Posted on March 23, 2013

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Japan to inflate its way out of deflation 19:22:40
Ben Swann, Reality Check: European Central Bankers Want Personal Accounts To Pay For Bailouts? VIDEO 18:17:48
Bush Cancels Visit to Switzerland - Threat of Prosecution 17:09:43
Mayor Bloomberg: Military - Style Drones Will Patrol NYC 13:51:21
Fox News: Why is the Department of Homeland Security Buying So Much Ammunition? 13:29:20
Marco Rubio Voted NO on Rand Paul's Budget 13:23:57
How Concision in Media Insulates Conventional Myths From Meaningful Criticism 12:11:06
Corbett Report: How to Defeat CISPA Once And For All! 02:09:01
Mister Rogers Remixed Music Video: Garden of Your Mind 08:45:35
The Kid, the F-Bomb, and the Chinese Skype Code 09:19:42
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Oklahoma County Convention 23:42:27
Sorry Statists, There's no 'Fixing' Crazy; Evidence: Chardon, Ohio Teen Killer 23:28:45
Here are the True enemy Senators that abhor the 2nd Amendment! 22:58:37
Billy Corgan: Something Greater Than Fear - Alex Jones interview 22:58:15
Creepy Obama Youtube Video Has US Teens Talking: Security Agent Undergoes Odd Visual Transformation 22:56:17
beautiful thing 22:50:30
need help Ocd and anxiety 22:04:15
Big Data - VIDEO - Mathesis Universalis 21:55:44
Got Gold Report, March 17, 2013 21:03:25
Have those pushing for war in Iran or Syria mentioned asking taxpayers to support paying for such operations? 20:58:23
secure the blessings of liberty part 2 20:53:09
15 congressmen demand Obama explain DHS hollow point bullet purchases 20:49:33
CO Protest against gun regulating governor Hickenlooper 20:35:34
Greed in the Extreme - American Corporate Executives Cash In 20:30:01
Sounds a Bit Like Ron Paul: New Chinese leader Xi Warns U.S. Against Meddling in the Affairs of Other Nations 20:29:58
Obama Is An AntiChrist: Video Report 20:17:51
(video) Spank Your Tomatoes...! 19:49:02
Now We Know Who Wants To Raise Taxes On Internet Commerce! 19:42:10
Pain mounts for big depositors in two main Cyprus banks 19:40:31
Weekend Update: Local News At Its Best 19:34:55
Fox News Confirms Alex Jones DHS Ammo Purchases Story 19:10:35
London: Bank Shortfall Looms 18:58:54
Bitcoin as Epitaph for the US Dollar 18:45:43
Eighth fireball over Northeast in past month seen from 14 states 18:38:09
"Castrate them!" "Burn them!" "Bullet in the head!" - You won't hear oBUMa crying out for these kids 18:26:53
Vladimir Putin Rolls Out The Red Carpet For China To Help Create A, "New, More Just World Order" 18:17:26
Why it's so hard to find consent for a new paradigm 18:01:34
How the EU's obsession with wind energy is destroying Britain's coastlines and communities 17:56:27
Comet, Not Asteroid, May Have Killed Off Dinosaurs, According to Study 17:55:59
War Documentary 17:45:27
Cyberaser : time for a new kind of wårrior 17:36:57
Federal Promissory Reserve Act, 2013. Sponsored by Mark Twain. 17:27:31
A warning about raw vegetables - Careful when buying those pre-washed salads(organic or not) 17:09:09
No Joke, Uk Woman Diagnosed As "Allergic To Exercise" (PHOTOS) 16:48:34
Keep Eating! Food will Win the War. 16:39:48
DHS Denies Massive Ammunition Purchases 16:35:28
Top 10 Psychotic Global War Criminals 16:33:40
Victory For Life: North Dakota Lawmakers Define Beginning Of Life At Conception, Outlaw Abortion 16:18:41
Gov. Perry may lead Texas out of the Union 15:45:55
Update Cyprus: Conflicting Reports, Rumors of Deals, and a Billionaire Suicides 15:23:49
Hitler joins gun debate, but history is in dispute 15:16:35
1,000 bank workers march on Cyprus’ presidential palace 15:11:03
Black Panthers: 'If they are white, kill ‘em all' 15:03:17
American Revolution: This Day in History March 23, 1775 15:00:13
Gun Rights Activists Not Welcome in Coatesville 14:59:58
Great American Fighting Back: Cattle Farmer Under Attack For Signs on Semi Trailers Criticizing Obama - VIDEO 14:43:53
Thick-Headed Obama Will Still Push For Assault Weapons Ban 14:41:42
German Naval Base in Cyprus 14:36:53
Texas Wants Billion Dollars of Gold Back From the Fed 14:34:32
Could Cyprus's gold reserves play a part in the crisis? 14:32:17
Cypriot president 'warned his friends to move money abroad' before financial crisis hit 14:25:32
Not even close: Pentagon requests $49 Million to build new GITMO prison 14:17:10
http:/ - Thought For The Day! 14:06:09
Paul Craig Roberts: Triple Bubble Implosion Coming - VIDEO 14:03:17
Man selling house for bitcoins 13:53:48
Epic Music Video. "I am a bad muth@fuck@" Trust me check it out. 13:53:37
Senate Passes $3.7 Trillion Budget, It's First in 4 Years 13:37:50
Poverty Hits America's Suburbs 13:31:37
The Real Reason for Creating Drought in the West and Rain in the East - Compare the Maps! 13:21:29
Iraq war veteran ready to die on his own terms 13:20:03
Texas moves to repatriate it's Gold from the Fed 13:00:38
New Mexican Republicans welcome RNC Chairman to Albuquerque ! 12:59:43
The persecution of Barrett Brown (and the war on "real journalism") by Glenn Greenwald 12:57:42
Why is a tax on bank deposits any worse than a property tax? 12:49:08
Texas Moves to Repatriate its Gold from the Federal Reserve 12:44:59
State Representative Claims EMP Weapon Has Been Tested in Tennessee 12:37:24
Karen Kwiatkowski’s Secret History of the Iraq War 12:19:47
Mr,Priebus why are you afraid of the Grassroots? 12:05:25
Bitcoin brokerage HACKED $12,000 in bitcoins stolen. 11:30:14
Department of Education website promotes Mao to children 11:19:31
Pet by A Perfect Circle is one of my favorite "political" songs 10:50:14
Colorado Governor (and traitor) John Hickenlooper signs treasonous gun control measures 10:37:33
Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death - Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775. 10:14:35
Healthcare Insurance premiums set to rise by between 50 and 100% in 2014 as a result of Obamacare 09:40:26
Typical Russian Style Reaction To Giant Meteorite Coming 09:32:52
Geoengineered Drought in Western America - Aerosol Spraying to Reduce Rainfall in the West and Transfer Moisture East 09:27:28
Large asteroid colliding with Earth 'probable this century' 08:37:54
Gulf War Deaths Exceed Vietnam War Numbers 08:36:01
Fort knox of Texas: Texas takes step toward secession with Rick Perry's plan to hoard gold 08:32:49
The Young Turks schooled again by ACP...Vid 07:15:45
Cyprus passes bills for EU bailout; Greece to take over bank branches 07:12:48
The "Grand Challenge" of the 100 Year Starship 06:59:28
Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan speaking out against Creeping E.U. Totalitarianism 05:21:10
Detecting Fake Silver Eagles 04:39:58
Florida college student suspended for not ‘stomping on Jesus’ 04:37:11
Pediatrician recommended Enfamil D-Vi-Sol Vitamin D drops... 03:35:25
Ham Of Truth 02:58:31
Croatia's Ben Swann on hunger strike for several days - MSM silent 02:52:45
Dr. Paul for the nomination of citizens medal 02:51:52
A nuanced look at Fractional Reserve Banking 02:36:19
Could Cyprus Banking Crisis Trigger a War? 02:09:22
Rand Paul extended interview on The Sean Hannity Show 3/19/13 (VIDEO) 01:22:07
Could Cyprus Credit Crunch Create Cash Crisis? 01:19:01
When Senator Rand Paul Said This... 01:18:25
Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars 00:48:43
Cleaning things up for the week I came across the McCain deal. 00:35:33
*Red Alert: Get Out Of Gold And Silver! Use Paper Dollars! 00:28:21
Debate - Jp Morgan Silver Manipulation: Fact Or Fantasy? Bill Murphy Vs Don Harrold (Video) 00:28:07
Greetings from Mises University - Austrian Economics Research Conference 2013 00:25:10
DP Profiles: Interview of the one and only Vinceableworld, part 1! 00:19:09
Congressman Mcfadden On The Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks In Congress, 1934 An Astounding Exposure 00:12:58
IRS Incompetence 13:47:51