Posted on March 2, 2013

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What would you do if you got this letter? 22:19:28
Unreal! High School Student Disarms Gunman, Gets Suspended - Video 21:45:11
The Real Numbers of The Wealthy vs. the Middle Class and the Poor 23:36:35
“The Free State" No More! Maryland Senate Passes Governor O'Malley's Gun Control Bill, Certain to pass the House 16:28:51
VIDEO: Popular Standard Shotgun Could Be Banned Under Proposed Bill 16:23:05
Piers Morgan hits new low with only 87,000 viewers... 14:46:48
The Gatekeepers 14:43:58
Do We Even Need Public Schools Anymore? 11:14:32
A Syrian girl posted this on Facebook: Diane Sawyer in Syria (2007) 10:23:37
Now this is how you settle a trademark dispute! 08:24:57
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Daily Paul, Peace Bitcoins and Love 23:59:57
Gold standard increased unemployment 23:51:57
A song for Michael Nystrom 23:26:23
Wild Horse Slaughters are really just land grabs by the Federal Government 23:24:39
How Do I Know? 'Cause Stephen Hawking Says So 23:04:25
The pivotal point in the upward curve from bondage to liberty is spiritual faith 22:58:23
10th Amendment Center comm. director, Michael Maharrey, testifies before the TN. State Senate Judiciary 22:46:48
what do you guys think of my video response to ben bernanke in the michelle bachmann video? 22:41:48
On Drones 22:34:38
Ron Paul Delegate runs for US Congress 22:28:49
Delete please 17:26:35
Homeland drones to listen in and tell if we are carrying or not. 22:13:28
Come along... 22:02:53
Liberals Shocked when out-debated on the Environment 21:46:44
Is anyone else having problems with YouTube streaming speeds? 21:35:27
Profound Inspiration 21:14:35
I was encouraged by a friend the other day! 20:57:58
Video: Bank Of Dave Fighting The Fat Cats 20:42:56
Look at all the programs I would cut! There are plenty more...I was being nice :) 20:15:27
Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage might join forces 20:02:20
Self indulgent attention getting, political activism.., 19:51:04
Having an online discussion with a progressive- could use your ideas re: social contract, health care 19:48:25
News Link Blast- Economy M2 19:27:42
Print-A-Drone 19:22:17
Random Question About ATM Fees 19:09:49
What's Up w/ Movies These Days? 18:43:02
Deciphering Jewish Intellectual Movements - interview 18:02:59
Julie Borowski on Rand Paul 17:49:47
Nato commander apologises after troops shoot dead Afghan children 17:36:20
Have you seen the new nickels? 17:26:08
Obama's Now Added $6 Trillion to the National Debt 16:41:59
Obama Gives Away 7 Oil-rich Islands to Russia In Secret 16:29:27
TED: Metaphorically Speaking with James Geary - VIDEO 16:11:27
Health Ranger Interviews Morningland Dairy 3/2/13 video 16:04:14
Mayor Bloomberg: "telecommuting is one of the dumber ideas I've ever heard" (video) 15:48:07
Video: Why Rand Paul Went To The Wailing Wall 15:47:55
Now That's Funny! Always choose a memorable password! 15:37:33
Happy Texas Independence Day! 14:52:03
Open letter to online libertarians 14:50:51
Joe Biden says:"buy a shotgun" 14:34:35
Surveillance 14:27:04
Rand Paul: It's not Our Business Where Israelis Build 14:17:56
"Baby" Sweet Brown - Ain't Nobody Got Time For That 14:13:32
Man dragged behind police van in South Africa dies 14:13:19
Moscow! World Billionaire Capital 13:55:39
How Does the Obama Administration Stack Up to Machiavelli's Prince? 13:40:59
Know Your Rights! 13:34:54
Maryland Senate Bill Deals Major Blow to 2nd Amendment 12:42:46
Why The Kennedy Assassination Still Matters Greatly 12:41:47
Peter Schiff: We're Headed for Economic Crisis Worse Than in '07 12:41:45
Connecticut Firefighters Arrested for Sex Slavery 12:38:40
"Crowded Skies" (Cometary Showers) 12:34:11
WOW #2 -All I did is Google "Israel Purim", and this came up... 12:33:24
Who needs the federal government anyways? 12:03:50
Real Id Is There A Lawyer In The House? 12:01:25
Every Sheriff in Florida Pledges to Protect Second Amendment Rights 12:00:44
As the United States Government crumbles John Kerry pressures Egypt to sell its soul to the IMF. 12:00:09
Jfk And Ufos 11:56:24
TSA: Hiring freeze could double checkpoint waits 11:49:44
One of the greatest videos ever - oldie but goodie 11:42:13
US Personal Income Declines $505.5 Billion as Inflation Rises 11:36:28
Why the creation of the Federal Reserve was the absolute WORST thing that ever happened to America 11:14:22
The Day the Oceans Boiled 10:38:40
Russia Today - Fija Will Send You Free Jury Nullification Propaganda. 09:34:39
Injunction May Be Issued on New York Gun Law, Thousands Rally in State’s Capital 08:53:08
Domestic terrorists strike Turner Oregon 08:28:02
A right to life, or no right to life? 08:27:54
Will she buy YOU dinner? 08:25:39
WOW! All of these Pictures are Computer Generated - 07:51:48
Chicago School Board approves sex education program for kindergarten 07:37:29
Obama called (again) on Gun Hypocrisy 06:39:50
Does Jesus Have the Right to Sue? 05:19:38
Episode 30 of Voices of Reason is Now Available! 04:38:55
John Stossel and Kennedy: Clueless on Campus 04:31:25
Harlem Shake? 04:22:12
Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary.We Are Vibrational Beings 03:50:00
Man Convicted of Gun Charges Among 17 Pardoned by Obama on Friday 3-1-2013 03:19:06
15 year old exposes federal reserve corruption 03:02:11
No Charges for Cop Who Threatened Gun Owner With Murder 02:50:07
Anger is good if you can control it! 02:43:13
Top 1o Guiltiest Dogs 02:19:32
Neil Armstrong - Funny Story 02:01:57
The Most Openly and Transparently Thin - Skinned Administration in History 01:48:16
16 Year Old Testivies on Nullification of NDAA Bill 01:27:35
President Obama Named ‘Firearms Salesman Of The Year’ By New Hampshire Gun Shop - Video 01:27:23
Massive Ice Balls Attracting Attention Along Lake Michigan - VIDEO 01:16:40
Internet Sales Tax Emerges As Next Republican Fissure 01:16:23
New York Mayor Bloomberg: Don't Panic Over Sequester, USA Has 'Infinite Amount of Money' 01:03:10
Reason/Rupe Poll: Public Puts Hillary Clinton Far Ahead of 2016 Contenders - Ron Paul gets honorable mention (tied for 3rd w 2%) 00:58:25
AP Exclusive: DHS Releases Over 2,000 Immigrants 00:55:03
Why Bitcoin will jump to $100-$200 over the next 6-12 months. 00:47:09
Taylor Swift Promotes New 7 -Up with High Frutose Corn Syrup and Aspertame - VIDEO 00:35:39
Defending Gun Rights With Civil Disobedience 00:20:54
BIDEN: I Know 'gruesome' details from Sandy Hook That I Can't Share - VIDEO 00:17:26
VIDEO - Obama Bites! It's So Trendy To Be A Sheep 00:04:58