Posted on March 12, 2013

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You Want to Make the Daily Paul a "Better" More Influential Site? Create More Valuable Content! 23:40:58
Take Ride with Me? Setting Up an Aquaponics System - fishy's AP Protege - Update 5/20/13 23:35:06
Bradley Manning Secretly Recorded in Court 18:38:26
Judge Enters Not Guilty Plea for James Holmes in Aurora Shooting Trial - Holmes will be Allowed to Have Truth Serum 17:04:17
My son's non profit ACP trained and armed 10 women over the weekend! Pic. 16:49:02
Update - Latest Number Of Floating Chinese Pigs in Shanghai Water Supply: 8,354 14:50:47
Peter Schiff joins Silver Circle on opening night in NYC! (March 22nd) 15:50:00
Sandy Springs, GA: Model of Libertarian Living 13:09:50
15 Benefits of the War on Drugs 14:28:28
"The Cashless Society is Almost Here – And With Some Very Sinister Implications" 10:13:53
Ben Swann Interviews Ron Paul About His Upcoming Homeschool Event In Cincinnati 08:04:23
Glenn Greenwald On America's Two-Tiered Justice System 01:21:47
Ellsberg: Obama Gave Manning "Verdict First, Trial Later" 09:45:37
California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right To Bear Arms 14:41:05
Video: Krauthammer Mocks Rand Paul for 'Absurd and Ridiculous' Drone Concerns 00:08:58
NY Times: McConnell Stands With (and Raises Money Off) Rand Paul 00:14:01 OpenSource No-TakeDown 3D Printing Search Engine. 08:33:36
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Who Speaks Now for the GOP? 23:45:01
Hard Harry Talks Hard, Keeps the Air Alive (Dedicated to Bradley Manning) 23:43:06
GQ-UK: Dear Yanks, Yes, We Can Buy AR15's in England & 30rd MagPul Pmags, too! 22:40:12
IOWA: Now is the time to organize 22:26:38
Can Goodness Prevail? 22:23:12
Support These Texas House Bills 22:23:06
It's Getting Real. Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets 22:06:11
No Bull Zone @ Freedomizer Radio 21:49:38
BuzzFeed: Welcome to Commufornia! Where You too can break 15 'Laws' in 33 Seconds! 21:25:57
We're In The Middle Of A Global Awakening 21:15:30
Sen. Ted Cruz talks about Defunding Obamacare 21:02:14
PreEmpted: Rand, We Love You, but Don't Pull another WRONGney w/Jeb! 20:55:26
Active duty military and vets: Need help talking my stepson out of enlisting in the Army. 20:47:41
Ruling Can Lead to Tougher New York Soda Ban 20:27:21
Hagel orders halt to production of drone pilot, cyberwarrior medal 20:25:35
Where Do You Get Your News? 20:22:58
Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show - 3/12/2013 20:11:45
Democrats, Republicans, NRA working together on gun confiscation 19:59:38
Sheriff Arming Civilians to Fight Feds! “No Hope Short of Bloodshed” 19:53:40
No New Truck for Women Shot During Dorner Manhunt 19:53:20
Rand Pac Money Bomb? Exclusive video for DP 15:18:17
Rand Paul on drone debate, Awlaki killing, and wacko birds (Simon Conway interview 3/11/13) 19:16:23
US Corporations Stashing TRILLIONS Overseas To Avoid Paying Taxes 19:07:23
Karzai Charges US Collusion with Taliban, Congressional Report Backs Him Up. 19:06:01
RT Video Report: Gitmo Inmates on Hunger Strike, Some Being Force Fed 18:44:03
Peter Schiff interviews Rand 3-12-13 18:41:42
Charity, the only way to sustain Ron Paul’s message 18:39:59
Stand with Rand. 18:35:30
Recon, Stat 18:14:47
Red Pipeline To Moscow Audio Recording 18:14:31
Judge Napolitano: American Public Not Buying Obama Admin's Sequester Scare Tactics 18:02:31
Only 8 Dems that signed this? no RepubliCAN's? 17:37:24
Asked to give speech, talked about downfall of America. Worried I may not be invited back /s (video) 17:17:20
Did you know? Reagan divided unemployment duration by 2; then Bush, Clinton, Bush doubled it back up... & Obama: x 2 FURTHER 16:56:17
Michael Scheuer on Karzai’s accusations against the U.S. government: Lou Dobbs 3/11/13 16:52:19
The Wheels Of Justice Grind Over James Holmes 16:51:42
Did Carol Paul Buy Rand Paul for President Bumрer Stickers? 16:51:26
Lil' bastard's makin' us look bad. 16:35:20
Rand Paul "Gets it", here is the Proof 16:21:01
How 'poor' is 'rich enough' to justify increased taxation? 15:46:43
“People ask me, ‘How can you...not be friggin’ mad at God?' " 15:38:13
Do TROLLS just visit and selectively downvote all day? 15:37:10
Trump: Republicans not happy Rand Paul 15:16:11
TSA confession describes security screenings as 'a complete joke'; 'It's all for show' 15:15:55
A working model of a "Voluntary Society" ? 15:06:02
Rand Paul Proving to Be More and More Like Ron as the Days Pass 14:56:10
Who benefits from the FED? 14:54:18
Before We Cut ANY Domestic Spending... 14:52:45
Pic: Has Satan lost a horn? 14:50:17
KENTUCKY: Right - To - Carry Reform Bill Passes House, Heads To Governor For Signature 14:36:20
The United States is Not What You Think It Is! 14:33:46
Concealed Carry Lawsuit Says Missouri Officials Are Violating Privacy Rights of Gun Owners 14:01:54
Missouri License Officials: Gun List Is Secure 13:54:05
Help - Need Some Input from You Guys 13:50:08
4 False Flags That Led To American Wars 13:49:51
Cobb County GOP Chairman doesn't believe all men are created equal! 13:35:10
New Hampshire State Rep. Draws Analogy Between Government Employees and "Our Kids" 13:23:25
Hugh Hendry on Government War Against the Economy 13:09:57
Russia to build anti - meteorite shield 13:09:20
Gun bill would make SC an open carry state 13:02:09
Massive Mosquitos 20x Normal Size Coming To US 12:37:38
Idaho Votes to Criminalize Gun Confiscation 12:34:59
Cop Searches and Handcuffs Man for Being White Video 12:31:43
VIDEO: 4th Amendment? We Don't Need No Stinkin' 4th Amendment 12:24:32
Joy Pullmann: Data mining kids crosses line 12:09:40
Idaho House approves bill to make gun confiscation a criminal offense 12:02:51
Action Alert O'Fallon, MO puts 2nd Amendment Protection bill forward 11:51:11
Only 30% of Americans Trust Our Government 11:50:39
Ben Swann interviews Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul about Cincinnati HomeSchool Convention! 11:29:23
How Much Does War Cost? Can You Put a Price on Suffering? 11:25:54
Psychiatry's first cure! Autism! 11:19:11
TSA wants Concealable Multi Threat Body Armor 11:10:25
NRA buses hundreds to Connecticut Capitol in state that was rarely a worry until now 10:47:36
HAMAS: 'Declaration of War' If Obama Visits Temple Mount 10:37:42
Gun Control meeting in NY 10:20:00
Online Poll: Rand Paul The Conservative Pick For President In 2016 09:49:35
Bill would ban lead ammunition in California 09:36:49
RARE: Alex Jones – 9/11 The Road To Tyranny Emergency Release (Dec. 7th 2001) 09:05:03
Why We Fear the Government 08:56:26
They Are Blocking The Sun, Period. 08:36:13
America is the most hated country on earth 08:13:28
Hilarious North Korean Propaganda about daily Life in America 07:51:42
Local news calls out Jindal on Bayou Corne 07:04:33
Idaho Gun Bill: State Lawmakers Pass Measure To Challenge Federal Gun Control Proposals 05:37:14
El Paso County (CO) Sheriff at Odds with Democratic Lawmakers 05:00:13
Has anybody on the D.P. ever shot a gun? 04:17:45
Rand Paul the conservative pick for president in 2016 02:21:55
Falkland Islands Vote 2013 - Remain British 02:15:18
Incident 1 & 2! 02:14:52
Rand Paul Did More Damage to TPTB Than You Can Possibly Imagine 02:10:15
Karl Rove backs Rand to the tune of 2.8 million. 01:58:49
Strategy 2016 01:38:03
Liberty never rests! 01:27:00
Has anyone else noticed this? 01:14:17
Killing the Dollar: G20 & IMF Push for Global Fed, Global Currency 00:27:26
Obama's new drone strike medal. 00:18:01
Could We All Share The Same Soul? 00:17:13
Ayn Rand Institute Summer Internships 00:03:59
Ask every human you see, "Do You Own Yourself ?' 08:45:10
Love - The Only Bridge to God 14:55:49