Posted on February 28, 2013

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"...I Expected The American People To Rise Up. They Didn't." 20:00:27
Just Watched Police And Fire Dept 'Wake Up' Two Of My Neighbors 17:53:56
In the war for our minds, truth just edged out propaganda 18:04:48
The City of Detroit to be Taken Over by the State 16:07:53
Responding to anti-Muslim hatred at gun rally 14:16:11
Hagel: US ‘Can’t Dictate to the World’ 22:00:52
Greenwald: Supreme Court shields warrantless eavesdropping law from constitutional challenge 17:39:39
It's Official, The Fourth Amendment Is Dead 13:19:08
Bradley Manning Pleads Not Guilty To Aiding The Enemy 13:12:24
Idaho proposal would make all adults militia members. 12:13:44
Michele Bachmann DRILLS Bernanke Wed 2/27/13... 09:43:23
Budget Cuts Could Force Army and Marines to Cut 200,000 Troops 04:19:00
Review of "Going to Tehran": Former Insiders Criticize Iran Policy as U.S. Hegemony 09:31:34
Bill Gross Warns of Fed Easing 'Irrational Exuberance Has Unduly Escalated Asset Values' 10:26:42
Beretta Is Asking For Our Help 07:47:24
White House Threatens Journalist Bob Woodward 02:05:21
Rep. Pearce to Bernanke "They understand the creation of money out of thin air depreciates what they have" 09:42:23
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The Glenn Beck Question 23:59:50
Liberty and the Cosmological Argument for God 23:56:32
'Mountain Man' Fights County For Control Of His Private Land 23:52:31
"Can't make this up" Part deux - Obama admin claims sky is falling donate now! 23:37:51
Libertarian UK Independence Party Strong 2nd in Parliament by-election! 23:37:48
Video - Meet the German President 23:34:07
Who Does Barack Obama Think He Is, Ron Paul? 23:29:55
Tennesse 23:26:21
White House Rand Paul Made Marco Rubio Look Establishment 23:21:34
Illegal Israeli mall workers drawing attention from U.S. law enforcement 23:18:31
Ukip Gets 2nd ! 23:17:01
Judge Napolitano February 28, 2013 22:57:14
John Stossel: government programs, are they real, or fake? 22:55:28
Video: Who pays for the out of control U.S. Spending? 22:54:59
Woman At Trayvon Martin Rally Says She'd Rather Be Murdered Than Use a Gun in Self-Defense 22:53:50
Judge Napolitano's question about the sequester 22:51:44
Gov’t Requesting Record Amount of Google Email Data: Judge Napolitano Explains Why You Should Be ‘Aggravated About This’ 22:42:35
The United States of Austerity: America is facing an uncertain future 22:23:27
1971 the U.S Rejects the Gold Standard! 22:15:31
KRAUTHAMMER: Obama 'overshot' sequester consequences, only left out 'pestilence, earthquake, brimstone and plague - VIDEO 22:04:08
Impressive Video of a Young Girl Shooting Like a BOSS 21:59:45
Firearms Refresher Course 21:50:48
Copyright Alert System in Affect! ISP's Become Copyright Police! 21:35:07
Scientists Create 'Superbrain' by Connecting Thoughts of Two Rats 21:27:30
Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment 21:24:31
video: Federal Reserve 1913 The Fed is Created, The Birth of a Debtor Nation. 21:21:20
170 MILLION Jobs to be Cut with Sequestration 21:18:14
deleted post 21:18:13
At the Brink of Dictatorship... 21:17:57
1 Million Man March To Free Bradley Manning 21:01:32
New Telescopic Discovery: Distant Gargantuan 'Black Hole' Spins Near Speed Of Light 20:59:37
Women Take Joe Biden's 'Buy a Shotgun!' Advice 20:28:34
Ask Bush and Obama Where Your Jobs Went America! 20:16:37
Retired Mass Murderers Demand A Plan! 20:11:13
What does the TEA party look like 20:01:03
Is it time to learn from spiders? 19:59:13
Why all the love for Grover Cleveland? 19:54:46
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. 19:50:02
Supermarket shelves are predominantly owned by just 10 huge companies 19:39:51
Reported 7% Decline in 2012 Afghan Taliban Attacks Was A Data Entry Error. (Oops!) 19:12:10
Reasons not to trust Glenn Beck 23:33:03
Why Do Americans Keep Congressmen On The Job Who WiIl Make Us Poor? 18:27:18
Playhouse Presents: The Man - a very interesting tv episode. Watch it if you've got 25 minutes! 18:15:03
When Gun Confiscation Starts. How Will a Rebellion Play Out Nationwide? 18:10:56
A Military Coup In America? Brother Nathanael Speaks About the Possibility of It Happening Soon. 18:08:55
Heated Federal Gun Law Nullification Arguments in the Tennessee State Senate Judiciary Committee 17:49:11
Federal Reserve going bankrupt 17:48:03
This Is How You Resist 17:32:17
Bernanke Claims Fed Bankruptcy Is Irrelevant 17:23:39
Gov’t Requesting Record Amount of Google Email Data: Judge Napolitano Explains Why You Should Be ‘Aggravated About This’ 17:14:28
This Absolutely Must Be Watched. 17:01:48
The Glenn Beck/Jack Hunter FAIL! *VIDEO* 16:50:20
What's up with GLP? 16:34:54
NY Supreme Court Considers SAFE Act Injunction 16:32:11
A break from politics today: Jiminy Glick interviews Bill Maher 16:28:34
Is Ron Paul an anarchist? I don't think so, but... 16:23:21
Sequestration? More Like Celebration! Auto Budget Cuts Are A Reason to Party 16:15:42
"End the Life of Adam" - On police audio the day of Sandy Hook 15:51:47
600,000 rounds of ammo for small Sheriff dept in MI. 15:46:53
Where to get junk silver? 15:45:00
RMFAO - Humorous: Women Take Joe Biden's 'Buy A Shotgun!' Advice 15:41:28
Objective Met: DHS Has Become the ‘Civilian National Security Force’ Candidate Obama Promised in 2008 15:31:15
The Talking Centipede 15:25:58
Libertarians Must Stand Together on Copyright 15:25:25
1945 15:11:18
The truth about assault weapons bans and background checks 15:03:23
REPORT: Texas Moves To Forcibly Inoculate Children 14:53:05
Alex Jones Jr Exposes Obama 14:44:58
Beyonce Superbowl Ritual Satanic? You be the judge. 14:39:41
Advice needed 14:32:30
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: 'We Actually Benefit From Downturns" 14:29:19
Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty to Spilling Government Secrets; Will Serve 20 Years in Prison 14:27:59
Top DHS Checkpoint Refusals - VIDEO 14:18:09
Washington Supreme Court Strikes Down Two - Thirds Majority Requirement To Pass Tax Increases 14:11:45
5 Nuclear Carriers Into Harbor For “Routine Inspections…’This Is Definitely A Problem’ 14:04:38
Indiana Sheriff Ken Campbell Demonstrates The "High - capacity" Magazine Argument Is A Load of Bunkum - VIDEO 14:03:57
New Cars Increasingly Out of Reach for Many Americans 13:41:44
AUDIO: Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Legislation To EXEMPT Film Industry 13:37:03
the Organic Review: FDA Petitioning to Hide Aspartame in our Dairy 13:30:44
mental illness is a bug 13:29:35
The Army Doesn't Want You To See The Results of It's Shady PDST Probe 13:28:23
A government without taxes? 13:15:20
silver for cancer and much more 13:10:48
Movie stars and cops are exempt in New York 13:07:19
The Sinking Of The Titanic And The Us Federal Reserve 12:59:05
John Stuart & Julien Heicklen on AUN Call TONIGHT! 12:34:57
Food Fight - Excellent New Song about Industry Control of Food 12:24:35
The Growing Tyranny of the Political Elite 12:24:01
Rubio Says It Is Time to Provide Ammunition to Syrian "Rebels." I say it is time to Expose this NeoCon Fool. 11:57:19
Sandy Hook - The Smoking Gun? 11:53:39
Traitor McDonnell conspires w/ McAuliffe to Bribe Democrats with ObamaCare for 6.1 Bln Tax Hike in VA 11:52:22
Nys Gun Rally 2/28/2013 Live Stream 11:49:18
Dp'ers... This Man Needs Our Help! Please Watch For Liberty! 11:34:51
U.S. Economy Grew 0.1% in Fourth Quarter 11:29:21
Billionaires dumping stocks like they're going out of style (including bank stocks). 11:27:53
Dr. Ben Carson will speak at CPAC after stealing spotlight from President Obama 11:22:10
delete 11:04:59
Bitcoins over $40 and still Rising! Here is why it will go to $100 11:04:02
Rand Paul's Third Letter To The CIA: " Can You Kill With Drones In The USA?" 23:01:34
Sequester: Rand's alternative sequester strategy 10:59:44
The Breakdown of Law and Order: " We Can't Depend on The Police Department" - VIDEO 10:43:30
Michael Copland at TED: "We're Setting Ourselves Up For Disaster, Like We Did With The Financial System" 10:07:05
When Ron Endorses Rand in 2016? 10:02:21
Waco: 20 years ago, in memoriam Federal Agents honor THEIR dead 09:03:41
Update on Jim Uprichard 08:50:50
Louisiana sinkhole update - situation continues to get worse. 08:48:53
Pharma cuts Greece off pharmaceuticals. 08:32:05
Compilations of DHS checkpoint refusals:) 08:31:32
Photos of HAARP generated plasma rings 08:11:50
Little over a week until Ron Paul comes to Canada 08:10:11
States Seek "Ag-Gag" Laws to Silence Farm Whistleblowers 04:29:21
A break from politics today: Jiminy Glick interview Jon Stewart 03:41:02
John Stossel: Leave the gamblers alone 03:37:20
Harvey Golub on Fed Monetary Policy: "We're Creating a Series of Bubbles" 03:34:08
Judge Napolitano this week 03:30:39
Nigel Farage thinks it's revolution time 09:36:35
"Can't make this up!" Obama's latest fund raising letter. 03:25:16
They Want To Tag Us Before They Bag Us 03:17:08
Campaign Pranks 02:55:59
Press release: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear an emergency petition for a Writ of mandamus for expedited Default Judgment 02:53:47
Cop goes absolutely nuts when driver refuses search 02:47:20
Hillary Clinton will be President for Third Time. 02:36:29
Breitbart - Frontpage Woodwardgate! 02:05:20
Out-of-control Police pointed loaded guns at reporters, bicyclists, pedestrians and bystanders in CA during Dorner manhunt 01:58:30
Double Decked Aircraft...Top Class 01:14:25
Silver/Gold Prices 01:04:15
Hannity and Congress Critter Rip it Up! 00:55:23
Top DHS checkpoint refusals 00:54:40
"Unfixable" : Chris Martenson's presentation at the Gold & Silver Meeting in Madrid 00:45:05
Mary Landrieu thinks raising taxes is like getting a second job 00:44:40
I Love These! Law Student SCHOOLS Policeman On His Gun Rights 00:43:50
Video Update: Bob Woodward Threatened By Senior White House Official In E-mail 00:27:29
Glenn Beck: How Do We Bring Libertarians Together ? 00:24:24
Sarah Palin: Feds ‘stockpiling bullets’ to use against us (Navigate: Politico) 00:15:31
Why the Woodward drama is a FAIL 00:14:34
Howard Dean said Obamacare should've been "killed" (video) 00:02:25