Posted on March 19, 2013

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“But I figure if the name’s the whole thing, then my message isn't strong enough.”— Ron Paul 20:29:27
Assault Weapons Ban Dropped From Senate Gun Bill 19:02:47
Nigel Farage To Europeans: "Get Your Money Out While You Can" 18:56:57
GOP Autopsy: The Growth & Opportunity Project 12:50:31
Did you know? Saddam challenged Bush to a debate in front of both countries citizens? 17:24:27
TSA agents 'humiliated' Marine who lost both legs to an IED 12:23:59
Happy Birthday MoxNews! 14:41:18
Gun store window display draws controversy 13:35:12
The Senate is about to vote on a national Internet sales tax mandate. Call your Senators and tell them NO! 10:47:40
Now New Zealand Considers Raiding Depositors' Accounts 11:22:39
Seven Marines Killed, Seven More Hurt in Nevada Training Blast 09:39:52
Rand Paul Endorses Immigrant Path to Citizenship 08:53:49
Ben Swann Full Disclosure: US Funding Al Qaeda in Syria. The Story You Haven't Heard 10:25:38
Are You Proud To Be An American? 09:08:36
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Cyprus Parliament Rejects Bailout Plan; Euro Membership in Jeopardy 23:48:26
Rand Paul Just Made Another Political Masterstroke 23:25:06
The NWO is going down! Evidence 4: Cyprus banks 'may never reopen' threatens German Finance Minister 23:12:14
The NWO is going down! Evidence 3: Cyprus parliament overwhelmingly rejects bank deposit tax 22:53:50
The NWO is going down! Evidence 2: Jim Sinclair: “The IMF went after the central bank of the Russian Elite 22:50:20
The NWO is going down! Evidence 1: Revolt against City of London's medieval elders 22:47:16
I'm not a Christian, but this song nails it 22:35:42
Food for thought, or what my problem is with right wing libertarians 22:18:16
Arizona lawmakers back gold, silver as currency 22:17:20
VIDEO: CIA and MI6 were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD 22:04:08
Elizabeth Warren Claims the GOP is Soft on Pot 21:56:38
private property rights denied 21:55:40
How U.S. Arms and Technology Were Transferred to Iraq 21:55:36
Will We Know When We've Won? 21:51:39
Our Republic is Doomed Unless We Unseat Half of Congress 21:47:45
Peter Schiff's Euro Pacific now has Gold Combibars 21:23:46
Arizona lawmakers back gold, silver as currency 21:19:41
Feds: No Warrant Needed to Track Your Car With a GPS Device 21:12:32
Sources: Amazon and CIA ink cloud deal 21:04:33
Out of control cop caught on tape 21:01:25
#standwithrand 21:00:40
On Sandy Hook: A never before seen coincidence. I guarantee it. 20:00:24
Chip In For MoxNews New PC? 19:58:23
Chris Duane: Silver Bullet Silver Shield: Google it and learn! 19:40:18
Thanks to Rand Paul, libertarian politics is more popular than ever 19:08:13
Shocker: GOP Insiders Consider Pandering 18:56:06
5 Things the Republican Party needed to do Yesterday 18:49:31
Who Would We Arrest for the 9/11 False Flag Attack and on What Grounds? 18:42:13
Missouri Driver's License's Already Have RFID Chips!? 18:36:23
The Common Denominator: What Cyprus, Internet Tax, Gun Control, Election Fraud, Fake Birth Certificates, etc. All Have in Common 23:31:25
Marco Rubio praises Rand Paul on Immigration 18:22:47
What has Ron Paul said about outdoor smoking bans? 18:07:55
UT professors analyze Alex Jones', Rand Paul's following 18:07:28
MA Legislature Takes Up Spy Drones: Senator Robert Hedlund (R- Weymouth) 17:42:29
Federal government purchases two million doses of smallpox drug in preparation for bioterrorism attack 17:15:35
Rand Paul interview coming up on CNN Wolf Blitzer now 17:02:51
... 16:56:21
5 Ways Not to Buy Gold 16:49:46
Bicycle Taxes and Polar Bear Genocide 16:43:01
Drone Defense Corp who works with DARPA wants to sell you anti-drone tech 16:18:36
Sen. Feinstein outed on Drudge as Illuminati tool - pleads "Horus help me ban guns!" 16:09:07
Are Cancer Foundations Fraudulent? 15:55:34
Against supporting Rand in 2016 15:52:48
Rand Paul is the Rabbit of the 2016 Field 15:44:27
~Just A Rant..Another Wake Up Call.. As Things Slowly Fall Apart...~ 15:27:59
US Mint Sells Nearly 3/4 Million Silver Eagles In 1 Day Post Cyprus Announcement! 15:21:45
Cyprus votes to reject bailout. Now what? 15:18:28
Congress or Clown Car : 15:14:47
Google Glass: Orwellian Surveillance Made Cool 15:00:34
Ron Paul on The Stateless Man 11:53:06
It's Time To Fight Back! Use Your Feet To Drain Their Pocketbooks! 14:44:41
GMO Fallout 14:31:25
Before Overthrowing The Government, Remember to Register With The Attorney General 14:26:54
The Real Reason Scout Prouty Leaked the Famous Romney "47%" Video - It Was Over Romney Profiting from Slave Labor 16:33:25
Liberty and the War on Consciousness 14:18:03
The Euro Is Getting Slammed 13:53:01
Silver Coin Collectors 13:51:43
Video - Cypriot Protesters @ German Embassy 13:44:01
EPJ: Jeb, Reince & The Drowning GOP 13:37:43
Test of anthrax vaccine in children gets tentative OK 13:28:54
Ron Paul: Are We At War With Pakistan? 13:14:32
Why Cops Fear SHTF 13:07:07
Liberty & Scurvy & Slavery 12:56:59
Elon Musk : The Mind Behind Tesla 12:53:19
UPDATE: How Would We Handle the Unintended Consequences of Banning Abortion? 12:51:47
Video podcast Stateless Man Interviews Ron Paul on Competing Currencies, Political Action and Liberty 3/18/13 12:48:11
VIDEO: Chase Customers See Bank Balances Reduced To Zero 12:47:00
UPDATE: 340 Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws 12:38:38
In Colo., gun restrictions bring political peril 12:32:25
Will you fight?! 40 inspirational speeches in two minutes. 12:26:44
Rand Paul: The Justin Bieber of Libertarians 12:08:39
What we SHOULD be doing 12:06:25
Congressman Asks 'Big Sis' To Explain Huge Ammo Purchases - VIDEO 12:04:44
The 'nutters' push back against RNC blueprint 12:00:45
Robin Hood Tax ? 11:46:34
Obama keeping our bank accounts safe from terrorists 11:40:51
Greek Stocks Are Getting Crushed 11:37:00
NJ Congressman Asks Big Sis to Explain Huge Ammo Purchases 11:16:03
Obama to Grand CIA Full Access to Your Bank Accounts 11:13:16
Professor fired after telling students 'get a gun, start a war'. 11:01:50
UT professors analyze Alex Jones', Rand Paul's following 10:41:18
Why Doesn't Your State Coin Money? The States Can Issue Gold and Silver Coin Constitutionally 10:41:10
Tennessee Cops using 18-Wheelers to Spy on motorists 10:39:47
TSA at DCA airport blatantly sexual harassment 10:23:39
National planning Cyprus-style solution for New Zealand 10:20:54
New truck/used truck: what to do? 10:16:49
Gerald Celente: Cyprus Looting Is Only The Beginning for Global Elite 09:58:54
Illegal Aliens getting food stamps - shocker not getting cut by the sequester - we are getting sucked dry 09:57:33
Elizabeth Warren:"...minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour" (VIDEO) 09:30:58
Parliament Punch: Fight erupts between Ukrainian MPs 08:44:08
Watch me regulate what people eat, get their reactions: nanny state prank 08:36:21
The Past 7 Days 08:36:00
The Internet is a surveillance state 08:06:34
Would-Be Rapper Attempts to "Sacrifice" His Friend for Fame 07:02:25
does anyone know the song at the beginning? 05:50:45
Ted Cruz, Like a BOSS! Inspirational Tea Party Speech - Austin, Texas (Full Speech) 05:04:19
Rand Paul To Support Path To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants - LA Times... 04:09:03
Newspaper online CPAC/2016 Poll 03:55:29
"Mad World" 03:47:18
Cyprus Confiscation and Bank Run 03:13:31
Spreading the message of liberty 03:09:59
Default Young Republicans and Ron Paul people work with the Libertarian Party also 02:50:14
There's hope: Hijacked Due Process Billboard in San Francisco 02:45:19
* URGENT! Attention Chemtrails Activists And Online Researchers* 02:34:35
Occupy Austin Meets the Ron Paul R3volution 01:12:15
Adam & Ron Paul VS Peter Schiff at CPAC 01:04:51
The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery by Financial Terrorists 00:48:44
Silver/Gold onine retailers. Where do you 00:42:45
Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November! Best Ron Paul March EVER! 00:39:36
A Sovereign Manifesto For Free Persons 00:24:31
Why People Should Not Be Able To DownVote Without Commenting To Explain It 00:24:06
CHASE Bank had a Scary Glitch Tonight! 00:19:43
Ben Carson likes Rand Paul in 2016, is impressed by his courage 00:12:23