Posted on March 17, 2013

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Bill would make it illegal to take pictures at a farm 22:21:07
The Attacks Begin: National Jewish Democratic Council Denounces Rand Paul's CPAC Straw Poll Victory 20:06:06
Man Detained by City & State Police While Open-Carrying, Diffuses Tense Situation with Knowledge (Video) 15:44:14
Special Report - EU Steals Nations Private Bank Accounts: Starts EU Wide Bank Runs 21:42:09
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 3/18/2013 "The Congressional Budget Debate Is Just A Sideshow" 13:45:57
Persistence Paid Off! 13:33:08
What Went Wrong, According to Reince Priebus 13:21:51
American Revolution: On This Day March 17, 1776 - Evacuation Day! 11:04:36
Happy Saint Patrick's Day. May we banish all the political snakes from our country and protect our Constitution. 10:59:56
Hilarious: How Not to Talk to People About Liberty. 16:31:06
Cyprus Extends "Bank Holiday" Blocks Transfers From Depositor's Accounts 10:11:56
Assemblyman Steven Katz - Strong Opponent to NY Safe Law - Arrested for Marijuana Possession 08:43:51
Feds Swarm Metra Train After Detecting Nuclear Risk 00:20:31
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Jordan Page - Pink Floyd/Ron Paul Remix 23:04:26
Interesting Twist to Gun Debate, Yuba City Man Sues California 23:00:53
I made a thread trashing Neil DeGrasse Tyson but watch this Joe Rogan interview. 22:54:49
Full report on Sikh Temple shooting still has yet to be released 22:53:40
Video: South Dakota State Rep. Refers to herself as a Socialist! 22:37:19
The geopolitical games being played in Cyprus right now 22:29:29
Boehner: I 'absolutely' trust Obama 22:23:06
Did Obama appear on the mini-series The Bible? My 2nd grader thought so! 22:15:49
It Finally Occurred To Me. XIII ! 1913 ! 2013 ! All Of The 14th Amendment And Others On, Have Failed The USA ! 22:04:07
CPAC slavery 21:03:47
Nature Journal: Earthquakes Make Gold Veins 21:01:10
Article: Europeans get 9.9% of their savings stolen, are you next? 20:46:16
Will you pray for good weather? 23:40:38
Ron Paul Town Hall Speech - San Antonio, Texas (Full Speech) 20:38:10
Is the Daily Paul Associated with Disney? 20:01:07
KrisAnne Hall Interview and Liberty First Rally National Tour 19:37:43
Mar 17, 2013 7:07 PM: U.S. Stock Futures, Euro Decline on Cyprus Turmoil; 19:27:08
how to use plastic container 19:14:46
Waffle House Customer Kills Robber 19:03:21
rand against medical cannabis: Rand Paul & Medical Marijuana Updated 18:50:58
Observations of Rand Paul's CPAC Victory 18:35:48
To my Christian brothers and sisters (and all others). 18:23:42
The Narrative in America 23:14:28
Michael Nystrom...He's a ten-foot tall beast man, 18:13:22
Rand Paul's Biggest Obstacle Is ? 18:08:52
Daily Paul Tournament Brackets! 18:06:44
Is Anyone Else Having a Hard time Finding the New Comment Bar? 18:01:40
Welcome to Detroit City 17:58:36
PTSD and TBI Military Veteran - Medicinal Marijuana Story 17:54:19
Opposition To Soda Ban Proof That Americans Still Fight For What They Believe In 22:45:23
New documentary "Surveillance State" about the NSA and features Rand Paul 17:20:22
Defense Distributed Acquires Federal Firearms License 17:03:03
Ants subterranean structures revealed 16:40:51
End of the Dollar (Video - 1:38 min) 16:37:39
Cypriot Bailout Sends Shivers Throughout the Euro Zone - Here it comes! 16:34:10
Cows With Guns (a Call to Action) 16:26:20
The ant vs. grasshopper 16:20:56
Suggestion to Michael 16:05:16
Pope Francis - A Pope For Our Time 15:55:00
"All Wars Are Bankers Wars" Excellent 43-min video narrated by Mike Rivero 15:31:26
2 little gems from CPAC —one you may even hear about in the near future! 15:11:30
... 14:41:50
Farage: Leaders utterly unplugged from thoughts & hopes of ordinary people 14:35:59
Ninety Miles from Tyranny 14:34:32
Nigel Farage making waves in Britain ... a revolution underway? 14:15:46
1. The Ring Of Power - Present Past Very Informative! 13:42:16
The Fat Lady has Started to Sing - in Cyprus 13:38:40
Episode 32 of Voices of Reason is Now Available! 13:07:57
The assault weapons ban: A case study in the politics of frivolity 12:57:42
Ron Paul ant-abortion stand is very pro-racial equality... 12:56:40
Rand Paul CPAC Speech - March 14th, 2013 12:56:37
Dianne Feinstein - it's legal to hunt humans 12:54:17
Do you understand how human life was formed? 12:44:53
Boehner Says He 'Absolutely' Trusts Obama 12:43:10
John Boehner Agrees with Obama: 'We Don't Have An Immediate Debt Crisis' 12:36:07
3500 British Soldiers to be 'Robbed' by Cyprus Government? 12:19:01
Marco Rubio's CPAC 2013 Speech 11:39:53
Election Year 2016 - Rigged Voting Machines, NWO Owned Media, and the Bilderberg Chosen 09:56:14
A Good Example of What We Are Up Against 08:58:36
Have the Feds begun to threaten Sheriffs? (Apparently not.) 08:36:56
Mainstream Economists’ Monetary Insanity 08:01:11
Reince Priebus still pumped over filibuster, not happy McCain/Graham "threw Rand under the bus" 07:52:16
Gay spy ring: Cops bust Saakashvili's undercover network 07:50:19
Next election: Why not a frontal attack on both heads of the single party? 07:33:55
Cool Sound and Water Experiment! 07:00:00
Interview of the Algerian journalist Kahina Bencheikh El Hocine with Professor Fekete (February 28, 2013) 06:51:36
Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. Epic Rap Battles of History 06:40:53
Const. Atty. KrisAnne Hall P0wnz MSNBC's Mike Papantonio @ Pensacola, FL Gun Debate! 06:14:00
We Are Not Whining 06:11:39
Gen-2008 Meet Gen-2016: The Reiteration Gap We Must Remember 06:08:57
FLASHBACK: Constitutional Atty. KrisAnne Hall - NDAA Sec.1021/1022 for Dummies! 06:00:29
Tatiana Moroz & Jordan Page LIVE in Austin! (Full Concert) 05:32:36
F1 Australian Grand Prix: highlight *VIDEO* 05:10:22
Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public 04:04:23
Sheriff Mack at CPAC Tells How He Came to Realize He Was a Hypocrite as a Cop... 03:36:47
RNC Chair Reince Priebus applauds Rand Paul's stand for the constitution (video) 03:21:30
David Keene criticizes disenfranchisement of Ron Paul supporters from GOP, knocks John McCain (video) 03:13:47
Battle for a golden fleece 02:15:17
Climate change town 02:09:17
Please Be Careful With Torrents & File Sharing 01:48:44
We Are NOT Winning. 01:38:22
Interview with Ron Paul on Rand, Foreign Policy, Economy, And Homeschooling 01:35:20
abortion 01:20:04
Mutual Interest Hidden Beneath Apple and Samsung Legal Struggle 00:52:09
A Message to Rachel Maddow From Sheriff Richard Mack 00:31:08
U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Semi-Auto and Private Sales Bans 00:14:13
Confiscatory Taxes - EU and IMF Confiscate Deposits 00:10:57
Sarah Palin rocks CPAC mocks Bloomberg with a Big Gulp and said Obama needed to be background checked. 11:05:31