Posted on March 13, 2013

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IRS considering "charged off" debt as income 22:22:51
LINK: All 25 FBI Terrorist Watchlist Pamphlets. 19:31:04
Obama wants the CIA to see your bank records... all of them. And yes, in the name of fighting terror. 16:57:49
Another prominent 'progressive' starts to wake up... 16:34:28
John Stossel's Illegal Everything - You Are Probably a Felon and Don't Know It! 17:24:47
This Just In - New Pope Elected 13:15:25
VIDEO - Sen. Rand Paul and colleagues propose the defunding of Obama Care 3-13-13 13:13:26
"Growing Food is a Dangerous Act"? 14:09:10
LA Times: Angry white men are terrorists 11:45:57
Texas bill to eliminate jail time for marijuana offenses - Video 09:46:54
15 Ridiculous ways to get the FBI Terrorist Watch List 08:56:43
Daunting: Applying For Health Care Not Easy 11:29:49
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"Wacko Bird" Printable Flyer - Get It While It's Hot! 23:55:13
The End Of Sovereign America - Brother Nathanael Reports 23:53:59
My Conversation With Alex Jones June 2010 - NWO Epic Fail Video Idea 23:22:33
MSNBC Daily Diet of News (Updated) 23:21:29
My quadrillion- and googol-friendly calculator 22:31:54
PolicyMic: I Filibustered to Defend Millennials by Rand Paul 22:29:28
U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way) 21:58:17
Rand Paul on CSPAN2: Speaking on the roots of the Tea Party (this is good!) 21:41:44
U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way) 21:33:01
StormCloudsGathering: US Govt Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way) 21:32:23
80% AR lowers shipped to your door without FFL 21:32:18
Vote for Ben Swann here 21:31:24
Government started receiving their $463 million order of smallpox... 21:27:02
Award Winning Porn Star Aurora Snow Insists Racism Is Rampant in Porn Industry 21:16:47
Further Proof That Rand Paul Is Winning 21:03:26
Bradley Manning on C-Span 20:46:51
Bob Wenzel & Chris Rossini, warn libertarians: Avoid ShortCuts! 20:35:33
The Following Are Infringements On The Second Amendment - Do You Support Them? 20:31:26
National Review: Rand's Big Fight 20:29:29
I Do 20:17:07
New Pope, Old Skeleton 20:01:50
Christie 2016 Car Window Sticker 20:01:11
Ron Paul would be proud of Kid Constitution! 19:50:35
"Spin Cycle" 19:49:17
Missouri Judge extends Restraining order to all State DOR offices they cannot copy documents for CCW 19:43:55
Shocking! Pope Reveals Himself As The Anti-christ (Raw Footage From Vatican) 19:33:47
Meet The Romeikes, German Home Schooling Refugees Obama is Trying to REVERSE Asylum 19:31:37
Porter Stansberry: Breaking down the REAL 'End of America' Numbers 19:02:21
Korean Americans vs. Piers Morgan: We'll SHOW you When & Where AR15's are 'Needed!' 18:47:36
Do You have a State Sen. Nathan Dahm, who PROMOTES Natural Rights, in your State? 18:42:49
So Foreign Aid Is a Drop In a Bucket... 18:30:08
Deleted 18:27:37
The Military doesn't want you to see this video. Leaked Video: Military allowed patrol to be hit by an IED. The real question he 18:25:33
FlashBack: Obamikado, a r3VOL Opera vs. Obama Drones! 18:00:19
there is a god 17:52:59
USDA to Buy 400,000 Pounds of Sugar in a Bid to Make Your Snickers Bar More Expensive 17:47:11
Why The GOP/Ryan Budget is a Non-Starter for Libertarians 17:39:14
Tatiana Moroz to the Liberty Movement: Stop the Bickering! We're ALL on the Same Side! 17:33:24
Bee Happy! 17:22:31
7 Things Democrats Would Have Freaked Out About If Bush Had Done Them 17:20:03
Cyber-related attacks (not terrorism) now the top security threat facing the United States. 17:00:33
If you use or keep your money in a bank, just turn your head and cough 16:58:55
Ex IRS Auditor says There is No Law To Pay Income Taxes 16:56:25
That Time The U.S. Almost Nuked Cairo 16:52:41
Nerd wins challenge with 9/11 Truth physics 16:49:30
Sugar Bailout! Government Policy at its worst 16:31:36
James Holmes’ Arraignment Delayed As Court Struggles To Remember Which Mass Shooter He Is 16:23:22
6th grader brings $20K to school, hands out cash 'from a friend' to students -Should Cops Keep the Money? 16:01:20
The Hornet's Nest: Bill O'Reilly gave it a whack! 15:50:37
Dangerous Exclusive Privileges Against The Constitution. 15:47:04
US to Allow Spy Agencies Access to American Financial Data 15:39:52
Pope Candidate Demands RECOUNT - Suspected Election Fraud 15:27:19
Tom Woods : Paul Krugman really is as bad as you thought 15:19:43
His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei; His Majesty himself (Who talks like that?) 14:51:36
, 14:50:25
Hugo Chavez: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 14:36:05
It has begun ...California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms 14:36:04
Sen. Rand Paul and Colleagues Propose the Defunding of Obamacare - 3/13/13 14:31:59
What 4th Amendment? 14:28:17
Wacko Birds Practicing Civil Disobedience 14:20:34
Full interview of Gavin Newsom. Adam Carolla ownned him.. 14:17:55
President Obama: There Is No Debt Crisis 14:15:53
Taxpayer-funded Predator Control program kills Hundreds of family pets 14:14:28
AmeriCorps: White People Are Born Racist 14:12:15
Are You "Engaged In Combat?" 14:09:19
Paul Ryan's 2014 "Path to Prosperity" is More Like "Street to Strangulation" 13:59:39
Oh Please! Justin Amash MUST run for Senate - you have to read this to believe it 13:44:49
U.S. Spent $463M to Stockpile Drug for Smallpox Bioterror Attack 13:33:13
LAPD how its run (ACP) 13:00:42
Bush Baggage 12:59:24
Red Skelton explains The Pledge of Allegiance 12:56:48
Democrat Lobby Group labels any American an 'EXTREMIST' for talking DHS is stockpiling ammo 12:52:26 09:42:10
Oama blames Secret Service for closing White House Tours 12:16:44
New Jersey Woman Arrested for Reciting Constitution at Tax Meeting 12:09:47
President Roosevelt's Campaign To Incite War in Europe: 12:09:07
Iran Will Submit Written Promise Never to Seek Nuclear Weapons-But We'll Probably Still Bomb the Hell Out of Them 12:06:00
Live Now: Oklahoma House Now Debating Obamacare Nullification 11:36:46
U.S. Leadership Earning Lower Marks Worldwide 11:19:13
EPJ: Rand Paul Wants Don't Ask Don't Tell for Tax Returns 11:13:34
Obama says there is no debt crisis 10:47:23
Fun Video: The Pledge of Allegiance 10:24:56
Neocons trot out ANOTHER George Bush. 10:16:06
A Tea Party Republican Running Against Lindsey Graham? Maybe 10:15:43
Obama, Republicans and the NRA teaming up for more Gun Control. 10:13:54
Bitcoin forked. 10:12:33
Essential Videos: The Secret of Oz (money) 10:11:06
F.U.C.U. - Freedom United Credit Union 10:09:50
Rand Paul: Tea Party Is Like The America Revolution - The Occupy Movement more like the French Revolution 09:55:53
Homeschool Lesson; Devalued Paper Currencies! *VIDEO* 09:54:19
Ben Swann needs votes in a poll! 09:24:42
George Noory on "Alex Jones Show" Wednesday, 3-13-13,, 12N - 1PM CT 09:11:27
Google to Pay $7Million to US States for Wi - Fi Eavesdropping 08:57:16
Ben Swann Is Asking For Your Vote Again For Anchor Dream Team 08:30:49
FDA to Allow Unlabeled Use of Aspartame in Dairy Products! 08:28:59
Should I sell my house? 08:15:51
Path To A Simpler Life 11:51:51
Bloomberg Planned Propaganda Blitz for Next Massacre Right After Aurora 07:46:41
Young Turks: Rand Paul's Filibuster Angers Establishment 07:32:04
Paul Harvy - If I Were The Devil (Video) 07:04:59
Jim Willie: The Collapse Is At Our Doorstep! 06:55:52
To Utility Companies (RE: Smart Meters) 06:37:03
Erin Brockovich speaks out on Bayou Corne - "Get out." 05:56:40
Favourite Song Thread 04:30:12
Ron Paul's "Imagine" speech set to BO2 Gameplay 03:47:47
Ron Paul mentioned twice on Comedy Central's Kroll Show 03:45:35
Rand Paul on The Steve Deace Show talks about his historic filibuster 03:33:23
nt 03:01:35
Ben Swann needs our help! 02:31:36
ALERT: Chucky Schumer's S374 Gun Transfer Ban lays down the Foundation for Casus Belli 01:46:33
Smudge Pot's take on the bible. 01:45:22
The Armed Citizen Project 01:44:58
Ray Nash Wins Bluffton Tea Party Straw Poll 00:50:20
What Is The Most Studied, Analyzed, And Researched Thing In The World? 00:13:56