Posted on March 10, 2013

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/11/13: Congress, Drones and the Imperial Presidency 21:35:16
ScarePort! Former Newark TSA Agent admits, "A LOT of what we do is make-believe!" 19:55:51
Ron Paul Ottawa, Canada Speech full 19:08:38
Rose Koire and Christina Tobin Discuss Agenda 21 and the Non-Partisan Effort to Defeat It 18:54:47
Glenn Greenwald: Three Democratic myths used to demean the Paul filibuster 17:52:00
Did The Department of Justice Say That The Government Would Not Assassinate Americans? 21:54:40
Gabby Giffords's Husband Buys AR-15 10:32:35
Afghan leader alleges US, Taliban are colluding 10:13:11
Armed Protesters "Swarm The State Capitol" In Olympia, Washington 09:02:32
Nigel Farage: Greek Prime Minister is a puppet 00:37:17
UPDATE: Number of Gun Makers Refusing Sales To Government More Than Triples 10:11:49
My Grandfather Sentenced To 18 Months/300k For Protecting His Farm! Please Help! 06:28:56
The New Super Brochure is HERE! "The Right to Bear Arms." Help STOP Gun Control NOW! 20:41:32
DEBATE: Larken Rose vs Atty. Tom Willcutts, Moderated by Richard Grove, 07:13:04
Merry or contrary? How does your garden grow? 06:59:59
Every Book and Article Mentioned During Rand Paul’s Filibuster 07:10:28
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Firefox Crash! Lost All My Tabs Anyone Know How To Recover Them? Please Let Me Know! 23:56:40
‘Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act’ proposed in Maryland 23:53:27
Words fail me 23:08:58
Debate: Peter Schiff vs John Mauldin @ CA Resource Investment Conf. Palm Springs, CA - Feb 2013 22:29:10
Rand Paul Seriously Considering Presidential Run - WHAS11 3/9/2013 22:20:35
Charles E. Alden: Inventor of pocket telephone, 1906 21:57:48
Posterity will look back fondly upon Bernanke 21:33:27
Rand Paul: GOP party leader or destined for Ron Paul backwater? 21:22:22
Does Bank of America Want to Fight the Federal Reserve? 21:18:03
Stand With Rand Money Bomb 20:56:41
Standing With Rand 20:55:34
Jeffrey Tucker and Redmond Weissenberger talk Bitcoin 20:53:32
At 1:27 pm EST my mother donated to Senator Rand Paul 20:28:35
And then they came for the drones 21:53:01
3Doodler: The World's First 3D Printing Pen 20:22:50
The Fed Prints Dollars. The ECB Prints Euros. The IMF Prints SDRs. What the heck is an SDR? 20:03:38
Infowars Featured In Youtube Subscriber Contest 19:44:51
More importantly, they shouldn't even be talking about it. 19:38:16
Colorado Democrats threaten Sheriffs with Salary Cap to extort support for 2A Ban! 19:26:34
This is Rupert Murdoch’s iPad Killer for Education 19:16:50
At filibuster, Senate Dems blew it, BIG time 19:10:33
Dems: We hate Guns! Want 'Peons' DisArmed! But, We wanna make money off 'em, till then! 18:45:30
Got a letter from Ron supporting Rand (what to make of it?) 18:37:02
Cross Pollenation 18:27:45
Obama Must Reveal Legal Memos on His Administration's Drone Killing Program 18:23:05
End of War on Terror Near? 18:16:23
"Common Sense… the Re-mix” A redirected and modern interpretation of snippets from Thomas Paine. 18:08:42
United Liberty: "Rand Paul's New Friends" 18:08:40
EPJ: Lefties and Randettes Stand By Their Men: Damn the Facts[...] 17:50:31
Haha! Rep. Allen West "Let's talk about the president doing blow" 17:48:14
Think about this about Senator Rand Paul …. 17:28:20
Update: Who are these Bitcoin-ers?; Bitcoin covered by Max Keiser on AJ today 17:25:44
VIDEO: Feinstein Says Its 'LEGAL' To Hunt Human Beings 17:08:54
Rand's shoes & tie are a goldmine of publicity & fund raising! 16:43:18
How Hemp Threatens the Corporatocracy 16:39:12
Corporatism: State-Controlled Capitalism 16:15:26
Rand Paul Did Not Vote For The NDAA Fa 2013 16:07:37
$25,000 fine for an opinion; more conditioning? 16:02:23
While Americans Are Getting Groped, TSA Allowed People with Criminal Records To Obtain Airport Security Badges 15:29:34
#StandWithRand at CPAC 15:28:41
The 7 Absolute Worst Reactions To Rand's Filibuster 15:16:00
Ron Paul and Violent Video Games? 14:53:24
Drone Strike Police State Video! 14:44:14
Car that runs on air. 14:43:43
Sunday afternoon DP contest- Name this dog 14:37:51
Vaclav Klaus charged with 'High Treason' 14:36:04
Liberty Movement: Politicians Not Welcome 14:20:40
Rand Paul stands up for a sane America 14:02:05
The Elephant’s Room Pt. 1 The Start of the New Glorious Revolution 13:56:08
After Praising Rand Paul's Filibuster: The Real Dr. Charles Krauthammer or (Mr. Hyde) Revealed on 'Inside Washington' VIDEO 13:52:29
The Changing Meme of the Story of Flight 93 13:50:12
Tracker Cookies 03:43:34
Itally comedian Beppe Grillo speakes out against Debt issue private central banks. 13:40:56
NPR Story on Rand Paul and the Filibuster 13:39:51
Is the ACLU... Libertarian? 13:07:07
Typical: All 5 Sunday talk shows interview Jeb Bush; no Rand 12:34:43
The House That Evil Built 12:31:27
No name! 12:10:00
Man ticketed for laughing too loudly... in his own home! 12:02:30
WaPo: Rand Paul will be a major player in 2016 11:37:05
Important Reminder 10:50:37
Smart Meter Blocker 10:16:07
My Feelings Toward Rand, Ron, Others in Office, and the Duopoly that Exists. 15:01:23
#StandWithRand Sign Wave - Spartanburg 09:15:29
Deleted 06:14:38
My ANGRY Email To RedEye Radio For Bashing Rand 06:13:03
It's Official! Patriots are Racist Hate Groups and Need to Be Investigated by Janet N and Holder! 06:07:54
While Rand continues to fight imaginary drone strikes, Elizabeth Warren fights the banks 05:25:18
... 05:07:32
Ron Paul: Spirit of Liberty Lives in Canada - 2013 Manning Networking Conference 03:42:07
Will Rand and Ron Paul transform the GOP? 03:39:31
Sen Paul Distracts Public While House Approves $1 Trillion Budget Increase 03:12:18
Proof Time Travel is Real! 03:06:04
Video: Stand with Rand 2016 02:58:19
US backed FSA beat old man in yellow 02:35:14
Greg Hunter talks drones, guns, the Fed, and foreign policy on C-t-C AM, 3-10-13 @1amET 02:32:02
Shocking article from the St. Louis Jewish Light on gun control 02:29:26
Any News From Cobb County 02:28:17
My name is Smudge Pot and I support drone killing. 06:48:49
The Worst Mistake in U.S. History 01:47:05
Ron Paul - The American Power Elite - 1988 Interview 00:57:14
A Tremendous Speech More Relevant Today Than Ever Before 00:46:11
How would Abraham Lincoln have used drones in the Civil War? 00:42:29
The Birds Of Paradise~ Most Extraordinary Bird On Earth Found Nowhere Else In The World 00:28:33
Obama's Outreach Supper with McCain & Graham could cost you $600 billion 00:21:36
TMOT - Rand Paul's Filibuster...And? 08:31:55
TSA Pat-Down Fails To Detect 'Fake Bomb' Carried by Fed Inspector At Newark Airport 13:28:23