Posted on April 3, 2013

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Rand Paul Stands with NARR Not GOP 22:59:09
What Peter Schiff Told Me This Morning... 23:54:51
Goodbye Corporate America. I Resign. 20:56:06
Fort Knox on Lockdown, Shots Fired. Old Reports America's Gold has been Stolen 19:46:35
. 19:30:24
The sky is falling! 16:16:50
Justice Department: If You Are A Teenager Who Reads News Online, You May Be A Criminal 17:32:28
Ben Swann leaving Fox 19 News 12:05:52
New Monsanto Logo 09:21:31
UN approves first global arms treaty 04:09:24
Mark Sanford wins Republican Primary 00:46:56
Everyone sees what they want to see 10:36:43
15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless 19:35:11
Computer Fraud And Abuse Act 2013 / US officials warn of Al Qaeda cyber attack 10:34:45
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Senate Committee report on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak 23:58:41
The Mafia, C.I.A. & George Bush Sr. Part 1 23:24:51
Jag Tv: Realtime Liberty Cable Network 22:42:55
Faa Makes No Fly Zone Over Arkansas Oil Pipeline Rupture 22:40:14
FBI Investigating Death Of American In Singapore 22:36:41
Ron Paul Endorses Animated Feature Film (Video) 22:12:34
Full Moon 22:09:37
Fed Could Start Tapering QE3 This Summer 22:03:44
Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster 21:51:32
PRO-Choice? Oh...Really? 21:49:25
Fox News: Obamacare In Trouble? Exchange Provision Delayed Until 2015, As Lawmakers Push To Repeal Another 21:37:07
Connecticut Senate Votes for Gun Limits; House Passage Is Expected 21:28:32
Washington and NATO allies destroyed the cradle of civilization 21:27:25
Video the Military Does NOT Want You To See! Drone Footage of IED Explosion 21:13:10
Very Important Updates For Gold and Silver. By Gregory Mannarino 21:08:54
Colorado sheriffs hold rally opposing more gun control laws, before Obama's speech in Denver 20:57:30
Never Pay a Traffic Ticket Again - Bye Government! 20:55:44
Am I wrong or just "politically incorrect"? 20:52:10
"Monsignor Meth" 20:42:10
Original 13th Amendment Barring Attorneys From Public Office is On The Legislative Agenda in New Hampshire(TEXT of BILL) 20:23:24
Application and Use of Silver Products for Health - Video 20:00:38
Operation Enduring Corruption 19:58:02
so I think they will soon declare us all terrorists... 19:47:22
Time For A West Coast 9/11 - blamed on North Korea? 19:46:41
NY People Stand Against Tyranny! 19:40:25
Dr. Ron Paul will be headlining NYC Metals & Minerals Investment Conference, May 13, 2013! 19:29:17
Skyscraper Burns (Chechnya), Media Ignores Potential Collapse (Building 7) (VIDEO) 19:05:22
Oakland County Michigan Reclassifies Marijuana from a Schedule 1 Narcotic 18:53:43
CO Democrat Doesn't Understand High-Capacity Magazines Can Be Reloaded 18:48:31
North Korea Approves Nuclear Strike On America (Again) 18:32:36
1,000 Plus Armed Protesters Rally In Lansing Michigan; Lawmakers Nullify NDAA, Tell Gun Grabbing Feds To "Come And Take Them" 18:24:36
Holy crap Bitcoin is going down! 18:08:45
Peter Surda on the Bitcoin run up, interviewed by Jeffrey Tucker 17:54:41
Copperhead the Movie - Patriot to Some, Traitor to others (new "Civil" War movie) 17:37:38
When Earth Becomes Complete 17:35:43
Bank of England Usurps Bank of England Regulation. - The Crown, a private corp. 17:30:32
The Child Sex Trade And Manchurian Candidates - It Continues - Mind Control Tactics Of The New World Order 17:23:09
Complementary Currencies: A Beginner's Guide 16:58:06
TDV: Jeff Berwick on FOX Business: Varney and Co. talking Bitcoin ATM 16:51:51
Rare Cave to be Sealed 16:49:50
Organic farmer in India yields over 22 tons of crop on only 2 acres, proving the fraud of GMOs 16:46:59
Ben Swann Announcement: Jeremy Richter 16:42:15
The consolidation of our banking industry by the banking cartel (image) 16:40:31
Road Rage Marine: This Driver is Clueless... 16:39:54
Clearing up Estrogen Confusion - Video 16:33:23
Florida DJs May Face Felony for April Fools' Water Joke 16:29:59
We're Not Gonna Take It - Tommy 16:12:41
Congressman Who Created The TSA Flips Out Over Waste 16:01:07
Ron Paul Keynote Speaker at Metals Meeting 16:00:42
Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser on Elbows smashing the American Dream and Bitcoin vs Banksters 15:43:36
16 Giant Corporations That Have Basically Stopped Paying Taxes - Some getting refunds! 15:36:33
US To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash Through 15:13:29
I know why the cornered homeowner shoots 15:07:09
15 year old Patriot leaves anti-gun politicians speechless -Video 18:14:38
Scientists reprogram body’s own cells to kill cancer, HIV 15:01:37
Cannabinoid Profiles: Know Your Medicine 14:56:34
Adam & Ron Paul VS Peter Schiff at CPAC 14:45:49
The Toxic Masses 14:32:33
With the drones flying now 14:32:29
The 9/11 Pentagon Challenge 14:18:42
Judge Napolitano ~ Stockton Bankruptcy: Unfunded Pensions Drowning Cities in Debt 14:14:22
Rubio and Rand Paul's Amnesty Trick Will Lead Conservatives (America) To Their Own Doom! 14:02:51
Think Cyprus Style Bank Deposit Confiscation Is NOT Possible in the US? Think Again! 13:54:41
I need help disproving Keynesian Theory 13:23:18
What If Sandy Hook Proves To Be A Hoax? 13:15:17
Bitcoin, banks, and total war. We have not even tasted Liberty yet, but it is all at risk. 13:09:47
We are in the middle of nowhere 13:04:49
Do you believe what you are being told by this man? 13:04:13
Poland moves to ban Monsanto's MON810 seeds 13:01:48
NC Republican state legislators propose State religion. Using our Constitution to fulfill their biblical agenda. 12:48:01
Flying Above the Mind Vampires 12:39:02
The DC Morning: Is America Full of Alex Joneses? 12:24:57
70,291,049 Background Checks For Gun Purchases Under Obama 12:13:26
Did the Roman citizens know before the fall?... 12:13:17
Is Ben Swann being forced out of Fox19, he is finished in May! 12:12:42
Ron Paul Blasts Online Tax Scheme 12:05:33
GOP quickly becoming irrelevant 11:59:07
Snoop Dogg Releases Anti - Gun Song, "No Guns Allowed" - VIDEO 11:48:08
Video Report: IMF Urges Economic Death Blow With Gasoline Carbon Tax 11:40:07
Who Are Freedom's Friends And Enemies? 11:38:46
Bitcoins Go Parabolic 11:33:12
Monsanto Protection Act – Thank You Congress! 11:05:36
14 ways to cleanse the body of chemtrails,gmos,flouridated water,& other environmental toxins 11:04:45
Gold priced in Bitcoin Falls -23% Today 10:51:15
DEFCAD-3D Printed Gun Fundraiser 10:49:15
U.S. Senator Inhofe: Banks Never Paid Back Bailouts 10:17:27
Florida Lawmakers Move To Outlaw Internet Cafes 09:59:01
Fox News: Obama Criticized For Using Dated, Disputed Gun Stat To Sell Backround Checks - Video 09:56:28
Syria conflict: warplanes 'strike Damascus' 09:54:06
Does Government Regulation Destroy the Bitcoin Model? 09:46:30
Sign Posted Over I-4 in FL Protesting Monsanto Law 09:45:57
Any lip readers out there? What is this cop saying? 09:40:38
My Business Contacted by Reporter about Accepting Bitcoin 09:40:37
Bitcoin is a huge nail in the elite's coffin 09:32:07
Are The Global Elite Preparing New Korean War To Coincide With Economic Implosion? 09:30:33
Bitcoin vs Banksters 09:25:32
POLL: Almost One Third of Americans Believe In New World Order 09:24:33
Poverty Spikes To 1960's Level 09:17:51
Killing hackers is justified in cyber warfare, says NATO-commissioned report 08:52:58
Keiser Report: Bitcoin vs Banksters (E426) 07:16:01
Israel as financial parasite: the staggering cost to Americans 05:31:22
Obama Urges Quick Adoption of Arms Trade Treaty by UN General Assembly 04:37:19
It's Time to Put This 9/11 Conspiracy Thing in the Right Place 03:16:45
Holy crap Bitcoin is going up! 03:13:23
Ron Paul to Announce 2016 Presidential Run Tomorrow 03:12:55
At West Point cemetery, preparations begin to expand hallowed military grounds 03:07:18
DHS explains plans to buy 1.68 billion rounds of ammo: We buy in bulk to lower costs. 02:12:10
April 6th PDX Drug Activism Boot Camp - Anyone here going? 02:02:18
Conspiracy theory poll results 02:02:04
Did anyone see The Daily Show tonight? 01:43:11
Janet Napolitano (Video) Gets ALL Her Information About Patriots, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and Activists from the SPLC! 01:17:10
Kenny Brooks: Greatest Door to Door Salesman Ever! (Video) 00:53:47
MLB slugger Travis Hafner is a Ron Paul supporter 00:10:59
Korean War 2.0: Deescalate Now 11:33:37