Posted on March 27, 2013

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Dr. Doom, Marc Faber: 'Even in gold, it will be difficult to hide.' 21:25:55
Hey, Preppers: You Will Not Survive Without Food 23:41:08
Law would fire sheriffs for defying gun control measures. 16:27:13
Congressman John Mica Vows To End TSA Screening 15:08:44
Jim Sinclair: Cyprus & Why MSM Is Being Used To Frighten People 21:30:36
James Grant, Fed Opponent: "Your money is not really yours if the government needs it." 17:27:44
Hundreds from Armed Mexican Vigilante Defense Group Sieze Mexican City & Arrest Corrupt Police 13:04:17
An Important History Lesson: The Truth About the Collapse of the Soviet Union 15:40:42
The Mildly Distinctive, Mostly Mainstream Foreign Policy of Rand Paul 23:29:10
The Biggest Cyber-Attack Ever Is Slowing Down The Internet 11:56:47
BBC: Robot warriors: Lethal machines coming of age 10:24:18
The Anti-Ideology Syndrome 23:39:58
"Meet Ron Paul" is climbing Amazon's Top 100 Best Selling Children's Biography List. 09:22:40
Julie Borowski - Best Libertarian Books 08:26:25
A few words that changed a life. 08:21:59
Does Ron Paul Support Gay Marriage? 14:49:47
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Why all the race baiting flaming illegal immigration post. I don't hate brown people. 23:55:07
April Sale, 1,100 bottles of George Washington's Whiskey 23:52:15
Two - Headed Shark Indentified by MSU Scientists 23:41:45
BIDEN: Senate Gun Votes Are 'The Beginning' of Push To End Gun Violence 23:36:14
Liberty is Dying in West Virginia 23:27:53
CDC: 110,197,000 Venereal Infections in U.S.; Nation Creating New STIs Faster Than New Jobs or College Grads 23:24:24
Intervention and Exploitation: US and UK Government International Actions Since 1945 23:17:35
Sheriff Richard Mack on Ernie Hancock's - 3hr Interview March 27, 2013 23:16:56
AP News Break: Pentagon Cuts Number of Furlough Days 23:14:24
Peter Schiff debunks Michael Moore on 'GunOwnership=Racism!' BS & Love of Welfare State! 23:08:27
Do you wake people up? If you're reading this the answer is yes. 22:54:33
Rand Paul-championed KY Industrial Hemp Bill passes Legislature! Awaiting Gov. signature... 22:40:43
The list of Lobbyist pushing for Amnesty and Open Borders - All users 22:32:23
Speed It Up -Ronald Reagan 22:27:37
Jeff Monson, Voluntaryist Professional MMA Fighter: US = Orwellian PoliceState - RT - March 27, 2013 22:20:24
Maliki's Iraq: Rape, executions and torture 22:20:09
Why Social Conservatives are Fighting the Culture Wars Alone 22:16:52
Compelling Testimony in Support of Texas Liberty Preservation Act (HB149) to Nullify NDAA Indefinite Detention 22:16:01
"The CIA Is Nothing More Than A Front For Global Gansters!" CIA's Role In The Syrian Conflict 22:12:57
The Sensuous Wife 22:12:16
Amash says ahead of Supreme Court hearings "Throw out federal definition of marriage altogether" 22:10:32
Rand Paul Discusses Passage Of Kentucky Hemp Bill 22:08:17
Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else 22:00:26
Ron Paul ally Robert Lowry to challenge Rep. Pete Gallego for TEXAS CD23 in 2014 21:54:38
Daniel Hannan exposes EU hunger for power 21:53:48
John Stossel On the Big Reason American Kids Don't Learn 21:49:14
VIDEO - Black Conservative Leaders Talk About The Second Amendment: "When They Take Our Guns They Will Take Our God" 21:48:05
Judge Napolitano on Teachers Union Press: Members Ready To "Put Their Bodies On The Line" 21:47:43
Marc Faber: Not Even Gold Will Be Able To Save You From What Is Coming 21:43:30
Russia to ban cash transactions over $10,000 21:40:26
James Holmes Offers Guilty Plea 21:35:17
Video Report: Harrison Ford Teams Up With CFR And Rockefeller Foundation To Save The Planet 21:22:25
911 Dispatcher Helps Deliver Baby Over the Phone (Audio) 21:10:06
For All MASS immigration fans - Chinese truck driver whose immigration status is on appeal kills 2 with his 18 Wheeler 20:58:05
VIDEO: Omaha Police Brutality Caught On Camera Prompts Outrage, Investigation 20:47:57
Governments Outlawing Cannabis Are "Committing Genocide" 20:39:59
Cop Says We Need to Legalize All Drugs 20:33:22
All The Jobs Are In The Black Market: Too Bad They're All Illegal (VIDEO) 20:28:32
Mysterious Perfectly Formed Pond Circles Appear in NY 20:19:23
BLOOMBERG: UN's Secretary General Ban Ki - Moon Recommends Putting 11,200 Peacekeepers in Mali 20:08:18
Women make better decisions than men 20:05:25
Arkansas Senate Overrides Veto of Voter ID Bill 20:03:32
"Rushing fireball" could turn carbon dioxide into biofuel 20:02:56
Interesting Austrian Analysis of the Monetary Nature of Bitcoin 19:40:17
Silver Eagle And Junk Bag Shortages Show Underlying Strength Of Silver Market Demand 19:35:00
How Asia and China can revive the West's waning institutions 19:34:12
Why a BRICS 'world bank' may be welcome 19:29:20
Rand says his "jaw hit the floor" 13:19:33
Yet Another Version of Bin Laden Death 19:16:39
People leaving Cyprus can only take €3,000 & can only spend €5,000 per month on credit cards. 19:16:00
Monetary Policy Is Not Loose Enough: Fed Official 18:45:51
Mexican Vigilantes Seize Town, Arrest Police 17:48:21
Massachusetts - Submit Audit the Fed Q for Senate Debate 17:48:02
Europe's flesheaters now threaten to devour us all 17:40:23
Russian oligarch resigns from parliament after National Post investigation reveals Israeli citizenship, Canadian assets 17:31:18
G4S Readies Guards as Cypriot Banks Prepare to Open 17:26:25
Tapeworm Economy 17:24:42
Confessions Of a BitCoin Scammer 17:24:18
Top Banks Investigated On Collusion In Derivatives 17:12:26
Dr. Ben Carson Responds to Personal Attacks 19:44:16
Santelli On The End Of Paper Gold's Reign 16:40:14
FBI Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as “Top Priority” for 2013 16:16:26
Law would fire sheriffs for defying gun control measures 16:03:27
Can We Control Our Borders & Immigration Without Being a Police State? 15:59:33
Top DHS checkpoint refusals. *MIRROR* 15:54:09
Americans Start New Gold Rush: CNBC Survey 15:52:42
Dr. Tom Woods Visits Austin! (Full Speech) 15:52:24
"A new nuclear war is now on the table." 15:50:46
4 Star General Discusses Military Sequestration 15:41:54
Kentucky Legislature Passes Hemp Bill, Rand Paul Vows Support From D.C. 15:32:01
John Brennan as CIA chief would serve his own interests, not America’s-Michael Scheuer 15:30:28
From MY cold dead hands Mr. Carrey: Ebay User Sells Jim Carrey Photo So He Can Buy Gun - PRICELESS! 15:21:23
Yea, Right: Our Rulers Want Your Comments on The TSA 15:13:07
Cyprus Hires 180 British Security Guards To ‘Control’ Bank Re-Opening 15:03:30
Eco-Madness: As Earthworms Are Blamed For “Global Warming,” Ecologists Suggest Killing Polar Bears 14:59:51
North Carolina: Right - To - Carry Confidentiality Legislation Overwhelmingly Passes House Of Representatives 14:29:34
Rope swing post ...Now the rest of the story. 14:26:30
Now This is rEVOLution Music 14:13:19
Censorship in New Mexico Community College 14:12:21
VIDEO: 21 Goals of The Illuminati and The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman 14:09:27
Gun-Grabbing Democrat, Owned by Ron Paul Activist 14:06:04
Video Report: Gun Stores Resorting To Bullet Rationing 14:01:24
Worlds First Bitcoin ATM Is Announced - First Location: Cyprus 13:53:38
Gitmo Prisoner: ‘We all died when Obama indefinitely detained us’ 13:44:47
South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson announces retirement 13:43:38
Was Keynes right? 13:37:20
Government Monopoly on money 13:31:40
Supreme Court Says Gov't CAN Be Sued Over Prison Guards' Actions 13:29:45
Cyprus Hires 180 British Security Guards To 'Control' Bank Re-Opening 13:24:49
Cyprus Finance Minister: Uninsured Laiki Depositors Could Face 80% Haircut 13:23:36
Pro-Defense Advocate Kicked Out Of Coffee Shop Video (Open Carry) 13:20:49
Pro-Life Advocate (Open Carry) Kicked Out Of Coffee Shop 13:17:13
Western-Backed “Arab Spring” Leads to Persecution of Christians 13:16:28
Medicare Has Stopped Paying Bills For Medical Diagnostic Tests. Patients Will Feel The Effects 12:56:00
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Invites you to Hit RECord on TV! 12:41:30
Supreme Court conservatives target Obama on marriage law 12:38:24
18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children 12:21:27
#OpIsrael: Mossad Website breached, Personal Details of over 30,000 Agents Leaked by Anonymous 11:57:56
Why The Elite are Planning to go into Hiding in Underground Cities 11:38:50
Petrodollar Collapse - World War 3 planned. Ben Swann and others explain 09:23:57
People Are Awesome 11:11:09
Government Should Get Out of the Marriage Business 10:12:11
Not All Israel, Is Israel 09:55:20
Ex-Feds & Wall Street Execs Are Going Into Hiding-Why? 09:52:18
Have The Russians Already Quietly Withdrawn All Their Cash From Cyprus? 09:48:45
The Art of Drone Warfare (Obama's Killing Program) Brutal attacks on the innocent in Pakistan 09:42:57
Student Loan Write-Offs Hit $3 Billion in First Two Months of 2013 09:35:00
Israel - Shock and Awe planned for Iran? Thou shalt obey and have a Rothschild central bank, or else. 09:19:44
I'm not frightened of terrorism... 08:57:52
Internet Tax Alert, Act Now to Save the Net 08:57:27
BRIC - globalists do play a subtle game - trojan horse ushering in one world, one central bank, one united political entity 08:56:54
Monsanto just received a payoff on its massive funding of campaign contributions on both sides of the aisle 07:58:12
Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic is awesome 07:13:09
More criminal Bureaucrats who will not leave good people alone 04:45:04
Register burritos, not firearms 03:54:34
Cenk Uygur: I'd rather have Rand Paul in office than a typical corporatist Democrat 03:42:56
Nasty British Weather - The Search for Sheep 03:35:41
Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul: Empire, Blood, and Banking - Lew Rockwell Show - March 26, 2013 03:28:00
Communists Trolled by Ron Paul Supporter 03:27:09
Political cartoons with libertarian bent 01:50:37
Supreme Court Protects 4th Amendment in Drug Dog Case 01:41:33
Can Pornographic Books be Banned? 01:29:28
I have ALWAYS loved this song 01:24:52
Who said "the only reason to speak is to teach and to learn, the rest is pointless" (paraphrasing) 01:10:22
Great Song for Freedom Loving People 01:03:56
18 Different News Stations & Word for Word Headline Similarity 00:55:13
Land Owners Fight Keystone Pipeline. Their Story. 00:46:53
Ted Nugent Unleashed on Jim Carrey - Alex Jones 00:28:41
Euro Crisis is Just Beginning, Global Collapse is Coming - SCG 00:26:16
White House Down - Official Trailer 00:19:38
Favorite Rendition Of Patrick Henry's Famous Speech; Interested to see what others may exist... 00:02:35