Posted on March 24, 2013

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Abby Martin talks to Former US Congressman, Dennis Kucinich 23:02:07
Cyprus Deal Reached: 40% seizure on accounts over 100,000 Euros 21:21:23
State vs. Parent: The Crowding Out of Choice 19:00:18
VIDEO: Troopers Indicted After Roadside Cavity Search of Two Women 18:46:07
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/25/13: Neo-Con War Addiction Threatens Our Future 18:29:39
Senate Votes 53-46 to Keep U.S. Out of UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) 11:44:34
Rand Paul: "The Last Two Presidents Could Have Been Put Into Jail For Their Drug Use" - VIDEO 13:36:27
Ret. Army Captain Terry M. Hestilow warns DHS's Arms Build-Up a “bold threat of war” against Americans 14:08:55
'Obama’s “No Fly” List for FedEx and UPS' 08:45:02
Dr. Ron Paul addresses the "N. Korea Threat" on His FaceBook 00:04:16
"Not as fair and balanced as I thought:" Tea Partiers Boycott Fox News 04:04:07
Billy Corgan: Total Paradigm Shift, Something Greater Than Fear 10:49:00
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So "King Bloomberg" Gets Waiver From Bermuda Gun BAN! 23:52:13
Homeland Security = The 2nd Amendment 23:36:45
Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ban UN Agenda 21 23:16:09
Aldous Huxley Describes The Ultimate Revolution (U.C. Berkeley 1962) 22:45:55
CUD 22:44:49
secure the blessings of liberty Party 3 22:29:47
Jim Carrey labels gun rights advocates heartless motherf&ckers (RIP Jim Carrey's career) 22:09:21
Help send one of the Liberty Movement representatives to the RNC spring meeting 22:02:18
Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday - 03/24/13 21:31:47
Dr. Steven Greer and the The Disclosure Project. You need to watch this. 21:20:17
Another massive protest blacked out by the mainstream media 21:05:15
Health, Wealth & Sheer Stealth - Let's Get Physical ! 21:03:42 Rand Paul Gives His Lengthiest Answer Yet About the Drug War 20:51:38
Virus vial missing from Galveston lab 20:47:07
Daily Sources 20:41:10
Inflation, Lies and the Big Mac Index (BMI) 20:30:51
How an Economy Grows and Why It Doesn't by Irwin Schiff (Animation) 20:23:42
Damn! Cyprus, International Lenders Reach Draft Bailout Deal 20:09:26
Just Announced: Cyprus Reaches Deal With EU "In Principle" 20:02:36
Irving Kristol Reveals The True Meaning of Neo-Conservatism 20:00:59
A Virtual Congress? 19:36:13
Why the US dark Cabal Committed Genocide on the Mayan People 19:31:04
Ron Paul: Let’s Not Overreact To North Korean Saber Rattling – Op Ed 19:24:43
Does U.S. Foreign Aid Mean We Own Israel?: Did Obama Give Israel Go - Ahead with Syria? 19:20:53
Militarized Asteroids: The New Threat That No One Can Duck 19:19:27
Rand Paul Leaving GOP Boy Band, Elephantasy For Solo Career (satire) 19:17:48
Cyprus told: take bank levy or leave euro; €100 limit imposed on ATM withdrawals. 18:55:49
(Raw Footage) Cyprus Banker Bailout Lawn Party Caught On Tape! 18:02:36
The Corbett Report - ClimateGate 3.0 17:53:50
Video Report: Deadly Virus Missing From Texas Weapons Lab! 17:53:44
Rand Paul and immigration. 17:39:11
What Sequester?: U.S. Quietly Unlocks $500 Million in Foreign Aid for Palestinians 17:36:10
Dutch Mega Bank ABN To Halt Physical Gold Delivery 17:33:16
Rand Paul Fox News Sunday Full Interview - March 24, 2013 17:07:33
Who is Ron Paul? Crazy! Extreme! Dangerous! 16:38:39
"The Last Two Presidents Could…Have Been Put in Jail" - Rand Paul 16:26:05
After Kremlin Talks, China's Leader Takes Dig at U.S. 16:20:14
Does maturity removes boundaries in time? 16:16:10
Reggie Middleton Explains Cyprus Bank Runs On Max Keiser Show 16:13:18
US Sec. of State tells Iraq to close airspace for Iranian planes ‘with Assad aid’ 15:50:26
MSM Tries Nailing Senator Paul to Left Right Paradigm Cross. Paul Refuses to be Crucified. 15:44:30
Currency Wars Simulation Video by Jim Rickards 15:42:18
Bloomberg: Police Drones are Here, Get used to it! 15:06:31
Assad shot and may be dead or maybe not 15:04:24
REUTERS: Israel Fires Into Syria After Golan Attack on Troops 14:59:12
Senate Votes Down Amendment Preventing Illegals from Receiving ObamaCare Under Immigration Reform 14:46:24
Rand Paul's Staff Complicit in Stopping Ron Paul's RNC Nomination? 15:33:21
A Catholic Critique of the "Cult of Liberty": Liberty Cultists have produced most oppressive/big governments 14:28:54
Brand Rand - The New Liberty GOP 13:55:15
Humour: The Best Way To Wake Up America 13:41:22
Norman Reedus: Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death 13:26:50
Guy Regulates What People Are Eating, To Prove a Point About the Nanny State VIDEO 13:15:02
Truth is stranger than fiction 12:42:28
Ron Paul: Silver Circle is key to the long-term victory of our rEVOLution 11:13:49
Introducing the Voluntaryist Comic Book 12:08:56
Recipe to get "Them" to Pay Attention... 11:42:43
Gene Burns Brilliant Speech at a Libertarian Party Event in 1991 11:42:09
To vote for Rand or not to vote for Rand 11:36:07
Rand Paul Makes Case For ‘Libertarian Approach’ On Fox: ‘Marriage-Neutral’ Tax Code, Don’t Jail Pot Users, Etc. 10:29:08
Disl Automatic - Killuminati (Official Video) 11:27:00
"Israel uses us like a whore" ~ J.Traficant (and I always thought Traficant was a nutjob) 11:20:16
Texas: Car dealers are not allowed to sell on Sunday 11:11:09
What Was Your 'Winston Smith Moment'? 11:03:16
Corporate Welfare – Employees Paying Taxes Directly To Corporations 10:45:54
Sen. Rand Paul Signals Interest in 2016 Presidential Run 10:43:52
Time to re-brand RonPaulYellowPages to RandPaulYellowPages? 10:02:37
EPJ's Rand Paul Resource Page 10:00:15
Flight 93 Recorder Found Plane Still Missing, Wind Scatters Debris 8 Miles Away 09:49:54
Aurora Borealis time lapse 4 hours in 3 minutes video 2013-03-17 09:18:40
Remember WarMonger#1 McCain and WarMonger #2 Graham said Invade Syria? WMD 09:14:28
Tom Woods: Why Greenbackers Are Wrong 09:00:51
"Prohibited Persons" My Comment to the New York Times 07:34:43
You just can't make this stuff up: Global economy recovering, Ben Bernanke doing a good a job & nothing to fear for the Euro 05:17:43
Obama Reptilian Bodyguard Conspiracy DEBUNKED and DESTROYED - VIDEO 03:35:05
The path has led me here...and I'm not alone... 03:22:11
Your Fear is The Enemy's Only Weapon 03:18:37
Support H.R. 198: Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force (End the "War on Terror") 02:55:09
The Secret Gingrich-Santorum Unity Ticket That Nearly Toppled Romney 02:37:57
Moondawg's Tavern 01:42:19
Ballad of devils backbone tavern...enjoy a good funny story 01:19:03
Sheriff Joe in AZ needs our financial support ASAP he is a constitutional sheriff being attacked 00:48:09
Best Movie Scene of all time 00:42:42
The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length) 00:37:49
Where Now for Sandy Hook Truth? Multiple Shooters. 00:28:07
Proud Souls 00:18:49
My baby loves me when im stoned, 00:13:52
My Hometown 00:04:58
1984 Was Wrong; Technology Will Liberate Those Who Seek Liberty 10:25:40
Aquaponics a Key to the Future? 10:53:15