Posted on March 1, 2013

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Did the Mainstream Media Fail Bradley Manning? 20:38:44
Ron Paul: Sequester Is Just A Fear Tactic - CNBC 3/1/2013 19:28:45
Judge Napolitano on 'Assassination courts' proposed by a group of senators 20:06:00
Don't pee your pants! 23:32:35
Rand Paul Talks To Glenn Beck About His Vote For Hagel 17:08:16
People ARE waking up, they just don't recognize it yet. 14:15:42
Iowa On Verge Of Legalizing Raw Milk; Resistance To Food Tyranny Is Rising 09:43:04
CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Begins Jail Sentence 09:10:28
Collateral Murder Revisited: One day, the guys getting killed might be you. 04:35:30
Weekend Dancing: Michael Jackson. Here's to Bradley Manning 03:54:23
"...We are Going to Have A Little Meeting About Who Turns That Light On Or Off" 04:46:27
The Granger is in Sacramento 22:33:31
Bradley Manning: "Americans had a right to know the true cost of war." 05:10:12
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Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany 23:58:45
The Sequester Ate My Cat and Other Tales 23:55:48
Paper (Fiat) Money Leads to Economic Disaster! 23:53:14
68 Year - Old Vietnam Vet. Without Any Felony Charges, Denied Second Amendment Right - VIDEO 23:51:51
Gimme Back My Bullets 23:27:26
Mike Maloney's Latest Video : "Hidden Secrets of Money" (Episode 1) Be Prepared for the Greatest Crisis of Mankind 23:24:46
Oklahoma 4th Amendment Rally 23:21:09
Dis-Info Filter for Google Searches! 23:20:08
If An Obama Sequester Fell In The Forest 23:16:10
What Pisses You Off The Most? 22:53:24
The United States, A Nation in Debt 22:49:26
Columbine Survivor, Big Pharma Whistleblower was drugged & jailed 22:42:43
Real World Self Defense Tips for Women 22:32:59
Weekend Watching- What & Why In the World are they Spraying (both vid's) 22:32:57
The Dollar in Crisis! 22:17:34
Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Achieved What No U.S. Politicians Could Ever Do: Talk With North Korea 22:07:00
GeoEngineering- John Massaria interviews Dane Wigington Be AWARE (not good) 21:59:02
One People's Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Government For Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems 21:02:01
I Won't Back Down - Police state video 20:53:04
AJ Talks With Rocker and Second Amendment Advocate Ted Nugent 20:46:38
Kokesh: Welcome to liberty, Glenn Beck 20:35:48
Report: Iraqi forces attack FSA positions inside Syria 20:32:55
Dr. Paul's "Plea for Sanity" on CNBC (Video) 20:30:27
MI’s Second District: Fanning the Flames of Liberty 20:28:05
USDA is considering opening a horse meat slaughter plant in New Mexico 20:21:07
Arab Dictatorship Tries to become First Non-NATO Government to Buy U.S. Drones 20:19:51
A noble soul has passed away 20:11:11
A break from politics today: Jiminy Glick interviews Steve Martin 20:09:10
Ron Paul: If Gold Isn't Money, Why Are Central Banks Buying It Up? 19:44:58
Political Impasse in the Wake of Italy Elections. Corrupt EU Power Elites Challenged 19:38:15
Your greatest joy? 23:35:57
Learn about Bitcoins! 19:20:50
Prehistoric Man Had Much Healthier Teeth and Gums than Modern Humans 18:59:12
The Young Turks: "why Is Bradley Manning Pleading Guilty? 18:56:57
Colion Noir on Guns 18:41:23
Cleveland Co. Sheriff Says He Won't Enforce Government Instituted Gun Ban 18:24:37
Update – 5 Nuclear Carriers Into Harbor For “Routine Inspections…’This Is Definitely A Problem’ 18:01:15
Why Would Israeli Children Wear This Costume to Celebrate Purim? 17:56:25
The Grassroots Say The Fight For 2016 Begins Now 17:54:00
Simon Black: Bernanke-speak 17:50:38
100 round magazine for AR - 15! 17:39:37
Programs That Should Be Cut - But Won’t Be Cut - From The Federal Budget 17:22:54
Governor declares financial emergency in Detroit 17:15:06
Mayor Bloomberg: Don't worry, US has infinite amount of money 17:09:49
Former Soros Fund Manager sees "storm ahead bigger than 08" 16:47:29
CHINA Fur Trade Electrocutes, Skins, Strangles 16:45:35
URGENT! Governments new approach to take over the Internet! 16:41:41
Republic or Empire? 16:27:00
Say what? No wonder people turn to the internet over tv for news. 15:59:18
New NAGR ad targets NRA endorsed Senator Joe Manchin 15:59:04
I'm sick of NASA. I'm sick of PBS. I'm sick of the Scientific Royalty. 15:56:04
Top DHS checkpoint refusals 15:44:20
Marbury v Madison 15:42:27
In case anyone's interested in a One-Day Grassroots Leadership School in NY 15:39:55
How Many Of Us Are Prepared to "Rise Up" and How Much of This Talk is Just That - Talk 15:37:22
Bradley Manning is Free? 15:27:33
Rand needs our help on Facebook; regarding Hagel vote 15:24:25
justin raimondo speaks 14:44:23
Global warming debunked - lots of information to go through 14:38:41
Rights Group Sues Big Sis Over Internet "Kill Switch" 14:17:24
Congress is Incompetent. 14:07:52
Smoke A Joint, Get an WH ObamaPass. Sell A Gun to Someone Who Smokes A Joint, Get 20 Years In The Big House 14:03:06
My attempt at a radio commercial, please give me your thoughts? 13:52:38
Feinstein on Piers Morgan: "Bad Things Happen" Because of 2nd Amendment and Gun Culture - VIDEO 13:50:09
The tragic family background of Barack Obama 13:44:44
Duplicate Post - Deleted 13:39:29
BPA Damages Cell Function, Found In Fetuses At High Level 13:24:26
Would you believe the God of the Bible if you knew the Bible were true? 13:20:36
Rand Paul: Sequester Doesn't Cut Enough - Stossel 2/28/2013 13:07:20
Is Ron Paul an anarchist? Yes, but... 13:05:15
Now The First Amendment! Obama Signed In Secrecy That Free Speech Is Felony 12:56:12
Sandy Hook: You can change Vimeo dates but you can't change tweet loads more. 12:43:19
Girls Gone is Gone; GGW, LLC declares bankruptcy - 12:39:43
The Problem with Self-Ownership 12:39:34
Marc Victor For Congress! Help this RP Patriot 12:37:58
Assault Weapons Ban Could Hurt Military, Police 12:28:19
Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to? 12:19:31
Kim Kardashian Harlem Booty Shake (trust me on this one and watch) 12:11:35
Shock! $307 Billion paid to Africa while America goes over cliff 12:03:53
Rand Paul: Action hero, or political performance artist? 12:02:43
OK experts, What is this? 11:59:26
Behold A Pale Horse DVD Special buy 5 or more$15.00 each 11:52:51
Sen. Rand Paul appears on Fox Business' Stossel Show - 2/28/13 11:46:18
European Commission Announces "Full Engagement" In Agenda 21 11:38:11
Sequester Friday - Sequester Edition 11:36:55
BLOOMBERG: Consumer Spending in U.S. Climbs Even As Taxes Hurt Income 11:25:23
Great Britain: Taco Bell Now Serving Horsemeat To Customers 11:19:08
“Common Sense… the Re-mix” A redirected and modern interpretation of snippets from Thomas Paine. 11:11:32
Rand Paul: Action hero, or political performance artist? 11:05:33
Hilarious! LAPD sings We Didn't Start The Fire in response to Chris Dorner accusations 11:02:59
Other Books 10:48:03
How to make a "criminal" even if the law says he isn't 10:44:57
Will Americans be sold more of what they do not need? 10:02:53
DHS Censors Information About Firearms 09:36:54
Fiscal Cliff... Sequestration... Whammy Kablammy? 09:36:37
A Ponzi Scheme Is 09:22:43
Man missing, brother rescued after giant sinkhole appears under house near Tampa 08:49:09
Warmonger Zionist Beck Presses Rand on Hagel Vote 07:52:34
Are we being used by the enemy within? 07:46:03
First Correct Answer Wins Whatever I Find Inside My Couch. 07:25:46
21WIRE: Keshe's Free Energy Technology Will Make Today's Military 'Useless' 06:12:41
Gold and Silver Approved as Legal Tender by Arizona Senate 05:45:09
New Mr. Feshamon Gun Control Music Video! 05:39:18
A Regular Guy for the next Pope? 05:03:47
The American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness - Patrea Patrick 03:55:07
The Rand Paul Effect 03:03:32
Jesus said, "The Truth Will Set You Free" - Why the Hate for Bradley Manning? 02:11:12
1863 Video Confederate Troops Marching 01:31:47
December 17: Bradley Manning Day 01:18:09
-Video- Obama Supporter Is Asked "What if someone is trying to kill you?" What Would You Say? 01:09:35
woman receives $5 bill at home, for using "restroom at restaurant, with help from sheriff 00:43:22
Petition to Forgive Piers Morgan for Being Such an Idiot - VIDEO 00:27:57
Video: Amazing Proof of our Innate Power to Heal Ourselves! 00:18:44