Posted on February 26, 2013

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Need some DP advice! Help a future college student out! 23:49:35
Alex Jones interviewed by Howard Stern (Great radio 2/26/13 22:41:30
DHS May Be Preparing For Civil Unrest: Leases $10 Million Firearms Facility Within 25 Miles of Boston 18:08:17
Elizabeth Warren Traps Ben Bernanke 21:05:25
Chuck Hagel Confirmed 58-41; Rand Votes to Confirm; Roll Call 18:09:15
Judge Napolitano: Obama's Legal Justification For Drones Is Hogwash - Fox News 2/26/2013 18:07:32
American Cities with the Highest (and Lowest) Taxes 16:54:22
REPORT: Chris Christe To Adopt ObamaCare 14:54:43
Video - The Drone in the Room: Maddow Pounds Robert Gibbs On White House Refusing To Answer Legal Question About Drone Use 11:11:12
Ben Swann: #LibertyIsRising 10:29:54
Louisiana: Homeless Can't Eat Deer Meat (UPDATED w/ Press Conference) 09:38:31
Here is a president for you 07:25:45
Oxford in uproar over union motion to boycott Israel 01:51:51
Have you made any friends here on the Daily Paul? 08:39:00
Lobbyist Demands Approval For "Lethal" Drones Within United States - VIDEO 12:45:20
I just enjoyed a Coca-Cola from Mexico.. 08:30:02
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Obama Officials Refuse To Say If Assassination Power Extends To U.S. Soil 23:53:41
2016 Presidential Election Strategy 23:53:32
Ken Burns' The Congress 23:34:23
Bank Fraud in 10 Minutes (or less) Video 23:29:52
Piers vs Pizzas For Pistols Owner 23:27:07
New Invention: OREO Separator Machine 23:27:02
Are humans being domesticated like other animals? 23:15:43
Bolton "the issue was never about making life better for Iraqis, but about a safer world for America and its allies." 23:06:42
Do Not put any valuables, especially gold in a Bank deposite box. 23:00:21
Obama's Uncle Calls the Cops on Fox News 22:29:04
Rand Paul SCORES a Masterpiece! 22:19:44
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: 'We Actually Benefit From Downturns" 22:18:55
Ben Swann: #LibertyIsRising - great "shorty" news! 21:41:34
Why Did It Take Me So Long? 21:40:18
David Icke Writes About Dr. Tullio Simoncini Who Claims Cancer is a Fungus and Its Curable 21:27:32
HELLLPPP! Stuck in a hotel room out of town! Need input. Major input! 21:25:10
Toxic Food Supply Link blocked by FB from sharing ... 21:22:09
Rumsfeld: Neo-Con, Murderer, Psycho-Babble War Speak... 21:15:28
Ron Paul at International Society for Individual Liberty San Francisco 1990 21:10:31
WIKILEAKS: U.S. 'To Call Bin Laden Raid Navy Seal To Testify Against Bradley Manning' 21:08:21
Report of 2 Dozen Gold Krugerrands Stolen From Safety Deposit Box by CIA 21:04:51
Rand Being Viciously Attacked on for Hagel "Yes" Vote 20:22:13
Gold & Silver: Hidden Secrets of Money - Episode 1 20:00:19
Pat Buchanan - Infantile Conservatism 19:50:34
Happy Birthday Johnny Cash! 19:48:33
Warning - Very Sad - UPDATED! 19:45:48
Tweets @ sequester furloughing screeners at airports met with joy! 19:35:17
Rand Paul: Country Destined For Bankruptcy If We Can't Even Cut Spending Rate Of Growth 19:31:16
Hey Rummy, Where's the Missing $2.3 Trillion? 19:31:04
Senator Paul votes to confirm Hagel, Hagel secures nomination! 19:10:10
a psychic reveals his greatest trick 18:55:25
One day all creatures will see the Light 18:38:39
Vote for my Walking Dead Video Entry 18:32:56
Jack Hunter to be on Glenn Beck 18:22:33 - Top 25 Censored Stories of 2012 18:01:57
Alternative Currency Goes Mainstream as Bitcoin ATMs emerge (Zerohedge) 17:52:49
Peter Schiff vs. Gold Bear on CNBC 14:37:22
Tim Tebow's FBC Dallas controversy 17:18:42
Uplifting: Love in Action 17:11:39
Liberty is Rising by Ben Swann 17:10:00
: Sequester to Increase Risk of Alien Invasion 17:09:36
Vegans, unite? 16:09:38
Why doesn't Rand ever fully smile? 16:09:28
OBAMA: As President, 'You Can't Do Things By Yourself' - VIDEO 15:51:31
5 Myths About Abraham Lincoln 15:50:13
NAPOLITANO: Sequester Cuts Will Make U.S. More Vulnerable To Terrorist Attack - VIDEO 15:39:56
The Shopkeeper 15:31:44
Why do many think Ron a "nutcase" while liking Rand? 15:29:30
OBAMA: The Sequester Is A "Pretty Bad Name," But Its Effects Are Going To Be Even Worse 15:03:15
Revenge of the Dems 15:01:53
Video Update: Michael Savage Interview on Alex Jones 2-26-13 21:27:28
How about we create a bill that declares a NO Fly Zone for Drones over America? 14:49:42
Muchos Gracias! Illegal Immigrants Set Free From Detention Centers As Sequester Approaches 14:42:47
VIDEO: DHS - Funded Drone Spies on Private Gun Sale 14:31:51's Interview With Walter B. Jones After His Speech At Nc Yal State Convention 14:25:20
BLOOMBERG: Bernanke Defends Asset Buying As Benefit Outweigh Risks 14:18:40
Euro Debt Crisis Looms Again, As Italians Defy EU Austerity Demands 14:10:32
"Ice Boulders" form on the shores of Lake Michigan 13:56:21
Max Keiser: Global Collapse by April 13:49:23
Gunterville Alabama Wants Power To "Disarm Individuals" During Crisis 13:40:10
DOJ ‘admits’ to targeting Aaron Swartz over his activism 13:25:57
Demint, Paul and Lee Earn Perfect Club for Growth Scores 13:21:25
Web help wanted in Houston 13:14:39
Goldman Sachs Says Gold is done as Gold spikes $35 in two hours of trade 13:13:25
Prison Economy Spirals 13:12:13
New device designed to restore brain functions – via the tongue 13:07:42
Rand Paul on Hannity last night (video) 13:05:46
Wireless charging of electric buses to be put to real world test in Germany 13:02:26
WFH House incorporates shipping containers into a modular building system 13:00:00
Why Is Obama Going To Israel?: To Tell Netanyahu U.S. Gearing Up To Strike Iran By June 12:55:15
Just A Friendly Reminder 12:26:38
Mountain man vs. the government 12:09:39
New video of Russian meteorite emerges 12:08:52
How the Fed Could Fix the Economy—and Why It Hasn’t 12:06:06
Meet the Clintons: Agents of the New World Order 12:04:40
Why Should Taxpayers Give Big Banks $83 Billion a Year? 12:00:45
Supreme Court won't allow challenge to surveillance law 11:58:43
Looking For Opinions 11:55:34
Hearing @ 12:30 TODAY for anti-NDAA in Mi 11:51:55
911: The Fallout Is Still Falling 11:47:24
Supreme Court won't allow challenge to surveillance law 11:41:06
Michael: I know your busy... but... 11:38:50
Murray Rothbard on John Bolton and Ann Coulter 11:34:13
Supreme Court Won't Allow Challenge To Surveillance Law 11:33:21
SHTF In March: Veteran Law Enforcement Officer Comes Forward To Warn America (Video) 11:09:06
Beautiful Freedom - Stefan Molyneux Answers Stateless Society FAQs 11:00:29
What's the best precious metals custodian / storage companies to go with for an IRA ... 11:00:23
What Statist's think will happen to society without government (0.16 Video Clip) 10:55:50
Household chemicals cause cancer, birth defects, wide range of health issues, WHO study admits 10:36:22
Janet Napolitano-Sequester cuts will make US more vulnerable to terrorist attack (LOL) 10:35:04
#LibertyIsRising 10:30:31
Chris Matthews Offers To Help Hillary's 2016 Campaign: 'We'll Get You In There' - VIDEO 10:26:15
Obama's Paycheck EXEMPTED From 'Sequester' 10:11:16
Liberty is Rising Ben Swann #LibertyIsRising 10:05:25
Working for Ron Paul (Lew Rockwell interviews Two Members of Ron Paul's Congressional Staff) 10:03:13
Waking Dreams End Unpleasantly 09:57:34
U.S.-EU Trade Deal is the Foundation For a New Global Economic Order 09:54:40
I Hope You're Ready: 'The SELL - OFF Today Is The Start - Not The End' 10:41:17
US farmers flood fields with dangerous poison to fight Monsanto superweeds 09:22:00
Texas public school students don burqas, learn that Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters 08:07:55
Trusts Offer a Legal Loophole for Buying Restricted Guns 08:00:22
"The Last Free Place in America" Slab City, USA - Living Without Laws 07:03:21
Gun Confiscation And Registration Alert 2-26-13 06:49:34
When “War is Peace“Peace Prizes” Awarded to War Criminals 06:14:36
US Worst Place To Live? 09:12:38
Ron Paul endorsed Liberty Leah Cole poses with Freedom hating Republican leader, Bruce Tarr 05:59:12
Bill unveiled to legalize medical pot 05:53:38
Hey did you guys see this? Daily Show Drone Strike 05:28:33
Fixed Video Link - Morgan Freeman Should be Permanently Forbidden from Joining the Liberty Movement etc. 05:14:24
Paper Money "Kaput" ? Gold rush in Europe as crisis deepens: you think Europe isn't stacking ? Some PMs Biz Folks look happy ! 05:05:26
Should Chicago Libertarians Support LeAlan Jones (G) for Congress? 04:53:13
Shotgun Joe Biden Epic Fail 04:05:34
YAL this weekend? 03:59:14
Dance 03:57:42
Gold, Silver, Stock Forecast, February 25, 2013 - and the NASDAQ Got Slapped today... 03:56:33
How to Avoid Rape 03:31:39
Revolution Car Badges, Defense Distributed, and Silver Circle on Freedom's Phoenix - 02/26/13 - 8a-11a CST 03:05:10
Flobots - Iraq (VIDEO) 02:49:15
50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam That Is About To Collapse 01:54:07
4 Police Officers Brutally Beat Down Suspect Instead of Making Arrest 01:48:20
NRL scientists produce densest artificial ionospheric plasma clouds using HAARP 01:47:35
Chris Christie will not be invited to CPAC 01:44:15
Ultra-Ever Dry hydrophobic coating repels almost any liquid 01:28:09
The Money Fix - A Documentary for Monetary Reform 01:20:52
Skyflash: Jetman-like wings designed to allow ground take off 01:15:15
Tom Ridge: 'Climate change is a national security threat' 01:03:32
Video: Pharmacist Ben Reveals the Secrets to Staying Healthy in a Fast Food World 00:23:52
Going to the convention! 12:29:47
New Term (American English) Have You Been Droned? 00:11:33
Joe Biden Firearm instruction video, "Buy a Shotgun". This is pretty good. 00:11:15
Hilarious SNL Mockery of the Hagel Confirmation Hearing Puts NBC in Hot Water with the ADL! 06:46:36
Raimondo: Who Funds the War Party? 12:55:04