Posted on March 9, 2013

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Doctor on Cavuto complaining he is becoming a "death panel" 20:18:26
"Not To Worry Everyone. I'm Sure They Didn't Delete Anything Important" 14:51:15
Lindsey Graham: "...And when they say, 'I want my lawyer,' you tell them 'Shut up!'" 13:16:32
EPJ: Neocons Reel In The Ron Paulians 14:40:31
Ron Finley - Guerilla Gardener 15:05:00
EU to vote to ban all forms of pornography 00:34:17
Not The Symbolism The White House Wanted: John Brennan Takes Oath with Hand on Constitution MINUS the Bill of Rights 00:34:15
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Stock Market Plans To Trade Without Humans 23:54:11
ACLU and the 9 amendments of the Bill of Rights 23:49:27
The Keyboard is Mightier than the Drone 23:43:08
Ben Chavis takes on the Ca teacher's union 23:43:04
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How did we miss this? 23:16:19
Why is homeland security involved with local gambling? 23:09:52
The view from "the left": Rand Paul's Wrong on Drones -- Just Like Everything Else 22:59:04
16 Year-Old Suspended for Being a Hero?!? 22:31:36
John McCain's Quote on the Ridiculousness of the Filibuster Disregards the Kent State Shootings 21:57:12
Think Positive. 21:31:08
Reaffirming Texas’ sovereignty under the Texas Constitution and the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. by Rep James White 20:59:10
Ron Paul's 10 Principles Of A Free Society 20:26:59
Inspiration from Dancing Granny! (Video) 20:24:58
9th Circuit court of appeals defends the 4th amendment against DHS re: border rights 20:19:55
DPTV: KGB Agent Exposes Obama 25 Years Ago - Please Watch 19:58:35
4 Cops Fired for Corruption. (They did not kill anyone.) 19:48:16
Wow ! You've Got To See This! 19:44:48
Is this one of those scary Muslim terrorists I keep hearing so much about? 19:23:39
80% of New York High School Grads Can’t Read 19:07:10
Total Minutes for All Speakers During Rand Paul's Filibuster 18:29:04
Arianna Huffington praises Rand Paul on Bill Maher 18:22:59
Is the GOP the real enemy? 18:21:08
Chamber of Commerce CEO " Obama is tyrannical and a borderline communist" 18:20:01
Active duty soldier forgot to log out of his gmail account on a "community" PC at a cigar bar... 18:10:41
Why Republic of Texas TV was Terminated by YouTube 18:06:34
The S* is About to Hit the Fan, and Here's the Proof 18:04:23
Gun Grabber Gets Owned 18:02:44
The Liberty Voting System: Approval Voting! 17:57:07
Cartoon: Rand vs Drones 17:49:48
"Just What The Hell Is Going On?" - Sandy Hook 17:45:18
Bitcoin and the Austrian Theory of Money 17:44:39
Judge Napolitano praises Rand Paul 17:36:13
John Brennan Sworn in as CIA Director Using Constitution Lacking Bill of Rights 17:26:08
You Can't Stop The Truth- Stand With Rand 17:19:34
Peter Schiff show hosted by Tom Woods with Erik Voorhees on talking Bitcoin 17:06:43
Republicans, go the way of liberty, or NEVER win another election. 16:59:03
Paul Krugman Declares Personal Bankruptcy (not true) 16:57:14
Filibuster's Top 10 Winners and Losers 16:37:02
The Filibuster’s Top 10 Winners and Losers 16:09:40
CFR minions might say Paul patriots are compromised by the Rand Filibuster... 15:51:37
Dr. Katherine Albrecht Interviews Historian Tom Woods on The True Purpose of Government 15:17:35
Filibusted: Outreach Supper with Graham & McCain Leads to $600 Billion Tax Hike Proposal 15:12:03
Jim Sinclair says the bottom is near. 15:11:01
Harvard Professor: Legalize All Drugs 15:08:05
Rand's Misplaced Celebration 14:59:58
Ron Paul Ottawa, Canada Speech 14:57:51
Graham McCain meme 14:57:36
Brown's Smart Phone - Absolutely Hysterical! 14:57:11
Who Benefits From the Fed? 14:56:22
The illuminati introduction of Rand Paul 14:27:46
School confiscates third-grader’s cupcakes topped with toy soldiers 14:13:33
Will Rand and Ron Paul transform the GOP? 13:35:38
While you were sleeping the DoD, the VA and Planned Parenthood get a nearly $1 trillion check 13:29:46
Pro-Gun Voters Put Heat on Democratic Senators 13:18:31
Where is change? 13:14:45
Harlem Shake: DC Version 13:09:31
The Drone Caucus 13:02:04
ABC Mocks Rand Paul 12:59:35
Elizabeth Warren: Banks get wrist slaps while drug dealers get jail. Banker Q&A. 12:59:16
Jon Stewart on Rand Paul's Filliabuster 12:39:18
good news: laptops safe at borders 12:39:09
More than anything else, Fed purchases drive stock prices. Printing our way to prosperity? 12:37:06
The State Made Me Into a Tyrant? 12:34:31
Epic Filibuster Brings Drone Program to Light (SourceFed) 12:21:31
School confiscates third-grader’s cupcakes topped with toy soldiers 12:21:11
Daylight Savings Time, What is the Logic Behind it? 12:19:28
#StandWithRand: Rand Paul, Barack Obama, Drones, and Presidential Kill Lists (ReasonTV) 12:17:21
If you wanna meet with me come to the garden with your shovel 12:14:27
Court Reins In Border Patrol: Laptop Searches Require "Reasonable Suspicion". 12:03:26
Stopping Illegally Funded Gun Buy-Backs 11:48:09
Ann Barnhardt Excoriates Lindsay Graham 11:47:58
Some US communities seek to make gun ownership mandatory 11:28:55
Winston Smith must be in the U. S. Air Force 11:27:27
Will Hawaii Be The First State To Require GMO Labeling? Passes House 11:18:32
Idaho Gun Ban-Entire State 11:04:23
This will help with discernment 10:58:24
Dr Doom Roubini sees market correction in 2nd half of 2013 10:49:40
Another Sequester Lie Exposed - CDC Dir Called Out On Vaccine Shortage Claim 10:46:55
86-year-old with Parkinson's disease and dementia voted twice, faces felony charge 10:45:10
Jobs numbers are far worse than they look - Millions who want full-time work can’t get it 10:44:29
Has World War 3 already begun? 10:42:03
Mal Capone Endangered Species CD - Hey Grandpa - audio clip 10:39:18
South Dakota empowers school districts to arm teachers and other personnel with guns 10:30:59
8 school buses stolen, shredded into 'big pile of scrap' in Chicago. 10:20:08
Amazing Speech from a Great Movie 10:17:09
Question: Why does no one mention Rand Paul being the son of Ron Paul? 10:12:39
CNN calls Rand Paul the "New Leader of the GOP" 10:00:59
Liberty loving/truth seeking/small L libertarian TV? What would you want that to look like? 09:38:54
February jobs reports explained and why they confirm recession in 2013 despite the media headlines 09:02:07
Adam vs. Chris on Bitcoin. 08:41:45
Stand With Rand Mashup Video 08:36:22
Look up! 08:29:50
Rand Paul, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham Are All Wrong 07:46:27
Knowledge Will Save America 07:20:36
The Ballad of Thoreau 05:03:12
Daniel Hannan talks Ron Paul (Feb. 2012) 04:40:38
My Eyes Just Watered. 04:27:18
Adrian Salbuchi - Nation. State. Government. 03:40:15
5200 Troops go AWOL since Iraq War 03:19:56
Rand Paul - worth the fight? 03:12:29
Asymetry: Game Theory in Politics? 02:31:20
E Pluribus... I/O (testee) 02:23:01
Why Call Members of Congress as “The Honorable” When They Only Bring Dishonor? 02:15:09
New Documentary "Freedom Is Popular" Coming this Summer 02:09:04
This Quiz on 9/11 was Given to 5th Grade Children 02:02:04
I Feel Sorry For The Dinosaurs! 01:59:15
The Fundamentals for Owning Silver in 2013 01:38:07
Are You a Civil Liberties Extremist? 01:13:01
Demand for Physical Silver DIVERGING from Spot Price in 2013 ?! 00:48:49
Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck jumping on board are the wall 00:41:03
Epic Speaking Spot For Ron Paul? Hempfest 2013 August 16-18th? 00:32:54
City May Expand 'Gun Offender' Registry 00:31:02
Bloomberg Says Government ‘Probably’ Shouldn’t Force People to Exercise 00:26:54
Notice of Subpoena for Bob Goodlatte and Lamar Smith 00:24:03
Fox News Shep Smith adds fuel to the fire and Calls John McCain an "Interventionist" Bomb Thrower 00:21:40
Rand Paul, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham Are All Wrong 00:16:44
Rand Paul: Stroke of Genius 00:13:15