Posted on February 24, 2013

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Colorado Anti-NDAA Bill Faces Final Stand 23:42:03
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: When they came for the Raw Milk drinkers… 2/24/2013 20:52:26
Gibbs: "I was told not to acknowledge existence of drone program as Obama Press Secretary" 19:26:35
Ron Paul interviewed by Geraldo Rivera 15:30:19
Bill Gross: Federal Reserve to Continue QE to At Least 2014, Currency Wars A Danger To Bond Market 15:34:16
Aspartame in Milk Without a Label? Big Dairy Petitions FDA For Approval 12:52:17
Michigan GOP Disarms 2 Activists at Weekend State Convention (VIDEO) 12:34:02
Adam vs The Man Asks the TSA a Question: 'How Many Terrorists Has the TSA Caught?' 09:28:01
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Targeting Doomsday Preppers | Interview with Fernando Salguero 23:53:11
Carolina Morning 23:42:01
Uh Oh, Chris Dorner’s Wallet Was Found – Twice 23:36:50
Can anyone help me? 23:30:49
The News Was A Rerun So I Shut The TV Off 23:24:57
Pimps and Preachers 23:21:29
Lawyers, Guns & Money 22:37:30
Do CPAC "ballots" already have names on them? 22:30:18
Former Obama Press Secretary told to dodge drone questions 22:20:05
How the Drug War and the FDA Prevent the Sick from Being Cured 22:01:07
The Constitutional Coup... 21:58:27
School days, School days 21:43:05
Our New World Order Rulers Are So BRAZEN They RELEASE the Entire Playbook and Believe Nobody Can Stop Them! 21:39:08
So... Ron Paul 2016?! 21:35:17
KWN - Silver Whistleblower Andrew Maguire: Recent Metal's Takedown Caused by Near Breakout 20:53:27
Fantasy Congress Leagues: Now Forming 20:45:23
P-R-E-P-P-E-R from my friends at 20:41:50
Global Elitism: The Character Traits Of Truly Evil People 20:36:19
Real Federal Spending $822.90 Per American Since 2008 20:35:21
Hubble Sees a Glowing Jet from a Young Star (cool pic) 20:22:55
When people get angry about us defending a property owner's choice to refuse service... 20:22:17
Which states have Precinct Delegates? I assumed all but... 19:48:03
Quote from British Socialist Labor PM 1976 19:24:48
Argumentum ad Absurdum: 99% Taxation Will Grow Economy Super Good. 19:18:27
Question - 2005 Miami Heist? 18:53:10
War zone killing: Vets feel 'alone' in their guilt 18:05:13
Monsanto drags over 400 U.S. farmers to court over GM seed patents 19:41:07
Cinderella And Aspartame! 17:31:52
Campaigning On My Vices 17:23:10
... 16:39:11
Sack Lunches 16:38:33
What's That Ron Paul Guy Up To? 16:25:58
Progressive Insurance 16:12:26
Secret Societies documentary 16:11:51
Nobody seems good enough 16:03:52
See how Goldman Sachs helped a biotech company innovate and grow. 15:37:13
New SOTP Article: How The Fed's Zirp Is Going To Crash The Bond Market 15:33:10
Judge Napolitano on Jesse Jackson Jr. and CEO slapping toddler on plane 15:26:28
You Won't Believe This! Tennessee Cops Harass Old Lady After Mistaking Buckeye Sticker for Pot Leaf Sticker 14:06:48
White House Ordered Press Secretary Not to Acknowledge Drone Program Exists 13:44:22
Red Alert! DOJ Memo: "Outlaw And Confiscate All Guns" 13:42:33
Afghanistan's President accuses US special forces of “harassing, annoying, torturing and murdering innocent people" 13:24:43
Want to carry a gun in California or Texas? Washington Times piece targets gun control 13:24:34
Politicians don't sign the Constitution of the United States which means their oath doesn't bind them 13:15:42
The Tyranny of Dogma 13:03:18
Fisherman Reels In Woolly Mammoth Tooth That's Thousands of Years Old - VIDEO & PHOTOS 12:13:28
Jury Nullification Activist JAILED-145 days (even after Judges order deemed illegal) 13:43:06
Buried treasure: Cayman faces new pressure to change its secretive ways 11:55:44
Mutiny against the Rothschilds in Indonesia 11:49:47
LA Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Story - Creepy Coincidence? 11:24:56
Miami GOP Elects Dozens of Ron Paul Supporters to Executive Committee 11:21:06
The Invention of the Land of Israel - book launch with Shlomo Sand | Frontline Club (London) 11:09:44
"China admits to existence of 'cancer villages' sprouting up due to extreme pollution" and a look at Global Warming? 11:05:24
Doug Stanhope: Liberty (re)Defined 11:03:39
MEPs Farage, Hannan and Eppink ridicule EU warmongers 10:41:21
Bright blue fireball over Latvia caught on all-sky cameras, 20 February 2013 10:40:29
Water you thinking? 10:23:28
Darren Wolfe at the Montgomery County Day of Resistance (video) 10:01:28
How did the Roman Empire fall to the Fiat currency? 09:26:27
"Rahm, that giant, sucking sound is your career circling the drain" 08:57:32
3D Printed Robot InMoov Open Source 08:53:37
More fuel for the Sandy Hook speculation fire 08:51:12
Fear and Oath-ing in D.C.: NDAA 2013 and its dangerous implications for U.S. citizens 07:35:45
Stop U.S. Navy plans to kill, permanently injure, or otherwise seriously harm, whales and dolphins 07:13:07
Fed officials: Don't worry if we lose money 06:23:22
The Great Collapse: crust weakening, slipping, and collapsing across the planet 06:01:27
Oil Sands Mining Uses Up Almost as Much Energy as It Produces 05:59:59
A Flawed Process Is At The Heart of Science and Journal Publications 05:53:05
Northern Hemisphere Sets New, All-Time Record Cold Temperature: -96.1°F In Oymyakon Siberia ! 05:43:30
Krugman's Social Media Feud Inspires Opera Nostra Culpa; February 22, 2013 05:26:35
Flashback: Doug Stanhope on John Stossel 05:10:32
Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense Show - February 19, 2013 05:07:37
Wasting Time On Daily Paul 04:04:18
... 03:55:45
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Tar and feather David Rockefeller. 03:06:14
Flashback: Judge Napolitano questions Donald Rumsfeld on war in Iraq 03:06:02
UTOPIA 02:28:07
Plus 10,000. Minus 113 01:41:50
Nigel Farage may not be what he seems 01:22:47
What do you call a feminist who discovers critical thinking? 01:13:33
Michigan belongs to the Neoconservatives 01:07:44
Battered Wife Syndrome Streak In The Liberty Movement Chapter VII 00:43:59
Montana legislator introduces bill to give corporations right to vote 00:28:25
Ron Paul to speak at GOP dinner in Knoxville April 12 - they plan to move dinner to accommodate crowd 00:27:11
George Bush, Tony Blair and the century’s greatest crime 00:26:28
HSBC Report Should Result in Prosecutions, Not Just Fines, Say Critics 00:25:01
Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail 00:23:23
The Battered Wife Syndrome Streak In The Liberty Movement Chapter VI 00:06:08
Rush Limbaugh reads 'News-Times' letter to the editor on air 00:03:36