Posted on March 26, 2013

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Rep. Massie, Rep. Radel and Rep. Amash Introduce the Life, Liberty, and Justice for All Americans Act 20:28:33
Getting Started with Bitcoin, Part 1: What is a Wallet? 18:10:23
Let us think about the web site called Daily Paul 19:42:39
Court: Drug Dog Sniff Is Unconstitutional Search 12:32:53
Weapons Manufacturer: Big Sis Attempting to Exhaust Ammo Supplies - Video 13:46:44
If Alan Greenspan Wants To 'End The Fed', Times Must Be Changing 13:19:51
Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Military Continues Torture War Crimes Under Obama 08:30:46
Another Nail In The US Dollar's Coffin: BRICS Nations Plan New Bank to Bypass World Bank, IMF 05:47:11
Tom Woods: Head CATO Faketarian Proclaims States Cannot "Nullify;" SCOTUS! 03:33:29
Ann Coulter not supporting Rand 2016, says he just wants to legalize weed and give amnesty for illegals 01:39:08
Ron Paul on The Alan Colmes Show discusses Iraq War, gay marriage, and more 3/25/2013 14:10:53
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Who Lobbies the Government the Most? 23:55:29
How do you teach a positive, happy person about Liberty issues? 23:40:34
Awesome! Worlds first bitcoin ATM is slated to go to Cyprus. 23:20:27
Top Ten Obamacare Horror Stories The Media Are Covering Up 23:18:01
Doctors' Kitchen Knives Ban Call? 23:07:25
What Do People On DP Think of the Monsanto Protection Act That The Senate Passed? 22:37:29
3D Printed Guns - Vice Guide 22:24:50
No Easter Egg Hunt at the WhiteHouse ( Due To Budgets Cuts ) 22:20:17
Arlington, VA - Home of the Million Dollar Bus Stops 22:02:02
The next time you pray. 21:59:11
Video Report: Supreme Court Hints That It Won't Issue Sweeping Ruling On Same - Sex Marriage 21:45:54
Russia Today And The State Run Media 21:42:09
Is our sun part of a binary star system? 23:30:46
Swedish Woman CONVICTED of "Assaulting" a Scum, after he Sexually Fondled her! 21:10:03
Bitcoin - BBC Newsnight 20:56:36
Ron Paul Coming Up On Joe Walsh Show 9 Est Link Inside 20:52:02
Amash to Host Town Halls Throughout Third District 20:34:18
U.S. Representative Massie Votes No on Ryan Budget 20:30:26
Muslim foot bath in state capitol: turns out to be a mop sink 20:22:21
Meet the Libertarian Activists Behind the Scenes in the GOP Uprising 19:59:52
Occupy Monsanto! FDA Eat-In Action April 8th 2013 Nationwide 19:53:15
The Ancient Documents Rule 19:49:41
(flashback) Scott Walker Recall: A Trial Run For The Presidential Race 19:45:26
Another Democrat Senator to retire! 19:03:56
What breaks the chains? 18:59:36
ATK, the SOLE beneficiary of DHS' 2Bil+ Ammo set to LAYOFF 2600 workers? 18:58:09
Car Runs On Air and Water 18:52:57
Is it time to close your bank account? 18:52:56
Miles-Driven Could Replace Gasoline Tax, LaTourette Says 18:48:06
Got a KRISS .45ACP? Well, The Swiss Mfr. develops Nano-RFID for Guns to be tracked by Drones! 18:44:04
Stefan Molyneux Speaks at Stephen F. Austin University March 23rd, 2013 18:36:42
Jordanian International Air Cargo, the secret airline that’s reportedly flooding Syria with weapons 18:27:13
This guy creeps me out but he makes a good point in this video. I haven't seen Obama at any American patriots grave sites 18:20:39
Guccifer emails link Tony Blair to Bohemian Grove 18:18:21
Twofer Tuesday. FBI foils "terrorist plot" Prison Industrial Complex gets 2 more slaves. 18:12:54
Teen gets 30 months in Federal Prison for Laser Pointer 18:07:09
What's wrong with Bitcoin? 18:05:02
How High Will Gold Go? 17:55:43
Time To Ban Dogs? Mark Kelly (Mr. Giffords) Involved in Incident (Video) 17:51:45
China, Brazil sign trade, currency deal ahead of BRICS summit 17:37:28
What Rand Paul Will Likely Filibuster Next 17:36:06
Deport Second Amendment Foe Jim Carrey 17:26:37
Justice Alito says Gay marriage started in the Netherlands in 2000. Seriously. 17:09:49
Petraeus "I know that I can never fully assuage the pain...I can, however, try to move forward" (Heavy Sigh ROFL!) 16:57:11
Ex-Detroit homicide detective lied in court to keep teen imprisoned for murder, prosecutor says 16:45:34
Obama uses Colonel Charles Young and "Buffalo Soldiers" to Federalize more land. 16:31:40
Rush: Subdivisions by Jake the Patriot! 16:30:57
Kill List Candidate? 16:27:14
Calamari anyone? Live bomb found in bloated squid 16:25:07
If you own medical marijuana, ditch the gun 16:21:04
Why Texas wants its gold back from the Federal Reserve 16:13:35
Goldman Sachs Rejects Shareholder Proposal That Firm Run for Elected Office 15:45:36
Questions about bitcoins. Thanks for taking the time to answer. 15:41:44
Looking Into Bitcoin Investment and Profitability. 15:10:33
Rand Paul: 'There are 11 million people... and they are not going home' - WND 3/25/2013 15:09:41
Grannies for Grass 14:42:57
Michael Savage Talks to Expert about DHS buying Massive Amount of Ammo 14:39:13
Special Video Report: Tony Blair Urged To Attend Bohemian Grove Ritual 14:36:47
COUNTERATTACK!: Serbu Firearms Refuses To Sell .50 Cal Sniper Rifles To NYPD 14:27:36
Health insurance rates to double as Obamacare fully kicks in 14:12:13
How your movements create a GPS 'fingerprint' 14:11:57
Supreme Court: Drug dog sniff is unconstitutional search 14:09:33
Aaron Clarey on Ron Paul libertarians and America's economic challenge 14:00:48
Russia To Ban Cash Transactions Over $10, 000 13:51:27
CA. Congressman Doug LaMalfa: "It's My Duty" To Get To The Bottom of Massive DHS's Ammo Buys 13:44:32
A Sign of Things to Come 13:42:53
Eurozone Chief: Personal Savings Accounts In Spain, Italy Will Be Raided To Save Euro - VIDEO 13:25:43
The More Americans Know About Drones, The Less They Like Them 13:16:52
Love & Marriage - Get The State Out Of 'Em! 13:04:12
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Pledge To Defeat Anti - Second Amendment Bill in Senate 13:00:51
Cops Pay Convicted Sex Offender $100,000 Dollars To Set-Up Terror Patsy 12:43:24
Franklin Graham On The Wrong Side Of The Bible And History -Chuck Baldwin 12:40:01
Amazing! The New Gold Standard in Gold -Valcambi CombiBar 12:18:59
Anyone else getting a 504 Gateway Time-out 12:18:36
Video: North Korea Puts Rocket Units On 'Alert' To Attack U.S. Mainland 12:11:35
Now, why would Bill Gates and his globalist buddies want to track our kids from age 4 on up? 12:08:13
Drone Strike Graphic 12:05:46
Obama's Civil War - We Can Kill You When Ever We Want 12:05:30
Aaron Clarey on Ron Paul libertarians 12:02:29
Among its other transgressions, JPMorgan has been found to have: 12:00:54
Obama's Forger Found - accessories are prinicples in high treason 11:55:58
Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) response to my email about drones. 11:54:18
Albany Cops Threaten To Arrest Citizens During Training Exercise 11:53:37
Les Miserables 13:21:25
A Tale of Two Cities: NYC Tyranny vs. Kilgarvan, Ireland Freedom 11:17:52
Cyprus is no mistake or miscalculation. It’s a message to the rest of the world. 11:07:54
Silk Road: The online drug marketplace that officials seem powerless to stop 11:04:48
Armed citizen Project to arm Tucson! 10:52:43
Don't Freak Out If You See a B - 52 Targeting Your Home - VIDEO 10:35:54
Obama Executive Orders 10:27:32
Gun store rescinds Mark Kelly's (Gabby Gifford's husband) rifle purchase. Questions his 'intent.' 10:27:10
Does Bitcoin draw money away from the metals? 10:26:35
Who Owns The Central Bank That Owns The Money In Your Pocket, Purse, or Bank Account? 10:19:07
Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives 09:56:24
Do We Really Need the Federal Reserve? By Keith Fitz-Gerald Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning, March 26, 2013 09:48:26
Tell President Obama to veto the Monsanto Protection Act! 09:43:31
Swing of public opinion regarding drone strikes against American citizens 09:35:09
Facebook's Zuckerberg to Enter US Politics 09:33:07
George W Bush Apologizes for the Iraq War (Satire) 09:04:57
Final Push For A Canada-eu Ceta And The Coming Nafta-eu Free Trade Zone 09:00:01
Walter E. Williams: Are We Equal? 08:43:53
Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth 07:38:40
Dr. Yaron Brook of Ayn Rand Institute Capitalism in Crisis Debate 08:14:12
Nebraska Cops Go Thug and Chase Down Man Filming Their Police Brutality 08:08:44
While You were sleeping: Obama just solidified 'our' Military Commitment to S. Korea, if attacked by North! 03:54:15
The Lew Rockwell Security Index: If they haven't arrested Lew yet, the S didn't HTF, yet! 03:48:44
JP Morgan Chase awarded 'crisis management' prize for disaster it created 03:34:39
Declassified Docs Reveal Genocide Caused By Chemtrail Testing 03:23:06
Cyprus delays reopening banks another two days, a bank 'holiday' record 03:02:05
Bloomberg wastes $12Mil in Ads promoting BAD Trigger Discipline with Actors/Fake GunOwners! 02:46:27
Help me understand! 02:29:52
RT: Peter Schiff explains the global economic "death spiral" 02:05:34
The New World Order vs. Buddhism 01:08:51
The US Federal Government Can Go Bankrupt Completely and Not Infect the Rest of the Country Because it's a Corporation 01:02:21
Retired U.S. Army Captain Comes Out Against DHS Threat of War Against American Citizens. 00:53:14
Death Penalty for Bankers 00:50:01
Euro collapse is just the beginning 00:47:19
thanks for the signs, i-5 southbound 00:39:24
in that instance 00:17:16
Judge Napolitano on unconstitutional ruling of parrot act use in San Francisco 00:15:54
Intrade shut down 00:15:30