Posted on March 15, 2013

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McCain Apologizes For Calling Rand Paul, Ted Cruz ‘Wacko Birds’ 21:34:18
Dude! The crime lab was busted falsifying results in more than 30,000 cases! 20:25:01
Obama couldn't eat at Hill meeting without food ‘taster’ 18:47:24
GOP Leadership and Their Cronies "Guilty of Racketeering" 16:44:24
US/Afghanistan Dispute: US wants prisoners held even if they can't be convicted. Afghans want due process. 14:43:22
Julie Borowski - Wacko Bird Responds to John McCain 11:31:18
Mitch McConnell at CPAC on ObamaCare: We Lost 16:20:13
Colt shuts plant, workers talk to Conn. lawmakers 15:13:02
The heat is being turned up on JP Morgan 13:11:05
Classic Ron Paul: Lost Tape from the Morton Downey Jr. Show 09:58:58
Ron Paul: Foreign Aid Is Immoral and Impractical - Cavuto 3/14/2013 01:27:43
Top 10 employers in the entire world: 08:58:09
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The deficit that no one talks about 23:49:55
Should People Be Concerned About "Anti-Bullying" Laws? 23:32:28
how to reuse milk jug. 23:26:48
So What Kind of Social Conservative Are You? 23:20:02
Barack Obama Wouldn’t Touch Food at GOP Luncheon… 22:43:03
Uh-Oh! Obama and crazy joe biden both leaving the country at the same time? 22:30:32
Police Brutality Handled Correctly! 22:27:15
"Dull As Dirt," GOP Senator Changes Mind On Gay Marriage 22:18:42
Fallujah citizens were partially right about Blackwater 22:10:06
"Uneducated, unarmed, and dependent - that's the Democrat Party" - Starr Parker on Beck 22:09:50
Did You Know: Big Banks Are Getting A $780 Billion Subsidy Each Year? 21:02:13
Rand Brings The Heat & Light 20:41:40
Proof of One Party Rule: GOP Leadership Backs Democratic Supported Immigration Bill 20:32:59
The Truth About Ted Cruz 20:28:25
Hey what's up with the soft porn on the homepage? 20:14:57
I Need a Good Quick Response to a Former Boss 19:58:06
Obama's Brown Shirts, Civilian Army... 19:55:09
At CPAC, McConnell Embraces Rand 19:04:02
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) on AUDIO: (King) Obama travels with a "Food Taster!" No Joke! 18:58:49
Hilarious. Obama needs taste tester 18:52:27
Constitutionality of truancy laws? 18:40:59
Ron Paul supporter now a Political Prisoner ...In America! Make People Aware! 18:35:15
Doug Wead Interview 18:29:00
Jacob G. Hornberger: Checkpoint Tyranny Along the Border 18:26:23
Businessman Challenges Federal Reserve 18:07:14
Rand Vs Rubio 17:58:06
Strapped for Cash, US Postal Service Corporation Now Selling Candy Heart Watches, Teddy Bears, and Charm Bracelets! 17:54:26
Faux News The Five 3/15-Call Rand Paul Isolationist 17:54:12
10 things I learned at FEMA camp 17:51:39
Islam, the system of peace and muslims, peacemakers. A fresh perspective! 17:48:00
Iraq war veteran with Purple Heart dies after being shot by deputy-wwltv New Orleans 17:42:28
Photo of Gabby Giffords posing with AR-15 17:36:18
Healthy Skepticism and Bitcoin 17:33:47
North Korea UPDATE: another test & earthquake? 17:33:39
Joe Scarborough: Ted Cruz ‘willfully ignorant’ on the U.S. Constitution 17:28:36
"When embarrassing study results are released, data are manipulated to make them unintelligible" 17:27:53
Video: Greg Hunter's Weekly News Wrap-Up 17:11:09
National security letters deemed unconstitutional 17:06:40
Dr. Ron Paul : "Foreign Aid Is Immoral and Impractical" on Cavuto 3/14/13 16:46:40
County Commissioners in Johnson County, Indiana Vote Unanimously 3-0 To Ignore Potential Assault Weapons Ban 16:32:26
What's Your Twitter Handle? 16:25:19
Dr. Paul interviewed on the Mike Church radio show 16:21:29
Ron Paul Interviewed on The Mike Church Show 3/15/13 (Transcript) 16:06:16
Largest Sheriff Department In Missouri Is Trading Their Sheriff For a Dictator (Police Chief) 16:00:57
Plastic coin tubes 15:52:52
What Does it Mean? Praising the Troops for Defending Our “Rights” and “Freedoms” 15:44:47
Appeals Court Rejects CIA Secrecy on Drones 15:41:04
Internet censorship begins at home... 15:33:00
Cruz Responds To Liberal Media About Heller! 15:10:53
Ted Cruz: Opinions? 15:07:50
Medical Examiner Refuses Official Request for Toxicology Report on Lanza (Check out the RP supporter in the story!) 15:06:33
The Politics of Anti-Interventionism- How change will come: Rand Paul shows the way forward 15:01:20
Marco Rubio CPAC 2013 Speech Analysis 14:43:40
Time for a Big Distraction ? US to deploy more ground-based missile interceptors as North Korea steps up threats 14:39:16
last year an article like this would never make front page news 14:38:13
Your Bank Account: Free Reading For NSA And CIA 14:37:45
I've Decided To Embrace The Label (Domestic Terrorist) 14:29:38
Politico: Court Deals Blow to CIA Drone Secrecy 16:28:36
The Price of Liberty 13:25:38
Agenda 21 Design Contest! 12:57:42
RT: CIA must respond to request about secret drone program 12:52:33
Rambling video: spreading the cause of liberty the pope and federal reserve system 12:50:44
Ron Paul of Itally comedian turned politico, Beppe Grillo speakes out against Debt issue private central banks. 12:48:20
NRA Vice President LaPierre at CPAC: ‘Let Them Be Damned’ 12:44:28
Why people are outraged over the shooting of 16-year-old Kimani Gray 12:43:25
Most Pro Gun State? 12:40:10
Dear Ron Paul revolutionaries WE need your help in NY 12:30:46
Libertarian Takeover of Republican Party 12:17:50
Glenn Greenwald: Charles Krauthammer's false statement about the US Constitution 12:15:50
U.S. clout hurt by Iraq War, scholar says. (Should have listened to Dr Paul!) 12:14:09
Feinstein's husband’s firm cashes in on crisis 12:06:19
'After Ever After': Disney Spoof By Jon Cozart Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO) 11:54:35
Let the 2016 Primaries Begin: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul Duel at CPAC 11:48:08
Gold Could Be The Next Libor Scandal 11:26:30
David Icke on This Morning 14/3/13 11:19:53
Complete List of FBI Terrorist Watch List Pamphlets 11:11:14
Libertarians vs Conservatives on Guns 11:05:05
Updated 3/20: The American Hero Fund! Compensating Whistleblowers Who've Experienced Great Losses From Speaking Out! 10:58:38
UN says US drones violate Pakistan's sovereignty 10:53:26
More biased reporting - pushing Rubio 10:44:23
Doug Casey: If I Were President 10:38:10
Japan Adds 1,178 Megawatts of Mostly Solar Energy in Nine Months 10:11:27
The NYPD Declares Martial Law in Brooklyn ? 09:57:06
What Do You Think About Obama's Decision to Pardon the Sequester and Send it to Portugal? 09:21:07
Christian, Please Wake Up! -Chuck Baldwin 09:14:27
Ron Paul: Congress, Stand Up To The Imperial President! 09:08:49
Arrested/Assaulted for Dancing! Vice Chairman of Libertarian Party Speaks Out Against Police State VIDEO 08:52:20
Truck Driver Confirms Delivering to Underground Cities and Tunnels? 08:50:34
The Presidents- John Q Adams to Polk 1825-1849 08:29:17
Andrea Peyser 07:38:35
Star Wars Death Star Terrorist Conspiracy 07:26:00
My son's latest interview on Current TV The Young Turks... Video 10:17:06
Eyewitness “Certain” Kimani Gray Was Unarmed When Police Shot Him - this is MURDER 07:00:13
Government thoughts of an educated public as a quick question and a quick story 05:46:06
Gold is Making a Move to the Upside. Here is Why. 05:22:50
Target is your brain 04:22:13
Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs (VIDEO) 04:12:13
Is this what we're sposed to be doing instead of typing on teh Interweb? 02:30:55
Rand Paul CPAC Speech Freedom Liberty and Tyranny 02:24:55
CPAC Poll Results 02:15:23
Not So Fast: Not All Media Screwed Up The Iraq Story (just almost all) 02:09:40
Ben Swann Reality Check: Justice department plagued with in-fighting, racism & political favoritism? 02:01:45
Stand With Syria The Last Secular State In The Middle East 01:44:59
Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History 01:34:38
Court overturns convictions of Arizona woman on death row 01:34:27
We need to be clever in our arguments to show their fallacies. Dianne Feinstein is mistaken by comparing guns to pornography 01:31:46
Should Libertarians Use Violence? 01:22:16
Iraq War Could Cost $6 Trillion 19:50:29
Awlaki Prosecuted in Press by Obama (After He Executed Him.) 05:48:38
After Bush Era Decline, US Now World’s Top Oil Producer 10:14:14
Draft The Judge 09:41:42