Posted on March 25, 2013

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The Beginning of The End For Bachmann? Congressional Ethics Probe Adds To Michelle Bachmann's Political Woes 20:08:32
Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Threaten Filibuster on Guns 21:47:23
GOA: Sen. Reid Beefs up "Base Bill" to Destroy Gun Ownership 22:09:56
Tent Cities in U.S. While We Give Billions Away In Foreign Aid 18:57:49
A Deposit In A Bank Is Not A Riskless Form Of Saving 15:49:43
Ron Paul: America's Problem is Not a Lack of War 14:38:26
Sedgwick, Maine is first town to declare total food sovereignty, opposing state and federal laws 12:30:08
Poll shows huge support for Rand Paul’s filibuster stance on drone attacks 11:56:25
Glenn Greenwald: The Racism That Fuels the 'War on Terror' 13:52:22
Whoa! NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Government Has Right to "Infringe on Your Freedom" 09:43:14
Ender's Game Becomes Reality 09:28:33
Protesters Shut Down Monsanto Office in Davis California! 08:06:47
Hagel: Israel's nukes more of a threat than Iran 06:09:43
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How Come Nobody Thinks The Stuff I Post Matters? 23:49:33
Why Is Rand Getting The Treatment He's Getting? 23:33:08
O'Reilly (Fox News) tonight - Rove on Rand 23:00:41
Raw Milk Initiative in Arkansas 22:59:49
RANDSLIDE: 50 - Point Swing on Targeted Drone Killings of U.S. Citizens 22:55:51
Remembering Splitting The Sky (video) 22:48:41
Catholic Cardinal Who Said Homosexuality Was 'Moral Degradation' Reportedly Had A Boyfriend 22:27:50
Senate shows support for Internet sales taxes 22:04:13
"Where Daily Paul Trolls Come From" 21:40:52
Relax Television... 21:31:09
Jim Carrey - Funny or Die? You decide. 21:24:57
TSA tested program that tracked Bluetooth devices 21:06:14
Libertarian Girl - How to Further the Movement 20:55:02
Rand Paul mentioned and given a full page in Time magazine 20:45:31
Euro Group Head: Looting of Bank Accounts a "Template for EU" 20:39:33
CONFIRMED: U.S. Shipping Weapons To Syria - Al Nura's "Mystery" Sponsors Revealed 20:29:09
TSA is hiring 20:25:48
Georgia: Two Teen Robbers Shoot Baby In Head In Front Of Mother 20:23:25
A geopolitical evaluation of an expanding China 20:16:39
The 2014 Senate Majority Leader - Rand Paul ? 19:57:43
An interesting remark on State sponsored gun control 19:30:54
GOP: Party of Limited Government and Low Taxes? Yeah Right! 18:52:57
JIm Carrey hits a new low with his video Cold Dead Hands 18:37:27
How Banking Actually Works In Fiat World 23:33:56
Secrets of the right-wing conspiracy playbook: Scary disinfo 18:25:18
Jury Nullification 23:34:59
Presidential candidate and former U.S. Representative Ron Paul to speak at UF 18:02:33
'What if' speech re thought. 17:57:55
TSA Taser Bracelet for Airline Passengers (Video) 17:52:14
Indian fusion recipes from Raghavan Iyer 17:30:32
Have The Russians Already Quietly Withdrawn All Their Cash From Cyprus? (zerohedge) 17:23:45
Obama's New Immigration Policy 17:07:57
Ron Paul At University Of Florida In Gainesville April 15 - Free Event (Same Day As #endthefed Twitterbomb For Those Not In Fl) 16:48:16
Billboard Turns Air Into Drinking Water 16:47:57
World's First Bitcoin ATM is announced: First Location: Cyprus 16:42:10
police brutality at its worst 16:41:36
What REALLY happened at the New Mexico GOP Lincoln day dinner 16:24:01
Fed’s easing boosting world economies: Bernanke 16:13:12
'Monsanto Protection Act' Blocking Courts Slipped in Corporatist Senate Budget Bill! 15:55:05
Senate Passes Monsanto Protection Act Granting Monsanto Power Over US Govt 15:40:46
The Most Important Topic For Everyone In 2013 . 15:26:46
To Borrow? Perceived Constitutional Dangers. 15:25:57
Defense Industry Pushes For 'Drone Zone' Over Southern California 15:02:43
Ron Paul, former GOP presidential candidate, to visit UF 14:41:24
High - Tech NYPD Unit Tracks Criminals Through Facebook and Instagram Photos 14:38:23
BAE Systems signs $780m five-year deal with Pentagon. 13:59:12
UPDATED: Bloomberg to Spend Immearsurable Wealth To Deprive Americans of Their Wealth 13:52:35
SHOCK: U.S. Border Patrol Uniforms Manufactured in Mexico 13:36:41
How to fly through Flak 13:35:39
Aiding & Abetting The Neocon Nutcases? 13:31:05
Senate Passes Monsanto Protection Act Granting Monsanto Power Over U.S. Government 13:27:00
Deleted 13:09:35
Job Opening: Social Networking Director 12:51:27
New North Korean Video Shows 'Defeat' of U.S. - 150,000 U.S. Citizens 'Taken Hostage' 12:48:12
European Stocks Are Getting Slammed! 12:32:07
Bitcoin article in NY Post 12:27:17
'The GOP of Old' 12:25:56
Final 4 Results - Rand beats Huckabee; Palin beats Santorum 12:19:56
Sen. McCain Gets Behind Senate Attack on Second Amendment: May Hold Key Vote on Universal Backround Checks for Guns 12:13:31
DHS To Buy 360,000 More Rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition 12:07:40
Bloomberg vs. The NRA: The Gun Control Debate - VIDEO 12:02:17
GMO Devastation in India - What the mainstream media will never tell us. 11:57:38
U.S. Rep. Justin Amash introduces bill to make legislation more transparent, easier to understand 11:49:10
Maybe the surveillance state is the way to awaken the sleeping masses? 11:09:02
Paralysis Cases Spike in Wake of Bill Gates' Polio Vaccination Effort in India. 10:22:35
Tom Woods on Gold Money 10:11:46
I am an idiot 10:05:20
Forced Medicine: The Philosophy Behind Fluoridation (Corbett-Video) 14:41:20
If Senate budget passes Monsanto will be "above the law". 09:59:00
Snow in the Spring? 09:50:49
Ron Paul Radio/PodCasts/Everything 09:35:17
Show Mr.Priebus some respect! 09:31:05
Poll: No Drone Strikes on U.S. Soil 09:25:16
Mondays with Murray: Breaking Down the Six Stages of the Libertarian Movement 09:19:57
IT'S OFFICIAL: Banks In Europe May Now Seize Deposits To Cover Their Gambling Losses 09:17:52
Monsanto and meatpackers dictate marching orders for Congress 09:09:32
VIDEO - Cyprus Bailout: A Better Deal, But Still Painful 08:58:30
"Cyprus bank bailout agreement is pure theft: 40% of private deposits to be looted from selected accounts " 08:42:03
Feinstein's War On Reason : A Study 04:50:43
Federal Reserve 100-Year Charter - Two different views... 08:47:26
What's the best way to store gold? 08:44:28
What should I do concerning bank accounts? 03:18:30
Scott Walker in 2016? 03:17:47
Kosher Jello Pit for Wrestling In 03:07:25
CA introduces "AB 666", an evil scheme to fleece motorists and eviscerate their rights 02:38:51
Randolph Bourne. All DPer's should know this name 01:59:56
Be A Broadcaster To Spread Liberty! 01:53:17
The unmentioned factor behind Turkey’s turn toward Israel 01:48:22
Britons from Cyprus: Military to rescue up to 60,000 expats 01:39:36
Tom Dilorenzo: 9/11 didn't change everything 01:23:31
Meanwhile in Maine... 00:41:23
Weblog Awards – WUWT wins “Weblog of the Year” 00:36:25
MOODY'S: Even with The New Deal Cyprus Could Still Default and Leave The Euro 00:36:17
Who Really Owns You and Your Property? 00:26:13
Kiev Spring 00:00:08