Posted on March 20, 2013

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IMF Chief Christine Lagarde's flat raided by French police 19:13:14
Ron Paul: This is Price Fixing at Its Worst - Fox Business 3/20/2013 16:17:50
Dylan Ratigan quits Soul-sucking MSNBC to become an Organic Farmer to aid Veterans! 18:00:19
Boycotting Israel is the "way to go," says Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters 17:31:27
OUTRAGE! US Government Owns Slaves! 16:30:49
Smudge Pot's secret friendship with SPLC 23:51:41
Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq with Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers 12:31:52
We Told You So: GOP Lawmakers Who Voted Against Iraq War Stand Their Ground 10 Years Later 10:21:47
Cyprus crisis deepens: Bailout rejected, banks may not reopen 10:10:46
Fed Leaves Price of Money Unchanged; Bernanke Press Conference 2:30pm 10:02:41
Colorado Department Of Corrections Director Murdered. Suspect at large... 10:20:35
Family's Home Raided over Facebook Photo of Son with Rifle 08:39:54
Southern Poverty Law Center Urges Government to Investigate Libertarians. 13:32:38
Dying Iraq War Veteran Pens 'Last Letter' To Bush, Cheney On War's 10th Anniversary 07:21:28
Catherine Austin Fitts: The Looting Of America - Full Interview 00:06:46
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As predicted: Governments are herding people toward bitcoin. Thank you governments. 23:48:53
Tip line rewards New Yorkers for turning in illegal guns. 23:47:22
GOP Senator: Time to Change Military Force Law 23:13:48
"Democracy Is The Worst" - Our Political System Exposed By "The Dictator" 22:25:44 USAF suspends its DECADES-old "Jesus loves Nukes" Indoctrination 21:48:10
With toxins like fluoride and chlorine in our water supplies, it's hard to know how to find clean water. Dr. Leonard Coldwell 21:43:36
Never Submit! New Youtube From Truthnevertold. I Think He does a good job. 21:39:20
Them Neo-cons don't want what we've got! 21:24:08
Why You Shouldn't Snitch to the Feds 21:21:20
Rand Paul's budget 21:08:42
Surveillance State 'operation Paul Revere Contest Entry' 21:01:06
Wow! Bush tampered with intel report saying Saddam was not a threat 20:49:25
Daniel Ellsberg: Bradley Manning, One Person Who Acted on Crimes He Uncovered 20:19:57
Libertarians and War: A Bibliographical Essay by Anthony Gregory 20:18:05
The Disney Conspiracy 20:17:17
Nooooo Amazon! Business Insider: Jeff Bezos helps CIA develop a 'Private' Cloud Spying Network! 20:17:06
Rand Paul's Full Speech at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - 3/19/2013 20:00:54
Senate Vote: Ok $85 Billion Cuts, Avert Shutdown 19:48:52
Missouri Dept. of Revenue Collecting Citizen Data and Sending it to DHS 19:43:50
Pew Research: Study finds MSNBC is 85% Opinion Commentary, not 'News'! Out-'foxing' FOX! 19:25:06
MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently 19:04:44
"Denver Launches Homeowner Assistance Program" - what crash in 08'?. 18:37:26
Israel Has 300+ Nukes! 18:26:42
America's Longest War - Movie Trailer from Reason TV 18:26:09
Chop! Which knife is for what food and techniques to use. 18:14:54
NATO brands civilian 'hacktivists' as terrorists and 'legitimate' targets for elimination 18:06:34
Bringing freedom and democracy to the world by invading, bombing and murdering people 17:56:10
Rand Paul: In The Past We've Been Snookered Into Immigration Reform With Promise Of Border Security - Glen Beck 3/20/2013 17:54:03
Wacko birds McCain and Graham want to start another war in syria 17:42:46
French Police search residence of IMF Chief 17:42:40
Water Fluoridation Plot Exposed (In 1954) 17:34:22
Rand Paul Immigration Reform Speech at US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - 3/19/2013 17:25:31
Newtown sees jump in gun permit applications 17:08:22
Knowledge is Power. Grow strong, my friends. 16:53:58
NatGeo on Israel and Palestine: Conflict Zone, Part 1: Uneasy Coexistence 16:53:48
Obama Sarcastically Asks How Israel Afforded Such A Great Missile Defense System 16:28:51
GOP, Follow the Good Doctor's Prescription To Cure Your Ails 16:20:51
The disintegration of Detroit continues. Amid recent forced financial cuts, prosecutors neglect to appear in court 16:18:17
Fed Chairman Bernanke Confirms Cyprus Style Confiscation Possible Here Too 16:09:29
KWN: Nigel Farage interviewed 3-19-13 (audio) 16:02:40
VIDEO - Allen West Denies Indefinite Detention in NDAA: 'You keep talking about something that's not there' 15:54:47
Ron Paul on Fox Business re Federal Reserve 3/20/2013 (video link added) 13:51:50
Chemtrail experts - please give your opinion - Sandy Hook 15:50:33
"National Popular Vote" Bill Needs Your Support. House Vote Coming Very Soon. Act Now! 15:47:29
Illuminati Symbolism In New Justin Timberlake Video 15:45:44
Ben Swann Spilling More Truth 15:40:45
BLOOMBERG: Freddie Mac Sues Bank of America, UBS, JP Morgan Alleging Libor Rigging 15:38:43
GOP Growth & Opportunity Project Utterly Pointless 15:20:08
Un est genere draguignan diagnostic votre metier . 14:24:54
Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief raided by French police! IMF €285M person of interest. 14:21:26
Justin Raimondo: A Generation of War 14:19:26
Rep. Edward Markey introduces privacy bill aimed at government spy drones 14:11:30
I am considering taking the mandated auto insurance laws on in court in Pennsylvania. Any suggestions? 13:58:51
Parks & Recreation last week had a LOT of LIBERTY references. 13:54:06
The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery by Financial Terrorists 13:48:47
Dr. Benjamin Carson: "I certainly like Rand Paul" (video) 13:29:10
Consent Of The Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined (Full Film) 13:20:13
Five examples of things covered up by false charges of racism 13:16:21
Video: Chris Matthews/Michael Steele on Rand's '16 Hopes 13:15:02
Charity Over Welfare 13:12:09
The people of the world will not quietly allow the NWO to confiscate their savings accounts and pensions. 13:10:59
EPJ: Rand Paul Dreams of 12 Million New Taxpayers 12:58:45
CVS Pharmacy Wants Workers' Health Information, or They'll Pay a Fine - VIDEO 12:55:53
Cyprus Banks To Reopen Next Tuesday At Earliest; Capital Controls Become Reality 12:42:53
Still More Government Inefficiency: U.S. Still Paying 'Civil War' Veterans' Families 12:36:37
Politico: 5 Reasons You Should Take Rand Paul Seriously 12:28:53
VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Caught on Tape Discussing Chemical Weapons Attack 12:21:31
Expose the Fluoride Deception and A Deputy Sheriff May Show You the Door 11:52:11
Venezuela To Auction U.S. Dollars To Businesses 11:44:36
Ben Swann: Full Disclosure: Al Qaeda in Syria, the Story You Haven't Heard? 11:38:56
Jacob G. Hornberger: Jonah Goldberg on Conservatives and Libertarians 11:28:31
Sinister US 'Classified' Plans 11:26:43
LOL! Report: Rick Perry to decide on presidential race this year 11:21:26
Obama and Biden out of country, Boehner in charge 11:14:14
North Korea's Kim supervises "drone attack" drill 11:07:30
Disabled Veteran WARNS: Do Not Test Anthrax Vaccine on Children! 11:06:52
How to Tell War Stories/Who Did You Rape in the War, Daddy? 10:56:53
900 Pound Gorilla of Gun Control 40 Million+ Americans Deprived of *All* 2nd Amendment Rights 10:52:49
Justice Dept. Gives in on Tougher Rules to Access E-Mail 10:51:37
Obama Admin: GPS Tracking Without Warrants ‘Necessary’ 10:44:16
Crimes against humanity 10:39:54
Please sign this petition, if you agree! 10:37:38
The GOP’s Vietnam- How Republican foreign policy lost the culture war—and a generation 10:36:00
Backup presidential limo on its way for Obama in Israel after fuel filling screw up 10:33:39
Mexico auditing its gold @ Bank of England 10:32:37
Rand's Balanced Budget Petition 10:32:23
VIDEO: Rand Paul on 'Your World" w / Neil Cavuto - Fox New Channel - 3-20-13 10:19:47
Mi6 And Cia Were Told Before Invasion That Iraq Had No Active Wmd Where Are The Criminal Charges? 10:16:35
Does the Liberty Movement Need a "General" To Get Truly Organized? 10:09:24
Central Banks Will Push Gold Higher, Retail Investors Will Be Lining Up In Bread Lines 10:04:12
IMF head Lagarde's flat searched in Bernard Tapie probe 10:01:07
Are Paul Ryan's 15 minutes over? 09:59:02
Investigators search Paris home of IMF chief 09:58:21
Disinformation Campaign on Hemp Intensifies 09:50:35
Use this to counter crappy slogans like "Too Big To Fail". 09:49:50
Amazing TED Speech: The Danger of "The Single Story" 09:25:13
Sequester Jester: Department of Education Creates New Six Figure Job 09:17:07
Analysis: Small and mid-sized banks face interest-rate struggles 09:16:39
Cayman Islands has revoked the banking license of HSBC (for money laundering) 09:15:41
Colo. governor to sign landmark gun bills 08:56:56
Ben Swann Full Disclosure: Al Qaeda in Syria, the Story You Haven't Heard? 08:54:16
Test of anthrax vaccine in children gets tentative OK 08:32:09
Major Victory: Fed Judge ruled National Security Letter (NSL) Provisions Violate Constitution 08:11:12
Rand Paul's view on immigration reform 07:26:42
Join me and others on Aprile 30th to save our Nation 06:48:40
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Technical Analyst "Tradosaure" Calls It : New Bullish Trend For Gold, After Recent Breaks Of Resistance In Moving Averages 04:51:19
Silver DEMAND : "You Ain't Seen SH*T Yet !" 04:27:15
Nigel Farage : "E.U. Wants To Steal Money... Get Your Money Out, While You Can... Do Not Invest Anywhere In The Euro Zone !" 04:15:05
"Washington State Needs Help Getting High" 03:46:11
Dear Americans, A Useful Tip From Aunt Russia: Finding "Federal Reserve System" Too Long? Feel Free To Use "GOSBANK" For Short. 03:04:47
The Future... 02:57:15
The Future... 02:56:37
Keenevention a liberty conference in Keene, NH from November 1st -3rd, 2013 02:39:19
PJTV: Racist Libertarians Have No Place in Modern Conservative Movement 09:04:27
B-52s simulate bombing raids over N. Korea 01:09:30
Is the gold standard the most disagreed part of Ron Paul's 2012 presidential run by the liberty movement? 00:51:56
10 years ago tonight GWB invaded Iraq 00:26:18
Michael Moore Admits to Shadow Government, Military Industrial Complex, and Banking Elite on CNN Live! VIDEO 00:16:21
A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran 00:14:09
Peter Schiff on CNBC: Cyprus, Banks, and Inflation 00:13:44
Dash Cams for the Rest of Us. 00:04:07
Authorities On Alert As Hundreds Of Crazed Sociopaths Enter Congressional Chambers 08:17:28