Posted on March 31, 2013

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Perry under pressure: Will Texas fall to Obamacare? 18:42:23
Update: Cypriot President's Family/Others Transferred $100s of Millions Before Deposits Seized 17:47:03
Kaufman County, Texas DA and Wife Assassinated 14:51:43
Washington Post: "Plans Have Been Drawn Up For 'Surgical Strikes' On North Korea" 19:50:22
David Stockman: Fed buying insane percentage of government bonds (Audio interview) 11:35:36
New York SAFE Act 1st Victim Is Iraq War Vet: Arrested, Guns Seized 08:24:55
Navy Vet - No Criminal Record Disarmed by Officials in Connecticut 05:50:32
18 Votes and a Vision 10:42:05
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Central Banks Controlling the World Since 1694 23:59:23
LawSuit: a Sikh American reminds Californians of their Pre-Constitution, Natural Right of Self Defense! 23:34:03
CO Legislature goes full retard: gives Secret Police limited police powers while in Town 23:23:49 China Says It Won't Abandon North Korea 23:23:39
Tom Woods working on a K-12 homeschool curriculum 22:59:36
Any daytraders here ? 22:50:31
State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America 22:41:36
Looks like Rand took a cue from Billy Jack 22:35:16
In Defense of the Gold Bugs: My Reply to the MMT'ers 22:24:29
Jon Rappoport: Viva La PoliceState! Or, How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the State 22:21:06
Hands down, the most important hour of information on utilizing the court system, I have ever heard. 22:16:56
The Second Coming of Christ is Inside of Man 22:09:24
10 Ways to Become More Conscious 22:09:09
Fmr. DEA agent who became an AnCap speaks: Why the Drug Trade Is Violent 21:49:12
What Is Science? 21:43:36
Shakespeare was a tax-evading food hoarder 21:41:30
¿ Radio - Daily Paul Talking Live 20:50:35
Anybody want to pick on Frothy? Just follow this link.. :) 20:32:19
Silver Coins and Lawful Money 20:30:14
I don't have time to be narcissistic... I'm too busy being awesome... 20:18:03
Funkocrat Breaks Liberty Music Video 19:56:51
Stockman Warns of Crash Of Fed-Fueled Bubble Economy 19:44:17
Mel Bartholomew's Square Foot Gardening Technique (Videos) 19:38:21
Vote for Rand - Time Magazine 100 19:25:19
US strategy takes Korean crisis into new territory 18:42:10
US sending F-22 Stealth Fighters to South Korea 17:59:25
Senator Flake on 'Meet The Press': Universal Backround Checks 'A Bridge Too Far' - VIDEO 16:45:21
Deadliest Warrior : US Army Rangers vs N Korean Special Ops Forces 16:40:32
California NDAA Action Alert: 7 Easy Steps You Can Take Right Now 15:54:59
PA Rep Ronald Walters to Reintroduce Mandatory Firearm Liability Insurance 15:07:56
Central Banks Controlling the world since 1694: International Forecaster Weekly 14:57:10
Obama's Easter Message To America At St. Johns: More Demagoguery 14:43:42
Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs 14:37:17
Help Ben Swann win this poll! 14:37:10
Monsanto Would Like to Wish Everyone a Happy Easter 22:19:38
More Tales From Amerika: Obey The Law, Go To Prison 14:22:59
The Innocuous Sound of Natural Flavor 14:10:16
Bitcoin is a Bitcon by Karl Denninger 14:04:32
I need some help making a choice, How do I know which one is the correct choice? 14:03:04
'Mandatory Gun Insurance' 13:52:56
The Next Real Estate Bubble: Farmland 13:20:18
Bitcoin ATM Could Soon Be Opening in Cyprus 13:17:44
Green Meteorite Found In Morocco Is Likely From Mercury, Scientists Say 13:11:58
North Korea Almost Certainly Lacks Basic Technical Capablility To Carry Out Its Big War Plan 13:05:31
Connecticut City To Place Armed Guards In All Schools - VIDEO 12:56:43
Sen. Rand Paul: Why Do We Give Egypt F-16s? 12:53:59
VIDEO - Senator Grassley and Republicans Plan To Work With Democrats on Legislation Attacking 2nd Amendment 12:45:48
Dutch Company Offers One Way Ticket to Mars 12:40:57
What's Happening In Cyprus Has Struck Terror Into The Hearts Of All Who Live Under The Accountable Rule of Politician - Bankers 12:38:01
DHS Can Seize Your Gold, Silver, Guns in Safety Deposit Boxes 12:28:37
Will we need great power to keep this evil in check, or will it be the small things we do everyday? 12:28:25
The trolls win...I'm taking a break! 12:24:09
Department of Homeland Security Can Seize Gold, Silver, Guns in Safety Deposit Boxes 12:23:58
Texas Legislators, Governor, Push to Repatriate Gold From Federal Reserve 11:12:57
BitCoin - Let's experiment. Brother, can you spare a (bit)dime? 11:10:27
Lindsey Graham has jumped aboard the Rand/Cruz/Lee Train 10:44:08
Conflict Management: The True History of Communism 10:42:26
Walmart's Death Grip on Groceries Is Making Life Worse for Millions of People 10:31:02
Israeli commandos placed spying equipment in Syria in order to spy on Russian fleet 10:27:48
Land grab: Israel gave less than 1% of seized West Bank to Palestinians 10:24:28
The First Honest Cable Company - funny video 10:11:26
We must remember this crucial aspect about Rand . 08:33:43
Fox News Videos On Korean Situation 08:31:47
Cyprus-like Bail-In Provision Buried in Dodd-Frank - Silver Doctors article back up! 08:25:44
Those B-2 bombers flew within 50 miles of North Korea; no wonder they got upset. 08:09:57
Redhack claims they released names, phone numbers and emails of MOSSAD agents 07:48:10
Big depositors in Cyprus to lose far more than feared 07:41:00
Easter and Liberty 07:32:30
Here Are The Four US Cities That Kim Jong Un Plans To Bomb On His 'Strikeplan' Map 06:26:12
Vote to help my short film get on "ShortOfTheWeek.Com!" 04:19:38
Gun Grabbers and Ganja - Call out the hypocrites! (Letter to Rep. Earl Blumenauer) 03:41:52
Secret North Korean Labor Camps In Siberia - Vice Documentary 02:58:25
Delete 02:21:04
Nigel Farage Van Rompuy, Barroso Worst People in EU Since 1945 01:20:21
Nigel Farage Euro Crisis 2013 - Enough Is Enough! 01:15:06
Farage: EU wants to steal money from Cypriots bank accounts 01:10:15
Civil War Guns N Roses Music Video (Iraq War) 00:55:11
Inside North Korea - Vice Documentary 22:24:53
To All My Good Friends At The Daily Paul - Happy Easter - He Has Risen! 10:46:14