Posted on March 6, 2013

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Krauthammer: Rand Paul's Filibuster 'Stroke of Political Genius' 20:51:41
Rand Paul Stands for Liberty on the Senate Floor While Republican Senators including McCain and Graham Have Dinner with Obama 23:46:23
The 5 Longest Filibusters in U.S. History 21:35:49
Contact Your Representatives in Support of Rand Paul's filibuster 16:05:27
Ron Paul endorsed candidate Leah Cole beats establishment candidate in a primary and now needs our help! 14:23:07
Video: Janet Napolitano Ignores Question Asked by Luke Rudkowski About DHS's 2,700 Armored Trucks 13:56:36
#StandWithRand: Rand Paul Filibuster Update & Open Thread 20:00:48
Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents 06:00:04
Rand Paul On Hannity: Drone Strikes on US Citizens on US Soil 01:50:20
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Filibustering Senator Reads Alamo's 'Victory Or Death' Letter To Mark Anniversary And Give Rand Paul 'Sustenance' 23:58:38
Cruz will be huge in Rand v Rubio 23:50:52
Judging for pleasure and purpose 23:48:58
Poetry Antisemantic 23:42:57
Who Is Going To Pull An All-Nighter With Me.. Watching The Filibuster In Support Of Rand Paul? 23:40:24
Sen. Ted Cruz makes Twitter history by reading tweets for Rand Paul filibuster on the Senate floor (Video Included) 23:39:07
Why do you think more Senators are not standing with Rand today? 23:38:44
10 years later, Dixie Chicks right all along 23:38:37
Rand Paul filibusters Brennan nomination for CIA director 23:36:05
Glenn Beck Admits DHS Buying Ammo & Tanks 23:33:56
Drone Wars - Rand Stands : Hour 10 (Top Headline on Drudge) 23:33:26
There Will Come A Day When Rand Paul Is Asked This Question: 23:33:21
'Respond To Rand' White House Petition Reaches 4500 Signatures, WH Responds? 23:29:42
Record DJIA? Not if it's adjusted for inflation. 23:28:53
What is a filibuster? What is going on? Why are they trying to take up time? 23:21:30
Why do you think Obama won't answer Rand's simple question? 23:14:47
Sign the Official White House Petition: Respond to Rand 22:59:35
Senator Ted Cruz Reads Tweets in Support of Rand Paul on the Senate floor 22:56:46
Spoke with Wayne Paul this evening! 22:51:18
VIDEO: Cruz Slams Holder About Constitutionality Of Using Drones To Target Americans on U.S. Soil 22:33:07
What makes one a "constitutional scholar?" 22:25:55
White House petitioned to respond to Rand Paul on Drone strikes 22:15:26
Flash Mob 22:06:41
Judge Napolitano Reacts to Possible Drone Sighting Near New York's JFK Airport 21:48:49
New Method of Creating Energy Through Water Osmosis Discovered 21:43:01
USF obstetrician threatens to call police if patient doesn’t report for c-section 21:29:51
Scandal-plagued Los Angeles County police head named US “Sheriff of the Year” 21:17:48
Inspector general report: U.S. cannot account for $1.7 billion spent in Iraq 21:15:43
Rand Paul's Filibuster Gives Civil Liberties A Rare Washington Moment 21:14:36
Senator Ted Cruz Reads #StandWithRand Tweets 21:05:37
Rand is On Fire but Is He Going Far Enough? 20:57:37
It's Time to Stop Being So Exclusive 20:54:44
Freakin' Beck! 20:37:01
Harry Reid Fails To End Rand Paul's Filibuster of John Brennan's Nomination 20:22:11
Rand Paul 2016 20:20:01
Obama’s ‘Kill List’ Grows - Paul Craig Roberts 20:19:36
Mr. Paul Goes To Washington 19:57:37
Mark Levin is on fire - Pushing Rand Paul's filibuster - crushing the establishment is the objective 19:51:32
ACLU Launches Nationwide Police Militarization Investigation 19:50:43
The Rule Of Law! 19:47:34
Just talked to Carol Paul 19:27:47
FBI 'secretly spying' on Google users, company reveals 19:24:41
IsRandStillTalking dot com! Check it out 19:10:48
TSA To Allow Passengers to Carry Small Knives on Airplanes 18:51:28
Nigel Farage: Leaders utterly unplugged from thoughts and hopes of ordinary people 18:39:28
Rand Paul: 'I Will Not Sit Quietly and Let Obama Shred the Constitution' - Senate Filibuster 3/6/2013 18:36:31
Into the Streets for Rand Paul Filibuster, They Can't Kill Us Without Trial! 18:29:03 18:27:29
Poll: Does filibuster make Rand look more presidential? 18:25:29
! Filibuster Moneybomb ! 18:24:19
Good Old-Fashioned: ACTIVISM! 18:24:18
Let's Gather some ideas for activism. 18:10:54
Author Quotes Then - Professor Obama Saying, 'I Don't Believe People Should Be Able To Own Guns' 18:02:30
I don't want the government to be able to kill me. 17:25:51
The Anti-Drone Spying Argument 17:24:03
MA Prosecutor Lets Rumsfeld Walk, Charges Protester Instead. Bonus: Can You See the Karate Chop? 17:08:25
Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell join forces to legalize hemp 17:07:55
Simple Explanation 16:57:26
Amid spending cuts, Obama and GOP to dine in style 16:31:36
A Bar in Colorado 16:24:57
Federally-Owned Ammunition Plant Lays Off Workers 16:16:26
Warning! Dump your bitcoins! 16:13:46
Rand has issued an invitation to other Senators to join him in the debate. Let's make sure they know about it. 16:00:31
Kim Jong-Un Privately Doubting He's Crazy Enough To Run North Korea 15:57:54
In a debate with a best friend of 15 yrs about Anwar al-Aulaqi. 15:52:26
RE: Slippery Roads 15:52:15
"Because you do not know who the next guy is. That's why you need the rule of law." 15:39:24
Franklin Graham: Obama Should Listen to Dennis Rodman, Call Kim Jong Un 15:36:05
*VIDEO*Rand Paul censored by EMS alert system! 15:35:43
Anti-government extremist groups reach record levels, say experts 15:34:23
What would you do with $40,000 15:07:46
We are Dante, and Beatrice is the liberty we seek. 15:03:52
Attrition! 15:03:16
FOX 32: Jones Defends 2nd Amendment; "Kelly is only a Debate away from losing this election." 15:02:23
Vote Hemp 15:01:41
Daily Paul Bitcoin Mining Venture 14:35:09
Obama wining and dining key Congressmen tonight 14:25:17
Rand Paul Filibusters John Brennan Nomination Over Drones 14:15:35
Russian Leader: Chavez Death Could Be US Plot 14:09:13
How The State Enables Rape 14:01:16
14 members of Congress subpoenaed for Obama forgeries 13:58:43
Rand Paul filibustering John Brennan on the Senate floor LIVE! 13:55:30
Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA 13:43:56
Live Now: Rand Paul Is Filibustering John Brennan's Nomination For Cia Director 13:36:57
Revealed: Pentagon's link to Iraqi torture centres 13:20:59
Ron Paul's Investments In Big Gold Miners 13:00:01
Minimum Wage 12:58:46
The Daily Paul Is NOT What It Used To Be; There Is NO Interest In Activism Or Reclaiming Our Republic. 12:45:15
Idaho Aquaponics at Preparedness Fair 12:06:37
The Ron Paul Portfolio Has Been Getting Crushed 11:59:50
Nationwide SWAT Teams being investigated and not cooperating. 11:50:23
Eric Holder Testimony on C-SPAN 3 *VIDEO* 11:38:45
A soap bubble freezing at -30 Celsius. 11:37:07
Fed money creation equals $118,000,000 per hour 11:33:39
UN Small Arms Treaty Petition for Printout - PA Rep Mike Kelly Is Asking For Help 11:05:13
Bitcoins $60.00... Rises while FIAT currency continue to fall 10:31:10
Fish die off in Idaho, no news coverage. 09:58:45
"Recent Reception" score experiment. (Maybe we SHOULD stop posting?) 09:29:18
UN Arms Trade Treaty conference in 2 weeks 08:59:35
Sandy Hook and the CIA Connection 08:34:04
Army Spokesman to Employees, Contractors: Don't Criticize Commander In Chief! 08:13:54
Secret Video Footage! Trucker Confirms Underground Cites For The Elite! 05:38:28
Israeli Dual Citizens Explain Where Their Real Loyalties Lie 05:33:01
Take Over of America Almost Complete - Retired SF General W. G. Boykin 05:28:12
Chemtrails? in My Organic Vegetable Garden & How to Remove Them 05:05:12
Bill O'Reilly and John Stossel butt heads over drone strikes by Obama 04:52:13
Judge Napolitano on high school student wrestling gun away from classmate & getting suspended. 04:47:13
My First Trip to Texas - From Chicago 03:59:41
Sandy Hook Parent Explains Second Amendment to Congress 03:34:17
What happens if someone hacks/hijacks a drone and uses it against targets in USA ? 02:17:24
Why The "balanced Budget Amendment" Is A Hoax And A Deadly Trap 01:59:40
Ron Paul: I'm Waiting for the Fed to Self-Destruct 01:56:10
Reverse false flag? 01:50:42
... 01:24:44
I have found the cure for all cancers: 01:22:32
Dad Gives Away Bride - Really Nice 01:01:20
Woman Steals Two Police Cars in Wild Pursuit 00:59:59
Still Love it - Ron Paul "The High Tide" 00:55:30
Her First Date 00:53:04
Adrian Salbuchi: The Global Power Elite is NOT That Strong! 00:50:59
Obama asks the Founding Fathers for advice 00:49:14
Glenn Beck's Take on Drones (You Decide) 00:48:32
How Quickly We Forget History: They Gave Up Their Guns Too. Remember That?.. The Massacre At Wounded Knee - VIDEO 00:44:09
VIDEO - A lesson in economics 00:26:10
Audio: Rand Paul on Hannity radio talks about possibility of drone strikes in the United States 00:24:07
Obama wastes over $400,000 in tax payer money for staff Oil Painting Portraits 00:23:10
Real Estate Mania Makes A Comeback 00:17:21
Obama asks the Founding Fathers for advice 00:16:34
Justin Amash, Huizenga Explain No-Vote for Violence Against Women Act 00:11:19
What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business 12:47:01
Mark Dice: People Think Obama Found WMDs In Iraq 04:13:24