Posted on March 21, 2013

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Nearly Half Of Detroit's Adults Are Functionally Illiterate, Report Finds 21:51:45
9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe (Video) 20:44:16
Nate Silver: How Viable is Rand Paul for 2016? 19:44:10
"Splitting The Sky" Found Dead 21:44:25
Kerry Commits U.S. to U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Gun Grab 17:41:45
Texas May Start to Hoard Gold - Yahoo! Video with Jim Rickards & Lauren Lyster 15:21:27
Judge Napolitano Takes On CVS Policy Forcing Employees To Turn Over Health Info: ‘It’s A Consequence Of ObamaCare’ 14:30:04
The Cypriot-Riots Begin - Live Stream 13:43:36
You Bought It, You Own It: Supreme Court Victory for Common Sense and Owners' Rights 12:26:45
Rep. Mica gives Homeland Security a tongue lashing. Theater or governance? 10:07:43
Cyprus Receives Banker Ultimatum: Take our Bailout or Else 08:44:55
Drone base being established just north of Philadelphia, the birthplace of liberty. 08:25:57
DHS Refuses to Answer Congress on 1.6 Billion Bullet Purchase 12:12:47
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300 guns confiscated 23:48:02
Dr. Ben Carson Opposes both Iraq and Afghanistan Wars - CNN 23:37:48
A Scientific Description of God 23:26:18
Five cops restrain man down and pepper spray him in face 23:08:34
American History Lesson for Cyprus 22:59:06
ZH: US Begins Regulating BitCoin, Will Apply "Money Laundering" Rules To Virtual Transactions 22:56:18
did anyone see cnn's take on the Steubenville rape verdict 22:48:34
Poll needs our help! If nothing else, go check out the titles they give these guys! 22:31:16
President Obama Speaks to the People of Israel (White House Video) 22:29:55
Arizona could soon approve gold, silver as legal tender. 22:25:44
France debating cap on private sector salaries. 22:24:01
Where Is the Inflation? 22:22:03
Why Was Israel Created? 22:19:07
The ECB: European Cluster- of Bankers 22:18:18
What Is Peta? 22:07:01
Lew Rockwell: Your Money is Safer Under the Mattress than in a Bank 21:58:38
I made a funny! (Inflation isn't funny) 21:47:42
Ron Paul once owned 21:39:49
A sensible look at New Zealand Open Bank Resolution Policy 21:19:12
McCain, Levin using rumors of chemical weapons in Syria to bomb them. 21:10:36
Beginning of the End for Bitcoin? 21:05:47
A little friendly advice 20:52:09
Recall Sponsors Revel in Sen. Levin Retirement, Forgo Do-Over 20:51:55
I believe only in Love 20:51:14
"Unwanted Electronic Gear Rising In Toxic Piles" 20:16:55
Senator Ted Cruz, the wife of the vice president of Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs)? 19:59:18
PETA kills over 90% of dogs and cats that it takes in, they don't believe in animal ownership 19:53:14
Another example of Rand sticking out 19:50:42
Is Senator Ted Cruz's Wife a Goldman Sachs VP? 19:46:00
Rand Paul, Jeff Merkley And Sherrod Brown Urge Obama To End Afghanistan War 19:42:57
Bernanke May Step Down Before Disaster Hits 19:38:27
Ron Paul Speech In Canada On "Life & Liberty" 19:37:00
Anybody here up for a good laugh? 19:33:01
China, Pakistan reach secret nuclear reactor deal for Pakistan 19:23:05
VIDEO : 'HOMELAND' To Scan Emails, Monitor Web Traffic 19:14:14
How would you spend $1000.00 on emergency food and water storage? 19:05:34
The Two Extreme Threats to Human Rights 18:49:32
Slavery By Consent 18:49:29
Charlie Rangel: 'Millions Of Kids' Being Gunned Down By 'Automatic Military Weapons' 18:22:49
ASTONISHING: Life Found 7 Miles Below Sea Level 18:16:38
1998 - Alex Jones Exposes 'Corporate Communism' at Model UN Day 18:07:22
The Best Anti-2nd Amend Concert in the Country!(LIVE) 18:02:22
Is This What Obama Endorses?: Gruesome Video Shows Syrian Rebel Beheading Civilian 17:57:24
Paralyzed Vet Writes Vitrolic Letter to Bush and Cheney Accusing Them of War Crimes 17:31:29
#AuditTheFed #TWITTERBOMB Tax Day April 15 at 8 p.m. EST 5 PST to push HR 24 and S 209 - Join Us! 17:28:57
Peter Schiff: Fed Has Created An Economy Completely Dependent On Monetary Heroin 17:14:49
547 dead, 476 hurt in mass shootings since 1983 17:02:26
New Yorkers given $500 rewards if they report gun owners to law enforcement 16:34:26
Rubio Hires Powerful Democratic Lawyer To Help Write Imigration Bill 16:26:27
Can someone hijack your webcam to spy on you? Answer: Yes 16:10:20
Bank of America among 15 big banks accused of rate rigging 16:09:48
Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Fund Infrastructure Projects by Offsetting Foreign Aid - 3/21/13 15:58:47
6-year-old boy killed by dad’s plow 15:49:27
Richmond man assaulted on camera for questioning a police officer's actions 15:42:19
Warning, You May Get Sick While Reading This 15:40:43
In all their oneness 15:27:56
Is Taxation Theft? 15:26:05
Fargo ND should expect one of its worst floods in history 15:24:45
Paul Craig Roberts Interview - We have 3 Bubbles. Bond Bubble, Stock Bubble, Dollar Bubble. And they are going to POP! 15:14:51
Interesting Drill 15:03:06
GOP lawmaker offers bill to prevent Cyprus-like run on savings accounts 14:56:44
Rand tell America about Obama supported islamist terrorists in Syria 14:52:06
DC to pass law to punish Wal-Mart stores in DC 14:48:08
When the government demands silence - the ugliness of the Patriot Act 14:27:44
Innovative Storage Container Oil-Field Housing Project in Texas 14:27:04
I want YOU tonight to have the same dreams I receive 14:20:25
Poll: Most Americans back path to citizenship for illegal immigrants (I don't think so) 14:20:24
Japan Fires Up the Printing Press: New Central Bank Chief Vows to End Deflation 14:15:41
Ammunition Magazine Manufacturer Magpul Leaving Colorado: Move Underway 14:06:01
Rand Paul: News Flash, What We Have Right Now Is De Facto Amnesty - Fox News 3/21/2013 13:45:00
CVS Pharmacy orders employees to report weight, body fat, cholesterol level, be tobacco-free, or face penalties 13:18:51
Stupid kid! Didn't you know you can't yell bingo? You might incite a riot! 12:56:18
Paul / Leahy introduce bill to fix mandatory minimum sentences 12:30:47
Can someone answer this dollar/China question? 12:23:54
NRA backs concealed guns on public transportation in IL 12:08:41
Police State Update: The Media’s Apathy Over Domestic Drones 11:37:19
Bill Maher To Liberals In California "You could actually lose me" 11:28:23
Global Warming Fraud, Again 11:17:09
Rand Paul Signs Warmongering AIPAC Letter 11:12:48
Anti Obama and Bush Car Window Sticker 11:03:04
Massachusetts Residents: Join the Standout Against Israeli Apartheid, March 22 10:51:50
Alert - Rand Paul on Fox News, 10:26am est Thu 10:26:47
U.S. offers reward for capture of two U.S.-born alleged Islamic militants 09:51:48
Rand Paul's Five Year Budget - Call Now! 09:50:51
De Saint - Daily Paul, reported 2.0, high-octane angle hive mind "Super!" Based on creativity 09:43:45
Viral Song Destroys the War on Drugs 14:05:12
What think ye of Dr. Ben Carson? 09:25:10
Israel & Obama Can't Stop Saying "Great To See You" 09:24:08
Our American Dream Has Become The World's Nightmare 09:22:33
I have an idea: 09:07:26
Daily Paul 2.0? The Hive Mind On High-Octane: The "Super" Forum! Infinite Level Idea Realization 09:06:35
US-NATO Backed Al Qaeda Terrorists Armed with WMD- Chemical Weapons against the Syrian People 08:59:35
Attention Massachusetts Residents: Plymouth Gun Show Tomorrow and Sunday 08:50:26
340 sheriffs have publicly stated they will not enforce gun laws they believe are unconstitutional 08:03:19
World Bailout Imminent 05:54:41
The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement Is Preparing To Fight 05:49:48
HOW Confiscation occurs: Cuomo set up $500 Reward & 1-800 Snitch HotLine vs GunOwners...1yr ago! 05:35:19
Aspartame Consumption Is Never Safe 02:27:45
We Have Mortal Enemies 02:20:52
video: Under New Management? Shift in Drone Program from CIA to Pentagon 01:21:05
Unity in the Republican Party 01:20:59
Bill Still's Facebook page has only 209 likes 01:14:35
What Does The Start Of A Movement Look Like ? 01:13:29
NOT Onion: Mexican Drug Cartels using Sexy Female Assassins! 00:36:08
Save Baby Rico! 00:35:08
25 disturbing facts about psych drugs, soldiers and suicides 00:32:12
If Israel Attacks It Will Ask U.S. for No-Fly Zones, Will Conyers Impeach Obama Like He Threatened Bush? 00:19:28
Midnight Movie: Animal Farm (1954) 00:01:20
Atlantic Mag: Rand Paul Isn't 100% Pro-Life Anymore 09:03:50
Printable 3D Gun Creator Meets Alex Jones 3/19/13 in Studio 15:40:09