband Syndrome In The Liberty Movement 22:59:28
Incredibly thorough and cited fact sheet: Gun Myths and Facts 22:39:56
I just accidentally discovered the worst & funniest job ever! 22:18:18
The Absence of Valid Debate 21:43:30
Senators near deal for private sales of firearms 21:22:17
The time is coming for passive resistance 20:53:42
Know your classics : Rothbard destroys a common statist argument 20:50:03
Immortal Technique & Alex Jones 20:41:29
Where is my Daily Paul app? 20:20:04
The Battered Wife Syndrome Streak in the Liberty Movement Vol. II 20:19:16
NY: Activist needs your help. National Lawyers Guild at Jeremy Hammond's Press Conference 19:59:52
Global warming video: the Skeptic's Case in 12 minutes 19:55:37
The Damned Human Race, by Mark Twain 19:16:22
LYNX Seagull 75 DIY Plans - a really cool little windmill 18:17:27
Twitter Advises on Hacks; February 22, 2013 18:14:45
Iran sentences 4 to death in biggest bank fraud case 18:10:35
What people from Harlem think about the "Harlem Shake" 16:41:38
The Hour is Late-what will you do to prepare? 16:40:53
Anti-Drone security 16:31:42
FYI about Facebook 16:27:43
Packing Heat With Hot Coffee: 'Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day' 16:09:56
'An Oracle of Tyranny' by Bruce Fein 15:49:54
Deleted 15:44:20
Not Kraw! Craw! 15:29:58
An invite to Glenn Beck! 15:27:42
"The Department Of Homeland Security Stole My Boat Today" 15:11:47
Economics 102 14:42:18
What the 1% Heard During Obama's State of The Union? 14:39:00
Another open letter to Glenn Beck 14:34:46
Obama's Third Term 13:31:17
HR 748 Requires All Young Americans to Enlist in a National Service Program 13:18:40
VA Writes Letters to US Veterans 2nd Amendment Rights Revoked Per 2013 NDAA 13:15:52
The War on Consciousness: Graham Hancock 13:11:55
Documentary-Story of Artificial Clouds contrails (28 Min) 13:06:44
Court says Illinois must rewrite law on carrying concealed guns 13:01:17
Fox seeks to block new Dish "Hopper" feature 12:53:19
Give me 5 good reasons why Marco Rubio should even be considered a presidential contender for 2016. 12:36:48
NRA Uses Justice Memo to Accuse Obama on Guns 12:35:41
What Glenn Beck wants 12:32:11
Why Facebook Gets a $429 Million Tax Refund 12:06:39
FAU sells stadium naming rights to private prison company 11:57:16
No Exit: China Uses Passports as Political Cudgel 11:56:53
Parasites cooping emerging markets: Russia to continue softening punishment for economic crimes 11:50:57
Online Activism: Tell the FCC To Give Wireless Spectrum to the Free Market, Not Verizon (link) 11:40:07
Marxist Chinese made products 11:37:39
North Korea warns of attack if US goes ahead with "war drills" with South Korea 11:16:39
Hey Glenn Beck! Read this. 10:49:03
A knock at the door! 10:48:08
I want to see Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano, Jesse Ventura, and any other liberty minded person in the next Republican debate 10:40:34
Help Stop Common Core in Arizona-New Website Presents Truth about Common Core 10:32:45
The 5 Threats by Ron Paul 10:21:09
Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost? 10:14:59
Globalists preparing to capitalize on recent retirement of Rep. Ron Paul 10:12:56
How to deal with Banksters: Iran sentences four to death in country's biggest ever case of banking fraud 10:04:42
9-Year-Old Gives Birth ft Anthony Lee & Lawrence Kao 10:01:36
The BBC in the Dock for Manipulating Evidence and Providing Biased Coverage of the September 11, 2001 Attacks 09:32:41
Drone World Conquest is underway 08:39:02
DFW Day of Resistance at Flagpole Hill 07:32:07
Crowdtilt - Would you toss in? 07:27:04
Dear Glenn Beck, 06:29:00
National Gun Confiscation Day of Resistance Today 05:54:01
"The Economics of Disaster", by Dr. Ron Paul 05:44:06
Major DHS Insider Tells Of Coming False Flag And Gun Events Planned By The Government. Government Will Blame Patriots 04:36:14
How about our own elections Roots, Aims & Increasing Powers of Large Foundations. 03:55:44
Political Correctness Gone Wild 03:29:38
Shock CDC Study: Flu Vaccine Ineffective in 91% of Seniors 02:54:28
Bill of Rights flyers 02:34:43
Video: I got pulled over in NH ...The right way to deal with police stops. 02:34:04
Michigan State Convention - This weekend. Report your experience. 02:16:27
US to bomb Guam with dead mice 02:15:37
Open letter to Glenn Beck; Welcome to the rEVOLution 12:34:33
Rethinking Roadway Safety: Do Traffic Laws and DUI Laws Really Keep People Safe? 01:55:51
Just say "No-No" to nanos 01:35:22
White Rose: The Germans who tried to topple Hitler 01:33:21
Electricity bills in France to rocket 30% 01:30:54
Gold and Silver Forecast, February 21, 2013 01:29:53
Bank of England closes in on China currency deal 01:28:46
Great Rod Serling speech on American imperialism 01:28:30
Weekend Watching: Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater story 01:10:05
Ron Paul did NOT go to the UN, so stop perpetuating the misinformation campaign. 00:49:36
Bank Fraud in Ten Minutes 00:38:33
A Pivotal Point for Gold and Silver Prices 00:27:34
Wall street is so rigged! 00:13:54
New Medal for Drone Operators outranks Bronze Star 00:08:46
FEMA Camp Counselor 00:02:32
Matt Larson - Reaching out to Ron Paul 10:35:19
Free Market Ecology 12:36:15