Posted on February 25, 2013

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Obama's Ex-Secret Service Agent: It's Not Gun Control... Its People Control 22:43:37
GOP Congressman Says Dick Cheney Will Rot in Hell for Iraq War 19:53:54
Six Strikes Copyright Alert System Launches This Week 18:49:45
Santelli: "What If The Fed Did Less?" 16:52:26
Politico: Bill Unveiled To Legalize Medical Pot 15:00:54
Beretta Tells Maryland It Will Move Operation If Gun Law Is Enacted 13:57:05
I find myself in a quandary and need some DP advice! 20:00:29
Video Update: Ron Paul on Alex Jones / - Monday 2-25-13 13:06:25
Sheriff Warns of Second American Revolution over Gun Control 11:25:46
John Stossel: Liberty Conference Guest Interviews - UPDATE 09:25:46
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Abolish the House of Representatives? 23:57:54
Drones Drones and More Drones Here Already! 23:51:39
Government: The Locked Door 23:23:55
Is It Time To Start Sharecropping Again? 23:23:06
US Training of Mexican Troops Has Escalated in Step With Mexico’s Murder Rate 23:21:53
Drones in Australia? Maybe in the future, for defence of course 23:03:11
Australian Government rush through laws to take citizans money from inactive bank accounts 22:42:31
Senator Coburn: Any Proposal That Keeps A Record Of Legitimate Gun Owners Will 'Kill' Senate Bill 22:38:47
6 year old Polka Drummer? 22:31:57
Iraq has become the third most corrupt government in the world 22:21:22
US invasion of Iraq set the current conditions of injustice and gave rise to extremism. 22:09:57
Rand Paul's Extraordinarily Difficult Path to the Presidency 21:56:22
Horse Meat And Inflation 21:48:45
U.S. Map of Fluoridation Levels by County 21:38:01
LAPD Officer Claims Cops Sell LAPD Guns To Civilians and Dealers 21:23:47
Circumventing Currency Usage, Am I Crazy Seriously 21:09:58
What do you make of the alternative voting system? 21:05:09
2-22-2013 Economic Collapse: The Fed Just Went Bankrupt ... Game Over 21:00:26
Mountain Man vs. The Gov't : UPDATE 20:48:50
What Would you Do If You Had $50k in a 401K? 20:33:39
Former Obama Press Secretary Was Ordered To Act As If Drone Program Did Not Exist 20:31:48
Biggest Challenge to Anarchy Since Hobbes: Steven Pinker's New Book; Buy it, you'll be happy you did. 20:14:38
Good GMO article in Mother Earth Living 19:52:00
Moral Victory for Protestor who says BBC 9/11 Coverage was False 19:28:52
50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam That Is About To Collapse 19:24:18
We Can’t Stop Rampaging Killers Attacking Strangers by Hiding From the Obvious 18:52:46
Holy crap! My Ron Paul action figure/doll FINALLY came in... 18:42:27
Welcome to the United Nations of Canada 18:36:38
The Dogma of Tyranny, and the Tyranny of Dogma 18:35:29
2/25/13 - Ron Paul on Alex Jones Show Warning Americans? 14:16:53
Minarchism and Anarchism: Taxonomy/Morphology 18:12:31
Why Didn't the Libertarians Win in 2012 Gary Johnson on Stossel 2/22/2013 17:59:12
Things are heating up in South Carolina 17:33:27
Russian all purpose vehicle 17:27:36
List problems that most Dems, Repubs and Indies would agree need fixing 17:00:58
The declining standard of living in 1 simple chart 16:47:26
Ted Nugent: Piers Morgan is Great For The 2nd Amendment 16:05:44
Open Carry. Fcuk Concealed Carry. Heres Why... 15:54:03
Ron Paul candidate for State Rep in Massachusetts needs help in online poll against establishment Republican 17:53:53
US Congress: 'Fight Terrorism, Arm The Terrorists!' 14:44:56
Space Based Weapons Systems, Being Deployed Around the Earth and Weapons Race Between the US, Russia, China 14:15:11
Karl Rove has a message for you 14:02:08
Ohio Cops Harass Open Carry Person Inside of Mall Video 14:01:50
Mediterranean Diet Fights Heart Disease, Study Finds 13:33:45
Is the Hunger Games Based on a True Story? (The Blog of Chuck Rylant) 17:14:21
Little Rand, Jr. 21:09:52
Black Chamber of Commerce CEO on Obama: 'I Had Hopes Because He Was BLACK, Shame on Me' - VIDEO 13:20:53
Sad irony 13:18:41
'Bloodless' Lung Transplants Offer Hint At Surgery's Future 12:50:40
Colorado Coalition For Liberty, spread, 12:50:11
The secret at the bottom of psychiatry’s rabbit hole 12:49:31
WOW! This Smart Phone Could Save Billions in Medical Costs 12:43:27
Marijuana Patients Beware: Border Patrol Checkpoints Are Federally Regulated 12:38:48
Walter B Jones's amazing speech at YAL convention in NC 12:35:30
Freedom update: Ron Paul, raw milk, mandatory gun buybacks and more 12:19:53
ATF's Milwaukee sting operation marred by mistakes, failures 12:16:52
Fujifilm develops technology to use humans as batteries 11:57:41
Fake Asteroid Impact Coming Soon! 11:53:03
Update... Meet my son Kyle. 11:40:52
South Carolina is the most gun manufacturer friendly state! 11:37:09
The 10 most miserable cities in America 11:33:48
How the Fed Could Fix The Economy - And Why It Hasn't 11:24:04
2nd blizzard in less than two weeks hits the U.S. Plains states - 'worse than the last one' 11:23:55
Pope, Queen and Prime Minister of Canada sentenced to 25 years. 11:07:55
One Million Moms Against Gun Control 11:01:40
A Libertarian Essay #1) If I Say "I'm Going To Kill You," Do I Lose My Right To Privacy? 10:56:33
Sheriff Warns of Second American Revolution over Gun Control (Video) 10:48:37
Farakhan Recruits Chicago Gangs To Serve As 'Natural Soldiers' For Nation of Islam 10:22:53
Scooby SNAPS: New York Organization Offers 'Pet Food Stamps' 10:14:29
Senate Showtime for Gun Control Bills - my letter to Senator Merkley 10:11:29
Silverstein Challenges Airline’s ‘Act of War’ Defense for 9/11 Attacks 10:04:47
Call of Duty Black Ops & kids 09:58:40
IKEA stores sell food made with Horse Meat 09:52:36
Ted Nugent: The Sheeping Of America - VIDEO 09:47:02
Update 2: Arizona highway 'sinkhole' is actually a whole mountain coming apart! 09:43:21
Oath Keepers to the rescue? I think not here. 13:42:26
Ben Fuchs: "How To Stay Healthy In A Fast Food Era" - VIDEO 09:36:46
Place Called Home;-) 05:59:23
Ron Paul: “When They Came For The Raw Milk Drinkers…” 05:29:48
Anti-NDAA bill in MA would punish officers, treat NDAA as illegal 05:03:55
Need Academic Sources for History....true History 04:55:21
Bloomberg's ban prohibits 2-liter soda with your pizza and some nightclub mixers 04:47:10
Black Leaders Speak On Gun Control - Starr Parker Slams Feinstein! 04:36:38
Lobbying Is A Symptom Of Big Government 03:44:48
Eric Sprott: Is the West Dishoarding Its Sovereign Treasure? (02/23/2013) 03:25:09
Strategy? 02:22:23
An Austrian Critique of Mainstream Economics, by Walter Block (08/08/2012) 01:29:56
Free Phone! Get Your Free Phone! Don't Worry This is NOT Funded by Taxpayers 01:26:17
looking for something interesting to watch 01:11:09
Washington is Constipated? 00:43:14
Ron Paul Puritans 00:37:55
Well-done Italian documentary on 9/11 00:34:37
Liberty Candidate Running For The State Senate Of Washington! 00:33:10
nt 00:29:30
I am a pretty girl, I can speak fast... And I have no clue what I'm talking about... On Obama and his "-ism" 00:24:06
Frosty Chocolate Milkshakes 00:03:24