Posted on March 7, 2013

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Gotcha! Feinstein: All Vets are Mentally-ill & Gvt should prevent 'em from owning Guns! 23:29:29
Lou Dobbs: Graham & McCain owe Sen. Rand Paul an apology 22:20:09
Lindsey Graham's Very Bad Day 21:34:39
VIDEO: Paul Fires Back! Senators McCain, Graham think 'whole world is a battlefield' 19:43:20
Ron Paul comes to (goes to) Ottawa! Tomorrow! ..we'll be there 18:32:56
Rand Paul's Filibuster: A "Victory" That Changes Nothing 22:23:54
Lindsey Graham changes vote to spite Rand Paul 16:55:52
Eric Holder: 'The President has no authority to use weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil' 15:16:17
AWOL: Meet The GOP Senators Who Refused to Stand With Rand 14:53:17
Rand Paul on CNN: 3/7/13 13:36:49
Lindsey Graham Slams Rand Paul for Holding "Ridiculous" Filibuster 12:09:46
Be careful with your RFID Credit Card, it can be stolen... 11:43:29
Liberal Actor, John Cusack, on Filibuster "For God's Sake, Where Are Democrats?" 11:26:16
Judge Napolitano on Filibuster: ‘Rand Paul’s Leading the Charge to Rein in Out-of-Control Government’ 08:14:32
TheYoungTurks: Drone Strikes - Is Rand Paul a Constitutional Hero? 06:50:42
Look how the government propaganda machine CNN mocked Rand Paul: 02:56:52
Rand Paul Filibuster Entire Transcript 10:10:44
ACLU Backs Rand Paul's Filibuster 00:58:29
Reality Check - Sen. Rand Paul's Talking Filibuster of John Brennan 00:44:17
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Rush Limbaugh interview with Rand Paul 23:57:08
John McCain getting a beating on his Facebook over going against Rand Paul *update* 23:45:55
Limbaugh to Rand: You are a hero 23:40:51
VIDEO: Is Coconut oil the new cure - all ? Watch to the end 23:33:20
Episode 31 of Voices of Reason is Now Available! 23:27:21
Rave's for Rand! Lots of quotes from our people! 23:20:48
We need Tom Davis 23:18:45
Know Your Rights 23:11:36
The applause for Rand Paul that you may not have heard yet 23:08:43
Police Lay Down Shields in Solidarity 22:57:34
Rush Limbaugh 22:55:23
POLITICO: Inside Peek into an Obama sanctioned Gun Eradication Politburo 22:44:15
delete 22:40:17
Value Of U.S. Dollar Plummets After Joe Flacco Signs NFL's Richest Contract 22:14:39
Big Chinese Virus Warning!-Win.Trojan.Swrort-3602 22:12:37
Hannity - Viewers Choice Vote We Crashed His Server He Says 22:11:14
Marc Faber warns: "The market has peaked out!" 22:10:58
Obama Voters Will Get Struck By Drones In Their Own Country 22:10:36
Towns Don't Need Tanks-ACLU Investigation into Police Militarization Announced 22:08:50
"in Combat" & Why Rand 2016 Is Wrong 21:57:24
Heres some good news. Carl Levin NeoCon King is not running in '14. 21:46:22
McCain and Graham have got to go 21:45:04
Politicians Of The Future May Be Interactive, Three-Dimensional 21:34:13
VIDEO - Rand Paul Talks To CNN's Erin Burnett on Filibuster 3/ 07/13 21:28:21
Social Justice group protests business demanding UN Agenda 21 be implemented 21:26:56
Stephen Leeb: China Preparing To Impose Bretton Woods II Gold Standard 21:17:39
US charges Osama bin Laden's son-in-law in NY City w conspiracy to kill US nationals (Taken in Turkey - who knew that cld work?) 20:58:55
Gold Swindle: The Story Of Our Dwindling Gold Ch. 2: The Maze 20:58:49
NH: GOP rep has pot cookbook 20:49:57
Justin Amash tweeted again 20:27:04
Abby martin is an absolute FOX 20:07:16
Added optimism to Rand's filibuster. 20:04:36
Epic Caleb Leverett Show about the Filiblizzard on live right now at 20:01:42
Police Nationwide Say "You're On Your Own" @Project_Veritas (VIDEO) 20:00:15
Rand Paul: Pro-drone Republicans Are On The Wrong Side Of History 19:57:23
Will Grigg: What Holder Really Said 19:39:34
WOW! TWITTER: 'Over a million tweets sent' about Rand Paul filibuster 19:33:05
The Graham Cracker 19:18:42
Argus drones and the Utah Data Center will soon provide total surveillance. Can Rand stop this? 19:15:03
What Holder Really Said 19:12:58
A Mass Citizens Arrest On Our Elected Federal Officials & The Supreme Court A Mass Citizens Arrest On Our Elected Federal Offici 19:12:36
Public School Students Entered Into Permanent Electronic Database, Profiled, Sold For Profit 19:07:31
Can we have a Precinct/County/State Elections Permanent Topic? 19:03:30
Sen. Rand Paul on America's Newsroom w/ Megyn Kelly 3/7/13 18:53:57
Rand Paul Interview: Rush Limbaugh (7 March 2013) 18:51:02
Best Way to Get Rid of Lindsey Graham and John McCain? 18:42:25
Mark Sanford can beat Lindsey Graham 18:35:48
Lethalizing Paper Planes! 18:35:12
Libertarian kids are bugging John McCain 18:30:40
Rand Paul: One person can make a difference 18:17:55
The whole ball game just changed 15:08:13
How proud is Ron Paul today? 18:05:34
Federal Reserve Constitutional or Merely Legal? 18:04:14
Rand Paul's moment 18:01:54
Meet Charlene, The Quadrotor Drone 17:59:02
Government will regulate Mt. Gox Bitcoin transactions 17:54:09
About the roulette wheel in Las Vegas 17:49:59
Proving The Correlation Between War and US Interest in Mined Resources with Mellaurgic Value in Africa 17:48:08
Original Draft of Eric Holder's Letter to Rand Paul Surfaces (Satire) 17:40:30
What Did Holder's Response Really Mean? 17:33:47
Rand Paul Has The Right Charisma 17:31:01
John McCain and Lindsey Graham Declare War on Rand Paul 17:20:15
Police Officer Accedentally Fires Gun In High School 17:03:08
Brennan Confirmed 63-34 as New CIA Director. 16:59:08
Max Keiser and Abby Martin on Bitcoins 16:55:05
Sanctions Do Not Harm Dictators 16:51:15
Rand Paul: Due Prcess Is A Fundamental American Freedom - Fox News 3/7/2013 16:48:01
Is Capitalism Pro business? 16:34:08
Magical Exploding Projectile From 9/11 South Tower Discovered Video 16:32:54
School Shooter Had History Of School Shootings 16:31:08
Rand Paul: I'm Happy With White House Letter - CNN 3/7/2013 16:28:14
Here is the video msnbc Way Too Early and others are showing as the highlight of filibuster 16:28:05
Eric Holder Responds To Rand: "The Answer Is No" 16:22:52
John Locke: Men are so foolish that they take care to avoid what mischiefs may be done them by pole-cats, or foxes; but are cont 16:19:47
Pentagon Ran Torture Centers in Iraq, Atrocities Revealed 16:14:45
Twitter doesn't like me and #StandForRand 16:13:32
Hey Eric Holder, what about "non-weaponized" drones to "spy" on Americans? 16:11:44
Talk TSA right now! Call In Radio Show! 16:07:11
Lindsey Graham says Rand Paul Questioning is "Offensive" 15:56:32
The Line in the Sand has been drawn! 15:54:38
Wondering what to take as a college major? 15:51:16
Krugman files for Bankruptcy 15:39:38
Rand Paul's Filibuster Belittled By John McCain As 'Simply False' 15:39:37
“Cyber-warriors” caught in gun control action 15:39:19
Holder: 2001 AUMF authorizes use of military force in U.S. 15:35:00
WTC 7 blew itself up out of sympathy for the twin towers. 15:31:20
CNN Anchor Tries to Corner Rand Paul on Drone Warfare hypocrisy and is shut down! 15:22:27
Justin Amash: "Democrats Actually Rejected This Resolution" 15:20:55
Priceless photo of John McCain on 15:17:00
Lew Rockwell Blog - Rand Paul and the Filibuster 15:16:53
BitCoin CIA Connection 15:13:44
Rand Paul: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? 15:11:52
Must Share Video: Rand's 13-hour Filibuster In 120 Seconds 15:07:48
Malaysia Invaded - 100's Of Terrorists Land On Beaches, Western Media Mute 15:06:44
White House, Holder respond to Rand Paul: ‘The answer is no’ 15:06:08
Rand Is Vindicated! 15:04:54
Here Comes the Flood: A Sit Down With Daniel Louis Crumpton Part Three 15:01:50
Senator Rand Paul on Rush Limbaugh 2013 March 7 14:56:47
White House, Holder respond to Rand Paul: ‘The answer is no’ 14:53:08
John McCain Isn't Impressed With Rand Paul's Filibuster - VIDEO 14:47:24
John Steward on Rand Paul's Drone Stand 14:38:43
Ron Paul Fast Facts 14:33:05
Opening your home to the Liberty movement 14:29:38
Florida Bill Would Require Anger Management Courses For Bullet Buyers 14:29:23
McCain and Lindsey Supping with Obama during Rand's Stand 14:27:23
Nothing Shows Support More Than A Donation - to Rand 14:27:19
Washington Post: Rand Paul’s unpredictable streak (and why it matters) 14:26:05
Pelosi: Obama Has 'Tried So Hard' To Listen To GOP Views - VIDEO 14:22:26
When it comes to the economy, and Money of value, it just doesn't get more simple than this. 14:14:19
Let Lindsey Graham and McCain Know What You Think of Their Rand Filibuster Comments 14:04:08
Buttermilk 14:01:02
Rush Limbaugh To Interview Rand Paul 1pm Eastern 13:57:26
Rand Paul's Filibuster Belittled By John McCain As 'Simply False' 13:54:49
Chris Duane's attack on Bitcoins And his Silver Shield CULT 13:52:12
The Best Article I've Read On the Threats We All Face 13:51:26
Rand Paul's Filibuster Illustrates the Decline of the American Character 13:49:02
Even After The Filibuster, There Is Still A Very Long Road 13:47:09
The National Debt Road Trip (Video) 13:29:24
Ron Paul tweets he's proud of his son 13:23:42
Rand Paul to Appear on Rush Limbaugh at 12 central/1 Eastern Today. 13:22:12
Another hero speaks out against Israel. 13:21:19
Obama/Holder just played us 13:07:32
Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham: attacking Rand 13:03:29
Still goin on CSPAN2 13:02:58
VICTORY Rob Ryder Scores A Win For the People in Foreclosure Case Using a "Praecipe" 12:52:41
Obama Reacts to Rand Paul's Filibuster of Drones! VIDEO 12:49:27
USAToday: Rand Paul's Filibuster Lands in Senate Record Books (9th Longest Filibuster) 12:45:45
"I'd love to Change the World"...RIP Alvin Lee. 12:36:11
VIDEO: Daily Show Jon Stewart- Rand's Filibuster 12:29:32
Rand Paul on Fox News today at 2:05 p.m. EST 12:21:55
BitCoin CIA Connection 12:14:39
A lost cause 12:03:47
Sen Harry Reid Comments today On Rand Paul 13 Hour Filibuster. 12:01:06
Vodka Nikolaschka 12:00:29
Lindsey Graham RIPS Rand Paul For Drone Filibuster 11:49:57
I am an advocate of a stateless society... Anyone want to debate? I would love to improve my arguments. 11:36:56
TOP 10 Quotes from Rand Paul's Filibuster (with Video of a few) 11:36:06
The Right to Self-Defense 11:34:24
#StandWithRand STILL top twitter trend! 11:24:08
Morning Joe on Rand Paul's Filibuster 11:22:10
Fox News Shows It's True Colors (As Usual) 11:17:46
North Korea vows to pre-emptively nuke U.S 11:15:21
Live Senate Session 10am ET, one day post-filibuster 11:00:36
Like Obama, NYC Deputy Mayor who trashed Rand has never held a real job 10:57:19
(Satire) Paul Krugman Files for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 10:55:27
What will your last 10 years look like? 1 Min Video 10:41:44
Starting a Strike movement against the killing of Americans, gun control and phony government 10:38:56
Rand made positive impact on leftists? 10:35:24
Videos in Google Chrome Browser 10:35:23
Michelle Malkin: Did Rand Paul's Filibuster Refurbish The Republican Party's Tarnished Brand? (Fox&Friends) 10:22:12
Funny and sad. All that stands between us and tyranny, is one man's bladder. 09:49:58
Obamacare is All About Death and Taxes - You might not be allowed surgery after the age of 70 09:43:48
Judge Napolitano: A divine right of arms: 09:16:44
Is God against Drones? 09:08:50
rand paul & the fillibuster 09:04:33
From Yahoo news - Filibustering like a boss 08:56:05
Interesting little thing developed by the CIA 08:51:20
NYC Deputy Mayor Trashes Rand Paul's Anti-Drone Crusade (Video) 08:42:20
Top 10 Quotes from Rand Paul's Amazing Filibuster on Civil Liberties, Drone Strikes 08:40:51
Sen. Lindsey Graham says :Criminally mentally ill 'should not be able to' buy guns: introduced legislation Wednesday afternoon 08:39:53
Death knell for GMO's 08:33:06
Stand with Rand! Sen. Rand Paul takes determined stand against insanity of Obama's claimed power to kill Americans 08:18:12
Animation Explaining Rand Paul's Filibuster to a Obama Voter 07:41:43
Mark Dice finds 1967 album about the Illuminati 09:57:09
Safety of Arab-Americans in Dearborn raised in U.S. Senate drone debate 07:20:05
Be proud, America! The First Lady of the United States of America 07:19:21
We Need Stickers, Shirts,Signs,Websites "Stand With Rand2016" NOW! 04:57:49
Rand Paul pulls plug on nearly 13-hour filibuster 10:16:50
Rand did inherit one thing from his pop 04:04:26
Titanium K-239 Sierra Class aka Barrakuda Submarines refurbished 03:15:57
Indefinite Detention of American Citizens - There may only be one 02:52:38
WashingtonPost: Rand Paul’s unpredictable streak (and why it matters) 02:50:34
WI Senator Ron Johnson Offers Surrender On Behalf Of White House 02:44:29
White House petition started - signatures growing quickly 02:38:58
Will It Ever Be Legal For A Citizen To Assassinate A President? 02:36:37
The Filibuster Ends! 02:29:22
My Life as Tyrant 02:29:03
VIDEO: Rand Paul Yields Floor After 13 Hours, Ends Filibuster With Thunderous Applause 02:26:00
Congress Now it's Your Turn: Impeach Obama Over Murder of 16-Year- 02:22:27
Rand Paul, Lion Of Liberty Vs. The Drones 02:12:39
Justin Amash Just Tweeted 02:12:19
HotAir.Com LOVES Rand Paul 02:08:12
Rand Paul didn't pee for 13 hours defending our rights! 02:07:22
Socialism Is Incompatible With Liberty 01:50:07
Secret Document Found: Rand Paul's Filibuster 01:29:08
John Stewart Voices Support For Rand Paul Filibuster: 'Holy Howard Roark's Ghost' - VIDEO 01:26:02
Be Proud. This is our doing! 01:11:58
10 Years After Invasion, US Depleted Uranium Continues to Devastate Iraq 01:11:42
#StandWithRand trending #1 01:11:05
If We Donate Now, Can Rand Paul Use The $ In 2016? 01:06:43
School Forces Students To Recite Mexican Pledge & The Energy Scams Continue 01:06:26
TSAGov makes inappropriate comments during #StandWithRand 01:02:35
Grover Norquist tweet on Rand 00:57:55
To Hell With Lindsey Graham! 00:52:27
Holder almost right; Rand almost wrong 00:51:42
#StandWithRand is Major Embarrassment For Democrats 00:32:25
OUTRAGEOUS! Chief Author of Colorado 'Assault Weapons Ban' is an Actual, Convicted Felon! 00:32:14
Stand With Rand Twitter Stream - You Tube Video Showing Stand With Rand Blowing Up Twitter 00:13:09
Senator Ted Cruz Reads #StandWithRand Tweets During Rand Paul's Senate Filibuster - Part 2 00:11:42
Rand Paul stops confirmation of CIA director for one day due to drone killings of Americans (RT) 00:08:13