Posted on March 29, 2013

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Entire library journal editorial board resigns, citing 'crisis of conscience' after death of Aaron Swartz 22:30:50
N. Korea says it has entered into 'war' against S. Korea 23:10:59
Good Websites For Teens? 18:09:58
Obama Uses Executive Power to Move Gun Control Agenda Forward 18:59:33
FOX News Thinks Rand Paul and the Constitution are More To The Left Than Obama. 17:14:02
Getting Started with Bitcoin, Part 2: Selecting a Wallet 15:41:54
"North Korea to Bomb Hawaii, Texas, Los Angeles, and Washington DC" 15:07:57
Backyard aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables 16:03:43
Televangelist Pat Robertson on DHS Arms Build Up: "Who Are They Going To Shoot, Us?" Video 15:35:14
Under Socialism, All Life Become Politicized 10:27:37
Does Anyone Receive Social Security Statements Anymore?...I Don't. 07:15:25
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Why is America the Greatest country in the World ? Or is it ? 23:58:26
Episode 33 of Voices of Reason is Now Available! 23:44:44
Ron Paul's PodCast Nation Ep.5 - Syria & N. Korea: Powder Kegs & Interventionism 23:33:14
Ron Paul's Pod Cast Nation #5: Syria & North Korea, 3-29-13 23:24:01
Massachusetts 13-year-old suspended for bringing butter knife to school - VIDEO 23:15:28
Underwear Bomber Was Working For The CIA 23:07:03
Justin Amash Backs DOMA Repeal 23:03:20
Interviewing Jeffrey Tucker Tomorrow 23:01:43
raided for growing vegetables 23:01:30
Gay slaves fight with the straight slaves… Once Again 22:48:20
Russia Today: North Korea declares 'state of war' with South. 22:36:36
Russia stages massive surprise war games on Black Sea (VIDEO) 22:23:55
Major General (ret.) Albert Stubblebine III 22:12:51
Walmart VS Our Elected Morons 22:08:26
More Deadly Than War: The Communist Revolution in America 22:02:49
I've been hearing great things about the Cordycep Mushroom. 21:54:44
Women Currently Being Tested in Marine Infantry Units 21:22:49
Look what I just found out : Dr.Esselstyn accident 21:22:29
Michigan family ready to go to court over animals 20:59:43
So you think YOU are a badass survivalist? SHTF and you'll know what to do? 20:52:13
Jacqueline Marcus, Author: Why the US Government Lacks Legitimacy on Gun Control! 20:32:09
Video: FEMA Says Founding Fathers Are Terrorists - UNBELIEVABLE! 20:17:54
Rand Paul WashingtonTimes OpEd: A Duty to Preserve the 2nd Amendment! 20:03:19
'World's worst airline' launches world's worst booking site North Korean Air Koryo 19:55:26
Top 10 reasons Kim Jong-un would want to bomb Austin, Texas 19:55:13
The Truth About Mechanically Separated Meat 19:51:57
Why are snipers in the Free Syrian Army attired in sweatshirts bearing the logo of a U.S. high school 19:37:24
Sen. Rand Paul on Fox News with Eric Bolling - 3/28/13 19:35:48
Luangta Maha Bua Passes Away (the Gold Standard Monk of Thailand) 18:57:40
Can You Unfold A Rosebud? 18:51:21
US Gold Coin release 18:45:59
Kuwait Catastrophe: 5 Million Tires Burn In Massive Environmental Hazaard (VIDEO) 18:37:00
Another Seal Team 6 member dies in parachute accident 18:07:31
Hawaiian on Gun Control 17:52:49
Liberty's "Gandhi Strategy" in full bloom! 17:24:12
e-mooning 19:42:14
Bloomberg TV - CFR Boss Richard Haass: "Cyprus Had It Coming" 16:28:08
'Skynet' Drones Work Together for "Homeland Security" 16:19:11
Martin Luther prophecy about Congress 15:50:27
We need MORE Anti Zionist Posts 15:48:56
War: What is it Good For? 15:56:32
The Trial of Hank Rearden (Atlas Shrugged 2 Court Scene) 15:19:28
Austrian vs. Keynesian business cycle theory 15:12:45
Congressional Abdication on Foreign Policy 14:32:58
The US government lies to us AGAIN about North Korea strategic capabilities. 14:25:36
Libertarian Party is misleading about Equality Marriage 13:53:25
N. Korea threats raise concern Kim backing regime into corner 13:14:03
U.S. Wargames North Korean Regime Collapse, Invasion to Secure Nukes 13:12:04
Is Your Bank Account Safe? 13:10:51
Validation error? 13:01:24
Did I Take A Pic Of A Plane Leaving Chem Trails? 12:58:27
Video Report: Homeland Security Demands " Obedience" In Message To Agents 12:50:38
Market demands more ammo 12:47:49
You KNOW It's Getting Bad When Pat Robertson Starts Asking Questions! 12:47:31
Video of How Encryption Works 12:46:13
North Korea tensions: Russia's Lavrov fears 'spiral' 12:35:52
Xmas check from Nancy to Adam reportedly for weapon, turns out it's a Kodak Camera 12:22:54
Man who hit cop in self-defense is acquitted, with help of friend's video footage 12:13:14
A Jew and a Muslim Throwing Stones at Israeli Police (Photo) 11:37:53
How JP Morgan Manipulates the Silver Market 11:30:23
FPSRussia compound raid leaves 40-plus ATF, FBI agents empty-handed 11:15:44
Any DP Gardening Gurus Willing to Sell Some Seeds? 11:13:17
Tennessee-Third freest state in the nation? 11:09:12
Contact your representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 525 and S. 359 - The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013 10:39:37
Obama uses executive power to move gun control agenda forward 10:25:18
How to turn 90 bullets into 300, perhaps DHS would consider this trick to save money 09:40:55
Creative or Creepy? Doll display raises eyebrows 09:22:37
What Happens When there is Nothing Left to Steal? 09:19:16
Richest Nation? 09:10:49
If You Work For Obama, You Are Under Orders To Shut Up 09:09:21
Watching this video would go a long way towards addressing the public's confusion about 08:35:25
Kim Jong Un: afraid for his life? 07:18:58
Texas Blues Legend Jimmie Vaughn - "Down With Big Brother" 05:02:25
U.S. ex-soldier charged with using RPG for al Qaeda group 04:50:06
My Podcast, The Liberty Talk, Episode 1 (3-29-13) 03:54:45
Voucher program would drive up education costs 03:18:44
North Korean Photo Reveals ‘U.S. Mainland Strike Plan’ 01:29:06
Obama Martial Law Agenda Is Being Leaked to Civilians by Enlisted Military Members 01:13:49
Iran, North Korea and Syria block UN arms trade treaty 00:47:14
Podcast: Conspiracy Culture, Animal Rights, and Intellectual Property - VIDEO 00:45:46
"You Don't 'Own' Your Own Genes" 00:44:50
3 weeks old and already a debtor! 00:33:02
Iran Is Not The Threat, We Are – American Patriots Rise (video) 00:17:33
Incredible North Atlantic storm spans Atlantic Ocean, coast to coast 00:14:29
Tommy Chong & Dylan Ratigan Working Hard To Make A Better World For You And Me 00:03:51
WaPo: CEO Ken Lerer, threatens to Stop Buying Dem Politicians unless they ban Guns! 00:02:12
Don't you just hate Leviticus? 08:20:48