Posted on March 14, 2013

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American Winter - Documentary Trailer 20:00:34
Feinstein: "Do they need a Bazooka?!?" - The eminently reasonable answer may surprise you... 22:55:48
Conservatives urging Rand Paul to run for president 18:05:22
The perfect slave 20:04:42
Politico: CPAC Muddle Mirrors GOP Mess 15:43:53
Census: 1 in 3 US Counties are Dying 19:48:47
LAPD Breaks Promise: No New Truck for Women Shot During Dorner Manhunt 14:35:39
Video: Rand Paul @ CPAC: "The GOP of Old Has Grown Stale and Moss Covered" 14:19:33
Explosive Exchange at Gun Hearing Between Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein 13:30:25
New 'Monsanto Protection Act' Gives Monsanto Power over US Government 11:33:06
Pharma murders new mother. 11:26:23
Third Night of Rioting in Brooklyn 11:51:56
AZ Police Officer Acted "Within Policy" as 15-Year Old Girl is Shoved Head First Into Wall 09:47:26
To the People of America 09:57:50
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No Tax But The P.H.A.T. Tax 23:56:56
Rand's Inevitable Media Firestorm 23:53:55
Anti-Federal Reserve Film 'Silver Circle' to Premiere in NYC Followed by Peter Schiff Q&A 23:52:42
A Forum For The Hero's Out There? Maybe? 23:42:56
Delete 23:42:31
Do CPAC "ballots" already have names on them? 23:21:13
Rand Paul Winning Fox News 2013 CPAC Poll at over 79% (Vote Here) 23:06:01
Once You start -You will have to finish, You'll love it. Keep Planting Those Seeds Revolutionaries! 22:54:36
Nobel Prize Genius Joseph Stiglitz versus the UK version of Peter Schiff (Hugh Hendry) 22:51:17
I was wrong about Bitcoin 22:47:50
The Truman Show: How Many Towns and Villages In America Are Fake, CIA Stage Sets? 22:47:44
Rand Paul Polls Here They Are Get At Them 22:46:31
NEWTOWN, CT: "It's Not A Surprise To Me That A Court Has In Fact Sealed The Records Just Because It's So Horrible." 22:44:17
how to stay calm during a panic attack 22:43:24
BLOWOUT! Ted Cruz vs. Dianne Feinstein ᴴᴰ 22:36:27
Are you stressed? Try this out. Its something new! 22:36:03
What do you think... Interesting, Entertaining, and dare i say Educational? 22:25:38
ARTICLE: What's actually in the Feinstein Assault Weapons Bill? 22:19:23
Time for the GOP Liberty Movement to Take Over the Environmental Movement 22:16:05
In Love's Light 22:02:51
Rand Paul Sells Himself as the Conservative for the Facebook Generation at Right-Wing Pow Wow 21:51:07
CPAC: Rick Perry Slams McCain, Romney: "Not conservative candidates." 21:44:56
The Surveillance States of America 21:43:26
Ron Paul: 'The Sequester Is A Joke, There Are NO Cuts!' 21:24:37
Someone claims to hear of a Civil War being started soon 21:21:45
Ron Paul Calls For 'Total' Liberty; Disparages Buy And Hold 21:08:54
LA compensates 2 for truck mistakenly shot by LAPD 21:07:27
AP slams police on Sandy Hook secrecy, and withholding 911 tapes 20:50:34
'US seeks excuse to plunder Iran oil' 20:36:39
Has the Obama regime said anything about their ongoing support of Al Qaeda-affiliated fighters? 20:31:02
Adam Kokesh vs. Zeitgeist's Peter Joseph 20:26:53
Jeffrey tucker is absolutely terrific 20:16:51
Regulators look to punish bankers for money laundering 20:11:26
"Too Big to Fail has become Too Big for Trial" 20:08:18
Drone nightmare, the unseen threat 19:43:42
Jeff Tucker on Witch Hunting Rand Paul 19:15:39
Rand Paul, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways... 18:58:07
Freedom In Our Lifetime! 18:51:30
Poll: McCain's the 'wacko,' not Rand Paul 18:05:06
New Site: Alt Feed (Dot) Com 18:02:37
New Pope Tied to Argentina’s Dirty War 17:59:27
Ex-Congressmen turning lobbyists: Should America be concerned? 17:46:41
Rand Paul future of GOP poll. HELP! 17:33:39
Everybody Loves Rand Paul - Except Donald Trump 17:26:25
Calls from the Office of Richard Burr 17:15:54
The new Pope and 9-11... 17:09:35
Bigfoot, Unicorns, and the "Anti-War Left" 21:11:37
Access Denied after posting the truth on Rand Paul 2016 Facebook Page 16:48:30
Hollywood History Hoax: Iran hires top lawyer to sue for ‘lies’ in Affleck’s Argo film 16:38:40
Not a particularly good speech by Rand Paul at CPAC this year 16:31:36
'A Movement on Fire' Video to Air at CPAC 2013 Friday Night 16:23:02
Rand Paul speaks at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference 16:17:57
We Need To Talk… 16:10:41
Frothy is back. Will not "stand with Rand." 15:38:35
IMPORTANT: Red Herring - Gun Control update by Gun Owner's of America 15:35:23
The GOP's Civil War for the Future of War 15:33:44
Former Paul Backers Thwarted Again in Iowa 15:25:26
Jon Turner - Former Monster 15:20:33
Students Stand With Rand During His CPAC 2013 Speech~ 3/14/2013 15:06:41
How Much Gold Can a Single US Dollar Buy? 15:03:06
If you liked that Defense Distributed/DefCad video 14:23:12
Real North Korean Propaganda 14:02:44
BOMBSHELL: 5 of Piers Morgan's Ex - Colleagues At Daily Mirror Have Now Been Arrested In Phone Hacking Scandal 13:51:57
Its Time to Remove Guns From All Police Officers 19:29:18
. 13:27:47
Here Ya Go Granger!: 'Stand With Rand' CPAC t - Shirts Show Paul Understands The Importance Of Design 13:16:59
Take Action: Stop the Monsanto Protection Act! 13:16:50
Panel approves assault weapons ban; Cruz, Feinstein get heated 13:11:55
I ask not for divine providence or more riches, but more wisdom... 13:09:27
Libertarian - Leaning Rep. Justin Amash Considering Senate Run 13:07:55
Hilarious video of Jeff Gordon 12:38:48
Is Heroin being Smuggled in Dead Soldiers Body Bags from Afghanistan & Iraq? 12:29:14
Visit free stuff give-a-way 08:24:42
Children Understand Geo-Engineering, Why don't Adults? 12:21:26
Austin TX: Elderly man in wheelchair shot for refusing to hand over gun 12:18:44
5 Issues with Mainstream Libertarianism 12:11:35
Restoring your 2nd Amendment 12:11:35
Bill Gates: 'Some days I wish we had a system like the UK' to give Obama more power - VIDEO 11:45:59
Wild Food Suggestions ? 11:44:04
NH takes step in right direction: New Hampshire House Votes to Nullify NDAA Indefinite Detention 11:38:40
VIDEO - George Noory: " People Don't Trust Government Anymore" 11:38:15
Spielberg's Hoax - The Last Days of The Big Lie 11:23:01
Biblical Government: Anarchy, Minarchy or Statism? 11:21:52
Newt Gingrich calls out Ben Bernanke and Federal Reserve on the Peter Schiff Show 11:05:30
How do you like your Weather? Natural or Manmade? 10:52:24
Why the Money System Doesn’t Work And How YOU Can Fix It (Chapter One) 10:49:56
Agriculture Defense Coalition & So Much More ! 10:38:11
33% of the U.S. Army is on prescription medications, and nearly a quarter of those are on psychotropic drugs 10:03:10
15-Year-Old Exposes Federal Reserve Corruption 09:12:26
We've Got PLENTY of People Involved. Now This Movement Needs Financing. So Where Do We Get It? 08:27:26
CFTC looks at possible gold and silver manipulation 08:21:00
High gold prices are making it worthwhile to look for the metal in unusual places 07:42:28
Democracy Unplugged Gun Control Debate: Guns in America After Sandy Hook (video) 07:35:09
2nd Amendment. There's Only One Question. Why Is This So Difficult? 06:30:24
Anybody know what is up with 06:28:31
Yet Another Sinkhole... This One Swallows Up a Golfer in Illinois 06:13:44
The vanishing resource more valuable than all the gold, silver & FRNs put together... 06:00:56
Alan Colmes interviews Rand Paul, congratulates him on filibuster and doing the right thing 05:48:17
Edible City: Grow the Revolution 05:44:16
Climategate: FOIA – The Man Who Saved The World 05:35:48
Republican Dan Winslow For US Senate Takes Up Two Hotheads' Activism 05:09:12
Mark me down 04:11:40
$.78 earned on 1 year CD... 02:51:16
Video - Russian Homemade Choppers lol 02:43:04
Can someone explain Bitcoins to me? 02:40:34
Is Libertarianism A Failed Political Ideology? 02:39:45
'Terminator' false arm ties shoelace and deals cards 02:30:27
Was Hugo Chavez Murdered By the CIA? 01:45:16
Coloradans Fighting Back against Democrat Tyranny! 01:44:03
Day of Liberty with son... 01:32:35
Michael Moore: America, You Must Not Look Away (How to Finish Off the NRA) 01:23:17
Funny Thing About the Colorado Magazine Ban 01:12:03
Gabrielle Giffords husband says it was too easy for him to purchase AR-15 style rifle 00:42:20
Fox station celebrates international women's day with footage of ta-tas 00:36:36
Pope Francis Kidnapping Controversy: Bergoglio Accused Of Involvement In 1976 Abductions 00:19:44