Posted on March 4, 2013

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No Budget Cuts Here: US Boosts War Role in Africa 23:58:55
Masked Cops Raid Home of Terminally Ill Medical Marijuana Patient 22:23:05
Judge Napolitano on Taxes: Unless A Financial Transaction Is Voluntary It's Theft 21:45:36
Aspirin Use Linked To Blindness In The Elderly 20:04:26
Justin Amash: Young Libertarians Should Work Inside the GOP 21:39:43
Montana House Votes 98-0 To Approve Anti-NDAA Bill 17:41:34
Can't Believe What I Heard from a Little Old Lady Today! 17:13:21
Part I Of Justin Raimondo's Speech At California GOP In Sacramento: The Libertarian Republican Heritage 14:04:15
"Bicycles are bad for environment, and need to be taxed" 13:09:14
Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile 11:58:55
Michael Scheuer: The Rise of Homegrown Terrorism 10:43:06
Gun Owner Is Arrested After Having His Home Illegally Searched 10:20:10
Obama and Bernanke star in "Dumb and Dumber 3" 10:19:35
15 Year Old Invents Early Detection for Pancreatic Cancer- Costs 3 Cents! 09:22:19
What Homeschoolers Are Missing Out On Lately 00:47:41
St. Louis Area Cancer Cluster Due to Secret Airport Radioactive Cache that Leaked into Creek. 00:45:55
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Why sex is a 'better headache cure rather than painkillers' 23:58:32
... 23:45:33
Sandy Hook question 23:01:23
We need to stop posting 22:56:28
Public Service Announcement 22:44:18
Pfc. Bradley E. Manning's Statement 22:26:34
Worst Income Drop In 20 Years Shows Austerity Arrived Long Before The Sequester 22:23:55
Roseanne Barr says to prepare with guns, food/gardens, vitamins & water 22:22:22
Should the United States be split up? 22:22:14
China’s $3.3 Trillion FX Reserves Could Buy All World’s Gold Twice 22:20:31
Joke Of The Day: What's Black and White and Red All Over? 22:20:00
Budget Cuts Could Pull Navy Out of The War on Drugs 22:06:15
You can be Whatever you want When you're high 21:59:59
Koch Whore: WI Governor Scott Walker Caught On Tape Selling Out 21:40:38
We need to stop anti government posting. 21:40:22
Need Readers/Editors for Liberty Fiction Book 21:34:25
So What's With All The Sinkholes? 21:21:23
Benny's Fast Getaway 21:00:25
A Drone? A Really Big Bird? A UFO? What Did Alitalia Pilot See Near JFK? 20:54:03
Obama, Congress Must Reach Deal On Budget By March 1, And Then April 1, And Then April 20, And Then April 28, And Then May 1 20:47:15
Deer Warning 20:40:42
Ron Paul is at George Washington University Today- Anyone Have Updates? 20:40:27
Ron Paul web commercial 20:39:27
Dr. Paul Hammering Away In Canada 20:26:50
Obama; closet Muslim or Israeli puppet? 20:15:57
Maybe this is what he saw in his vision? 20:11:24
I See Freedom! 19:54:47
Fannie and Freddie To Merge Select Operations 19:53:29
March 13th, 2013 with Congressman Amash - Will There Be A Huge Turnout? 19:46:55
We Are Bradley Manning 19:42:54
Justin Amash to Talk Drone Killings, Indefinite Detention at ACLU Event in Grand Rapids on March 25, 2013 19:34:50
Guess what one of the oldest hieroglyphs known is? 19:13:44
NH Considers Cremation Alternative That Dissolves Bodies To Liquid 19:11:06
AIPAC Demands War With Iran and Cash From America 18:55:27
1974 interview with the shah of Iran. Discussing Isreali lobby in the USA 18:48:51
Ann Romney blames the media coverage for her husband's loss in the 2012 election. Ann Romney says "he wasn't given a fair shake" 18:36:24
Jay Shafer: The Politics of Tiny Houses 18:30:21
Study: Female Brains Are Smaller Than Male Brains, But Used More Efficiently 23:18:43
Penn Jillette Needs Our Help! 18:12:21
Kentucky for Sound Money 17:59:52
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies 17:36:57
Crazy, Crazy, But How Is He Doing It? 17:25:32
Chemtrails Causing Extinction Level Methane Release: 17:07:01
Colorado State Capital Packed for Gun Control Decision 16:58:19
Jim Sinclair Calls Gold at $4,400 before taking over as currency for the Golden Age 16:35:43
Apartheid State of Israel~West Bank Buses Only The Latest In Israel's Segregated Public Transport 16:18:15
Don't condemn just Zionism, condemn injustice wherever and whenever. Including from Palestinians 16:06:45
Today's Headlines Got Ya Down? 14:55:33
CBO: Federal Revenue To Set Record in 2013 14:54:19
Mondays With Murray: Rothbard On Statism 14:52:04
Jeb Bush: I Won't Rule Out 2016 White House Run 'But I Won't Declare Today' - VIDEO 14:43:10
BBC Alan Hart: Israel Mossad Did 911 - 10:36:24
Question about Silver..."Preppers?" 14:27:24
The U.N. Regime-Protection Plan on gun control, written 12 years ago 14:26:23
NRO Establishment Banker Shill: GOP should be friends with FED 14:23:17
Cuba still owes Russia/USSR 14:07:46
Are You Living in a Fourth Amendment Exclusion Zone? 13:52:47
Live on the Air: Frank Serpico! (See Info) 13:40:30
Why Lighting Struck The Vatican 13:34:54
Nanoscribe claims world’s fastest commercially available nano-3D printer title 13:23:37
Comet will give Mars a close shave – maybe even a razor burn – in 2014 13:16:49
Spending cuts unpopular yet not set to go away 13:12:13
Terror Factory: Inside The Fbi's Manufactured War On Terrorism 13:11:57
Three tons of produce a year on a mere 1/10 of an acre 13:10:00
Jeb Bush: I won't rule out 2016 White House run 'but I won't declare today' 12:21:54
Quiet Takeover of Land, Air, and Water - The Implementation Of Agenda 21 12:05:15
Comet watch! Pan Starrs visible in Northern Hemisphere starting March 7 11:50:21
Political dictionary and alternative definitions service 11:37:52
Tom Woods filling in for Peter Schiff today... 11:35:57
Geoengineering Killing our Planet (And us) 11:27:00
Norman Dodd shines a light on a large part of the rabbit hole. Video interview by G. Edward Griffin - 1982 11:16:38
Geoengineering Killing our Planet 11:06:06
With Passover Approaching, a Plague of Locusts Descends Upon Egypt 10:54:39
Coin Exports and a 'Domestic Dollar'? 10:46:07
AIPAC and "in your face" treason. 09:41:53
Who Is Matthew Vandyke? Syrian Girl Says He Is Cia. Van Dyke thinks he is an "on the road" free spirit. 08:32:39
Louis Farrakhan Talks Alex Jones, Revolution 08:26:49
Let's Make a Deal 08:08:04
Conan O'Brien Shows How TV News is Propaganda 04:22:18
Fight or Flight : A free spirit Anthem ~Senex 03:48:41
Inspiring Woman of the Year 03:45:25
Washington State Republican Ed Orcutt wants to tax cyclists for pollution 03:19:21
John Stossel: Manipulator In Chief. 03:05:23
St. Petersburg man fights to keep his little Eden 02:57:54
Reenactment of Failed Chris Dorner Extraction 02:46:55
"Pandora’s Lunchbox" by Melanie Warner. Amy Goodman interview. 02:40:54
RFID Community Forum by Texans for Accountable Gov't - San Antonio, TX 02:28:03
Can someone explain this one to me? 02:25:27
North Carolina Sheriff Joins Chorus Asking Citizens to Arm Themselves (video) 02:07:19
The Soup: Alaskan Glory Holes 01:58:53
Citizens vs. Civilians 01:49:42
Wicked Twisted Road - Mt. Washighton 01:45:02
Comparable to vomiting! 01:26:47
Is your cell phone tower watching you? Cell phone base stations as surveillance radar illuminators 01:26:43
Every Girl 01:22:17
Contact John Boehner NOW! 01:22:13
Hey, everyone has to grow up eventually—it’s just a part of life. 01:00:49
The Two Party System Explained in 3 Sentences 10:17:50
Cardinal Dolan for pope? You ‘might be smoking marijuana’ 00:46:16
Bill Maher: Don't Complain When There is Horse Meat in Your Hamburger 00:40:29
Ron Paul is calling school to order 00:33:01
Dennis Rodman: All Kim Jong Un (N. Korea) Wants Is a Phone Call 00:21:41
In retirement, Ron Paul keeps heat on Bernanke 00:21:11
A free market metaphor, for nature lovers. 00:16:53
Foreclosure victims to get compensation alerts in $9.3B agreement starting Friday 00:05:55
Ron Paul: no intention for government to take our fiscal crisis seriously 00:00:28
What's up with Peter Schiff? 10:08:54
Woody Harrelson's Ethos Documentary 06:41:31