Posted on February 27, 2013

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Video: Ron Paul Supporter & Pizzeria Owner on CNN's Piers Morgan Last Night 18:35:09
Stop complaining to the police about the guy with the loud music upstairs or the pot smokers next door. 16:57:35
Without Love nothing exists 20:54:34
Justin Amash on Sequester: 'These are not devastating cuts' 16:27:56
Judge Discards Video Evidence of Philadelphia Cop Sucker Punching Puerto Rican Woman - VIDEO 16:05:52
EYEWITNESS: "Yes, The Nazis Did Confiscate Our Guns" 14:41:30
Sequester: Senate GOP Ponders Ceding Power to President Obama! 14:17:03
Fishy's Rocket Mass Heater Build - Part 1 15:58:16
Forbes: Bernanke's Blind QE Worship Amounts To Faith-Based Economics 15:00:04
"V" Burning Rubber in the Ron Paul Liberty Corvette 15:55:12
My son's interview on The Young Turks yesterday... 08:58:41
Washington Man Arrested For Having A Green Tongue 12:33:19
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Update: City of Austin goes off the deep end 23:50:51
A Gift To The NRA: Obamacare Amendment Forbids Gun and Ammo Registration 23:47:47
Zerohedge: Obama's budget has one small missing piece, 6.3 Trillion dollars 23:44:31
Conservative Justices Question Need For Voting Law 23:34:22
Is The MSM About To Turn On Obama? 23:31:17
Bob Woodward is getting shut down by the Goverment media complex, here is how to make it a big story. This is HUGE 23:27:20
What Does the March 1st "Sequester," Have In Common With Ron Paul? 23:04:49
Video Update - Bob Woodward: Obama Is Showing 'a Kind Of Madness I Haven't Seen In A Long Time' 22:54:54
US Senator Calls on Washington to Provide Ammo for Syrian Militants 22:34:06
15 Things You Need to Know About the Sequester 22:12:33
"The Golden Rule" - Really Touching 22:05:45
Sequester vs. The Real Economic Collapse 21:56:32
Tony Blair: "It will take a generation to make Iraq safer than it was in 2003" 21:51:19
Senate approves Lew as new Treasury chief; 71-26 21:48:28
Video Update: Feinstein Restates Vow To Grab "Personal Pleasure" Firearms From All Americans 21:48:15
America's Biggest Election Fraud 21:48:01
Live Stream of NY Safe Act Repeal Lobby Day and Rally 11AM ET 2/28 21:20:15
Signs of intelligent life found in VERY hostile environment - between Palin's ears. 21:02:07
Jack Hunter on the Glenn Beck Show. 21:00:25
Smart 13 year old boy comes up with a way to foil lions. 20:58:07
Billionaire unveils new 'Titanic II' cruise ship design 20:54:30
The Tyranny of Convenience 20:52:54
The Real Threat to Rand Paul 2016?! 20:46:24
Ron Paul - Imagine 20:34:42
Glenn Beck Pleads Libertarians To Welcome Newcomers 20:21:24
Boycott these three firearm brands 20:15:12
True or False? Georgia GOP Senate Candidate says he votes exactly like Ron Paul 20:06:22
Former US prosecutors switch sides to defend accused Colombian traffickers 19:52:00
Larry Flynt's Wild Life: Porn, Politics and Penile Implants 19:27:53
Ron Paul Endorses Curtis Coleman for Governor of Arkansas 19:05:59
"Times are tough " 18:56:12
DOJ Admits Political Persecution of Aaron Swartz 18:51:03
Why do you think Obama picked Hagel? 18:48:05
The Brain & Pineal Gland Of The Orion Constellation 18:38:22
Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-4) House Judiciary Committee Hearing: Drones and the War on Terror 18:36:43
6th! 18:32:46
Alaska passes HB 69 or Alaska’s Second Amendment Preservation Act 18:24:30
VIDEO: Sheriff Ken Campbell of Boone County, IN, demonstrates the Imbecility of 'Hi-Cap' Magazine Ban! 18:24:09
I got a sign today. 17:54:57
Congress Keeps Funding Little-Used Airports 17:49:13
Impeach Them All (Again) 17:39:15
Santelli on gold: "for the Ayn Rand'ers, if the financial world comes to an end,..." 17:36:30
Rand Paul: I'm Getting Kind Of Annoyed At The President Scaring People About The Sequester 17:01:13
Bitcoin at Free State Project Event - VIDEO 16:41:35
US Supreme Court leans towards striking part of Voting Rights Act 16:41:02
Ron Paul Interview: "The New Ron Paul Era" 16:39:32
In retirement, Ron Paul keeps heat on Bernanke 16:36:57
Corporate shill Marco Rubio cozies up to big banks and corporations 16:25:06
Graph it: The Sequester relative to total spending... 16:20:52
Better than Dr. Carson, Eric Metaxas Speaks Truth to Power at the National Prayer Breakfast. 16:04:51
All we need is LOVE 15:59:13
Love your pets... care for all animals 15:40:21
Judging Rand Paul: Not Just the Distance of the Apple from the Tree 15:35:02
Bill Gates Continues 'God's Work', Third World Vaccine Workers Shot Dead 15:33:26
Fox News: Handguns Are Weapons of Mass Destruction 16:32:26
Video Update: Sen. Rand Paul On America's Morning Newsroom / Fox News - 2-27-13 15:15:54
Ben Carson to speak at CPAC 15:12:26
Federal Equal Protection Lawsuit against Progressive Tax Rates. 14:56:17
New York's 'Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act' Passed In January Effectively Outlaws Most Firearms in The State 14:31:11
Recycled plastic waste to fuel Sydney to London Cessna flight 14:22:50
Lineup for by-election in the UK tomorrow 14:14:44
Obama's DOJ Targets Religious Freedom, Again 14:11:29
Retired General Tells Biden: Military Can Help With Gun Control Agenda - VIDEO 14:10:35
Wheat and endometriosis 14:07:52
Ecuador implements food price controls 14:04:33
Senate GOP ponders ceding power to President Obama 14:00:06
It's Deja Vu All Over Again! Obama, Top Lawmakers To Meet Friday on Budget Cuts 13:50:39
Lawmakers tell Facebook to Remove Sandy Hook Tribute Pages 13:47:37
Epic debate between Peter Schiff and John Mauldin 13:45:19
Private flyby mission to Mars to be announced today. Live Stream: 1PM EST 13:30:07
Boehner would lose Speakership if tax hikes go through 13:00:24
The power of the individual knows no bounds. 12:47:18
Hannity: "I am not a Republican" - Sean Hannity spars with Rep. Keith Ellison video 12:35:57
Fantastic letter to Congress about Obamacare from "I refuse to be your co-dependent" 12:25:47
Ron Paul Statement on Bernanke Hearing 2/27/2013 12:22:15
Are there any good vaccines? 12:19:46
I signed up with Connecticut Against Gun Violence 11:58:40
Ron Paul Website Battle 11:45:06
Cops: Man Arrested Calling 9-11 Nine Times trying To Order Cheeseburgers 11:22:28
Live Stream: Bernanke Testifies on the Hill - 10 am ET 10:50:25
Gun Buyback for Beyoncé Tickets 10:45:26
Gun Control - A Look at Both Sides - My Take 10:31:47
Last Nights Coast To Coast: Man From Maine Says Government Preparing For Planet X.. 10:30:47
Incognito government contact 09:22:39
Guy from near Sandy Hook shot at Aurora while on anti-gun crusade. No, really. 08:59:02
Bruno Maisonnier: Dance, tiny robots! 08:52:16
So Now The Push For The Gun Ban Begins In Switzerland - Look For More Mass Shootings USA Style 08:37:45
Astronomers Calculate Russian Meteorite's Orbit, Find It Has 80 Million Cousins 08:09:38
Detained For Silence: The Return of McCarthyism 08:05:29
Inactive bank accounts to be seized in Australia 08:03:12
Spontaneous human combustion: A fire in the belly 08:00:55
Ironic, My Prediction Has Gone Viral 06:29:27
Mortgage Crisis Lawsuits Could Bring Hundreds Of Billions In Losses For Big Banks 05:52:16
Best interview ever. 04:29:14
guns for groceries 03:56:35
Solar Silver Thrust, Soaring Demand from PV Panels: If Oil Skyrockets As FRN Collapses, Will We Only Be Able To Afford The SUN?! 03:20:38
Unleash Independence on The American Complaint Department 03:06:26
Times of Israel: Obama to Tell Netanyahu US Readying for Iran Strike 02:15:29
NEW - Founder of Unleash Independence Defends Assault Rifles on The American Complaint Department 02:02:20
Rockefellers - Full Documentary 11:20:31
The Rockefeller Medical Monopoly - Eustace Mullins 01:37:38
The Most Terrifying Drone Video Yet 01:32:08
Only 48 People Oppose Summary Executions. Death Star more popular than human life. 01:24:47
Ben Swan Reality Check: VP Biden, “No law abiding citizens fears 2nd amendment infringement” (VIDEO) 01:08:51
Sequester in a few minutes... 00:57:16
Ever wonder who your state electors actually are? See here... 00:50:54
You have to see this! 00:38:29
Does Libertarianism Sometimes Contradict the Constitution? 00:24:28
How to use Turmeric for Health 00:13:11
"I have here in my hand..." Ted Cruz and The New Republican McCarthyism 10:57:30