Posted on March 11, 2013

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Justin Amash Mulling Senate Run 22:33:57
Sen. Ted Cruz: "I Will Use 'Any Procedural Means Necessary' To Force Vote on Defunding Obamacare -AUDIO 22:59:59
Ron Paul talks with Geraldo about Rand's stand, McCain/Graham, and Bradley Manning 20:57:47
Rand Paul: Time To Bring Troops Home, Cut Foreign Aid, And Fix Entitlements - CNN 3/11/2013 20:50:32
Judge Halts NY City Soda Ban, Calls It Illegal, Arbitrary And Capricious 16:15:23
Obama administration wants to deport German homeschoolers 16:11:50
Left Versus Right Versus Down Versus Up (Versus Thick Versus Thin) 20:34:36
Fed Injects Record $100 Billion Cash Into Foreign Banks Operating In The US In Past Week 14:13:50
Did Bill Kristol just give us our walking papers? 14:09:30
Philadelphia jury acquits 12 Wells Fargo protesters in “Citizens’ Foreclosure” 14:02:33
US citing security to censor more public records 13:59:45
DHS To Purchase MORE Firearms As Arms Build - Up Intensifies 13:45:46
Noam Chomsky: The Presumption of Innocence 09:12:49
Naomi Wolf: Obama's Secret Assassins (JSoc) 10:09:20
Afghanistan: Pipelines, Poppy, and the Political Cover of Terrorism 09:50:53
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1-6-billion-rounds-of-ammo-for-homeland-security-its-time-for-a-national-conversation 23:58:45
EPJ: Glenn Greenwald at Yale on America's Two-Tiered Justice System 23:47:21
'Outdoor Channel' Pulls Production From Colorado 23:46:42
Rand Couldn't Pee During His Filibuster? 23:33:56
Ending Hunger: What can one person do? 23:33:39
I need some help because I #StandWithRand 23:33:18
Brooklyn neighborhood on police lockdown following protest 23:18:53
Mo Dept Of Revenue Is Accused Of Disclosing CCW Privacy To Feds As Backdoor Registration And REAL Id.. 23:17:38
Stand With Rand - Paul's Filibuster Highlights - Hannity 23:13:22
JFK lost film by Bill Cooper - video 23:08:46
Fox and Friends: Did Rand Paul's Filibuster Refurbish The Republican Party's Tarnished 23:05:51
US Corporations Stashing Cash Overseas To Avoid Paying Taxes 22:45:51
Hawaii Senate passes the "Steven Tyler Act" - new privacy law 22:21:15
Video Testimony: Texans Argue for the Elimination of Sales Tax on Gold & Silver, Committee Supports Rep. Simpson's HB78! 22:20:01
Is the Worm a spy working for the US government? 21:38:20
Plane flying over Detroit sports banner saying " don't drop the soap Kwame" 21:17:09
Who Was Thomas Jefferson? 21:06:09
Family awarded $75,000 in settlement over police raid 20:26:54
Old Chinese Proverb 20:26:33
How medicine is killing us all: Antibiotics, superbugs and the next global pandemic 20:21:34
Rand Paul: Bring the Troops Home! Cut Foreign Aid! Fix Entitlements CNN 3/11/2013 20:17:17
Judge Approves Use Of Truth Serum 20:11:47
It's Time For A National Conversation 20:11:32
Video Pedal Cars - Are they lawful? 19:53:07
Veterans for Rand Paul 2016 19:50:01
Who is going to lead the revolution?... You are! 19:29:25
The truth about gun control. Don't be fooled by the media's lies. 19:25:36
Libertarian Arrested, Assaulted By Cops for Doing Harlem Shake VIDEO 19:21:17
Just put on my facebook page 19:03:08
ALERT - Rand Paul on CNN (Situation Room) tonight (video) 18:57:14
Tuesday, March 12th is voting day in New Hampshire, please vote! 18:38:20
Dr. Ben Carson Interview on Fox 3/10/13 18:22:44
Pew Report: For Every 10 Americans, Only 3 Trust The Government 18:06:25
Guilty Former Detroit Mayor: Corruption, Fraud, Racketeering 18:06:23
McConnell Stands With (and Raises Money Off) Rand Paul 18:04:18
FOIA reveal egg industry hacking e-mails to justify their "science" 18:01:35
A uterus is not a clown car 17:44:59
We are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to our general government 17:24:21
Rand Paul: Problem Child 17:14:50
Donald Trump: Rand Paul's filibuster 'did nothing' ~ Fox & Friends 3/11/2013 16:49:08
BITCOINS learn about them 16:46:28
Judge Blocks NYC Dictator Bloomberg Large Soda Ban (Video) 16:43:40
Why Did God Rest on the 7th Day? 16:42:05
Do We Even Have the Full Story About Abdul Awlaki's Death? 16:38:14
White House: claims of US collusion with Taliban 'categorically false' 16:36:30
The Myth of the Obama Mandate 16:35:27
George Washington University students enthusiastically welcome Ron Paul 16:33:37
From - Five Years of Support 16:29:17
Rand Paul Steals The Spotlight - CNN's State of the Union 3/10/2013 16:21:17
Hackers may have released alot of sensitive info... 16:08:45
Buying gold or silver 15:18:17
Forbes: Is IRS Persecuting Kent Hovind For Creationism ? 14:57:41
Anonymous: Barack Obama You are not fooling anyone 14:48:45
NYTimes' Ross Douthat :Rand Paul gets credit for speaking the language of the base 14:47:05
Anonymous Vs Bank of America 14:42:58
Where can you find the average number of UNIQUE cable news viewers per day/week? 14:15:22
Help wanted, sales/marketing for small technology firm. Plus a good read. 14:05:00
Southern Poverty Law Center's Letter to DoJ's Eric Holder & DHS's Janet Napolitano Regarding Non-Islamic Domestic Terrorism 14:01:43
Has the number of SR22 applications increased among DPers- 13:38:21
Gerald Celente Sums it up in 17:10 13:21:09
US Government assassinating US citizens on US soil already. They don't need drones. 13:15:34
Colorado Sheriff Says Democrats Witholding Pay Raises in Retaliation for Gun Bill Opposition 12:58:02
Pew: For Every 10 Americans, Only 3 Trust The Government. 12:57:58
Huckabee: Thank You, Rand Paul (video) 12:55:31
How the Establishment Press Got Rand Paul Wrong 12:49:44
Ron Paul: Congress, Drones and The Imperial Presidency 12:42:35
UPDATE! April 6th - Standing Together For Liberty - Grand Prairie, TX, 15+ Liberty Speakers (Free Event & Live Music!) 12:40:13
VIDEO - This Will Make You Angry!: Many Freed Criminals Avoid Deportation, Strike Again 12:28:12
Chica, A Border Collie With A Special Gift - Inspirational! 12:17:28
Rape survivor: 'I was legislated into being a victim' (video) 12:07:52
Project for the New American Century - "'American grand strategy'" and "blueprint of world domination" 12:01:54
Obama is the Worst US President Ever 11:54:28
Ray Nash Endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus 11:46:07
Mondays with Murray: Rothbard on Lysander Spooner 10:51:02
Believing in Creation, and taking a literal position on the Bible is the beginning of persecution, again! 10:14:23
FYI guest sheehan live 10:11:17
Disturbing Pattern... Is America On The Brink Of Civil War? 09:46:25
Rand Paul needs a webmaster 09:45:21
Superbug Epidemic - How Bad is It? 09:28:46
The Atlantic: How the Establishment Press Got Rand Paul Wrong 09:28:05
What's a good book articulating Liberty principles vs Gun Control 09:25:46
NRA Rally In Hartford CT March 11 2013 09:15:19
JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies! 07:39:56
O'Reilly: "Not important" whether government can kill us with drones, filibuster was "B.S." 06:33:37
Major gold news that no one is talking about: Barrick Gold going bankrupt? 06:00:24
Finally! Someone is going DOWN for vote fraud! 05:36:51
What is Money? 10:35:08
Eleanor Clift: Rand Paul 'Trying To Stir A Revolt Against The U.S. Government' 10:02:01
Now perhaps it's time you should know that these are our sisters. Naomi Wolf. Beloved. 03:53:34
Car Propelled by Air! Exhaust is Air. Simple: Simply Infinite Fun. 03:39:35
75-Year Old Blog 03:35:08
Video - Chris Matthews thinks you're "crazy." 03:23:17
Beppe Grillo about the money system - Stand up show 1998 03:15:16
Nigel Farage @ 2013 manning conference in Ottawa Canada 03:00:40
Bill Sardi, Whatever the Feds are Planning, They're already Practicing! 01:40:57
anything you wanna see a youtube video of? 01:33:36
CO Sheriff Speaks Out Against Democrats' Threats - 3/9/2013 01:17:06
Over reaction? Pretend gun play must be met with dramatic consequences. 01:13:36
Raimondo: Neocons and Obamaites Unite Against Rand Paul 01:13:14
Thank-You Notes - Sun. 3/10-3/16 00:58:35
Guerilla Warfare In Los Angeles, Big Agra Threatened 00:28:17
From NBC News. I may plotz. 00:17:30
Rand Paul And Amnesty For Illegal Aliens 00:08:18